Hello Podawans, and welcome to Episode 79 of Never Tell Me the Pods - My Galaxy, Right or Vong. In this episode, a component of our prior May 5th livestream, James and Johnny take us through the Yuuzhan Vong expanded universe books that they definitely read. No spoilers but these books sound pretty to me and I don’t understand why they were controversial.

Also, part of the subplot involves shaming Johnny for his cake hubris, which you can learn  more about in Episode 71 - A Half Baked Review. Thanks to Joe (@codexrau) for running the stream!

Also, big, big thanks to Richard Kreutz-Landry for getting me and Kat autographed copies of the new Thrawn novel, which meant Timothy Zahn physically wrote the words “Poison is the Sweetest Meat” in a Thrawn book, a thing that cannot be undone.

Here are the book images that James and Johnny looked at to jog their memories:

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