• Universal reveals the beasts we can expect to see on Hagrid's motorbike adventure including one never seen in the films!

  • We take voicemails in defense of Slughorn, on the Room of Requirement, Harry's daydreaming and Hufflepuffs ability to find things

  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 23 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Horcruxes

  • 7-Word Summary: Secrets are discovered inside the Slughorn office

  • Compromised security: what's up with the Fat Lady denying Harry entrance to Gryffindor Tower? Could Felix have still been at work?

  • Dumbledore is initially shocked that Harry has acquired the memory. Did he really think Harry could do it?

  • Do we actually know where Tom first learned about Horcruxes?

  • We contrast Tom and Harry's approach to extracting information from Slughorn

  • Wizards of a certain caliber have always been drawn to Horcruxes... really?!?! Like who?

  • We learn Dumbledore is particularly fierce about Horcruxes. Why is that? Could Grindelwald have made one?

  • Horcrux Breakdown: the diary, the ring, the locket, the cup, Nagini and something of either Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's

  • Did part of Dumbledore's prophecy explanation reveal that Harry is a Horcrux?

  • Can Voldemort feel when one of his Horcruxes is destroyed? Not in the books, but it works in the films!

  • Does Dumbledore's rant about tyrants creating self-fulfilling prophecies mean even more now that we know more about Grindelwald?

  • The hosts rename the chapter and give their MVPs

  • Quizzitch: How long does it take to make Felix Felicis?

  • In celebration of recording on 4/20, we offer thoughts on which characters in the wizarding world like the ganga!

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