The Rangers have shown us so far this season that they are able to overcome being down 2 and run away with the game.  This team is showing they are serious, and they are no where near the team they were last year.  Speed, speed, speed and more speed.  Even with some questionable guys back on defense, the team is able to win games and having The King in net sure doesn't hurt!
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00:00:00I don't what's going on guys get organized by nothing is what Kate walking night it was I cannot believe the absolute certainty with the central about to say but the New York Rangers are one hundred percent a Stanley Cup champion contender I don't care what anybody has to
00:01:13say if you want to debate me that's fine but you know what short of playing the Pittsburgh Penguins and that comes up relatively soon all wrinkly means we played teams that have been okay accidentally disconnected myself so I don't know me that god tell me to slow the
00:01:40**** now but all I know is saying fifteen is played teams that in the past have been power houses have given us trouble or just flat out if we go down to nothing it's you know it's pretty much at the gate then we were playing the rest of
00:01:56the game on our you know tweaking things here and there tonight with absolute mirror image first by the Rangers just like it was against the caps and pretty much the exact same outcome as far as the first intermission and then between acting on after the first period again
00:02:17they just didn't look like they were they were there they didn't have that it you know intensity they weren't really for checking hard anyone making stupid mistakes they go into the locker room I don't know who is saying what do these guys but they come out the second
00:02:31the intensity is up the speed is there and the most important thing the cont and Wisconsin columns goal and cherish it that's what we got I mean we can talk about the first and second I don't know what happened it was just like no one was ready to
00:02:46start the game except all the growing and you know they paid for it any holding with that clear account that I guess you can call it bad walk with you some hitting on hold right now played in one hundred percent are I mean it's not only just the
00:03:03guy was able to intercept the park and then all of a sudden holding blows coverage and all that rookie dude dropped his shoulder and you'll put the puck behind it I sat on my couch I put the game on I literally was about to pick out our my
00:03:21magazine reading stop all the games going on all the sudden I could look up I would just like shock what just happened there and the you know that you see it again my growing hatred for holding she is not a cop who he is not even a cop
00:03:40and he's not coming along up in the rafters watching the game that's what people are doing Bacharach belongs on I ninety and that is something that I will continuously argue about up to each up until %HESITATION demonstrated which it's gonna end up happening or did not clear ravers
00:03:58I however speaking in the labor %HESITATION I had to walk my dog before start new shell before walking away if I if I read write each someone has an injury on the team and all these conflicting reports on who exactly is %HESITATION I'd it might be all yours
00:04:19if it is that awesome because then he goes right on the IR and the you know normally we made one of cry drug Janice comes back which is outstanding aw took me a bit more in depth about the game on but now what I saw tonight it it
00:04:40looks like JT Miller took over for Chris Kreider are there's a lot of times I was looking at the television screen with the way the team was entering the zone someone catch in the park I'm expecting number twenty and it's not number ten I used young different show
00:04:55the going to the net almost like he has an extra twenty five pounds that we don't know about I'm just logging launching from the kids he made a fantastic passed on a power play goal that was from behind the net through the slot to expect that all the
00:05:11time the world to put that **** talk shall I mean that power play tonight after starting off I went to it it just you know it clicking all the sudden you're taking more shots their pets to shoot races ratio we getting much better for me is all for
00:05:30me I'd like what I see when it's passion are the proposition I thought was fantastic tonight and again it was like after the first period the Rangers just play it on another level a level like only they know they can play and once they tied the game I
00:05:52really honestly felt the game would want I never felt like we were gonna lose this game the only reason why I thought we were gonna lose because when ever any team on this planet puts in a rookie goalie to say sauce it's always always always going to remember
00:06:10any organization that wants to make their kids feel like they're absolutely Dominik Hasek they say she is playing against the Rangers I mean you sort I JT had what for the jet chances and every single shot that he made was followed by an incredible safety had like partial
00:06:27breakaway twice and are McIntyre just just look nominated Dominic I think like and then the I know this is a one on one redirected shot that you need to protect because they don and you can take advantage eighteen that all %HESITATION I told the goaltending I mean eventually
00:06:50egos aren't going to play this well I can't believe the the by the way I mean intensely real I mean you guys who always a really really turning up there in the playoffs and showing I mean you got guys who should get in lit up and they're really
00:07:07not per se I mean McIntyre ventrally guys walk in HL by a one in five I'll tell you omitted the years there's nothing to be not excited about I mean we are a power house as far as I'm concerned and I'm saying this now we what six or
00:07:27seven games in and I can I will tell you straight up we will make the final we will these are common finally backed up by well I didn't see him play of Pittsburgh yet but depending upon the how that goes and if everybody stays healthy and I know
00:07:46that this is reality that's not gonna happen but we have the speed and the skill to match any bodies coccyx can't them and I think that we are so far are able to compensate for the question marks we have on our backside now you're right complain well I
00:08:07you all your Jordi haters listed in it because the good guys taking a beating and he's still playing phenomenal alright you got laid out tonight and I hit was dirty **** dirty and there are no of course you go to the black room he probably had his nose
00:08:23readjusted and he's right back on the bench couple ships later that there's a lot about the heart of this guy has a keen and all the other veterans who everybody hates hi marks all on yeah the label him he does that I don't know why he he he
00:08:41shows me like spurts of I don't see genius but you know hockey knowledge and then he goes and gives the pop away tries to clear it like he doesn't have full use legs got some sort of muscular muscular dystrophy of efficiency and you know usually leads to a
00:09:01goal and then we have %HESITATION my burning warning don't know why he has so much crazy on the internet of Holden I read an article today that all had to do with Patrick wa talking about this kid and I know a lot of people I have been referencing
00:09:23referencing it and you know I don't know what what the hell Wausau this kid lit when not describing in you would call it clean and safe double the city wasn't very flashy which yeah I agree with but he I don't feel safe with him I don't be dependable
00:09:42okay and if he was one of the better defensive defenseman of the ad then that leads me to believe that they have nothing but no garbage cans and parking contact there he's not he is not top to not help for he might be a senator rotating I and
00:10:00that's it at least in our unit I mean he's not offensive %HESITATION guy I don't think he's a defensive guy I at this point you just taking like ice time from other guys who I feel should off yet another thing I saw tonight which I've seen a lot
00:10:19so far this season is the archway Henrik is leaving the crease so often that I'm catching myself yelling to tell and I do that a lot when I go to the games at the garden what you'll get **** neck what are you doing stop it it's critical it's
00:10:36gonna buy this and yet it has in the past and now he's doing it with much more %HESITATION I know you didn't much more frequency in its very brazen because it almost seems like he just doesn't give a **** I know he does but he's shooting some really
00:10:52poor times to be doing that and I just don't want to end up you know sure notes in the foot follow the Bruins you know usually played a role in this is you know a tough game these games I've been watching guys I'm sorry I'm not on the
00:11:11edge of my seat I'm almost expecting to win we should be undefeated right now and it's like god yeah person argue me otherwise you can argue with the United able to back it up anything not a damn thing and we're doing this with cried still on the sidelines
00:11:26we notice on the sidelines in their due to come back I mean how can you not be excited how could you not be in lifeboats walking the **** out balking I don't I'm telling you I feel we're going we're getting too used to how one if we happen
00:11:43to play the penguins and played in the way we've been playing and we beat them yeah you're not a duty on the talk is going to be phenomenal and then I would without even second guessing it questioning it I'm one hundred percent going to continue to R. took
00:12:07the duty %HESITATION the motion was to bring up yeah I'll tell you what you know who I haven't heard his name too often during the game you know what that's a great thing we're winning and not here in this guy's name a lot or as much as we're
00:12:30used to hearing is to grow up I haven't heard you claim too often our last season he you know he really really was like the backbone of our offense and now we are still people still that we don't need to lean on anybody we don't we can lead
00:12:48nationally nationally soup from the little thing we got a rookie is being used playing like you and your veterans another great call tonight downline without standing Miller outstanding the dog that is yet again outstanding I mean everybody is just plain awesome could this be it could this be
00:13:12the year could this guys open up in god bless us with everything falling into place I'm not asking for a miracle honesty for everyone the play at the potential that they're able to because I believe that that is enough for us to get to the Cup again I
00:13:30don't think that there's been too much and honestly I'm I'm being shown that this might be it we're winning games five two and it's like you yeah we forgot that we were down to nothing we will play the first if you can continue the way the first heard
00:13:48once we get blown out I'll blow we wish for nothing probably it is incredible I am so excited I saw one I would hear from you guys also number six one six six six eight two one two eight give me a call and you know if you see
00:14:04what I see is maybe I'm wrong I don't know maybe I'm just living on cloud nine a moment in cloud being a groupie or shell as I've been called but I don't know I don't right now all I have is that the back up we should not talking
00:14:21you can't go by the past you can't six four six six six eight two one two eight what are the discuss well known writer on because the I don't make a right think on right are on the injury front I think your arm if I remember correctly he
00:14:48cried is still day to day he's not probably due to come back %HESITATION with the a gamer so he still have a little discomfort they going strictly by %HESITATION doctor's orders in the program cabbage %HESITATION I think he he practiced today in on our full contact your is
00:15:07the our bloody thing was that the practice that was held today there's no contact involves elective in a little bit of a curve ball by eighty but often minorities he said that he's you know he's coming up next is going to be ready to go which is outstanding
00:15:23and you know we're we're winning the games that are full firepower and it shows everything that I hope I know you guys are listen in the blue seats you know I was talking about was started that our power play for the pre season was what we get me
00:15:46excited because it is very different mentality and now that mentality strictly from the %HESITATION creek is kind of Kevin the hybrid itself out it's a little bit different but it's still good it's still creating chances therefore check has been for nominal nominal and behind all of that is
00:16:10that G. P. Miller JT Miller is the backbone of our for checking it used to be with you I used to be had and I think they have a pretty good combination of the two and melon Miller is very hard nosed he's not quite as fast as the
00:16:28two but he's definitely got better hands than %HESITATION hags hands down and he's making things happen and then the wind up easy you can't twenty minute don't we and you look like you've been playing this week for years no nerves no security knowing decision he just he looks
00:16:52like he knows what he's doing you can ask for anything more than that everyone is rolling out everyone is producing we don't have any acres on this team all the only person that really need to pick up this play is holding as rallies this game in the game
00:17:09before still going to school I know you are you can escape or a lot and now you're already killed but drug had done a damn thing who are if you see any criticism so definitely has how are it helped putting him and anybody are like holding together I
00:17:38really can't stand holding with Madonna I can I would really really love to see our great part although not correct in the town I would love it then we got a core what's going on but hello Miami here yeah again at your own yeah right he's fifty eight
00:18:06Gary knight who this what the **** do you think it is I don't know your voice down hot I know I'm a sixty minute the the almighty one they're all my clothes who is it if you idiot what's up are now I could hear it are you gargling
00:18:36my **** would call her but as you know just I have a couple of beers so you are a no one lives in a you know wanted to check in on you like yeah with Iraq yeah I know you're not being cocky guy but let's look at your
00:18:52watch with the results tonight what does he do you watch the World Series I didn't but I just really got something that you got it off my chest right now but again it is Mike is yours but all right cesspit is can stop in empire buffet date what
00:19:12even the entire deck by the fall opt out thing I'm gonna hang up so I can listen all right a lot all right letter writer called David are but all right we're gonna go that way sentence of what a I don't know what he's doing you know what
00:19:38it is that the real **** %HESITATION selfish current move on his part you talk a whole bunch of **** thing is not leave any laws genie loves that but you want to opt out we didn't have our entire fire on fire we have our entire of death it's
00:19:59not like we went in guns blazing and we lost that he wants to go on it's not like you don't exceed that stock another thing you may get offers of twenty million dollars from **** him that blow and you know what I will be take that money and
00:20:14I hope we never see doing it would be a great piece of **** and you know it's all about the money good one law let me two hundred million and lose a hundred games I don't know how the Mexican on all replacement I don't well I would watch
00:20:34a lot of time like today when was the news broke and I see a lot of what asinine moves a couple of decent one I don't know what our cable is I really haven't done any homework on the match since all the hundred and fifty third game but
00:20:56some sources say Bruce doesn't like it here I happen to really like him I I guess now is spoiled brat who but I think the whole reason we got in was just in case that says that if this yet and the that's where we stand I mean I
00:21:19don't know I don't know I haven't done any homework on this of course they have to call up and bring it back but I thought what a person needs I mean really how much money do you need green walking really slow a good that really pisses me off
00:21:37is busy you know banging his interpreter and **** dropping balls in the outfield used to hand in any of the ball to opt out that's incredible no I know the fan base welcome them with open arms I know we made a lot of do I don't even remember
00:22:00boredom too much when he slumped yeah we treat David right like we watched and rape a **** child the whole baby Hazen we we treat David like he's a child molesting piece of **** and get Jack bit who is a phenomenal player is outstanding I wanted to make
00:22:21it my outfield in my line up but then does this if any of you thought you were going to do this or not any player that does that that **** option ship you're leaving the back door open should be come back and that's exactly what does this bill
00:22:40I don't get it I don't know any case also this guy needs I need for it darted out of the house and you can live like the king of Sheba in this country that country so court that you know they're using talking milk crate his days in jail
00:23:01like broken glass bottles and that so it's not like you need a lot of money the problem is being from such a poor country that he gets a taste of all of this money and now you want to make as much as you can and I really believe
00:23:17that he doesn't realize that you just he's talking over entire fanbase they will get in the action that's a hell of a guy that we cheer everyone on our team you know what we're gonna be mad that he did that David Wright twenty contract that guarantees will never
00:23:38get a ring box nice guy the world but we treated like complete garbage that is the next land base in a nutshell the battle well David right do I wish you know he will cursed with every element on the front of course I wish he would the David
00:24:04Wright two thousand three who don't but in the way we treated them it's disgusting so I think I'm going to pack or this is gonna be funny feeling a little these people down well we tried albeit he went out what two years ago would have pulled answering all
00:24:24the sudden spying like eating away at itself our fan base and our families our our our organization is the only one where some kind of a blistering idiot starts get and also in there have been one elbow reconstructed from like NY fragment or what's going on over there
00:24:48it almost seems like a river marriages like a witch doctor who do got four minutes left goes well Colin was sixty six eight two one two eight they've opened it up with the Mets talk Mets Rangers I haven't watched any any next at all I refuse talk about
00:25:10the circus that is the jets %HESITATION Brandon Marshall many state and I think they both learn a half its two point no shirt I'm gonna call and just play video games no you're not they're called Colin added and I'm talking to you %HESITATION miss Ohio speak in Ohio
00:25:40my god they are they called look dangerously good tonight our yet is disgusting Celtics won all the islanders lost three to two in Montreal and that makes me happy then the Rangers topped the bronze three minutes left give me a call six four six six two one two
00:26:16eight or then we wrap it up and tomorrow is always another day he one night and they have a special guest nifty Gary knight might be joining us I figure that'll get our different people listening in maybe can call up and the question her on what it's like
00:26:47to live with Gary night and day in and day out and you don't deal with well in my opinion she deals with royalty and just absolutely awful nice but I'm sure that it may or may not be %HESITATION different you living with me my computer is acting very
00:27:16very gay super day all right Rangers next couple games we are at all the twenty eighth which Friday next game is Friday against Carolina at Caroline and result in a three game homestand against Tampa Bay lose and that and I want to go to that game I wanted
00:27:53to make daily allegations he shows sixty goal I want the he is a sexy sexy hockey player you know what does he do a good night big data our big data ninety doing some special on here pretty soon that's how you become in the next couple weeks so
00:28:14you guys definitely need that it's going to be great already it's going to be dumped highlights only on the radio hysterical Cutie gross you definitely need to commit to that are gonna be on the air tomorrow night with Nick and possibly shown I don't know but I ended
00:28:34Lucy deal in our our Tuesday night tomorrow on Thursday and the I'll be on here again tomorrow to ghost ranch raided and just hung I still don't think you'll be in my apartment that cannot be good my people because you got the Mara I'm very night of New
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