On this episode of Westworld The odyssey of Old Man Dellos. Old William gives us a glimpse of the old and tired gamer? Bernarnold finds an old friend and what an ending. Another great episode.


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00:00:00welcome back to the nurse brought a podcast my name is Gerry because I'm live in San Francisco California not come you from nerd Roddick dot com and down and say Diego is my good friend and co host Dennis without because how are you doing this I'm doing alright
00:00:13how about you I'm doing great so we're here to cover west world season two episode for the riddle of the sphinx and well that was a great episode do your talk about Twilight Zone this this band this show is so freaking good the writing is so top notch
00:00:33and yes we did call let's not bury the lead entering is daughter away well if we do that eyes on say spoiler alert for those of you who haven't seen it yet so there are spoilers abound and said I'll get pissed off at us if we spoil the
00:00:50show because that's what we do here either we do it we go over the episode in detail the recap slash review welcome to all the new subscribers a lot of experience bands welcome we also cover Westworld which is %HESITATION equally great show and %HESITATION damn again so a
00:01:10couple people in the comments last week or or saying that they thought %HESITATION grace was host now but the I mean a lot of people were saying grace with that I think a lot they they really telegraph that give me what I thought and that ending scene was
00:01:24was great that was cell number eight oh my god it was like who yet damn what a show so let's not let's start breaking it down here %HESITATION if you're new to the show we recap the episode for a little while and then we talk to you we
00:01:40get your questions and comments in the chat it's fully interactive recapped so let's go down this man dude starts out with a James dell us in a white room and listening some rolling stones with so much nice nice vinyl collection and it looks like you know he's starting
00:01:59his day working out all that kind of stuff but you know as he's pouring cream into the coffee he kinda misses a little bit and the cream spells which you know kinda looks like the the glue that they %HESITATION put the that they bring the hosts out of
00:02:15which you know puts up a little red flag going okay what's up with this then we see young William come in and they have a little conversation and you know they banned the way they played with time this episode was brilliant by the way will be after that
00:02:32starts with the Bernard stuff as well that one rocked my world dude but I'm yeah down with that yeah he sits down with the Dallas Dallas and you know he asks him where he is and he says the Carlsbad California which J. shout out to my home town
00:02:49man also by group Carlsbad California it's not well it's a little far from you but not too far it's a little north that's all it is yep and %HESITATION dello so you know he looks a little twitchy and day he's asking you know just like we will how
00:03:05long he's gonna be here you see is a lake start tapping NEC William notice that right this little tech and they just wasted yet gone you know it basically tells ME says all war we're having a little test right now is what's going on in the eyes of
00:03:21a young we thought it would be better if you knew somebody who would administer the test and he goes well what kind of **** test you're talking about and %HESITATION there he's going on he goes well you know we're having all these little tests just to make sure
00:03:34that you're okay Annie's eats as well if you let it make it that I so he finally realizes that he didn't make it yep and he's all how long has it been seven years yeah in seven years and the funny thing is he's he's he was dying of
00:03:51a disease that he owned the biotech that he the biotech that he bought was working on the disease that he died of which he sees funding on fifteen years prior to him right now but yep and they they I then these all yeah my my sense of humor
00:04:08is intact right which I think is a nice call back to the douche broke off in the real world used to is doing that kind of stuff so yep %HESITATION so yeah old William though we we see basically shows him he asked how long he's been there he
00:04:28tells me it's been seven years and then William says are you sure this piece of paper and you see tell us open it up and it has a look of shock on his face so we got a black yep we don't know what's on the piece of paper
00:04:41and then we go back to old William and Lawrence and they've come across a railroad camp where the railroad ties are actually being the hosts are being used as prioritize yeah so you could you could see that the the programming has run out for a lot of these
00:04:56things and it's just getting freaking dark you know that yeah yeah it's it's just that things are going now yeah yeah that the specially the arm you know that the what that one rail worker had a he was timing it or something like that I don't know when
00:05:11they were just there was there railroad spikes the guy's head that is like a whole even William old William was like mad he looked disturbed by it so thank you comics division thank you he said nice hat I appreciate that yeah actually I moved from the B. realizes
00:05:27what my hat references as well there you go my Wayland haps yes different kind of interests of yeah and the old well the other thing is is that William notices that he's the railroads must be going all is going west instead of north yep so they've changed plans
00:05:48well they yeah they really change plans or they just don't give a crap anymore but yeah and I don't know how good of railroad ties hosts will be I don't know if my workers who knows but that was a that was a dark little scene in that and
00:06:02I think it actually plays back into something that we end up having a message from fort later on also get to that yellow bit so there are there they're heading out to the town again were Lawrence's family is from and parts courses I want to go because that's
00:06:19where his wife and child are yet and are yeah he's kind of left them there he already knows about this and he's not happy about it so then we cut back over to Clementine and she's drag Bernard to a cave and leaves them there with a gun yep
00:06:35yeah yeah yeah and they were and what he and she sticks the guy next to him and I hear something in the cave a so is first reaction is the let's go in the cave and find out what it is you know what the hell but he does
00:06:45have a god yeah and I'll see how far they'll see her hair longer **** she's been sitting there with a brick chained up but with protein bars in a in a in a bucket and her hair is longer and yeah yeah isn't too happy to see him because
00:07:06he's going to put her there yeah but said they've had to have taken her around for awhile I mean she could have been there because how long has it been no she says that he knocked her out and took her there he'd TV he basically knocked her out
00:07:21and took her there and chained her up yeah moderate protein bars and a bucket that was it so her hair is a lot longer so that had to be but it's yeah yeah so she's happy must that would no no and that must've been a lot of protein
00:07:36bars %HESITATION yeah and so he ends up freeing her and she grabs again immediately from him she is because she doesn't trust him at all and he's trying to tell her everything that's been going on makes her **** you doubt because he's losing some or coconut juice out
00:07:52of his hat yep and da he finally gives her the pad she looks up and sees that he's gotten to critical show so **** your host and I think she figured he was the host well maybe not that you should know for sure yeah but she when she
00:08:11sees that's because of **** your host here and tells her that tells them that okay I'm gonna fix you are yeah she's all you've rotated out that's right yeah she's like what he did out you've got a you've got a family image is all back story backstory yeah
00:08:27exactly so she just finally realizes that welcomes them do it and I'm LC and a yeah puts in safe mode where he can see it now he sees everything that's been going up and down and it's it's kind of weird he keeps flashing back and forth between what
00:08:46is and what was yeah I'm we we're start he's certain recall as memory and when he's doing it you see to route you see to Arnold's are Bernard's over but Arnold whatever you wanna call it head on head up one for normal I think we're gonna copyright that
00:09:01one Arnold all those people got it are they yeah that's right read it or something like that and he he sees himself that you know she wants to bail and he sees himself walking towards the cave so he's on that yep they're all of the stuff in the
00:09:17cave before that before he wakes back up again when she puts in the safe mode I he sees himself along with the drones and there there's a whole bunch eyeballs he's in the lap again where in Charlotte or at and we don't know exactly what's going on and
00:09:33then he wakes up and then he starts walking back to the cave because she says okay were out in the middle of nowhere there's nothing here for miles around why in the hell are we out here is I don't know for one me out here for a reason
00:09:45and he starts seeing himself walking back into the cave and opening up the switch on the wall and finding the secret facility that's there in the in the cave man looks at the lab he in Charlotte had hurt a bit earlier yep and there's the there's dead bodies
00:10:03freaking everywhere and a drone comes out on and doesn't really through the the drone is just sitting there and she freaks out and she started he you know he says if you don't you know generally written them there and it is right now she shoots it and %HESITATION
00:10:17the drone believes yeah and I guess they use the same blood as the host but I just thought that was weird that blood like it you know I always thought that the blood was maybe more theatrical for the host but maybe it is actually a trickle to the
00:10:30house so it was interesting that the whole host bled and died add that yet again there's that there's got one lab technician is like inhale high tailed it out pile drive right something sticking through his chest that he's on one of the he's only wheels yeah I didn't
00:10:47look like it was that long ago now now and Bernard tells us Elsie that Ford is dead and Chicago **** he goes out he is there some reason not for one to be here and she goes well we got to figure out what you know Ford's game isn't
00:11:02as well you know we gotta get to him and find out what's going on because fords that stuck out **** and then I saw Elsie injects Bernard with some more cortical fluid because that's what he needs he needs more cortical fluid otherwise he's gonna start collection out some
00:11:16more and that's when we come back over to seeing grace along with a couple other people getting taken by the echo station over to their camp and we see Stubbs is there dubs yeah so this is a little a couple weeks from where now you know maybe it's
00:11:32the same time yeah honestly I have no idea where I am right now I just know it's earlier than the present time from the previous episode by have no idea what the present time was in this episode maybe but I'm not sure yeah I don't know either yeah
00:11:47I don't know where the round I'm not then we see old woman Lauren shop in an empty town and this is Lawrence astounding because I'll welcome home there's nobody there they sit down order a drink and that's when the resurrected Confederate does come out surround taken hostage or
00:12:04not take what but just capture them out and they take over the church work everyone is being held %HESITATION and they want the guns the program provisions for their trip to glory where they're going and they know that the op the townspeople are all rebels and have guns
00:12:19and this one or the guns are of course enough to give up the guns everyone's going to be gone are there gonna kill everybody and Lawrence course tells William Moore the guns are out and back in an unmarked grave and William stands up and goes okay the guns
00:12:32rotten basking in unmarked graves yeah I'll make a deal in which one until years your terms first I mean and I could show you a way out here you know yeah doing this is and I know what you're looking for you don't know what you're looking for you
00:12:48sink you do but you don't know where it is I can show you what you're looking for that's what the deal is now there's a great line before that though %HESITATION you know because that data I he'd offered the the the considerado it offered to make a deal
00:13:01you need the town elder big and then town elder got up in the end up shopping is I don't make any deals and a Lawrence was that tell talking to the man in black going you know sh do you wanna I wanna die like this I wanna get
00:13:14shot down for my daughter you told me you had a daughter and %HESITATION William like Bucks up as well did I he's all yeah at some point you must've told me so Lawrence is starting to remember and he's all you want to shut down for your daughter you
00:13:30probably like it already or would she like that is all probably better I don't know Florence I don't know for him actually told Lawrence you had a daughter or not I think this again as part of Ford's programming that Jackie man that will that could it could be
00:13:42that or he could have told him at another point is remembering that is that is two ways to look at it yeah before its programming or he could be remembering good point Yasser it's it's kinda interesting were out there and then we come back to tell us again
00:13:57strutting around of dancing feeling really well and lame comes and we get the same exact scene all over again I get a little good Roxy Music yeah background again that's nice yeah and do you know about establishing fidelity as Williams says that's that's what this whole thing is
00:14:13all about establishing fidelity in da he hands tells the paper we see it's a script of everything that telos and William have set to each other and %HESITATION he starts clutching out on on words because I want to get out of here and get some fresh ice air
00:14:33you know he's he glitches out at this point and Williams says you know what he goes on each of these visits are even getting better and better he is but we're gonna leave you in here for a little longer because I'll see you tomorrow that made it a
00:14:49seven on the benches yeah he tells me he's been dead for seven years our needs in a new body and he finds out that his wife died a few hours ago from a stroke and that his daughter is doing well enough that his granddaughter is actually you know
00:15:04very smart at all this stuff and then base he was outside and we see it's one of the labs we can just see everything that's going on inside Telesis apartment and William tells attack you guys said look let's just terminated we're gonna end this one and we're gonna
00:15:19start a little for us and we see our telos stop in mid stride as he put the book back on to the shelf and in the room torches how they torture everything now and he had mentioned that %HESITATION it della's before prior to that happening he said no
00:15:35we're not we're not in Carlsbad are we and %HESITATION yeah Williams out Williams says well if if you're not sure doesn't matter you know which is a good point which is a little tiny foreshadowing for what's to come so yeah the whole thing also of %HESITATION not knowing
00:15:53how much time has passed as well yet so all these things are foreshadowing stuff that we've seen already in the lot of the hosts but also in some of our guests as well yeah and this show is not messing around like they know they're yes they're being they
00:16:10could be nebulous the times and you know to go forward is to go back in to look up is to look down and you know %HESITATION but they they also have been answering questions I like a lot quicker than I thought they would this season damaged during this
00:16:22long there's still a lot of questions as we don't get me wrong and that they keep making new ones but it feels like they're giving us enough and the story is moving forward even though I really don't know what time I made him the story but that's the
00:16:34point of it so that yeah it's the times which is on this really insane I mean the time such as for bad Lhasa apso but they're just insane and yeah yeah had bad days are not that bad it's yeah it's just confusing don't know where you're at any
00:16:49certain if you like a host actually at some point yeah I think that might be the whole point of this you are exactly America I am so we've been the Confederate hosts are back again and they found the nitroglycerine and the bartender head has a really shaky hand
00:17:08he's been you know spelling whisky and I'll have considerados like you know what because I'm gonna teach you how to stabilize at hand is here give it to me the pours out some nitro into out all shot class put on the back of the guy's hand goes walk
00:17:22twelve paces that way austral paces out he makes it he turns around and he smiles and goes Hey you made it shoots off the guy's hand yeah just that yeah yeah we we all figured that was gonna happen yeah yeah and yeah that that there are ways we
00:17:43see more and more the cruel cruelty that's in these %HESITATION confederal does that's been programmed into him obviously but with the whole point of it is were start to see William change or you know where he he's not having that much fun in the game anymore like you
00:17:59start to see regrets and yeah that and it's it it's basically Ford talking with them that okay bordering yeah that that well that and there's another scene later all shut were wrecked it's a it's throwing a mere up to a to William and I think he's well I
00:18:17think he's pretty much start to get it at this point he's he's actually reprogramming of William is what he's trying he's trying to do he that everything is a program to help to Ford and I I've just you know that that's one of my theories and so he's
00:18:32he likes programming people as well as the host of the stories in the narratives because he wants to control everything in his world yeah I know it's not new but %HESITATION area so we go back to the go station the prisoners and their bring the prisoners over to
00:18:48the first of us is what he's called which we've seen this guy before he was a guy that was the very first Hobbs party that we saw Logan being brought to yep and he's they're gonna decide he's going to decide their fate and grace makes a break for
00:19:05it she grabs one of the torches hits one of the guys makes a run for it Ellen stubs gets a knife held to his throat are by this guy that the head guy though the first of us yeah that's a great line go ahead and tell and I
00:19:19didn't get the first part of it you only live as long as the as though the last person who remembers you last person membership damn good light yeah and hunted dark reeling and very yeah but I love her slipping page on the same day I had five pages
00:19:40been so get Elsie she fixes Bernard she found the good cortical fluid there from the good stuff hidden away in the back there and ushers in the data and that she found in him she says yeah you know we found those conflicting dating as yet because I recognize
00:19:58so that I sought an Abernathy arm and she also tells him that he's drifting in his memories that she saw that as well he's going back and forth and he does it because he doesn't know what time he's actually end years of my and the now or is
00:20:10this later or what when was this you know it's just the past and actually what I was asking yeah I think we all ask yes yeah Bernard is that Bernard is is the audience one of us yes so Bernard chaus that they were building some kind of host
00:20:30with a different programming now so we saw red cortical %HESITATION chips instead of the blue one are white when they see me as they normally use and are they Sir here and banging on the other side of the door like a light kind of banging and Elsie goes
00:20:45over and she's like what the hell is this and she's trying to open the door and Bernard like don't do what else you don't go in there and goes away this isn't happening now yeah that was I went to a solicitor like yeah but what the **** of
00:21:00my notes %HESITATION that that was not that was nuts in it that first %HESITATION Bernard dream where the eyeballs were falling it looked like a they were making some red velvet cupcakes for a minute there and I realized it was a it was that this the brains for
00:21:16the holster or not I was told I have a man there is a column easy you that's that's what's intense loss so yeah it's the same lab basically he can use the easy to use cortical brain which McAuliffe's yeah so he says Elsie down and then she shoots
00:21:33the door yep and then we go back to Lawrence getting beaten he's getting the crap beat out rather considerados and the head of the Confederate was basically brings Lawrence's life over and another class tonight show a tells you to bring it over to her husband for a drink
00:21:49is that's parched and it first though he starts dancing with her whereas what William did to her in season one and yeah that is that is the Ford a showing William has since I mean that is straight up putting a mere two I'm going to and **** with
00:22:06them again yeah I'm convinced of that and yeah you could see William is get a little disturbed about it but he still like focused on the mission and playing the game and doesn't really intend to help but they start cutting in Walt while she's walking over the nitro
00:22:21that you see like some legs going up stairs and sees the water falling and you see a wrist over a bath tub with the water over flowing and you see and read a lot and that water yeah and so he had said he his wife took pills so
00:22:37I don't know if that was red water not I thought as his wife overdosed on pills now like she cut her breasts well he mentioned that that yeah I mean David said in the scenes before hand yeah yeah so I thought I just saw water yeah I think
00:22:50he was trying to make it you know nicer for people attack fell staff possibility yeah and %HESITATION the head of the confederacy was talking about death and he goes death doesn't want me because I've been on the other side and death ya spit back and warrants this points
00:23:09have enough and basically says you know because all this time even sitting across from death all this time you just never noticed it what is it that yeah any loads the gun up shoots him you know if people foresees breaks the bottles yeah puts it in the guy's
00:23:26throat grabs the gun and start shooting in Federer's killing them and take some pretty much all he gets shot with a globe grazed on the mac goes around the corner read loads kills all of them and then finally he walks up to the head confederal there with that
00:23:44in our Lawrence's wife grabs up class a nitrocellulose little parched here that is it as a good don't drink it drink it pours down his throat and %HESITATION you guys deficits filing over your right now looking over your right now right now yeah I mean you walk us
00:24:03yeah it's great walks over to the box of guns tools that pulls out a rifle gives the large because he said this is yours heat the Lawrence disputes the guide me explodes blows up mispronounce I was like wow that was actually really good that what though that was
00:24:23a bad **** scene and then we get I mean this is just great scene after great the there was no flaws in this episode at all sorry after looking for criticism go somewhere else old **** or DeLillo's where is doing is repeating his routine and we see old
00:24:38William come in yeah and you know just saying they they kind of repeat this but it looks like old William is like done with this bullshit he looks like you know he's got the same bottle of liquor and it you know he just goes right into it going
00:24:55listen I don't think we're gonna be doing this anymore you know any actions that it's it's a hundred and forty nights time and the facts in this is where we find out for sure that this is actually Dallas this is that they're not making a copy of him
00:25:08they're trying to insert his consciousness into a new body and at first they thought the brain was rejecting a body like an organ but it's more like it's rejecting reality itself it's a break yeah the odd the mind can't handle it it reaches a cognitive plateau is what
00:25:23he was calling it yeah and it can't distinguish if it's reality or not so breaks which is a lot like what the whole sort work what Bernard are brothel is going through right now with his memories of which is interesting yeah yeah we could there I guess there's
00:25:42the theory out there that %HESITATION that %HESITATION Bernard old is actually Arnold is actually Arnold maybe was a prototype you know that you could still be control because he's in a host body right so they they were able to stop dell OC so Ford could actually put people's
00:25:56consciousness into a body and control if that but you know it doesn't work obviously with with the whole Dallas thing and that's why I still say I don't think I still think Abernathy house telos is mind inside of him do that just a copy of it or something
00:26:12a copy of it I think that's one of the one of the things that %HESITATION Bernard was seen number that %HESITATION that data that he says he doesn't know what the hell it is and I guess that's what the man said it looks familiar it looked at the
00:26:25code I can't remember exactly what he said I yeah I think what what DeLillo's was being worked on by dell as people though so Ford you know probably did crack it you know and and %HESITATION we'll get to our theories it in a couple minutes here and we'll
00:26:40get you guys in the chat %HESITATION look in the cloud I want to bring up one is is the ad they established that they can just switch out brain bulbs between hosts already got enough **** to look out for on this show and now people might be another
00:26:55bodies that is a great point dude well man I know now or you can use but it can they have multiple you know multiple bodies without a person in all these multiple bodies ouch okay tells us there is a recap our brains later yeah Hey soon as he
00:27:18basically instead of killing Dallas at last time all Williams says you know what he's degrading let's leave him and see how far to grades and maybe we can learn something from it yep so you should come back full sort of a **** yeah which would come back to
00:27:31bite us it will absolutely and then he had you know gives you know give his little speech like you know the world is better off with without men like you it's like why you know why should you live every year and a whole dude and %HESITATION so much
00:27:44so that yeah it all down he says the same thing too because I don't wanna live forever because at this point because I'm I'm just as evil as you are and he goes I I shouldn't live for everything I've done to see all seem Bernard they break into
00:27:56the room and %HESITATION they see someone walked in the room and another room inside there and this is actually telos is apartments that we've been seeing all along and it's all destroyed it's all red light it we see attack instead on the ground and %HESITATION tell us has
00:28:14been left to degrade all those years and this is so years or months William had the fringe of hair old William which she doesn't it's longer hair and he's shortened that hair or added yeah shaved it all you might have a hair cut or something so yeah I'm
00:28:34guessing it's months from that maybe a year but yeah I think it's been a while I think it's been a couple years %HESITATION because he never gave the termination order and they probably said okay we're just going to keep watching him to great yep an LCM Bernard or
00:28:49walking around the room Bernard's you know Hey watch out L. seat of course she's curious and we see somebody on the exercise bike going backwards yeah still us and he's been cutting it cutting his face but he wasn't having trouble with speech did you notice that he was
00:29:06out with speed yeah it looks like he he might have just been there just gone nuts you know yeah elation or something I don't know yeah and and everyone's saying that %HESITATION back a Brotha man says it's been years training purposes years six years with that tax didn't
00:29:22look too much older and that was now that I was the same tack from before at the in the last one so true yeah I'm so he's gonna actually Elsie has a gun to charm and says stop and horse he swats a gun out of her hand in
00:29:38Oxford and he's gonna killer glass shard is hand and Bernard save Sir he knocks a tell us to the ground in house by the throat and you know %HESITATION that's one telos has that quote about %HESITATION he starts laughing because there's two fathers so one above and one
00:29:58below any says the reflection that saw laughing up at you is the one that's looking from down below are looking for buff yeah so there is no god basically yeah exactly levels reflection will ha ha and I wanna see and remember this being an old punk song the
00:30:17%HESITATION two fathers one above and one below and I can't remember words come from because my brain just cannot hold all that information because you know it's it's faulty a couple little coconut juice coming on my head too around that we all do we all do David Logan
00:30:36says very true Dennis %HESITATION de Los an abductee makes sense that would explain Abernathy's glitching when they saw the photo of Julie at Dallas's daughter in the pilot episode all as a great point Logan as the great white and I think I I yeah I think you're both
00:30:52right I %HESITATION the the just pipes by Bernard noticing that the code looks really similar sell IBM yeah I know that's great that's great good one Logan that's another good one bye love you in the know price tonight Sir but we have one more scene which was fantastic
00:31:09yeah well the other thing too is %HESITATION so I'll see activates international protocols immersing sorry yeah and she tortures the room and she and she finds out it was tell us that was there for immortality and Bernard thinks that Ford center to make another board for human and
00:31:26I'm thinking this might be for William I'm okay I and I think I think it's hard I think it's for fort use for for I think it's for fort that yeah a maybe it's for William that's a possibility I mean like yeah yeah I look listen with his
00:31:44children I'm not definite on anything I a we this is a visceral review so we watch it once I could change my mind on a second viewing it always do watches a couple more times before the next weeks and we do we do okay we do okay we
00:31:57missed a lot of stuff but that's yeah that's for the fun of the show that's what we talk to the chat which will get you in a second so Bernard started his memory flipping out thing again edit see and he you know he had a conversation with LC
00:32:09analyses like okay you could come with me which get hurt me normalize we gotta be cool and he's all of course and then he has a memory of him pretty much ordering the slaughter of everybody in the lab so yeah she ordered that and again that can't be
00:32:25years from that okay I'm not I'm the separating us from Dallas yeah I was Robert recently because all those bodies you know looked very fresh so then I got to say one thing do you want it she says I try I've always trusted code more than people you
00:32:42know and yeah she's asking him this or you're not going to you know you can't kill me can thing that's good let's clear cool that right she asked Mrs he's holding a **** gun in his hand is holding a gun yes and then he has the memory of
00:32:55ordering the slaughter of everybody so %HESITATION and again those bodies Brady fresh so and the one guys whose head he stopped right there in front of a man she he's stopped the kind of freezes and she's young Assam's everything okay because obviously you must stop for a little
00:33:12bit longer than he should have he's like we get everything else the LC has not seen this other than that with that you know which is pretty bad but the lab she hasn't seen the scope what's going on what's real right now she has no idea like how
00:33:26she still sees them as absolute machines and there's member she was a super skeptical about you know even when it was brought up as a joke like what these things like having feeling shut up you know she was always the first one to Pooh Pooh it so I
00:33:40can see you're being just like Hey he's just a machine whatever you're not afford control he told her that all of the all the hosts are off their leash now even said yeah but said she has not seen it that was my point she yeah hear things and
00:33:55then you see things and it's totally different okay but trust me we saw Bernard to put something in his pocket to something around yes as you said a **** I call that yeah consciousness **** anything and %HESITATION I agree with that thing a call to conscience **** it
00:34:15sounds good to go and that that was being made on a little three D. printer at all in the %HESITATION whatever the state you see you or CPU or whatever printer yeah doing %HESITATION and then yeah he's he slid it in his pocket and those two are off
00:34:31to go do whatever they're gonna do then we cut to %HESITATION William right now yeah right after that in first is in the town and everyone's thinking having all this stuff and Lawrence's daughter comes up and tells him one good deed doesn't undo everything as for that's talking
00:34:50to him and then set down by the way you're looking in the wrong direction yeah you got to look forward to get a look back you know Bob and %HESITATION and yeah he said it you know it Williams that I'm gonna play this game to the bone man
00:35:03are you kidding me fricking them dumb down now and it shows them riding off into the sunset and it's a good little western scene and I was wondering like how much you can stay in west world now that things have gone to **** the cat's out of the
00:35:18bag but the cats not really out of the bag yet as it does now hold anybody the corporation so that was a great scene that we see the receipt retells the silhouette of grace riding up and she says hi dad and I yet call that last week like
00:35:35like we said everybody everybody did miss school and that was a great seat and out great way to end it great freaking episode they're getting better as they go and last week's pretty bricking great too so I don't know what do you think folks this is a this
00:35:50is I'm part of season one I gotta say that right now they have not lost any momentum at all it might be a little better we got to see it's a little early faster than see so I you know I was looking at him like okay this episode
00:36:04for it feels like it's episode nine because of all the information they packed in yep band that they're a little longer I like the fact that they're a little longer they don't cut it like forty five minutes %HESITATION yeah like an hour long so %HESITATION well done west
00:36:19rose get to chat all rights some scrolling up a little bit here Matt as says I do not think Elsie has been there that long we're still days after the event where four died now it depends it yeah yeah I she couldn't be okayed nobody can be there
00:36:37that long with protein bars no water and a bucket so it had to only be a few days but we don't know when that was this is this is a president are but Arnold being was else pass yes pass that's that's prior to him joining up with tests
00:36:55I think so glasses still so his classes right that's right yeah so it's it's not to the coast beach pronounced yeah Johnny Papa saw the Carlsbad reference us right homeboy calls yeah yeah yeah group like pasta la Costa yes look Costa our motion of the says that letter
00:37:18reminded me of groundhog day for going to stay ahead of the weather have yeah and by the way I'm just gonna say yes of those few noticed the hat yes this is a reference to the other and writes in a knot Westworld out west religious exactly focused let's
00:37:37just see how people are at thing reminds me of the game play of the game pray if anyone played it I did not now later on the arm look in the cloud says William did give a lot of slow a transfusion in season one I don't I transfusion
00:38:03from %HESITATION yes he did but well not a transfusion he %HESITATION friends are a sorry teddy Kennedy yet teddy from Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence yes he did arm and if I can be so so who thinks that the red ball is Ford's consciousness are you do you I think
00:38:29everybody does which means I'll probably flip it on that one a little bit and maybe %HESITATION is William and now I but not I don't know at the time that William just called he could have set up way earlier but yeah I just it doesn't sound like we
00:38:45want celebrities come out and set it so he said in this episode they said that they're copying peoples are one of the how they say that they're they're all out there their brains what was that there and there's a certain word they use about their developed brains that's
00:39:02what it was they're developed there developed consciousness that's what it was they were copying the developed consciousness on the drives so what they're doing is they're doing a little future world the rest mixing future old in this of any thought it was a sequel to west world word
00:39:17they copied %HESITATION politicians and replace them they're they're flipping that with the immortality but we got honestly we talked about that in season one that was that the hold that with that that's what I thought was the whole what dumb what else was doing their little secret project
00:39:34%HESITATION and I think also setting for is already out there he's already had his consciousness put in another body already and I think this is actually William that they're gonna use with to screw with him in the game of whatever game they're playing because he's going to face
00:39:50himself he has to face himself as he has been facing everything he's been facing in this game so far has been things that he's done in this game well and the thing I'm curious about is why Ford has it out for William in particular I William didn't really
00:40:09obstruct him actually he helped him he'd bought out the park made it wasn't Williams decision to come in and shut everything down I keep seeing Tess that's not a test of Thomson's the actress yeah Arlit Charlotte Charlotte that was Charlotte's decision and %HESITATION in her ward so I
00:40:31don't know what with the beef is maybe they'll show us something that we haven't seen the ad hoc with William so much other than Nike just maybe just thought William was a major **** you know after I die I want to screw with somebody that is the internet's
00:40:43right there it is of men will we ever get rid you have to get some more backstory on foreign this when there's going down you know there's there's something there mood for no basis for to still interacting with the environment so that consciousness all thank you feisty fan
00:41:02again the four ninety nine yeah thank you feisty fan here I get a scroll down there what do you okay do you think that Bernard is playing everyone and is and is just as crazy the scene that scene and his reply to LC something is up yes the
00:41:21biggest wail with Bernard **** you know what it is I think is a member Elsie said she saw something you know some of the coding is in part an art as well that's an Abernathy Ford is in %HESITATION Purnell I think Ford is in everybody I thought I
00:41:39know for an interview than absolutely everybody I think he's been waking up are but he's been doing is taking over Bernard and using him to do whatever it is and that's what Bernard is is actually seen because he sees himself outside of his body he doesn't he doesn't
00:41:56see it from first person yeah maybe mad I'd like I said everything's possibility I'm not gonna say no into a dive in to say that with this show is ridiculous messed up yeah that would be messed up but they they really made a point to show us that
00:42:14in Ford's private lab he was making another body yeah and that was that was one of the hardest things people are talking about all of the first season so received and they really are good at calling stuff back we're four episodes in so we found out what happens
00:42:28with stub there's still a couple questions out there found out what happened Logan Logano DEET Logan's yeah that was some of the other thing too yeah I was I was actually kind of brutal that hundred forty ninth time %HESITATION that is Dallas was resurrected and now he tells
00:42:43me I your wife's dead your daughter's dead your your sons dad he %HESITATION diva couple years back because you could take it and it's like damn and you're just kind of be in brutal at this point he's glitching out so you can't really say anything are you know
00:42:59that might have been it %HESITATION it was all that pain that was needed to have him kind of reboot take guess you could say air click on to the point where now yeah that's what brought the the host's into consciousness of a through pain bad Lisa join don
00:43:18Jonathan knowing you are dark your %HESITATION the dark but they're pretty darn yeah you belong in the DC you %HESITATION it looks a bit like the red balls for minority report Canada's yeah yeah a little bit %HESITATION moving every says they look like they're red colored brain balls
00:43:39were they to imply more hosts for real people with the red marbles armed they said there was a new program there is new programming yep so that was the difference there what to refer back to what Logan said earlier the mind **** that this show can be or
00:43:55if they start like switching hosts brains and humans and we don't know who's who and you know yep yeah versus William William does Lawrence and Sammy Davis junior doctor for in yeah we get all kinds of fun with the show home maker says solution might could not go
00:44:12the PSG route but the offer carbon route yes %HESITATION either route would be good I have no problem with either out so they go either way we went right some a look in the clouds those reply back to me for nobody yep I wonder if anyone has had
00:44:31a successful experience the real consciousness and a host body not shorting out like Papa tell us I yeah I think Bernard might have been the first one yeah I I that I even had a my notes that he was a prototype ma'am if jealous is getting close to
00:44:45it that means for his mastered it yeah so a I think it was a race for that there's no at Ford said it multiple times in the first four episodes like nothing goes down in this park I know everything and the reason he knows everything is because he
00:45:01he's he can see through any host and %HESITATION I know there's been a lot of debate in the comments about like it is he giving voice commands these robots we froze everybody or was it is or is it just with his head I was saying that there's a
00:45:14couple times it looks like he just stop people with doing nothing I could have missed it though so yeah you know they they they pointed out that Ford is dead okay Ford had maggots coming I sorry to be gross but he had bags maggots coming out I got
00:45:31to be careful as **** gets coming out of his face and he is dead his body is dead but yeah the the fact that they showed us the body and everything really told me that they there he's gonna come back in some form or another some are Matt
00:45:49**** so why it kills the Confederate our guy wakes them are these hosts not bullet proof as the head of the considerados that were no harassing William there were saying is that they have broken off from that group so they weren't awakened if you will they were brought
00:46:05back but also they were the ones that that teddy it's set free so they they weren't part of all why it or I divorces group now so they weren't really bullet proof well it may be Delores king come back and re boot him cause you can obviously reboot
00:46:29him she shot him before you're right so I wonder if may have can do that too nothing has ever been shot in the head and I think that's what William does yeah shuttle headed so yeah I think they're they're done for this kind of zombie rules a little
00:46:41bit yeah shoot for the head let's see if the CPU %HESITATION Cyclops is better than offering says Lawrence daughter sure is going fast for a robot right thank you side because the better will read that that was a lot I got a lot of that them I okay
00:47:00I I I've read every comment they come they hit the hit my phone I I read the comment when I woke up one morning and I even message Dennis of what he does you know somebody said that we don't know basic **** warning yeah and I said so
00:47:18what else is new alright is like and your point is exit never said I knew basically the pope should the woods **** that's what I now Jackson brought Jackson Braxton says question you think they figured out a pretty pure prayed that the host now yes yes I that
00:47:43is a really good name of my god we got some new people in the crowd welcome everyone dollars five dollars who is that they did five dollars an hour and farm girl one hundred well one hundred watchers ninety nine one one hundred watchers and we miss movie fan
00:47:59of you the ninety nine cents as well all movie for nobody thank you so much with the exactly that route dang this is crazy %HESITATION carry on item tarian wolf says at Jackson Brax and that's why they've been trying to do would tell us his brain human brain
00:48:20is not functioning in a host Wong is timely Lassen host buys from thirty five days before he starts to grading yes mass Andre J. heath says the lore of the show is the implication that something like this could eventually happen in real life yeah possibly all rights go
00:48:43ahead Ravi can Dombey says he's probably fully aware and remembers the outside world similar to Delores yeah that is for the ghost of a nation leader is what he's talking about yeah yeah I've a depend yeah it depends on which ones are how far along they are I
00:49:05mean we don't know we don't know we've just been following maven and Delores and some other hosts have probably you know start remembering stuff to that was a great line he whispered there yeah I still think that part of their function was that I mean it well it's
00:49:23also the basic programming me you know and they're the go station was part of a narrative maybe they weren't you know bad maybe they're good so yeah everybody will stubs actually kinda mentioned something about that too about %HESITATION well it was kind of dimension at the go station
00:49:41might actually be like a back up almost in a way to help people if things went wrong so I don't know yeah Jody says yeah west worlds really setting up so many things minds racing all the possibilities were quickly passing the possible in the impossible so where the
00:49:59two meet the possum Papa possum palpable aha yeah okay what was that Judy said yeah Wes was really setting up so many things minds racing at all the possibilities were quickly passing the possible and the impossible to where the two meet the possum probable the possum palpable okay
00:50:20yes we have met and bought you know I've never been so we have been confused by shows but I'm entertained and I feel like I won't be confused it's not like lost which I rage quit lost in season two so I was like this is going nowhere I
00:50:36you and longer and I did as season one I've typed ended it army coe says game of thrones spoiled me of someone dies I want to stay dead LC coming back is kind of a cheap all dressed with him he will come back game of thrones spoilers not
00:50:54really there's yeah we've already had one come back and that's it yeah that's it %HESITATION arrive you can die be else's go station there is one of the three original hosts and add to it we like okay it might be kind of a stretch how long it was
00:51:10but it depends on how long it was if it was just a few days that's it's not a stretch we never saw her die we just saw her get strangled get and they do it and the fact that they didn't show her dying and he was pretty much
00:51:21the birds it seems like a long time because it's been a year and a half of the show and were four episodes in so yeah depends it all depends on when Bernard was at that time gotcha okay even if he says taking quite a few episodes before Gerry
00:51:37went back to **** %HESITATION Neil jellyfish **** I always go back to school but it's off the air so it's out there yeah tentacles spectacles wallet when they're out of the schools yeah there you go on our watch so yes must be pocket watch yes %HESITATION I've got
00:52:01one of those yes Sir spectacles **** wallet and watch it thank you awesome power seller is one member that yeah I never really that the stress methods that now so the reason why I know right now the server back down here again Jody says okay ask you some
00:52:23of the hundred viewers there %HESITATION when the troops shows up it's %HESITATION comics division says when the troops show up it's been two weeks so yeah so this is with in probably the first couple of days %HESITATION now yeah okay now thinking about it so Bernard with the
00:52:42glasses is the first couple of days by the first week %HESITATION after the uprising within the first week and I'm Bernard without the glasses is two weeks after because that's when the troupe show up and that's he's with the troops at that point yeah so we're gonna fill
00:53:02and all that stuff with him the glasses were gonna fill in all that gap I'm to the point that he ends up on the beach somehow he gets rebooted you know all of the drowning the masrani to people yeah I think the majority show is going to be
00:53:17I think it's going to be within a two or three week period other than the old William stuff and you know earlier of like it that was part of the old way of stuff to the doors in the city and stuff yeah Cyclops is better Wolverine says this
00:53:33episode had a black mayor feel to it absolutely absolutely this whole day yeah this whole series as well as on so I love it Johnny topical said stop talking about Ashton views and subs explode not a coincidence right wow Hey Hey that yeah it's been kind of crazy
00:53:58Johnny yeah yeah Matt S. says any Egypt nerds know what the role of the sphinx means where is Daniel Jackson so the role the sphinx for those of you nerds out there who don't know what that is all the rules springs was what all walks on four legs
00:54:14in the in the morning are two legs in during the day and three legs in the evening and the answers must be mad are you crawl on four look for the arms and legs our when your child you walk on to when you're an adult and you walk
00:54:30and three with a cane when you're an old man in the twilight early evening back then what's it all out though under twenty five years yeah so that's what that whole brutal was supposed to be nice for those of you who are playing at home yeah you can
00:54:48rock knocked out off of your finger car Cyclops is better than over and says that's how Ford always finds William %HESITATION I don't see where that goes for it is that he was probably responding to you know for going in every host yeah that's why he's I mean
00:55:05I'm assuming I could be wrong correct me if I'm wrong but %HESITATION yeah yeah that's a good point that's good point was sub motor down the chat here we got a few more minutes are right Arabi can dobby says host at their parents can be assigned to do
00:55:19anything horrible but that wasn't Bernard intentionally killing them that was Ford's instructions yep yeah yeah I know I have no doubt that the although at the end of that particular scene Bernard immediately lies to her to LC so Bernard knows he killed somebody lied about it doesn't look
00:55:41like he feels tremendously bad about it and was scowling when he walked up so I I maybe still under Ford's programming may be Bernard isn't conscious at all and he's just a straight a post from again how no idea talk amongst yourselves would tell it bring it up
00:56:01in the comments let's let's hear what you think of you guys I mean there is a great theories in the comments to and and here in the chat as well I mean like you guys been brilliant cell wall I think he made Bernard from Arnold's are he's Arnold's
00:56:15backstory for Bernard's story to give him I was just going out a possibility yeah it is like a big but he clearly lied to LC so only out to say that he's good at this point no I wouldn't say he's not good everything I can understand this yeah
00:56:30well yeah he could be working for Delores this whole time maybe did the lord's got through to him and he's kind of a spy you know because they every all the humans have been just like letting them hang around also don't know so he's just wandering around in
00:56:44exile I'd I don't I'll tell you right now I I know no inside information but I don't think LC is long for this world because she now knows Bernard to host and that is that's bad for her he gets other any yeah I don't think Bernard's gonna be
00:56:58letting her get to any other humans so would you be weird to have to cortical bring her back and then killer but I don't think everybody survive in the season okay I don't yeah I'm Artemis over easy says just found this channel last week after legion reviews love
00:57:17it how are they bringing back Papa de LOS with a real brain in a host body and destroying it every time little pieces each time they said that they are actually copying the developed brain other self consciousness onto a hard drive so they just basically have ms data
00:57:35the holidays yeah hits yeah that's not a real real brain that it's it's the host bring he's a host body but %HESITATION it's him yet we think you know I mean I think it's there's a lot of questions in there okay there it's like yeah there's a lot
00:57:50of questions and maybe that's part of the rejection is maybe they've got all the %HESITATION all the parts that we I know are part of the brain but maybe there's something they don't know is missing like a soul or something like that under to sort out their and
00:58:06look in the cloud says he's trying to arrive you can Dombey how what makes me think that the door has something to do makes me think that the door has something to do with William having respect for hosts and treating them as equals possibly I hasn't shown that
00:58:25his actions but yeah maybe that a change of heart babies wife beating suicide is that made of changing you know either grace in the earlier scene with the go station I talked to was talking to Stubbs Annie's all your stuff is like yeah we're gonna get some help
00:58:41out here and she's like I have no intention of leaving the park so she's with dad she's on dad's mission it says yeah so there's something between those two and with William we don't know there is a deeper part of William story that's just not just playing a
00:58:58game there's there's something else so yeah arm by he Mitchell says Bernard is the ant king he is secretly in charge doesn't remember it is nice yeah that's yes I I had a thought on that I thought about that a little bit too yeah %HESITATION back a broke
00:59:18man says they should multiple Bernard hosted a teaser for season two so I don't know why they did they did are they that might go to what he just said I think the reason Bernard is having bugs is that he realized %HESITATION he's a host and he'll get
00:59:37past it and activate his real consciousness possibly %HESITATION whole hold on a second the reason why he doesn't know which is right what our time is real and what isn't is because in multiple places and communicate with you with himself II out hot dad there you go that
00:59:55all I used to go out and I'll I'll hold yeah yourself while is why we all talk together this is why we all talk together which we we put these pieces together together us are at O. outlook rose going to finally go out get season one of a
01:00:12west world %HESITATION thank you apple crow and you're welcome WBTV gave me a copy right strike last week for showing that image of the map which people still full trailers on their videos but %HESITATION you could have the seventy one cents man it's all good won't show you
01:00:32pictures your show although we're practically a commercial for but that's cool you know alright John Dickinson coverage Carvalho twenty twelve says I think Charlotte might be Arnold's daughter's mind I love the Arnold doesn't daughter he only as a sign yeah side I think yeah Charlotte data is Charlotte
01:00:53yeah Charlotte a sterling I think she's one of those ones that that I felt if I was that if I to death pool going and you know it next to and next to recap we'll do a death pool I had I would she be on it for me
01:01:06I don't think she's gonna make it yeah it is going to make it everyone loves that %HESITATION that they're a just came up with about Bernard being a multiple bodies sats great to all right some I'm near the bottom down here %HESITATION Robbie can dobby says Charlotte could
01:01:23be Arnold's daughter and doesn't tell anything Bernard is a host now because we are not arms daughter so that %HESITATION and yeah that's a wild because of where we have almost one hundred people watching as what tells her father says yeah that's that's great that we are going
01:01:43to be wrapping things up we don't want to go to on too long if you missed the first part there's a rollover to video please check it out in the future if you want to catch us live %HESITATION were on go to nerd Roddick dot com and I've
01:01:55got to we've got our our two weeks out we've got everything planned out show the times apologize we were late tonight our usually going on about seven fifteen or seven thirty us Havel's technical difficulties that my sister call side talk to my sister and I had to go
01:02:12and walk the dog and I and all kinds of stuff I was gonna ask the mother's day stuff and by the way happy mother's day to now out there all the moms in people with moms and stuff happy mother's day that's right actually other is Carvalho says Bernard
01:02:26thinks he has a side thinks he had a U. K. okay that's that yeah that is a backstory that could be absolutely programmed in that we we need to fight yet we can't who Pooh any theory in the show really yeah even Logan being %HESITATION deed in dying
01:02:44like that could be bullshit we we don't Johnny Hoppus says are you guys saying there are multiple copies of Bernard active yes yes the part that why one point yeah possibly possibly %HESITATION all right alone down makes we've got patrons we gotta think the patron there's a lot
01:03:03more in the US to see that all graphics art deco to stand Viking **** Penn farm girl apple crow Jody Shikari llama Eric ridge said Jones Christian echo feisty fan lord's house Isaiah Norton fan on rough Johnny Pappas Brian smart Arturo S. but newt Espinoza %HESITATION and %HESITATION
01:03:22think the kind people the chat and all think the rest of our patrons I'm sorry I was just reading something here Johnny plans as yet you Pooh poohed the Charlotte daughter Therry yeah we did it first on out yet Dennis did I did and then then I HJC
01:03:42swift what he later Johnny I I reverse that decision by the way thank you DC swear Forrest Campbell how's your father and Andre J. he apple crow as always Jody Johnny Papa's Robbie can dobby Penn farm girl Viking **** Chrissy feisty fan our forest Campbell Artemis over easy
01:04:08%HESITATION Matt S. Becca brought man Caravaggio twenty twelve excuse me there %HESITATION Cyclops is better than Wolverine attacks I remember that one that was actually pretty funny %HESITATION Jackson Ballenger of movie for no be %HESITATION and everyone else who I couldn't get to here in the chat made
01:04:34so there's a lot of people that are here is a lot of people and it kinda yeah you can't bring it up alright so if we missed your name %HESITATION we apologize we got a few more patrons here that I did not mention at is %HESITATION Luke Lucas
01:04:47%HESITATION make heist at brewer Logan macleod %HESITATION sorry %HESITATION Rubicon alpha %HESITATION journey in there and Steve Dee and that is it thank you for being loyal patrons %HESITATION going to take our picture on got some fun stuff we give away stuff it's at John dot com slash
01:05:10your Roddick we'll be back again at seven PM Pacific time four Westworld our next video is going to be at tomorrow you're gonna get like three or four sorry sorry well it's %HESITATION that neurotic neuter live stream at twelve thirty PM I'm gonna sneak into Farscape somewhere and
01:05:28then tomorrow in the afternoon we'll have the time up tomorrow undergrad dot com we're gonna review sees one of cobra kai yes it's great I love it so yeah it was awesome can't we talk about it Dennis takes out show her birth don't lose your head dress the
01:05:47way out otherwise you not know what the hell time it is when you're watching Westworld yes exactly I'd love to repeat that line that the ghost Asian guy said but %HESITATION I can't so I'm just gonna say happy mother's day and I know it's a different show but
01:06:03%HESITATION check if you check out saving the expense you have watched expanse check it out it's a great show if you love was rolled you'll love the expanse help us save it hashtag remember the can't remember the can't and save the expanse either one I don't care and
01:06:18yeah that's all so do not everybody can and everyone thank you

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