• Welcome Slug Club member Natalie!

  • News: we get our first look at animatronic Hagrid and discuss the changes coming to Pottermore!

  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Chapter 26, The Cave

  • 7-Word Summary: Together they enter the mysterious boat ride

  • The perfect breaststroke: what do we make of Dumbledore's new-found agility? Is it pure adrenaline? His eagerness to find the Horcrux?

  • Next level magic: it leaves traces and can be felt! Might J.K. Rowling explain this further in the Fantastic Beasts series?

  • Why does this Horcrux have the highest level of protection? Is it because it once belonged to Voldemort's mother?  

  • Has Voldemort visited the cave since he placed the Horcrux here? 

  • Why is Harry's blood more valuable upon entering the cave but not for exiting?

  • The simple approach: even in the most dangerous of situations, Dumbledore is still teaching Harry

  • Is it possible that because part of Voldemort resides within Harry, that the magic within the cave is mistaking him for Voldemort?

  • Magical weight vs. human weight and how Voldemort's tends to overlook those he considers to be "less than himself"

  • Does Dumbledore's reaction to the bodies in the lake reflect the fact that he's resigned himself to his fate?

  • What do we think Dumbledore is seeing when he drinks the potion? We recall we didn't have the context of Ariana when we first theorized about this in 2005!

  • Dumbledore's Ring of Fire: what spell does he cast to ward off the Inferi?

  • Despite her absence Laura does an amazing job Connecting The Threads (and planning the discussion)!

  • The hosts reveal their Horcrux Hidey Hole, MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter!

  • Quizzitch: Which Death Eater calls Dumbledore "Dumby"? 

  • We've finally got @mugglecast on Instagram! Thanks for the help, Amy and Amanda!

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