Wake up dads, it's My Favorite Murder live from The Orpheum theater in Los Angeles! On stage, Karen and Georgia tell the sordid tales of the LA Ripper and the Greystone Mansion Murders. Then, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds from The Dollop stop by to tell their 'hometown' stories.
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00:00:00sent to make right now this is Archie 2018 Winter / to see if you were city is involved in Las Vegas Nevada on January 27th Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center Atlanta January 29th Tennessee second Connor Palace Cleveland Ohio Palace Theater Columbus Ohio February 16th Kingsbury Hall Salt Lake City Utah I don't know it may a thicker Street Dublin Ireland
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00:02:55Cheryl audio
00:03:19oh yeah
00:03:33Cherry Berry loud from little bit too much it was a little bit
00:03:47I'm so glad you guys didn't go to the Murchison came here and say thank you
00:03:54hey it's pretty cool that we decided to do our lives first huge Live LA show on the same day that the revolution started am I right now
00:04:08it started like one dad is like wait where the fuck fucking Madonna said fuck on CNN it started
00:04:29that's kind of cute that we've all been waiting for this whole time man that's my Madonna that's the Madonna I remember what it's like to actually don't like the Jesus's that's Karen and that's charger
00:04:53and where my favorite murder
00:04:57that's stupid never do that again this is weird just go ahead and just take 5 minutes to finish our own stages.
00:05:22I guess tell me
00:05:26I guess of all the signs I saw today the one I saw that I love the best with a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to just say that it was like all you fives better listen when a 10 is talking
00:05:46yeah that's right
00:05:50selective there's a new rating system and I couldn't be happier
00:05:57Emily shit there's a lot of good signs today I think one of being like a guy was holding up a sign that was just like I have nothing to say because I'm sick of hearing men talk
00:06:08I need tweets and responses response but it's too many things
00:06:18how you found your parents let's get deep okay look here's the truth this is the dress I wore to the New York live show me recognize it to tell him I saw a tension to myself I don't mind if I actually might have or into something and I just don't remember to take a stand up and let's take a look at it now
00:06:41put strip June 1st or just walking around
00:06:50the only reason I'm doing this is because if my sister saw the shoes I was wearing with this dress she would be so livid at me she's always like to take the time to $50 shoe you deserve it looks like one of these each other 1 2 3 4
00:07:16butterflies that are listening to music
00:07:21my bad I mean the size of my shoe that's right I bought a size too big at Target because they didn't have no I mean sometimes just got up my feet are broken because when I was younger I was like size 6 looks cuter than size 7 is here
00:07:47let's get us that light armor
00:07:58she made you who you are today
00:08:10present for you you can't keep sneaking presents at me I certainly can this one is the best because if the last episode we talked about I talked about going to see Golden Girls live which is the best show ever that's that's right let's cheer for everything
00:08:31Casitas Del Campo Drew Jackie Sherry find Sam pancake handle everyone after the party after party go there it'll be around the parking lot
00:08:46but so I told Georgia that at the end of the last podcast so then she told me about the money they make and it is just the Golden Girls live on it so it's all those guys dressed up like their characters in The Golden Girls and on the other side of the mug one side is that picture and the other side it says thank you for being a cunt
00:09:12is not well here's the thing so Georgia was like she told me about that mug but I had already bought her the mug at that church live show but had second thoughts because I was like wait is she going to think I'm passively aggressively calling or a cunt like thanks for thanks for being a time yeah yeah yeah yeah yes ma'am I just went tonight ladies and gentlemen
00:09:48I'm proud of it too. How do you feel about people who bring their babies to protest I don't give a shit about anything at the world is about to blow up you can fucking bring a dead body to a protest just show
00:10:07sorry I was a strong reaction I haven't had any protein in a couple hours
00:10:16I'm about to go off
00:10:24cuz I actually in thinking I shouldn't give it to you I ran it through the washing machine I mean the dishwasher I just watch God
00:10:34oh cuz you're going to keep it and I was going to keep it I was going to keep it straight thank you I was going to keep it in the imagine my chills when you were like they have this month and I was like
00:10:48thank you that's so kind of you you're welcome Elvis had that we were given at the Chicago Cubs what's up and I thought we should say
00:11:10I thought I think I was like what if we write keep your hands off my cookies so I'll be funny but why didn't I didn't do it
00:11:22cuz I needed to know that's right
00:11:25dedicated and they craft and the glue and glitter and then some people got a Slave
00:11:33people tell a friend who's having a meet up before they go to the test some people tell them that they're going to show up and I can't go to the protest xiety but they'll drive everyone to the train station and then some people can't wake up before 7:30 and then don't do that and then just promise we'll take the lunch next week
00:11:53Jim Bass
00:12:03should we start sure it feels like we should don't you feel like listening to a couple
00:12:10do you feel like listening to a couple stories for being a friend right now that's for sure
00:12:20travel down the road and Back Again
00:12:23is it going to be okay
00:12:34I mean seriously refuse I don't care
00:12:44my ships here I've got to go oh well
00:12:52okay so
00:12:56I decided because her downtown and it's such a rich and storied past that the city summer in it we're sitting in it right now downtown old timey murder and right so I decided to do the murder of the LA Ripper ever heard of that
00:13:23they're all his grandchildren how dare you speak of my grandpappy that way okay tell me everything okay guy named Otto Wilson she was born in Shelbyville Indiana graduated from high school 1930 he moved to Indianapolis he served in the Navy in 1941 and then he was given a medical discharge after his wife complained to the San Diego Naval authorities about his unnatural impulses that's all it takes, he wants to touch my butt
00:13:58but what does he want to touch your butt with it makes it feel so unnatural like children
00:14:13Well turns out that before she left him ultimately and I guess after she made that complaint he had cut her butt with a razor I was at her you were right now it's kind of wrong no no you're right but your razors and children are very similar
00:14:32how about fucking so there is a pool in this article I stole I just it was straight up like fresh cut and paste plagiarism from two things that I've been forgot to take the actual names of the people who wrote These articles so there's some there's some very flowery language that is not my own I'll find it later. Me with an apology and it'll be boring but this was one of the sentences that I'm here in the orphanage in the Navy in his last month's of drifting women had always subtly domineered over him
00:15:15I'm sorry but like fucking let it happen bro
00:15:21with that answer dumping domineered over shit chill the fuck out it's kind of hard to be dominated over sometimes he probably sucked at fucking
00:15:34I'd like to normal
00:15:37undo the razor turn over his wife left him things were bad for several years he are never put November 15th 1944 he had been on a two-day Fender that point and at some point in time he bought himself a butcher knife. So what did he just go into like Macy's or something kind of drunk you know how to do with hot dogs at pants but with a butcher knife license anymore together what's your name that's right it is so I can get them Willie Nelson wedding
00:16:23so he was at a bar and he met a woman named Virginia Lee Griffin it was on Main Street yes dangerously right here where we are now but quite a long time ago she told him her name is Virgie and she's described as a big young woman with lipstick smeared to have late on her lips sucking ass Highway sounds familiar though I'm into it she was married but her husband was away and she liked a good time doesn't
00:17:00so they drink together and then they decided to go somewhere more private and he very gallantly held her arms across the street in the rain. She has a really weirdly long nails what if it's the guy from The Guinness Book of World Records with the longest nails ever and he is like do you want to go somewhere more private
00:17:26now I don't know what we're talking about anymore I don't know so they went to the old Barclay hotel which at that time I think is relatively
00:17:38about to sit on someone else's writing stealing but I did think it was pretty new back then
00:17:48so apparently they say that the she was overheard as saying when she walked in and and this is the way it's written so I'm going to do a little voice for it please if you don't mind I don't clap for that I won't want to do it haven't you
00:18:05so she looked up unsteadily as they walked into the hotel and she said I got my horoscope told Wednesday is my lucky day today when I arrive I mean no I think you're dead on and that's how you know that the astrology isn't real
00:18:28this doesn't prove it I don't know what else you need
00:18:32so they registered as mr. and mrs. o s Wilson of Steubenville Indiana Highway and after they've been in the room they had a couple drinks from a bottle of whiskey he brought she demanded more money from him so the funny part at that point is that a tent really mentioned that she had gotten money before that so she was a sex worker or a married lady that like to have fun maybe that's the way they said if I sign there enough dude I mean whatever get yours so what she said to the cops was somehow I got sore I sucked her and then I cut her I was going to dismember her body and get rid of it but I found that I couldn't do it so I left a gentleman
00:19:19what a fucking asshole I got sore I sucked her
00:19:25see that's how you know it's not from now so he can LOL so he punched her in the face so hard that he killed her what I was listening
00:19:41that's a better story I don't know he was mad that she was like basically being kind of greedy in like that and would do with strangle them as I was up like pass out and then he would cut them back at all. I guess so he left the hotel room he gave the made a dollar and he told her not to disturb his wife and then later on of course they found the body and it was sprawled on the bed and she had been slashed her but it's been slashed open from her throat to her vagina and her entrails were pulled out
00:20:27it gets worse if you wanted to try to really orchestrate the reactions and trying to type it up and get it get it all together
00:20:38Progressive in cut off arm and a leg
00:20:45they were partly severed and the murder weapon a razor sharp carving knife Lane air the body man that guy was like halfway through and I was like I can't fucking things I can't do it anymore so I can get tired I'm tired how many times have we said leave the guys in the movies alone but they don't listen to that fucking Carnage and he goes to the million dollar theater to see borderless Boris Karloff in The Walking Dead I don't know it's just fun to make some reference I don't know how that goes
00:21:31so when the movie was done she went to another bar and he went and met a woman named Lily and Johnson and he took her to the Joyce hotel where they registered as mr. and mrs. o s Watson St San Diego so he realized it was the same situation where he gets into the room and then he told the cops like I don't know I just got mad I just got mad and I hit her and but of course she was found in the exact same condition the Virgin was found in and the 12th but apparently while he beat her up and then he realized he had left his nights at the other Hotel I got so he
00:22:22see she shaved and then and she was like a unconscious on the floor he shaves and then he takes the straight razor that he just used to shave and and kills her and starts to cut her up then on the way out of this hotel he stops by the desk clerk and says my wife is sleeping please don't disturb her code for I just ordered my this chick I just had my yeah so when is it from both hotels gave the cops similar descriptions they took that information they traded dragna all around where we are right now and is it a bar and he sees a man matching Auto subscription in a booth in deep conversation with a brunette in a tight red dress so she was
00:23:13he was going to do it again and he lit a cigarette with a match book and the match book said the Barclay hotel and His Hands had blood on and the shop was like excuse me I'd love to speak with you for a second
00:23:32like Shield of Cheech and she's a simply has no chill
00:23:40so they bring a Min he immediately confesses to both killings he admits his compulsion toward bloodlust and he told the police that his his first wife left him because it would creep up on her when she was naked and slashing her buttocks with a razor
00:23:58I mean like one time I like it like that the fuck time your like was that a mistake
00:24:11tell me now if it was a mistake and anytime you need stitches because of your fucking husband it's time to get that back out of there
00:24:24but here's the super gross card he told the cops that his favorite pastime was kissing and licking the blood while he apologized for his audition there any other pastimes like there's sailboarding and raccoons like amazing animals with their little hands YouTube videos of ravens talking they can talk yes it's crazy I know it talks about everyone here is like like it's true it is so true by saying that
00:25:11Victory Park in the defense psychiatrist and a member of the Los Angeles lunacy Commission on at the thing that's going to be a thing again we got to bring it back you guys what's the next march this man testified that that auto wasn't a semi-automatic State and he had no feeling no matter
00:25:41he was in a dream-like state he didn't realize he was butchering a fellow human I disagree and they said he was crazy and so then Auto Steve Wilson
00:26:01how does Steve Wilson was executed in the gas chamber of San Quentin prison prison in September of 1946 but his son Steve Ray Morris Jr oh my God still alive today I noticed that Stephen would often scrape up against my butt with sharp
00:26:2710 minutes of that
00:26:30okay that was awesome thanks I appreciate it I didn't write it I just read it and interpreted it thank you change cuz there's a lot of sad crimes today but not a lot of cool ones man like a bunch of shity shit all right so
00:27:02am I wrong I'll send her the Dick Cheney Doheny
00:27:15we were like yes yes I was asking that so the Grayson the Greystone Mansion is a 55 room mansion in Beverly Hills it's still the next 28 at the time it cost over 4 million dollars to build and was the most expensive home in California Willow and is also a mansion because it was a gift from the oil tycoon Edward Doheny to his second kind of shity Sunnet
00:27:45why are you talking dead right now I might not be Shady but okay. S. Oh this is about it I spoke too soon I'm sorry I don't know so and the older dude comes from a poor Irish immigrant back to not point of me I was like
00:28:13it was only two generations ago and you did that I did it okay so in and Edwards inlaid like in the late 30s which gives me hope with my life he becomes a he was super boring then you'd like to come to California oil tycoon it he drills you can do it you can find it so he you know you know where my glasses and a guy when you're on your way to the airport in there those like dinosaurs LA Confidential the Tar Pits like that's all. That's all him did he becomes the first successful oil well guy and Mike are There Will Be Blood is like this basically him and he makes a fucking fortune and then he eventually owns
00:29:13largest oil companies in the world and this is the 1920s where everything was cool so his son dad is living off the money in like being a pretending to be a businessman and then in 1913 I think he's in his late teens early twenties he meets a man named Hugh Plunkett and don't forget and then by the time you working at a gas station near the house owned by like friends and Hugh and Ned become good friends and he starts working for the Doheny family and eventually becomes and Ned's personal secretary and he travels with him on business there like fucking tired of shit okay I got it
00:29:57glad I went to the gas station with their relationship was more than another said that they were like brothers brothers that made out all the time
00:30:16fair enough so it November 29th the two of them check into a suite in the second place and then dad takes out $100,000 which is about 10 million in today's money which I fucking love hearing test
00:30:3110 million likes a lot we could like make it like retire for five years off of that out of his bank account and then she and shoe go to DC baby with his dude who's the Secretary of the Interior of the end of the older do Doheny and they hand them the money and in return fall gives them a promissory note and then I slept through history literally and fucking was on drugs
00:31:14usually there's some kind of an oily business deal going down for the Teapot Dome scandal
00:31:22this is that okay something happens that likes all gives Doheny a bunch of shit in the bunch of oil stuff in train in exchange for the hundred bucks so it's like super shady and shit so ever follows eventually charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States as part of the Teapot Dome scandal that's not a problem anymore apparently give everyone money and the hearing so now that the sun has to testify against his pops and he's done Ed and Q his fucking their implicated and they okay so at the end the dad gets acquitted kind of and so as and that's where that he builds him the Greystone Manor okay I forgot about that
00:32:19the Greystone Manor bed biggest house you've ever heard of in your life can I just tell you really quick I'm done in the Greystone Manor how to say gristle manager because they do it they are keeping me this for Christmas or something but you walk around like you're this party and then the actors are around you it I hate shit like that so much I think it's so embarrassing to be that close to like an actual are there like maybe
00:32:53but anyway yeah but the house itself was lovely that's amazing
00:32:58okay alright okay then Karen kilgariff was there okay so what's going fucking crazy at this point because he's like I have to I'm just like a port and I have to fucking testify against maybe my lover and his pops and okay so on February 16th 1929 Q This is the gas station dude he lets himself into the main house because he had a key and he used to hang out in this like room seems like it was his bedroom sometimes on a Belgium really sounds do it so now apparently and then around 11 Lucy the wife of Ned has like a fucking staunch Catholic here's a shot while she's in the living room reading magazines and who did she called I heard a shot the police know
00:33:58the number to the Family Doctor Batman
00:34:06I just stayed never call the cops know so many people has helped me and Uncle
00:34:18I'm I'm not telling people so here are the right okay so the doctor says so the cops that he hears here yelling at them from this like place not to come into the room and the second shot in the doctor goes in he finds both men and the hold their whole story is that Ned had been shot by Hugh and he would shot himself like a murder-suicide and then I wrote suspicious shit
00:34:51okay here since fish it's done and if I was the murder weapon super weird right before the police were called the bodies had been moved from their original position in the body and the police weren't coming up 2 a.m. for the first show is at 11 p.m. and the fucking cops are called you I am attractive and so what it looked like is that that was shot by dunking in the head and then joking me who had to like a lit cigarette in his hand had to like Lance from a gun after clamps off Suspicious Minds on the hole in dohenys head which means the gun had been less than 3 inches away from his head and killed himself what's usually points to suicide and there was no Powder burns out of here which every fucking person here is everyone
00:35:51how do you think knows it like you check for powder Burns yeah that's who She's Come Undone there weren't any the DA's office hold a press conference in like I didn't like the poor person killed this rich person in my clothes a fucking case no autopsies nothing which is like you're in charge of the media that point okay so here's some theories when was that it was a murder-suicide but that Ned and Q had been together and you have been called to testify on the bribery trials but that Ned had been a shirt immunity and she had not he felt betrayed which is true was a shirt immunity against his father he was not they were throwing him under the bus to make a poor guy took my fault you were lovers okay and that they had a fight and then
00:36:50Lucy caught them the wife of Ned caught them and kill them herself but I shouldn't call the cops immediately
00:37:00and what supports either that of the lever that they were lever story isn't that they killed each other in a levres coral is that they were both buried in Forest Lawn which is a secular Cemetery that the genie family were devout Catholics and you don't you can't bury someone in a Catholic Cemetery if they kill themselves and I will yeah that's right because suicide is a what-do-you-call-it number one song
00:37:34verify that they were lovers and everyone knew it and so they were buried like within a few feet of each other in this secular fucking place alright okay and so they were very together and close by and so no one really knows why they killed each other or who killed who and why but it seems very suspicious and also because of the sympathy that they had for Doheny having his son being killed his investigation was basically called off which makes everyone think that maybe the senior Doheny fucking kill both of them
00:38:19they just he was getting off because of his kid getting murdered so easily anybody in that family could have murdered them this actually and their Christmas was fun I bet their house okay so now it's a city park now and so everyone let's meet there tomorrow
00:38:44killing of a punk I'm taking this pretty amazing amazing how I supposed to be cool beautiful but it's also supposed to be haunted I hope so yeah it's all that happened did yeah those are murders
00:38:59is that it are we done now have some special guests to bring out because as you know yes very exciting this is the portion of our show that we normally do Hometown murders and so we thought it would be fun to have our two friends are our brother podcast you might want to say from the dollar Dave Anthony and Jerry Reynolds
00:39:31good over there you get over there
00:39:41around us to take the stage and some fucking and then killed them and then they put their clothes on and move them around you forgot about that moves them around their closing last would you be moving them around for sure I didn't want to say that cuz I'm not a fucking they were totally get it on okay you can clear
00:40:15real life fairies day everybody who is a dollop is always been like you have to do this one and I'm like we don't do murders what do you mean oh we've actually started murdering people that says I'll bring you in on it thank you I'm killing her phone
00:40:53we should catch up
00:40:57once an a week
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00:44:02dice to slash your buttocks Shake edited
00:44:13but you guys did that we did the Tylenol murders oh my God I didn't know that you guys had some but you guys did it from the murder perspective and I did we did it from the like perspective
00:44:48a lot of free time
00:44:58I got the list goes on and on I give you free Tylenol gel the gel caps
00:45:08hearts are going to try once more welcome Tylenol it says?? Just like I just like the expression
00:45:26is what they said in the forties perspective that the that the fucking guy kept admitting to it and he didn't do it like the guy who they thought did it if some guy out there is still out there that guy still out there he's at he's like staring at Excedrin
00:45:46but he's ready to go that guy
00:45:50yeah I could totally be the Unabomber I promise you
00:45:57precious dead. Percent, 1028 burned up in a house with some people
00:46:39I saw that I'll deny it it's really we're not going to
00:46:44Thursday telling worse
00:46:46yeah yeah okay
00:46:49carinosa - I should have brought it up out of my iPad McElroy
00:47:01I didn't even notice that when I was writing it McElroy alright right 15th of 16 children
00:47:30oh my God that is just like the baby comes out he's like let's do it again
00:47:38sorry to hear the 15 and 16
00:47:45Spencer broken pussy if I verified
00:47:48back in the bedroom house so let's do some math that's not great that's exactly right there your math is exactly right
00:48:04I never learned to read well they never really had a great job he quit school in the fifth grade I don't know about that I don't know they looked at so outside of Skidmore Missouri at time of about 450 people has 202 pastry Guitar Town
00:48:31a toupee of streets no traffic lights one small mom-and-pop store or gas station Cafe that's it it's the whole deal
00:48:39so he started stealing animals
00:48:44search stealing animals sure he was 18 years old he bought an old sedan and he just a back seat out and he put plywood down very dry run at night and steal pics
00:49:01all right I mean it's free you know it's classic Missouri
00:49:10dogs are
00:49:12it's like he stole it since like this is funny I like this story
00:49:19well he would sell them they would take you and steal them and sell them to someone who wanted to buy pigs and people are eating these pics of me at the end at the end of the story is not great for the pigs
00:49:46but that's a great Farm if they ever have with that one
00:49:52I actually
00:49:56sad there sorry
00:50:05that's why my bacon sucks or is great
00:50:12so he married for the first time at the age of 18 she was 16 they moved to briefly to Denver but he couldn't keep a job there so he his wife move back he started hanging out with quote Coon Huntin Buddies
00:50:29misery lyrics Tyler raccoons cute they are horrible monsters
00:50:38that's how much my backyard in Spanish I don't know what can I tell the true story telling time I heard a noise at my back door in the middle of the night I was scared shiftless but I had to go see the before I got a dog and I had to go see by myself it's so is like a weird tapping sound and so I go over and I turn on the porch light the back and there was a wreck that was that was trying to get through the like built-in cat door switch on the light it up and looked at me and then we're just staring at a chance for us to kick the door right you know kind of trying to tap on the thing and then I kicked the door think he's going to run away and then said he goes
00:51:33I'm just kind of like stood up and pause. Because I'm not sure if that's her dog Frank the act out about sorry about your backyard and I'm like raccoons getting in the the dog or cat food one of the other Anna and so I go out there and I grabbed a back cuz wreck I know raccoons are terrifying I'm not like her around my car record I have a fat to be fair and I come out and there's a raccoon and it comes out and she like this in front of me and I'm like what are you doing right at the bat on the ground it's like
00:52:15Just Dance. Y.
00:52:24It's not like you're supposed to be scared and he's like I'm not scared him so big and then his four buddies go truck and buy
00:52:42he was like the distraction guy there so if you guys can run a terrifying pressure
00:53:06okay so we have time to write for raccoon steal cattle horses and Hogs he now in a horse trailer that he used most on animals and in this in this part of Missouri are they didn't lie brand animal so it was super easy for him to steal he was harassing Witnesses who would keep them out of out of a chill and this was not a problem I had a lot of money is always living large in a big gash in his truck driving
00:53:53he's he's he's stealing pigs and cattle and horses and selling by the people
00:54:23what time the farmer caught him stealing to a horse show horses car I have a milk I have milk them yet
00:54:41well we could move so the farmer reported it to the cops and said this guy stole my horses and file charges and visited the farmer the next day with a rifle and hit him in the face with a gun the farmer drop the charges of the woman who is not his wife at the same time he was dating a 15 year old girl
00:55:16if I can check this girl's name Sharon and they had a complicated messy relationship in one day they were arguing and he shot her in the neck with a shotgun
00:55:36cuz, I got enough you've ever dated 15 year old
00:55:45violence is not okay don't fucking Mary pick Steelers
00:55:51warning sign if someone's a big stink but you did have scars cuz I guess she lived after getting shot in the neck with a shotgun after that she forgave him and he divorced his first wife and married her
00:56:28they had two kids
00:56:38then around 1961 mcalway started dating a 13 year old girl dancing or what he's
00:56:49hey. Started and it wasn't okay and then now we're walking down the hallway to Junior High
00:56:57and I am and he just laying
00:57:03I'll meet you by the jungle gym
00:57:16I'm also at this point he's living with his parents pigs that should girls
00:57:31you still available or you're not stealing I'm still in
00:57:37yesterday at a pharmacy so he moved in with his parents and his wife Sharon so so it's his girlfriend and his wife and his parents and and their kids
00:57:51he likes you he likes sex it was the 15th of 16 so Sally Sally yes I do this crazy show bag
00:58:08so Sally had three kids and Sharon had two more macaroni then Madness started seeing another underage girl named Alice in 1964 she was 12
00:58:25I wish the story within that all the ladies fucking murdered him and move to New York
00:58:31okay that sounds good say this is the story of the Rocky Mountains
00:58:42and then he met a young woman named Marcia she was not living there and then so it's Marsha and Alice are living in the Hat and his parents house with six kids and then he met 12 year old bench commonalities right there 12 year old Trina can I need to do is turn Candy's birthday sexy moves
00:59:28have you ever seen a big and then and then you're an excuse to Dan on though on the wood floor by the way
00:59:41Orange City looks great
00:59:49so so to have Trina moved and he kicks out Marsha he's like you're old you're like 13 so then Trina boobs and drops out of school in the 9th grade and is pregnant by the time she's 14
01:00:04what is awesome is the sounds of things weren't going well because just 16 days after the birth Alice took off to her parents house escape lasted just hours because McIlroy came to the home with a gun and force the girls to come back with him oh Alice her other friend who's there now whenever the other one also and with her glory goes back also
01:00:40so then he brings them back and he beats them both
01:00:51and made them have sex with them and then which I believe is called rape back to her parents house and shot the family dog
01:01:07Canton right here and then pour gas all around the house and Burn It Down
01:01:14so he is in Fuego like he's just fucking as far as being the horrible he's killing it
01:01:24chill out there
01:01:38what would have happened in a couple of days later Trina went to a doctor because you know she would have been beaten and he was like you look like you've been beaten and is this doctor from the city only knows his stuff for your degrees are real
01:02:03he slowly got the storing of the beating out of her and the dog shooting and the arson and the doctor has to just been like every detail give me
01:02:17I like 6 hours later really
01:02:20the doctor contacts the social welfare agency who put Trina and her baby in a foster care because she was a child and and then the case was taken to the district attorney and on the basis of Trina's testimony macro was indicted for arson assault and raped but I was not looking good he was represented by defense attorney Richard Gene McFadden said McIlroy was his favorite client because he always paid cash and he always came back another what the fuck is wrong with you did like just the words
01:03:00what does a person what you do
01:03:10what about houseboat but even with his 5000 / felony charge I told him it would be difficult for him to be acquitted but McIlroy would not give up they found the foster home or Trina was living and again make threatening phone calls he would sit out in front of the foster home for hours and hours sometimes shooting a gun into the air then called the Foster family
01:03:51did I not tell you this is Yosemite Sam
01:03:55Sam origin story
01:03:57Benny called the Foster family and said he would trade quote girl for a girl to get his child back by the cement he knew where the Foster families biological daughter went to school and what but she rode so that didn't go well in the district attorney then hit him with eight more felony child molestation charges as a result of the result of his sexual activity with Trina play tactics and after while Trina decided to go back to McIlroy I can't go through this again with you Dave
01:04:31he then arranged to divorce his second wife Sharon from who in people with separated for years and married Trina
01:04:42to get Trina's parents to agree he threatened to kill the mother and the mother was like okay you can marry my daughter we like him so this all dolls legal problems because being his wife Trina could not be compelled to testify against him and saying she had lied about everything and McIlroy beat the charges on her neighbor Farmer in the face and stomach the gun is loaded with birdshot the lawyer also deleted as long as possible while macaroni macaroni intimidate the farmer driving by his house shining a spotlight into his windows at night just throwing his tractors and shooting guns into the air
01:05:31the farmer said McIlroy parked outside his home at least a hundred times and we just sit there at the trial two of his raccoon Hunting Buddies said they were with him the day of the shooting and McIlroy got off again the Federal Credit crimes then intimidating a witness alarm for 4 years then in 1982 of his daughters went into a Town store she's got two daughters so he wants like a teenager that is 5 of one of them
01:05:57it's just can't get worse so the older girl by something and then they got the five year old girl grabs a couple little pieces of candy and the and the clerk was like hey but that shit back and then the girl was like a back and was mad which is cool for 5 year olds
01:06:21and then a couple hours later McElroy and Trina showed up and macro I was just kicking it with a knife
01:06:28and I Trina and the owner argued about how she treated the way you treated the daughter and then the couple said while you're banned from our store you can never come back so McIlroy started harassing the elders and then after a couple months he pulled up in the back of the store and shot the husband on her in the neck with a shotgun
01:06:51Disney's this whole city is filled with people with the most powerful next what is it the water or like their Nets are bulletproof change
01:07:07Michael McElroy was arrested again and then he started harassing the store owners
01:07:17stop harassing and shooting in the neck and the air and Mary children
01:07:25just got two dudes got a thing like he's got this thing
01:07:31very clear I mean take it up with Pepsi cuz they were sponsoring him skateboard
01:07:50so he starts harassing the store owners and then when he heard that the town Minister had gone to visit the store owner in the hospital cuz of his neck wound he's turned his wrath on the minister told the minister he was going to castrate him and cut his son to pieces in front of them so the ministry started carrying a gun that it I like that just cuz the minister went and visited him he's like oh I'm going to cut your kid up if your phone
01:08:21jobs I go and I see people that are hurt your balls off gaffney's keeps delaying the trial made while McIlroy would sit in the local bar and talk loudly about he was going to how he's going to kill the store owner but it didn't work
01:08:53okay I will
01:08:57it didn't work there was a trial and macro I was convicted of second-degree assault and sentenced to 2 years in prison
01:09:09it being Missouri he was allowed to stay free while he appealed
01:09:174 days later he was back in the local bar conviction go
01:09:24guilty tell me totally fucking joke. I'm drinking a beer and then Trina came in and handed him a large gun store owner but having a gun was a violation of his parole so he was charged
01:09:44I'm a Davis hearing for parole violation the entire town decided they had had enough
01:09:51yeah I like the sound of this after 20 years then fucking all their daughters
01:09:59Alexis very familiar
01:10:06vacation bro
01:10:13did the whole town show up in little pink hats and stuck in March was it one of those kind of
01:10:21but when they got to the courthouse they found out the lawyer had gotten it postponed for 10 days now they're pissed when they finally decided they needed to do something and they all went to the American Legion I love that in this little town they do have an American Legion Club
01:10:48so they have a 10 meeting and they call the sheriff and ask the sheriff to come by the sheriff comes by and they tell him what's going on and the sheriff told them that they should just start a neighborhood watch group that's good so he's not he's not very helpful if he's going to help you with this case but a very fucking your daughters and shoot you in the neck you need like a watch proof
01:11:22what to do
01:11:26he told them not to confront McElroy
01:11:31and then the sheriff just left then I'll Trina and McElroy show up and went to the bar for a drink when the townspeople heard this they all decided to go have a beer Trina was said to be very intimidated by all of the town's people standing around while McIlroy Cooley finished his beer went up and bought a six-pack and then went outside
01:12:06outside there are three or four guys and they got their rifles out of their trucks and followed him to his truck and it was said they were at the very least 35 people but probably more like 60
01:12:25all standing there and trena McElroy then got inside the truck has been hate Cooley lit a cigarette and then Trina looked across the street and saw a man aiming a rifle and she yelled they've got a gun and then they shot at him for more than one direction macros head once in the head and once in the neck and the shot too many other shots at the truck all the shots came from different guns that McIlroy died instantly in shots depressed about suicide
01:13:22carbon dioxide
01:13:24it's later they called an ambulance
01:13:28sorry about that sarcastic. Unfortunately no one saw the shooter identified the truck now and she saw him but the da declined to press charges because there was like I did the the FBI came in to investigate but they also could not press any charges to their the time was like find 10 children 10 wonderful children and in a few a few Catalan hog wrestling in the county drop significantly tonight in 1984 train of all the Six Million Dollar lawsuit against the town and the sheriff and the the mayor in the guy who shot him
01:14:28Austin Street the cases settled out of court for $17,000
01:14:40that's my favorite that's pretty good
01:14:49he was a fucking monster and they killed him at those 1981 and they killed him and I was like
01:14:57what are you going to do together again
01:15:00what's the story about a guy from my hometown who killed women I can't do those stories cuz I feel weird is a guy reading first access
01:15:25miss about men men killing women right it's the same story as yours will be fun
01:15:40I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin so right for murders we have Ed Gein skin Ottomans Dumber obvious choice and I'm at Sam's the other store this about the Northside Strangler is actually this is some more good detective work so in October 10th and 11th Deborah Harris Tonya Miller or both strangled one day apart but bodies found in vacant apartments since they were both strangled sex workers at the apartments day apart cops. There might be a link
01:16:31so it shows you they're pretty good there
01:16:38however this was before they were collecting DNA or DNA was shaky so the murders on June 20th 1987 buy some construction workers Milwaukee's Northside she was also believed to be a sex worker had no criminal record but George mule Jones mule Jones George mule Jones Samuel Jones nickname is this a family name you probably not you know but him okay
01:17:17we went to HighSchool together would be a problem of Georgia Dow Jones stand up so they drilled Jones with the murder because he was friends with men's from Cleveland and they were still friends with men's and his girlfriend it was simply known as sugar baby that's a cool stuff together so I took a little record cuz he was actually convicted of murder in Mississippi that doesn't mean anything lol you aren't lying he stabbed a woman that was sentenced to 5 years but I do respect your first trimester is there should be like 3
01:18:17ugly up here
01:18:27the woman that he killed was there was when she was killed because she made for fun of George meal Jones inability to perform sexually is not one of their things like I can't get it up and then but yeah well if I can't get it up I just I just walk away James Lee I'm like
01:19:10okay so yeah so he went down to the police. But the pills but they're so cool he's going on in his apartment they found a black ski mask 9 women's shoe in a ski mask that's actually all I have in my house
01:19:279 is a weird number. He goes down for this murder in particular you want this one so far this is the third murder yes there's more to come. Moving fast in my story the bad guy dies okay. We were there
01:20:03by Bill Vogel it was a homicide unit in Wisconsin to Milwaukee Wisconsin he told the police that he thought both women that were killed the year before we're done by the same man he entered with a business-like attitude quote to discuss the matter and I use the word cereal and I got rained out so I like Cheerios
01:20:35cut it cut it cut that I don't like the Joker in Batman
01:20:55so yeah so that it is cheap as I have it I don't want people freaking out with the word cereal let's just shut up about that that's the best way to handle a busted let's act like it's not happening strangulations kept happening in 1992 Irene Smith 25 in 1939 32 or going back he was a Time Jumper I should point that out time at no meeting in this one
01:21:30kill the dinosaur
01:21:37so busy little bees like more people die more sex workers how many more there are there right at about 5:30 to both women strangled before sex workers police still had no way of connecting these crimes but there was a homicide detective named Steve Spagnola Spagnola who is set on finding a person and in 1995 April 24th Florence McCormick's body was found in a shity basement on Locust Street sounds like it's killing ladies whose name start with Nick
01:22:12I don't think that tracks in my stuff just like this case I'm just forget it feels like it was there a board I'm not sure
01:22:31so yeah McCormick's body was found she was tied up on a sink or hair was need fingernails to Justin no struggle or socks or clean which I'm not sure what that means but that was pointed out walking around outside or something I guess it make it sound like that is like how they know she was murdered
01:22:51turn the corner to smell her socks
01:22:57socks in my life I was thinking that I was filthy sock mean don't know I like that's for you guys that's for you guys by the way send me your seats okay so Spagnola I didn't think that they are there was if it was no sexual activity there was no semen on the body there is no semen around the body which he thought was possible because sometimes the killer May masturbating the body which happens because guys are just normal things and that's a normal thing to do if your body was posed it was bound but they thought there was some level of comfortability between the two because it seemed like there was a little struggle for this and I thought that like he was like Hey you know I love me by doing
01:23:57until you find out the sex worker also in an empty apartment this time strangle Byron Brazier posed crack pipes dry cleaner pipe cleaners just a lot of crack a good scene does a crack house it's an empty apartment or crack with smoked pipe cleaners like for Christmas crack for crap
01:24:30people doing crack which can lead to crafts but I don't believe that that was the director plication
01:24:42at this point there's like 7 dead women all found in abandoned Apartments they're like strangled me like I don't see a connection
01:24:51you hungry
01:24:53you know what I would say this was the same killer but the socks are different
01:25:03they actually finally got a DNA sample in August 30th 1969 Jessica Payne it was fine with her how was she found it's a really cool story a real meet-cute what happened was on August 30th the two young boys went to a bed and mattress that they normally used as a makeshift trampoline normal however I'd normal just can't stop
01:25:40but they said they were getting a bunch of Bounce like normal and the reason was because Jessica pains body was underneath it cuz I said this time there was an appearance of sexual activity things boys are fine now the boys are from Dad
01:26:03I think so bad to BNA they still couldn't connect it to anybody but they thought that this might be related I got him Richard was in jail he started implicating yourself and to others this guy Sam hattaway sure they told police he was driving he was in the car with hattaway on Jessica Payne he parked in front of a banyan residence where they were made in his vehicle conversing listening to the radio drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana just fun car games and Gwen said it's some point and pay the exit of the vehicle walk to an alley and then had to return the car for about five minutes later and ask about paying whereabouts how do I said that they had to Rob pain but are Hot Pockets were empty so I just cut her throat
01:27:01that happens
01:27:03that's a good saying united we confirmed when story providing further detail about the murder and that I cut pants throat how do I describe the situation and when he search for a pocket I found nothing so push down on the mattress pulled down her pants pulled up her shirt I tried to force his or her way in but how do I said he didn't actually see that because you turned away but when he turned back around here and choking and gagging to see the pants throat was cutting the blood was gushing Yes again Mike my guy died
01:27:43so 1995 the police find a search warrant for Hots home they found two box cutters and a knife among his possession that was really all the evidence that they had but I was sentenced to life in prison with parole available in 50 years are the main events of the trial was the two box cutters the police but that sounds nothing like the other ones
01:28:07so damn it start being used in 1990 Wisconsin fully came around to 2015 to really collecting DNA from every Star in the 1990s where most places started collecting Domino's Wisconsin finished 2015 to Chestermere 25 years difference
01:28:30definition for you
01:28:37so now the police felt that they had DNA that they had found at that scene so the day they now that DNA from there were no more murders until April 27th 2007 okay when quit 3 and Stokes 28 was found strangled by City inspectors for they were going to inspect a vacant boarded-up Residence at this scene and now please have the DNA from the two women in 8697 all that 2007 and it all matched to one person but the police can figure out what was in a match nothing in their databases they knew they were doing someone that have never been convicted of a violent crime
01:29:19two detectives of the Milwaukee Department homicide unit examined the DNA link to the suspect and they believe they found him so on September 7th 2003 Allison at a hotel by a swarm of police officers Ellis was booked on a temporary felony warrant was being questioned by the police they took a DNA sample from his place off his toothbrush and they had a match he was matched it was even match for the two murders that may be serving sentences for opportunities he was convicted of a shitload of crimes 1978 felony burglary 79 drug charges listening to beating up to sex workers 87 retail theft 92 released for good behavior 92 back in for violating like a baby
01:30:1990 V battery for Chucky's girlfriend 97 resisting arrest 98 reckless in Jersey so he had to track where the hold on when they've gotten any DNA from every violent criminals are you having fun with me so I asked for but in 2001 police discovered that they actually had gotten his DNA or at least they had at one point there was an issue his DNA match nothing in their system and they know that one of two things happened I was convinced his cellmate to submit the DNA for him come on Barbie it was lost and transfer to the Oshkosh Police Department who said they never received it is Oshkosh where Steven Avery is that also where they make the overall yes it's famous for two things now
01:31:12which is cool, I'm not sure which is a bigger Cry-Baby Walmart it's real cheap so have they done this in the 90s like you if they would have stopped one if they done in 2001 when it was totally expected of them so in 2008 an appeals court overturn dots conviction the guy who they said cutter the mattress murderer Neutron 2009 it is not too sad because he was also up a previous murderer he just didn't do the one we talked about
01:32:06that was just your senses in 2011 and here's the fucker so you serve two years
01:32:281986 to 2007 and he was in for less than 2 years he was like in his 50s tell me he died painfully like he was in the hospital CNA and put it through 8 they would have been putting it through kotis and actually checking that DJ as we know like from the rape kits that are not tested their tested and how does DNA way over the line like that's what the fucking K so if they could have started testing was also known as he lives because people are like the end-all-be-all I can text a lot more until like it doesn't mean I wouldn't think there's seven women wouldn't have been killed
01:33:29between 1986 and 2007 42 prostitutes were killed in Milwaukee only 31% of those cases have been solved there great there again in April super nice
01:33:51it's hard to go last it's always hard to go last week and also that was fucking rough
01:33:58no yes Straight Talk
01:34:04have you filled out it terrible I really am like so shocked at how little they give a fuck when you really find out how it's it's like politics but when you find out that they're really just worried about what people think of her actually doing good you're like we're just fall that's something we ask how much the FBI. Can I show my uncle I live in California I grew up in Marin County little bit little bit better but my uncle was a huge drug dealer that's way better than the move to Florida to get out of California cuz it was a local cops and and I went we went to this big be going away party a newborn up a suitcase that was full of just fucking cash and I was like 12
01:35:04that's cool and naiah and then he left and and then all of his friends the people that I'd met it parties in his house about 10 of them shut up and Trunks all around Marin County after the other John's dead in the trunk parties dead in a trunk of fairies dead they're trying to get all of his friends got killed by the FBI
01:35:33natural causes and what is suicide by Suffocation please help us thank Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds thank you
01:36:10can you guys say sexy
01:36:22Cheryl are you

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