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00:00:00Wass the time was this i'm starting kind i'm ready to tell you about my new podcast why the dogs and cats and trees in the human it's called mystery show you can imagine mysteries topic to do a promo about mystery is in a mystery if you know too
00:00:40much i can tell you what some of the mystery involved there will be important clues remember the woman who helped me had a moustache a very strong mustache in a way that was working i wasn't working it's very rare that i think that it works via kayla rocked
00:00:56it ground rules will be established you know one of my rules is the mysteries that i take on cannot be solved using the internet oh no that's how this all started i tried to solve it using the internet shot up to select heights dot com there will be
00:01:11the listing of help from everyday citizens with your hunting and maybe i might use some of this on the show okay whatever okay in the gathering of eyewitness accounts how old was she had no idea no idea if he said that she was thirty five years old i
00:01:31would have said i buy it and if he said that she was eighteen i was like ok people will be brought to desperate extremes if someone could get these answers for me i would do anything for them like bob bring back but i'm i'm not not and you
00:01:53will learn about questions unanswered For decades Entertainers A mystery that's been plaguing u s since the last twenty years twenty years which inevitably spawn crippling acts of self sabotage I'm really not sure if i want this mystery to be solved Let's break down the pros and cons of
00:02:13solving this mystery Do you think like your entire teenage existence is on the line Who complicated of course It's complicated it's a mystery season one of the mystery show premieres on may twenty second each week will be a new mystery Mysteries you can't solve but just googling mystery
00:02:51You can't solve yourself I thought this is a mystery that will be easy to thought but no one can totally impossible Yes someone can That someone is me that uh described now on your phone or your computer or your whatever new podcast from find it on itunes or
00:03:27wherever you get your pipe

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