We're checking out the future of the Star Wars universe post-episode 9! What's next for the galaxy far far away after JJ Abrams is done with the Skywalker saga? We're breaking it all down! Plus, FOX cancelled a ton of fan favorites - Did your show make it past the chopping block? Find out today! Then first reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story. Should you put yourself in carbonite and wait for home release or pull out your sleeping bags so you can wait in line. And finally - in honor of it being Mother's day, we thought we would attempt to stump out panel with some pop culture mothers trivia.

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00:00:02no nudists dot com on today's show we're checking out the future of the Star Wars universe post episode nine what's next for the galaxy far far away after JJ Abrams is done with the sky Walker saga we're breaking it all down plus fox canceled a ton of fan
00:00:20favorites did your show make it past the chopping block find out today the first reactions to solo a Star Wars story should you put yourself in carbonite and wait for home release or pull out your sleeping bags so that you can wait in line and finally in honor
00:00:34of it being mother's day on Sunday we thought we'd attempt to stump our panel with some pop culture mothers trivia all of this and a whole lot more on today's Nerdist news what the Friday I'm just concerned about welcome to notice news what the Friday it is our
00:00:59week in review panel discussion no holds barred talk show about pop culture plus we've got trivia lots to discuss today but before we dive into the hottest topics of the week let's meet our panel joining us today is nervous managing editor in Iraq well has new social media
00:01:16manager Michele Bachmann and finally noticed associate editor tile and and with that let's just grit right into rapid fire burns or some of the week's bigger stories it was revealed that this director would be making three times the salary she made for her last film Wonder Woman the
00:01:39packaging is and how did you guys will be earning nine million dollars three times or salary for Wonder Woman for taking on the director directing duties of Wonder Woman to are we glad to see you're back at the helm and also do you think that pay increase means
00:01:53that she will have more creative freedom in the second round I am thrilled that she's back obviously I think they would be a terrible life decision right back %HESITATION I hope I think given that she's had the I think most well received film in the DC you they
00:02:11should let her yeah they should let her do whatever she wants because I think somebody always like Wayne and is good but let her do whatever she funny I mean she has the most successful film in the DC franchise right now why wouldn't you bring her back and
00:02:25give her more creative freedom she already proved Hey I can do this once it wasn't you know I can do it again yeah I think that she's %HESITATION not not only is it was hers most successful was the only one that like anybody thought was good so it's
00:02:41like and have one hit basically and and they can't they can't keep directors for other things so it's like you you got to shore up the ones that you know yeah I do good work actually feel like maybe this is just me that that pay increase seems a
00:02:55little low considering the fact that she what yeah yeah it's it's it's fairly surprising how little directors get paid just in general because we always we always hear about how how much actors get paid it's always you know ten to twenty so what's Ironman Macon Tony yeah was
00:03:16it like weeks hell do the math was at like ten thousand dollars a second I'm the year something yeah it was like a crazy crazy yeah I was like oh my god that's cold cool feel like it's only directors like a Spielberg or somebody who can pull pull
00:03:33down really really high salaries for directors maybe maybe Christopher Nolan at this point but %HESITATION but yeah I mean so get used getting three times your salary whatever yeah this is great yeah of it is like don't get me wrong she got extra money prize that it still
00:03:50seems compared to the other numbers you hear thrown movie biz seems a little low yeah I'm so we so no the sequel will be set in the eighties and Kristen Wiig has joined the cast as wonder woman's antagonise cheetah you like that the DC seems to be ignoring
00:04:04the BBS continuity in favor telling good stories for the characters or would you rather they keep the continuity at this point to burn it all your that man is the one I stayed out anymore than completely I would start again the keep wonder woman's was it wasn't a
00:04:21town in the Wonder Woman movie that actually really connected to what was going on in the larger DC you except for extra that story she'd been missing for for yeah right so it should be good literally place that story anywhere out %HESITATION so yeah I don't even think
00:04:38it's really going to affect the continuity unless something in one moment to change yeah for the future features a LA right right and I say that right yeah yeah I think so yeah hopped out of touch I know it's so Gil and so it is very cool looking
00:05:00so well made room yeah I'm this was a solid MC five you guys a poll going on right now do you like the eighties setting for one woman to eighty three and they love it and six I don't like what think of the show no no not really
00:05:23yeah now you know it's like eighties all hiring and then it's going to be incredible gonna be tough nuts galore I want to have it be I I really hope they don't leave it lean into cheesy Madonna eighties I want more like %HESITATION %HESITATION that atomic blonde eighties
00:05:41yeah yeah me atomic full on mashed with Wonder Woman and so on and gestures I expressed my love of idea of moving on only bodies and the Catholic imagination since honor is news and I'm leaving for Jesus is actually real or not use your captain imagenes this year
00:06:12I can don't compound with you all I mean for my parents I wasn't the theme this year for this annual event which saw the likes of slabs from eleven must to Riana tending one but that's the main yeah yeah polite he it's fine yes you guys are right
00:06:37yeah I was like what's yes I so this it brings in actors athletes and celebrities from all corners of pop culture news sports fashion and more I don't know I didn't get invited is a legitimate source of fashion and art or is it just another piece of classicism
00:06:59classes I'm sorry that just promotes rich people bring rich or do you give a **** and just love watching Riana kill it year to year yeah sorry loves them that Gallo first of all the met gala is the best day on Twitter because it's just collectively like if
00:07:17you're working at Twitter on that day it's like memes jokes so that's every day in our also Chadwick Boseman and I had a lot of it is great so I just I love anytime Twitter can come together and like collectively just like fan only to be interested I
00:07:39got to be honest aside from the fashion that I do enjoy watching kind of I don't get it what's the point of this thing yeah raise money for some thing is it to just leave the met gala like money is it goes to you like help find the
00:07:57music I am %HESITATION and I believe some of it does go to charity don't quote me on that but did you know so it's thirty thousand dollars to buy a ticket to met gala so if you get invited yeah you have to buy tickets to the you're getting
00:08:09invited to have a chance to buy it yes on and to get a table at the met gala I believe it's like two hundred fifty thousand dollars idea no I bet shifts like George Clooney and Amal and all those guys especially Riana if they'd first about thirty thousand
00:08:25whatever right yeah into it's probably those tables are going to be paid for by their company that he actually is how that stuff works like a it like say a studio that has a bunch of movies coming out in these are the stars for that movie you know
00:08:37that your will purchased yeah I mean US showed up and then he must've been like chump change growing yeah really first thing I it's weird Kong they met through Twitter yeah I hear a Twitter DM she means the comment about right yeah the most is gasping for air
00:09:08I hate the problem with Grimes at all no not like not really with a loan must take I drag him every once in awhile but he kind of is like continuing to prove it is kind of a little bit of a deep back yeah free cave Tony stark
00:09:28that's where he select either twelve or sixteen yeah sixty and have it okay creepy is it's a little anyway it's that time of year where shows are getting renewed canceled and picked up for a pilot name one fox comedy that was canceled this Brooklyn last in honor what
00:09:52was that fox yeah the other one was the man yeah I think all of those we're in the answer's yes all that it's cracked we also got word that sci fi is critical Darling the expanse also got the chopping block were you guys have a fan of any
00:10:06of the shows or do you think any of these shows that did get canceled should be saved I've never watched any I like and I thought that was great I got to catch up with the season that's just started but I thought it was a lot of fun
00:10:23sci fi this weird thing that they do work will make a show and spent a on that show but then tell them okay and then we're gonna cancel you so which is very bizarre but so I I think that my in a very expensive show to produce and
00:10:40for watching it maybe it's not worth it but watch it nine a that surprised me yeah in me if any of them deserve to be saved I would think that one yeah probably yeah I feel like fans have been rallying around I've seen it coming this is and
00:10:56like it's really funny I just I have so much TV I want ready that it yeah yeah I mean but like this the ones I've seen are great yeah is really funny and I think that's the part I think that's a problem it ran into is that it's
00:11:07battling sewing much obviously high in television yeah this tiny little comedy show which is good but you know not groundbreaking in anyways necessarily when you have a good place yeah yeah that's that's the downside of PTV is like we're so spoiled for choice that there's too many choices
00:11:28yeah yep yep yep and then this brings us to our main topic what is the future of Star Wars episode nine as things stand we have solo Star Wars story hitting theaters in two weeks and then we have Star Wars episode nine in December of twenty nineteen them
00:11:43beyond that much of Star Wars is pretty much up in the air so let's start things off with the next most recent Star Wars flicks although it's Star Wars story current king well which is surprising considering where everybody was thing like me and press screenings are actually starting
00:12:01to happen in our very own Amy Michele Bachmann where they're at the last night's screening so without spoiling anything cool what are your impressions Han solo dies my bad my bad I thought it was really fun I thought was a good romp lots action akka is up pizza
00:12:22chef the guy who's playing you know Judas cannot pronounce his last name can't either but these just like get a minute so yeah he's so every time yeah I really loved it it's like part western part like keeper heist movie on I thought was really great doll Glover
00:12:44is like charming times a thousand on in other words is really good Han solo I gonna say he's he's not here some poor but he's like resign yeah he's still Han like you believe yeah he really thought press on and there's going to be so that there's some
00:13:00good surprises in and I think like Star Wars fans will pick out these hearings we worry too harsh on and I'm going around that that he had as I do you know he's got the chops and I wonder I'm seeing it tonight which I'm very excited about but
00:13:13I am %HESITATION I wonder if because but getting out like it it'd just been like oh Hey they changed the %HESITATION directors or something like that but since part of what we do in this fear is to kind of like pick apart everything that happens we kind of
00:13:29go we put too much emphasis on every little thing it's like you know with Ron Howard the **** safe choice but he's also a very established and good directors don't like it's a cop out old and you know having is trainer come in or whatever and train them
00:13:45on Saturday whatever in regards to bump it up is acting I mean I did that for forever sure mega superstar I mean yeah it's actually had hers around too much and I I have to say like like rogue one you can kind of feel it's a little bit
00:14:00Frank in the find between the re shoots and stuff I I didn't get that feeling of like this was the warden know where the Ron Howard part with it felt very cohesive and seems island worries entire run getting clean benefited from we didn't see a ton of soul
00:14:17of what age before the first ring around the Superbowl I think I was like yeah power to come in and I feel like a lot of the %HESITATION we had seen a lot of of one and stuff that we then were like Hey I got why did they
00:14:31do that but we sort of trying to up the the excitement factor so I think that what they were doing a pretty decent job time of tempering expectations based on the actual average I think yeah the intro you too much yeah yeah we're so used to getting everything
00:14:45spoon fed us we do you know what to do we really really didn't pop up and all about they did a good job with this the trailers don't really give a lot away known rising because you're there we were getting hit wanted there are ways we keep an
00:15:04eye on when it opens if you want to avoid spoilers and you can't see it opening weekend maybe stay off the internet loser some things that will be talked about but they did a really good job of like that you don't really hit the major beat in the
00:15:16trailer but the real question windows classic glorious many people so many space KPS simply there but seriously no it's good yeah builders window is like exactly as great as you but I do if they don't like make a feature at for the home release that is not yet
00:15:41Donald Glover like as we know trying on every case my god like yeah so there however Landau for adhered dolls and I mean those one hundred yeah any window coloring book like that without calling about okay this is like an I think was an eighties things that we've
00:16:04got the fashion police that were I was super into exactly think the color yeah land fits the retro thing they're going for for the movie not yeah yes Amy I want it now land fashion plates yeah totally bring those back it's been awhile yeah that's tweeted them after
00:16:34that got an idea for you totally so I'm up now knowing all of the behind the scenes drama with the directorial switch along with relative newcomer newcomer Alden Ehrenreich taking over for Hans solo as well as lackluster audience desire for the film do you think that the film
00:16:52will do well and we had a thing up on chat earlier of the polls and I think when I glanced over isn't something around like seventy five percent were saying yes with sounds like it's going to be great and if not the end of the stand although it
00:17:04doesn't like it will be I think %HESITATION it's going to perform well financially and I think I think I'll get positive response but I am okay good word of mouth to once again a senior they're like oh yeah why was I so worried about this is fun wonder
00:17:19how it's probably do really well that so chances are the reward word of mouth will hit near the end of its time in theaters will kick and then but then I'm wondering those that missed it then we'll probably do a lot of like home video yeah yeah seeing
00:17:32stars movies always do pretty well in the home video with David you can also so I was just gonna say it's it's already sold more presale tickets than Black Panther to that's right so the point I forget about that in itself might well we know that we'll sell
00:17:48chances are this will be the end of the sandals announced the next day and on shifts into what I'm gonna say nine that so we know that all that is contracted for at least three solo films in total the US is so successful and Ehrenreich's performances well received
00:18:03I mean this is the question do you think we could see more solo soft yes okay the last Jenna's writer director Ryan Johnson was given a trilogy of Star Wars films which will stand apart from anything in the saga or current canon know last year I face some
00:18:17fan backlash is arguably one the more controversial Star Wars films of late do you think Johnson's trilogy is in trouble this actually doesn't really go through we're talking about south I we were going to mention I was waiting for it to be pulled out but we were going
00:18:34to mention %HESITATION what am I thinking of yeah yeah but the fact is own now but no I think that's going to be dead in only one is a going to be that thing yeah yeah I'm not there was not the premier last tonight though who no I
00:18:53was at the premiere it sounds like everybody I I just I think there's more story potential there with only one then like I just right from the feds a move that I love the mandal in order to have all that stuff but like I think there's more it's
00:19:10like material there was one woman shifting gears back to before Ryan Johnson was given a trilogy of Star Wars films which will stand apart from anything inside our current cannon now the last I face some very back actually we said it is arguably one of the more controversial
00:19:24Star Wars films of late so do you think that trilogy is in trouble I don't think so I think that this film has a lot of faith in him I mean the last year I still grossed a ton of money yeah so at the end of the day
00:19:35like they're going to base that on like how much box office or turn everything it still did well and they day at Disney really likes it yes so that like any in he like didn't any creative troubles or anything making lots out I rating from all accounts it
00:19:49was like very smooth process and work with that guy again yeah yeah yeah yeah I think fans will be like the fans who are so voluntarily get plastered I will be tools but who cares to meet everybody and base has a tendency to be that we like its
00:20:07comes with the territory at this point I feel he is trying to blaze his own trail that %HESITATION maybe can't that's that's part of the reason people don't like western eyes because it was two different kind of shifted things %HESITATION that the established stuff too much so what
00:20:23it seems like you or I would engine is he's going to focus wait like on stuff that happened afterwards the post the post episode nine stuff which we don't know yet so he can do whatever he wants yeah well game of thrones showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss
00:20:37also through their hats into the ring and got themselves a trilogy of Star Wars films are the the right choice for a film trilogy or would you rather have seen a series from them I got a series I don't think it is that I don't think the central
00:20:48NJ I think that there is yeah nice woman answer that question then well so would you rather have a trilogy reverse I would I yeah with them being in Star Wars really stoked about that I would rather have some more women behind the yeah Star Wars you know
00:21:06but they're good in the world like I'll give them like I love game with our allies it because I mean yes obviously more women get in the Star Wars %HESITATION story telling but since they are the chosen ones yeah this particular thing and this is where we're kind
00:21:20of stuck with %HESITATION what is it about in that you're not thrilled with aside from the fact there are I will be a disclaimer with this I'm not a fan of game of thrones but I have watched it because I have to keep up with it at work
00:21:35%HESITATION it feels like and I've read the books when once they went off the book the writing took a decline in the guy I just don't trust them with writing an original story from when you give them the benefit of the doubt but like in I feel like
00:21:52they're okay with with that with yeah storytelling feminine biggest fears I think because of the game of thrones maybe they have a tendency to go to dark and some that's part of the charm of Star Wars is well there's like really hardcore %HESITATION issues happening there are not
00:22:10going to happen to be like a it's still going to be a Disney movie but even the originals they're just like some sort of decide to them where you knew bad things rather but you were never a dry food was scary and horror look horrifying as a child
00:22:27see onscreen all those things religion and concerning and shocking but somehow you still felt safe throughout watching yeah what you would call that but you know what you're getting like ultimate we like Star Wars has its own vibe and you know with Star Wars movie when you're watching
00:22:47it and and you can't deviate too much from you know the the tone I think the big thing we have to go if you go to dark like like revenge of the Sith got very close to being way too dark to be a Star Wars movie %HESITATION you
00:23:02know the young yeah waters children in movie and it gets so on fire in his limbs get cut off and stuff like that it's pretty pretty bleak yeah this is that a part although he had it coming that's true yes you yeah alright well %HESITATION so fantastic four's
00:23:23Josh trank was supposed to direct to stand on one side road one of liquid mention before did you think there is going to ever be a future for it except you know that fans said some very like that's a name in Star Wars that gained recognition like people
00:23:41know it food may love it and does the I mean I could see that being an appealing choice for them to be like yeah reliable let's do more and you had another bounty hunters can be cool like I feel like but it needs to he needs Reid back
00:24:00yeah likes given the chance I don't know if I need a whole solo film about it maybe if he was breaks into whatever the next solo solo film was somehow and give it a little bit more screen time there and rather than just yeah bubble bumbling don't know
00:24:18if he needs its own independent notes you know because he's not they've they've done nothing at this point to establish him as being anything other than just a thug yeah you can make him cooler than you know like if he is %HESITATION pursuing solo or something like that
00:24:31in in the next movie years or or pursuing obi wan they'll be one movie or something like that like I'm okay with with him being kind of a better bad guy yeah %HESITATION I don't I I would you know if you're gonna do that'd make a whole movie
00:24:43about kept as much as she has had nothing going yes she has really this what they're doing with her she's such a potential like IBM's going on like nope let's just killer it better get yeah I'm glad that SS week I don't understand unlike other also because just
00:25:09give her some time in the sun play that kids would for now anyway iron and the jungle books that Jon Favreau signed on as the show runner of the first live action Star Wars TV series and confirm to notice an exclusive that it will take place seven years
00:25:28after New Hope meaning three years after return of the jet I are you looking forward to this and cannot Star Wars TV show maintain such a high production quality across the week to week series I think they've sort of proven that TV can look really good yeah in
00:25:43the last bunch of years and and there were you know obviously they're willing to spend a billion or two billion dollars whatever's on that %HESITATION blurring show on Amazon also like Hey if you can make any TV show look really good and I think that's a really like
00:25:58interesting time in that the timeline which we haven't gotten to you know what happens after the empire falls used there's just because the emperor dies and and the end of that movie on kinda celebrates but it's like they're still the empire still exist so that they may need
00:26:11to be some sort of like %HESITATION tying that together in like reestablishing the Republic and stuff like that on there for a TV show you know what I walked away with one of my main questions after watching the last I think get care here books that cover that
00:26:26like the aftermath trilogy is really good for like laying the groundwork of of that look more time right after indoor it takes you to the battle Jack who but I think the show will go will go beyond if it's three years after it goes it's after the aftermath
00:26:40trilogy but even if it wasn't if they could just not adapter those books but used elements from those books and put them on the screen than mark fans too because not everybody's going to read the books yeah and say that I like as a person that enjoys reading
00:26:54I can't say that the books necessarily cost me like that's what I want to spend right I would absolutely be down to watch a TV show or you know a movie if it was good enough I mean Jon Favreau I feel it would be great at either or
00:27:07but he's picking you know or or they're picking to give them a series I don't really think he's talented enough and there's definitely enough money to put behind it that through their right to rumors are now starting to swirl about an OB one standalone film entering into pre
00:27:20production are you interested in this film and would you wanted if you in is not attached all no yes to know everyone we know if you and is an attached yeah yeah they have get him a bus yeah he was lucky the best part of the we didn't
00:27:35same thing about Hans solo movie and now we're saying Alden's okay okay yeah that's true they said it though like yeah because that's who he you can't like obi wan and or are you in a sort of of age to play like a middle age shall be one
00:27:48prior to being becoming I would like to sell like what happened in between yeah I have a dream that I have fan fiction doubt in my he is so he two in his in file and he's watching out for loop kind of staying behind and like like an
00:28:07old western Shane like he doesn't want to get involved in anybody's kind of personal issues but there is like maybe bounty hunters are like just you know bland parents or something like that who were trying to oust some farmers or something like that that kind of not reveal
00:28:22himself fully to kind of has to protect a small group of people while not endangering look at the same time I think I'd be really cool where I am so confused so you're you're fine with him so you want all I see what you're saying yeah age middle
00:28:35age kind of like yeah it's like being in the shadows like he's like Unforgiven like he doesn't want to if anymore and because he's compelled to help people leave tattooing that's a small story because %HESITATION I'm visually I think I'd be interesting but it's like if you off
00:28:53world and what is the point of it being in exile and anybody could find and also I want to know is in so in my ignorance but is he in self or is he but also it's like any Jenna is gonna get murdered that's in your went to
00:29:08completely yeah and you know it went to yes one one if you need to keep a low profile yeah yeah okay I don't work for that a cool idea that right what's the I mean that what story in court or character would you want to see %HESITATION where
00:29:23would you want to see explored I mean I like your idea about how get me that middle age kind of way out in the shadows Unforgiven western style and and maybe mention Darth Vader but never that would be my thing because like they shown too much and it
00:29:37would and it would lessen the impact of the meeting again yeah the one you're doing the a great movie yeah yeah I said yes movie or western like that's what as Sam R. like it took like a wandering samurai would be %HESITATION and he just happens to end
00:29:55up on tattoo we near the end that would be Stan I'd be super into there's so much I pretend I guess I turn my track sorry potential in the post return of the Jedi excited just like give me all of that storytelling like I want yeah that there's
00:30:13like how many years between that and of course a week like almost thirty yeah so there's so much potential there can yeah really flesh I gotta say now that we're talking about it I cut while I still like your idea leaning more towards the center I think is
00:30:27the one thing in regards to like the traveling yeah lone samurai idea it because one thing I mean try to mean doesn't really have a whole lot going on there yeah Probst it like you like deadwood right yeah we got this tiny little town basically the anyway yeah
00:30:51people trying to make obi wan Arabia also would watch the great show kill right right we're gonna call Bob Lucas film after the a little everything for you Mister Ricketts from well in terms of stand alone fills that we've had so far are you a fan of the
00:31:17characters that we've already seen or would you rather have like new characters that we all of rogue one I think we're going would have worked if we'd if they spent more time actually like you know I I mean I love the idea of establishing like a dirty dozen
00:31:31type of like you know mission war movie but they didn't we don't spend any time with Janet Blake who is she we we found what used to be like through people telling her what she's yeah readying herself I'm a really proactive in any of that yet I fortunate
00:31:48kind he was like Hey at that world laying out with bread crumbs or you lose your dad all plot yeah well what are you guys anybody else that you'd rather see or you know why are you happy with the other than obi wan I want that but beside
00:32:04that most I would like to do new characters different time yeah from everything we know yeah that's appointed to stand alone as I feel like given the two we had appointed a standalone just to be a stand alone but not really yeah they're like link their lingers there
00:32:19yeah the chain to link all the main stories together and fill in all the plot holes and this that and the other yeah corrections I mean honestly the stand alone up to this point our baseline action yeah Landau stand alone yeah %HESITATION laying out a long and the
00:32:36doors right there I was just a movie worries him acquire in all his tapes shopping with so I mean there's an expat yeah and no we do musical too okay then you lost me out ever seen well yeah yeah other than no I don't think that one is
00:33:06the best opinions honest with it landed with the disposition of a who's that guy on project runway yeah but like Landau with with Tim guns disposition taking your shopping work and making it work but later just be like well everything works with you in like charm you that
00:33:27way well that's no fun yeah yeah I don't know I don't know what they want so many things you can alien who helps dressing so okay Bobby get out the idea is to date right so now his phone was been forthright about putting out one Star Wars Philly
00:33:47or do you think this is a little too much or do you think that about rainy but I haven't reached my like too much Star Wars thing yet so there's also the two to three Marvel is it your soul yeah with me yeah I thought really was suffering
00:34:05from Marvel the TM honestly it's super hero fatigue and Jenna yeah super heroes are are two movies as the way that the zombies are to video games yeah over it yeah over yeah yeah %HESITATION what Munson between though is that I am still a lazy **** but yeah
00:34:27I don't know yeah it's tough like some these one day it hit me up like I did you know some days I'm over it and then you've got stuff like infinity war or so if it's a is everybody saying which I'll be like do it again and then
00:34:41the last until I start getting all the marketing of talk about stuff like that I yeah I I consistently for get that I am living in a not normal situation with access to these days right so from an outsider's perspective maybe it's not maybe it's the perfect amount
00:34:59like it's just enough to constantly keep you going back to the movies right now at this point after solo comes out we're gonna %HESITATION a year and seven months generate for for Russia episode nine I think that be like gas on time totally I like it yeah right
00:35:16so also in the works for Star Wars is a new animated series resistance to thinking about the main feature films the live action TV series in the animated series is there anywhere that you think they could stumble I mean the sandals are the weakest link yeah yeah device
00:35:35Robert are yeah I yeah I think so I I feel like %HESITATION we've yet to see and then do a movie that or anything that people really just don't like and so I feel like %HESITATION there's it's possible that the TV shows work with possible that rain Johnson
00:35:53for five any offer Weiss's movies are gonna work %HESITATION I don't think we're gonna much of an issue with the animated series because that sort of it's own thing like yeah I watch run rebels won my night might be my favorite Star Wars thing I love it's much
00:36:07but so %HESITATION if it doesn't do well it's it's for kids it's on Disney XP so it's be like it's not gonna change that break the mold yeah got so %HESITATION I think of episode nine is crappy we're still gonna get a billion yeah like majorly change throughout
00:36:24the game or anything like that dad the seriously have a man of steel BBS suicide I'd squad %HESITATION just yeah level of my god when you lay it out like that it is so ordered yeah was very good yeah yeah and then yeah the thing not to shift
00:36:47gears and good because one roll and was really really good or was one woman good risk so I think that is yeah it was like a Greek such a great palate cleanser yeah it was a good good news yeah using yeah better than the rest of them yeah
00:37:07that was that was a tough call because I feel both I I see both sides yeah the last thing before we get into our trivia what is your high Star Wars take sort on the road I don't know I might the right person for hot stars and you
00:37:25most people this I I think I know what hot tail like I don't think I'm good at high tech kind okay I think everything that we've seen of that isn't us main Star Wars movie is just fan fiction it's official canon in fiction I hi I'm not saying
00:37:45anything about the people who write them or anything like that I'm but I sort I have read which are complete can an official they just it's like were hazy and books and the books about it too Hey remember this thing that have this movie and like I feel
00:38:00like it's just like %HESITATION tell your own story you can use the characters you can the same things but don't because friends that she we've already seen yeah fan fiction is there basically uncle bending US yeah yeah it got it got it got it let's hot Star Wars
00:38:18like I look I mean I think the clone wars are great in that gonna go but like those last two seasons of Kong ares get like really weird are and I really like that I like when Star Wars gets weird and like because Mickey is my Star Wars
00:38:38that's what I love the most that's what made me the star were saying that I am not really good yeah okay and now I was out of the way it's done and for what the front connect our tribute to the barest of threats it's mother's day this Sunday
00:38:57so we are celebrating the best and worst mothers in all of pop culture I am not involved in that house I was like the first or whatever that read this through the first time I was like away to my listed in here is one of the worst here
00:39:14if you no Amy goes show the Chris I mean I could try a British accent no you get to be can yeah yeah %HESITATION I can't here one for got it US news World I'm here to tell don't or to senior radio what choice which actress I can't
00:40:07blade and may in the spider man is it a Sally field beam or is it to may seat Rosemary Harris or do you gena Rowlands the the general's not yeah right falls on more girls Rory Gilmore is named after her mother true the do I need a hole
00:40:32in okay yeah if you know the why you know why I point five that's because laurel I was like well due to losing their kids after I think what I like dudes name their sons after them so she's like why can't I do it too yeah surname is
00:40:51blue is also Loralai yeah point five arc that's good multiple choice for what film did Natalie Portman who portrayed pop up Pat me on the dollar mother of Luke Skywalker Leia we're gonna in the Star Wars prequels win her Oscar so went a black swan there any of
00:41:12them I don't even have the thing is choices were a Jackie which I also think she should have won an Oscar for the can be blacks one which was correct see closer or V. for vendetta are false joys buyers on stranger things as Winona Ryder's first role playing
00:41:26the mother Jeez yes why she was a spokesman alright the blink which of Lucille blues children does she like the least yeah they're all you're not %HESITATION a multiple choice what was Mrs Weasley's signature Christmas gift to Harry potter the jumper us the sweater for England yes %HESITATION
00:42:11his initial on nicely done you know and point five down here so I can Leslie nicely done alright essay which basically means you need to come up with a reason to tell me and I choose why I like that reason is a better mother Politika island Ripley or
00:42:32magician Adams well everybody has a choice by the way I think a Morticia Adams the best mother because as %HESITATION she lets her kids themselves you know she fussed seventy and Jack tire full of you know train sets to kill with pretty great yes of course the more
00:42:56arms to keep let's Wednesday will a little tiny guillotine I mean come on that's like yeah that's where the mother she trys our kids and lets them do what they want okay into that I didn't really wasn't so I think she is yeah mother seizing and that's because
00:43:18she has the best cat ever Jonesy the policy yeah I know I mean well intentioned %HESITATION alright well you guys both I'm gonna give you a point and a split it give your point five each I guess it's not remain extent I mean if you wanna give a
00:43:39point of propping his mother in line and holiday well how to do this okay some point five freezer yes Michelle because all she does as one solid easy yell at her child and try to resurrect their Ripley because %HESITATION as the adoptive mother when she brings a little
00:44:01girl on board she allowed to die yeah you guys this you can choose I mean I agree %HESITATION what is Marty McFly surprised to see his mother Lorraine doing in nineteen this is here hold that same okay no it's not but it is not a small thing be
00:44:30drinking sees suggesting they park or delete all of the multiple choice this is not a Searcy Lannister close may everyone who isn't us is enemy be when you play the game of thrones you win or you die see I think the crown gives you power or do you
00:44:59I choose violence please correct the crown gives you power is not something Searcy says but I'm sure she thought many times Kyle's favorite multiple choice which beat all does Marge Simpson have a crush on age or tears Paul McCartney see Ringo Starr wordy John le and yes George
00:45:25incorrect the best you know cool there's a bonus point which Beatles have made appearances on The Simpsons I like you don't really ever watch The Simpsons Paul McCartney pretty sure yeah that's as far as like a I Hey Ringo delivering the spin on it think you're right Ringo
00:45:58it is that everybody but George basically close but no yes John Lennon was on three do whatever you know I think I think of all I think George Paul and Ringo have all been on it script yeah that's it's all what you're all but John he was murdered
00:46:20no yes he was after and so let me see who's who's I think it's my show what yeah Michelle I version of whose line is it anyway guys if you're playing everybody and now it is your time for your thirty seconds so box this is the time you
00:46:53get whatever you want to say off your chest %HESITATION Michelle since you want you can go first what have you got me for thirty seconds inspired by a tree I saw being %HESITATION if you like movies two thousand one is showing in seventy millimeter it probably next weekend
00:47:10it in your area if you live in a city and you should go watch it it's really Gee you can take your kids and it's a really good gateway to like site good sci fi to tripping scifi drug I was ten and I thought it was great even
00:47:25if I didn't understand it becomes wrong exactly what I mean if that if that if it's boring then you can make the case that the shining is boring so right anyway the second things are up but like yeah I guess so who although although my thirty seconds I
00:47:52like to talk about cool things I'm very tired %HESITATION is Wes worlds I feel like people are talking about a lot of the season and I think they're wrong I think there's a lot of cool stuff to dig into I think they're tackling a lot of really interesting
00:48:06questions with the use of organic DNA and robots and it's a weird and it's fine and dandy Newton is so damn good I've heard just kill it and that %HESITATION she's so good for some reason I've been watching it lately and I think it's just getting lost in
00:48:23the ether because I've just been busy but I'm I'm I'm on board I love that she's into is excellent cool so far so I guess Kyle I'm gonna be just a fan of movies for a I've been watch for like the last year on on shudder of give
00:48:40a plug to shudder %HESITATION of all of these old only in Jalan movies which I think are so I've never seen a gel with basically %HESITATION auto slasher movie they were like stylish and kind and you know sixty three black gloves murderers and stuff like that they're always
00:48:57supervised the world's best title Katie is weak including these are real time movies %HESITATION your vices the room in I have the key %HESITATION %HESITATION this strange vice his words same director really yeah %HESITATION what have you done the launch is one yeah is that whenever my blood
00:49:25in black we there's a lot of yeah belly of the tarantula is really good mention the other and if you like had so these are like in from the sixties seventies mostly okay as late sixties and and early seventies there was a boom then and so Virginia was
00:49:46popular with the bird with the crystal plumage was his first one apple and so everybody started making the and so you got a bunch of really interesting and weird ones don't think I've ever seen any of her probably the best example mostly I never we shall always know
00:50:02naturally I I'll have to now there's a genre before they're great alright is this working if I need to find a shudder right now ask me and I'll let you borrow I own the Anderson is what the Friday thinking everybody here on the panel and to those of
00:50:21you joining us at home for those of you listening in on the audio has version just a quick reminder you can sign up for a sixty day free trial to project dot com using the promo code WG Friday you can join us in chat and then bow in
00:50:34our polls and without be sure to watch today's Nerdist news because we've got exclude details about Jon Favreau live action Star Wars series that he talked to Dan Casey about we will see you guys on Monday for an all new nervousness talks back at one PM PT live
00:50:48on YouTube in alpha and fleas because I'm really proud of it make sure and tune into about to get yours truly tonight channel at eight PM it's the start of a brand new season I agree we and everybody give your a hug and a kiss and leading Nerdist
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