Look baby, you knew what you were getting into when we started this thing. I'm a plumber. That means I travel through pipes to a magical mushroom kingdom where I fight a race of evil anthropomorphic turtles. It's long hours and low pay. Sure, I pick up coins all the time, but they're only legal tender in the mushroom kingdom and they're only redeemable for green mushrooms. What the hell do you expect from me? It's hard work, but do you seem to care? No! Over there, they treat me like a hero. A hero! And I come home after a long day on the damn desert level, still shaking sand out of my frickin' overalls, and all you can do is complain about how I'm never home, how I don't spend enough time with you and the kids, how we can't afford to pay the gas bill. I saved you from a gorilla! A GORILLA! The least you could do is give me a little shred of RESPECT!

Speaking of respect do you think games get enough? That's the question with which the four hosts grapple this episode, although the discussion morphs into something else part of the way through. Guest starring in this episode is a sound effects board that is not at all annoying and doesn't get old fast at all.

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