Of all the mythological figures of Ancient Greece, none has maintained as much prominence as Hercules, the demigod gifted with super strength. While many of us know of Hercules's feats, his childhood and early life were defined by drastic mistakes and their gruesome consequences. 

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00:00:03the night sky was clear but the sounds of thunder echoed above Alchemy knees home she was perplexed by the odd behavior of the heavens she hoped it wasn't a bad Omen for her husband amphitryon who was traveling home from war
00:00:20Alchemy my love are you here and stitching the gods are merciful you've returned more quickly than I had ever thought possible but forgive me my love my body can speak to my joy More Than Words ever could he lay with her husband there were Union more joyous and fruitful than any night they had before they fell asleep in each other's arms
00:00:48alchemedia woke to an empty bed she searched her home for amphitryon but he was nowhere to be found his absence was curious but she was sure he'd return again later that night the door opened
00:01:04Well Community are you home I have finally returned and I can't wait to see you no longer and see where have you I love has been so long I appreciate the passion but are you pulling some sort of jest you do remember the wonderful time we had last night it was a beautiful night indeed but I did not spend it with you El Camino grew fearful she had heard the Thunder and thought it meant nothing but the God of Thunder was Notorious for his dalliances with Mortal women kitchen I regret to say I think I've Lain with Seuss
00:01:55welcome to mythology on the podcast Network every week we present dramatic stories from ancient mythology and explore their Origins I'm your host and narrator Vanessa Richardson today they were covering the origins of Hercules one of Greece's greatest heroes Hercules or Heracles is best known for his 12 Labors however in these episodes will be covering his life outside the labors his choices his tragedies and his contentious relationship with the goddess Hera don't worry we'll cover the 12 labors in a future set of episodes new episodes of Mythology released every Tuesday and you can find us and all of parcast podcast wherever you listen to podcasts if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a 5-star review while you're there
00:02:46of all the heroes of ancient Greece one took hold a Grecian pop culture more than any other his face was plastered on voss's coins mosaics businesses and temples his stories were told by The Young and the old the rich and the poor with many variations and permutations upon them spreading like wildfire his popularity was so intense even Roman emperors claimed him as their Patron God centuries after his stories were first created
00:03:22the Greeks called him Heracles but he's better known today by his Roman name Hercules God of strength his popularity stems from his inspiring character sired by Zeus but born to a mortal woman Hercules began his life as a mortal man his deific parentage prove to be both a gift and a curse he gained strength from his father's blood but that strength was matched by the vengeful hate of his father's wife Hera
00:03:55eventually through all his trials and tribulations Hercules triumphed against the cruel suffering of life and gain for himself the one thing which we all desire immortality Hercules transformed himself into a god
00:04:14this transformation made Hercules an object of worship but his true purpose in Greek mythology was that of the role model he was not some distant being ruling from the heavens she was an example for all to follow Hercules was the man we could become if we Face the world with dauntless courage he was the man we could become if we accepted responsibility for our actions and strove to overcome our darkest impulses his immortality was actually our own eusebius of caesarea a Christian scholar who lived during the constant tinian Dynasty in the fourth Century ad proposed that a literal listen to reputation of Hercules Miss would mean that he was in fact a real person following this Theory Hercules would have been a king raining in Argos 1200 years before the birth of Christ after a glorious and well-respected Rule Hercule
00:05:14the king would have died in approximately 12:26 BC upon his death he would have been so admired by his people that they claimed he ascended to godhood instead of descending into death stories of this god-king then spread throughout the region providing us with the Legends we know today most modern scholars believe that Hercules wasn't just one man but many current theories about the origins of Hercules proposed that he was a hero Cobble together by the memories of the masses for instance a man in Thebes killed a lion another man in Athens kill the boar and still another man in Sparta let of Victorious military assault on an enemy tribe as people traveled between thieves Athens and Sparta telling stories about their local Heroes those stories got told and retold until they all Blended together it wasn't 3D
00:06:14Batman with accomplished three different things in three different places it was one man to it accomplished everything as more stories got added to the man's Legacy he became legendary and monolithic he became the people's hero he became a god
00:06:36and yet before all that he was just a little baby boy
00:06:41on Mount Olympus Zeus and his wife Hera argued over his most recent indiscretion I see you snuck behind my back again you expect me to allow you another bastard child the child is no bastard amphitryon has decided to raise him as his own blood everyone will know he's yours and I told you in this last happened I would not suffer this indignity again what exactly do you plan to do I am your king or queen
00:07:18Paris time to wait a few men her private quarters she was the goddess of marriage she couldn't leave her husband and he was too powerful for her to harm directly but the child she could hurt the child
00:07:36Alchemy nilay in her bed screaming in pain amphitryon held her hand as the Midwife urged her to push
00:07:45when the child was born the Midwife cleaned him up wrapped him in blankets and handed him to his mother he is beautiful
00:07:55the couple huddled over their new son his infant eyes glowing with Brilliance looking towards the ceiling with a strangely sharp curiosity the boys smiled of Minion amphitryon looked up to massive serpents with long white fangs came flying down words
00:08:18amphitryon tan flash to his side and close on the hilt of his dagger but he was too late the snakes were too quick and their fangs were flying towards the baby boy the baby's arms tour through his swaddle blanket and His Hands grasped each snakes head just in the nick of time
00:08:38the baby giggled as his hand squeezed the Serpent's next the snakes vertebrae crumbled in the infant's grip blood dripped from their mouths as a child with their lifeless bodies around in pure joy
00:08:54surely this is a child of Zeus perhaps raising this child as more than a mortal such as myself can handle my love do not speak such things as surely as I live we will raise him together and if we dedicate him to the queen goddess herself surely she will grant us joy in Parenthood in the time we will dedicate him with the name he shall be called Hercules Hercules the glory of Hera
00:09:28he will be a great man someday
00:09:34in the original Greek telling Hercules was given the name Alcides at Birth a name derived from alky the Greek word for strength as the boy grew and hair is hatred for the boy became known his parents renamed him Heracles a name that means glorious gift of Hera this name was meant to appease hair in her anger but instead she took it as an added insult to injury
00:10:03Hera washed from Mount Olympus as her Serpent's head fails to kill the child now in their failure her husband's mistress taunted her by naming the bastard after Hercules hair is Rage could not be contained the heavens shook with her anger and plants withered in her presence she would kill the boy she would make him suffer
00:10:34Harold lay down to rest plotting her Vengeance she slept long and deep her dreams focused on giant beasts pestilence and Madness as she slept Zeus called Athena and Hermes to his side he persuaded them to help him with his plan to protect his son Hermes stole the boy from his crib and Athena snuck into Harrah's quarters
00:11:01in her Slumber Harrow felt a soft tugging at her left breast she woke to the infant boy Hercules himself suckling
00:11:11violated and full of Rage Hera grab the infant and flung him off of Mount Olympus his tiny body and a trail of milk flying across the sky Harris milk clung to the heavens forming a collection of stars known today as The Milky Way Hermes messenger of the Gods raced to catch the boy
00:11:35Hercules giggled as Hermes carried him back to his mother now that Hercules had dragged from Harrah's breast the child had the potential to become a mortal just as Jesus had intended perhaps Hercules would have a chance at surviving hair is wrath after all
00:11:54we'll have more on Hercules story after this and now back to the story
00:12:00the infant Hercules had survived being attacked by snakes and being hurled off the top of Mount Olympus his extraordinary talents would only grow with him as he grew older
00:12:12amphitryon did you see our boy as you were driving The Chariot he was standing in the same position acting as if he was holding the reins perhaps I should teach him to be a charioteer talk about to be adorable a little toddler boy driving a chariot what a sight that would be indeed I shall set you wait I was only jesting you aren't actually going to remove him from that Chariot this instant. Chariot is going to crash and our son is going to die I swear to Jesus I will send you straight to Hades myself as Alchemy nebu rated her husband for his poor parenting The Chariot began to turn the horses were calm and composed Hercules the toddler still held the reins standing like a grown man
00:13:12Olympus it is every bit as cute as I imagined it to be
00:13:18even is a simple toddler Hercules demonstrated unusual strength and intelligence amphitryon Todd Hercules all the Arts of War but it only a few short years the young boy outpaced his foster father's abilities in an effort to encourage their son and fosters growth amphitryon and Alchemy sought out the most talented tutors they could find a telecast the son of Hermes tote Hercules how to wrestle like a demigod year it is a revered Bowman tell Hercules the art of archery and Castor one of the twins of the constellation Gemini Todd Hercules horsemanship and many of the Arts of War
00:14:03Alchemy me also made sure to teach her son Grecian culture and morals and Shoring that he was able to discern between Justice and Injustice hoping that he would become a virtuous man
00:14:17when it became clear to his parents that Hercules had learned all he could about fighting and morality they felt it was time for him to learn some of the finer aspects of civilized life Hercules was sent to study art music and literature at the feet of Lino's demigod son of Apollo Hercules arrived into the classroom with all the boastfulness of a gifted preteen you must be Hercules please sit down I'm showing her classmates the intricacies of stonework
00:14:51Hercules watched as Lino's meticulously tapped away at a block of marble the Chisel took tiny pieces away bit by bit Hercules quickly grew bored we know she was taking such small parts Hercules was sure the job would get done faster if his tutor would only strike a bit harder Hercules side o young Hercules do you grow tired with my teaching word has spread that you have many gifts. You think you can do better than I Hercules knotted he was sure he could do better he always had after all then come and show me how to sculpt Hercules trotted to the front of the room he took the hammer and chisel and raise them up with one strike he would carve the marble brilliantly
00:15:44the Marvel shattered at his blow if you are hoping to demonstrate how to fail I must say you did so wonderfully
00:15:54Hercules spelled his blood boil nobody had ever laughed at him before didn't they know he was better than them didn't they know he was the son of Zeus sculpting was a useless profession anyway well boy you would do well to sit back down
00:16:11wait before you do touch me that block of marble from the corner you may as well have you do something you are good at
00:16:20Hercules stood in his anger as the class proceeded that bastardly nose look so smug tapping away at his little Stone
00:16:31the sculpting demonstration ended and the class moved on to the library for instruction in literature Lino's held a vast collection of poems epics and histories written down for all to read he grab the scroll and stood in front of the class today
00:16:52here's a good one the rape of Europa or perhaps the rape of Ganymede or even the rape of Leda Hercules which one of your father's rapes would you like to hear about tell just so many to choose from Hercules remain silent he knew that if he spoke he would only curse and yell Lino's was baiting his Fury and Hercules knew that soon it would be too much for him to Bear well I suppose we have time enough to hear about all of them Hercules shut his eyes and tried not to listen his face was growing red and his fists were clenching Lino's didn't know when to quit
00:17:34Lino's finished regaling the class with Zeus's misdeeds then LED them to their final activity of the day the group entered a room filled with Liars the preferred string instrument of the Gods the lawyer is a beautiful instrument
00:17:51in the right hands it sound can soothe even the most aggressive beasts however true Mastery requires a Deft Touch at a gentle nature
00:18:02Hercules would you mind showing the class what not to do Hercules picked up his liar he would show this man he could pluck a simple string Watch Out Boy be careful not to break the instrument that was the last straw Hercules stood shaking with rage are you leaving his music too difficult for the great babe Hercules Hercules snapped he brought his arm back then let loose chucking the liar at Lino's his head with extreme Precision he would show lead us what it meant to break an instrument
00:18:41the liar crashed against Lino's his head breaking into splinters with the force of a demigod Lino's son of Apollo fell to the ground the fell silent Hercules waited for Lino's to move but he remained motionless on the ground Hercules approached his tutor noticing blood pooling around the man's head the liar wasn't the only thing that Hercules had broken Lino's skull was crushed blood pooling beneath him
00:19:16Hera watch this happen with Glee
00:19:22he has killed his
00:19:24his disposition appears almost as unstable as yours you know my temper and you seek to provoke it by mocking me did son of yours his blood debt must be paid behold and fishery and praying in Apollo's Temple and pitcher and has always been one of Apollo's favorite Mortals it would not surprise me if Apollo shows the boys some mercy for his father's sake for both his father 6
00:19:56Zeus was right well Apollo would have normally taken Blood for Blood amphitryon please and Hercules parentage persuaded Apollo to allow Hercules a chance at Redemption instead of smiting Hercules out right Apollo banished Hercules to mount cesarean where he was sentenced to 10 to Apollo's cattle herds until Hercules reached adulthood Mount cesarean was cold Baron and lonely in isolation and hardship Hercules was meant to ruminate on his failings and grow through his suffering his heart weighed heavy but he was determined to work hard as penitence proving to Apollo the extent of his shame of course Hera was not satisfied
00:20:45Harris said great Beasts of the mountain lions bears and serpents to pester is heard
00:20:53early on Hercules struggled to fight off the Beast his Guild growing as he failed to accomplish the task Apollo had set for him but the more be Sarah sent the stronger and more Adept Hercules grew he initially would lose one or two cows to the great Predators But as time wore on Hercules defeated the Beast long before they could even touch the herd in frustration Harris stomped around the heavens sending rain sleet snow and Hail to the mountain no matter what came Hercules was prepared to weather the storm he had a debt to pay Apollo and he intended to pay it
00:21:35Hercules murder of Lino's set of pattern for his life to come he would commit a great sin secret element through penitence then find glory and Redemption through the strength of his actions for the average Greek this cycle was a higher Stakes version of their everyday lives even though the average man could not slay hydras or Russell with God's the average man could accept responsibility for his actions it's also symbolically significant that Hercules killed Lee knows his art instructor Hercules was an apt when it came to many aspects of civilized life his great fighting prowess was often placed in contrast with the sophistication of the people around him this motif of the rugged Barbarian coming into conflict with a feet Society would repeat itself many times in the tale of Hercules yet Hercules would often come out on top even when
00:22:35challenged by the queen of Olympus herself
00:22:41as Hercules approached his 18th birthday Hara realized simple beasts and bad weather would not be enough to stop this boy she was held her attacks to plan something better something far worse for Hercules to suffer through Hercules enjoyed the brief respite with the warm sunlight Breeze and peaceful heard on the day before his 18th birthday he sat on a rock thinking about his life and what I should do with it once he regained his freedom
00:23:15what is he sad he noticed two female figures approaching him from the Mountainside they both appeared radiant and ethereal as if they had come to him straight from the heavens as they grew closer Hercules was able to perceive more differences between the two the one in the lead seemed to float in her steps her hair gold and full at her face pretty but someone vapid she wore a light robe almost more ethereal that herself and her figure seemed to invite his gaze with each movement II woman stood tall and strong her hair dark and her face dignified she wore a more formal dress and held a striking visit and embodiment of strength and honor commanding his respect
00:24:05the one with golden hair sat next to Hercules and cozied up to his side her touch on his shoulder filled light and comforting she whispered into his ear my friends call me joy of my enemies, device which will you call me I wonder the dark-haired woman stood before him proud she spoke with a calm Authority hello Hercules you may call me virtue fighting with peace and struggling against nature you'll be a man soon to come to offer you a choice
00:24:49what kind of a man would you like to be what kind of life would you like to live with me for quite some time you don't like pain or anguish particularly no and pleasure that Smooths my lovely women no more Stones no more rain no more labor
00:25:22I can give you a wonderful life easy and free from suffering I must say that does sound nice and you virtue what do you have to offer I shall not lie to you young Hercules I do not offer beds or beer or women instead I offer you a path look at the mountain rising up behind you and tell me what you see Sharp rocks and steep Ledges a tough and brutal climb with Nary a place to rest do you see clouds the mountain reaches into the heavens
00:26:02this is what I offer you glory and immortality built atop of years of Anguish fighting and pain mine is not a path to be taken lightly and those who choose it are few indeed hardly as lovely as me so which will you choose
00:26:25Hercules thought carefully his adolescence have been nothing but work and pain punishment for his iniquities and the iniquities of his father he wasn't sure that he wanted more of the same he looked at the mountain once more it's Crags and Peaks daunting and inhospitable then he looked at the clouds
00:26:46Hercules stood I am the son of Zeus I am the mighty Hercules virtue take my hand and show me the way from you virtue extended her hand Hercules reached out and took it as his palm touched hers the world shook then turned black
00:27:11Hercules open his eyes he had dozed off on the side of the mountain and his cattle had wandered away he rubbed the sleep from his eyes stood up and set off to round up his herd for just a second he turned around and looked up at the mountain steep Rocky painful reaching into the clouds he smiled
00:27:40will return to Hercules story after this
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00:28:41now back to the story
00:28:46on Hercules 18th birthday he was free to leave Mount cedarian his debt to Apollo repaid he marched towards thieves is Homeland intending to return to his father and mother to show them the man had become handsome strong and cleared of his past evils on his way back home and he came upon a large Detachment of Cavalry soldiers perhaps a hundred strong they wore the colors of king or Guinness of orchomenus this would make these soldiers minions a group of people Hercules was not too fond of the minions were unnecessarily aggressive and didn't get along with neighbors excuse me
00:29:29it seems that you lot are on the road to Thebes is there a reason for this large portion of the military to be approaching thieves fully armed soldiers looked at Hercules to see that he was wearing Shepherd's clothing Hercules had a sword on his hip but aside from that he was not dressed for battle the soldiers ignored him perhaps Hercules grab the boulder from the side of the road and 1/2 did it in front of the military March my name is Hercules son of Zeus why are you headed to Thebes the formation shifted to allow a general through riding on his horse the general looked Hercules up and down we are going to feves to collect our annual tax of 100 theban cattle since when does thieves pay tribute to orchomenus since our armies conquered thieves four years ago where were you supposed son of Zeus sharpening my blade is that
00:30:29right before the general could finish his sentence Hercules had drawn his blade and sliced through his neck Hercules moved with such speed by the time the generals had hit the ground Hercules had killed four more minion soldiers Hercules moved like lightning slicing through the minion ranks some tried to pull their swords and fight but they were no match for the vengeful son of Zeus bodies fell and blood sprayed as one by one Hercules slew the minions when Hercules was finished not a single soldier was Left Alive
00:31:10Hercules decided this would be a message he gathered together the corpses cut off their noses and ears then tied their hands behind their backs he's strapped their dead bodies to their horses and sent the horses galloping back to the king who had sent them
00:31:30Hercules return to Thebes to Great Fanfare word had spread of his mighty Victory and the people called him a hero it was as if they had forgotten the murder of Lino's Hercules felt like a new man king Creon the King of Thieves himself requested Hercules presents in his throne room
00:31:51Hercules knelt before the king unsure of what would happen next your highness Hercules son of Zeus and Foster son to my loyal subject and fit rien welcome to my Palace you have done our people and our nation of great service and we owe you a fearsome debt there is no greater amount in the thieves and it is my humble hope that you accept a gift my daughter's hand in marriage Christian gesture to his side and there stood the most beautiful woman Hercules had ever seen her reach my daughter Megara it is a pleasure to meet you as he looked in his eyes Hercules could tell that she was just as smitten with him as he was with her
00:32:41I would happily take your daughter's hand in marriage cheered their hero would marry their princess-themed safety would be secured for another generation to come
00:32:55but on Olympus Hera watch the proceedings with hatred in her heart your son is betrothed his wife is beautiful he deserves no less jealous I am sure you were dreaming of laying with that girl yourself boy is happy you are happy is that right in fact it is be happy for much long as Hera schemed the wedding proceeded it's important to remember that Greeks hearing the story would be inherently and perpetually aware that Hera was the goddess of marriage for them Hercules wedding would have taken an ominous Tone If the goddess of marriage herself was against the wedding there wasn't much help for a happily ever after
00:33:52despite This overhanging Cloud Hercules and Megara had a joyful ceremony and their Union was immediately fruitful within the year Megara had given birth to Thera Bacchus their first born son
00:34:10even in infancy there are Marcus was already demonstrating a similar strength as Hercules and his parents were incredibly proud
00:34:20Hercules settled into his life and thieves as a father to their hamacas and counselor to King Creon he assisted in providing strategies for war and whenever a battle of Rose Hercules was happily on the front lines cutting down enemy hordes with ease of course if you saw 2 battle with thieves knowing Hercules stood in their way so for the most part life was peaceful within another year Megara gave birth to their second son Cree Auntie 80s the couple lovingly doted on both of their sons as they grew so did Hercules love for them and his love for his wife
00:35:01Megara gave birth to a third son of thetis the happy little family was robust and healthy Hercules future was looking brighter every day but in his happiness Hercules had forgotten Hera but Hera had not forgotten him
00:35:23on a particularly Dark Knight Harris Teeter the winds into motion so Mortals could not hear her arrival she put on a cloak and Hood so Mortals could not recognize her visit she crept into Hercules bedroom silent as a mouse as Hercules lay sleeping Mega Ride his arms Maryland over his head and whispered into his ears I thought about killing you I still could I could wrap my hands around your throat and crush your larynx without a second thought
00:36:00that is not enough
00:36:03you must suffer repressed her finger against his eyelids and said her words of binding they are not your family they are your enemy every last one her Wicked words to Green form and slithered into his ear canal she snuck away just as she entered and returned to Mount Olympus to watch her plan take place
00:36:35as the morning came Hercules stirred from his Slumber his head throb with pain and his blood pulsed with Fury he opened his eyes to see his wife turn to face him her face was chalky gray and her eyes were red she look like a spawn of Hades a creature of the underworld after years of marriage you reveal yourself to me now what are you she tried to speak to him but every word she said only made his headache worse each syllable another grinding pestle to the mortar of his mind
00:37:15is Hercules swell with anger Mega record beneath him this was not the man she married why did you deceive me to get the blood of Zeus pumping through your wicked children I do not know what you mean or they even my children Hercules stumps to the kids rooms to look at his son's Megara ran crying after him Hercules approached their hamacas still asleep in his bed he looked closely at his son for the first time seeing something terrible those cheeks. Chin those eyes there Marcus looked just like Lena's the demon woman of Hades had deceived him with the soul of a Deadman Hercules grab their hamacas with one hand and pulled him from his bed
00:38:06Hercules quickly Stomps to the next crib and grab Creon T 80s by the ankle to not hurt them to not hurt then please Hercules March to the kitchen his crying son is playlink in his hands the servants had stoked a fire to cook breakfast the remark is trying to crawl out but Hercules pushed him back in when it was clear these two could not Escape Hercules went for the Third
00:38:42Megara tore his skin with her nails she hit him over and over she pulled his legs to slow him down but he was simply too strong he was a son of Zeus she couldn't stop him Hercules grab their newborn baby boy dragged him to the kitchen and tossed him onto the burning corpses of his brothers Megara crumble to the floor as Hercules watched his son's flesh melt away his head began to clear and is Rage began to settle a green Mist Blue from his nose the smoke collecting in the air in front of him in the Smoke Harrah's face formed laughing and cruel Hercules began to realize what he done he reached out to Megara for Comfort but she cowered away from his hand
00:39:38the bone smolder but the screams stopped Hercules had burned his own children alive
00:39:55The Road to Redemption is long and arduous for Hercules that road is filled with challenges of Godly proportions next week will follow Hercules to the depths of Hades and the heights of Mount Olympus will he be able to save his children or make peace with Hera will Megara ever forgive him you can listen to mythology and all of parcast other podcasts on Apple podcast Stitcher Spotify Google play castbox or your favorite podcast directory if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a 5-star review while you're there will be back next week
00:40:38mythology was created by Max Cutler is a production of color media and is part of the podcast Network it is produced by Max and Ron Cutler sound design by Ron Shapiro with production assistants by Paul Mueller additional production assistants by Maggie admire and Carly Madden mythology is written by Giles hofseth the amazing cast of voice actors includes by alphabetical order Mike Capozzi Jerry Courtney Osteen Kimberly Holland Harris markson and Steve Pinto I'm Vanessa Richardson
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00:41:29January 27th more notice on case file number 349 East Colfax Motel murder now East Colfax Motel murders
00:41:39new victim middle-aged male found mutilated nude murders are clearly connected based on posing
00:41:47if your sexual in nature
00:41:49my working Theory a jilted husband killing for Revenge now turned serial killer
00:41:56victims would be man you slept with his wife or possibly men that have a better sex life either way he's jealous stabbing scene passionate but cleanliness a motel room suggest premeditation
00:42:09have a call with Santa Fe PD today about a similar case they're working from last year they say there's posing but won't release details
00:42:19removal of body parts points to psychosis or perhaps it's a message to Raza keeps bringing up Jack the Ripper's kidney letter and told the girl that gets her mail to watch out for stray eyeballs he's a little green but got to give him props for the enthusiasm here's the thing the crime scenes are identical if it's a message it's the same message repeated and we aren't receiving it
00:42:47detective Cole Denver PD
00:42:49give me a second I'll be right there
00:42:52one last night
00:42:53media all over second victim's case
00:42:57the nickname the killer the Blind Butcher

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