In this week’s inspired conversation, we reflect on our powerful interview with Jackie Rotman. Jackie is the Founder of Everybody Dance Now! which is a national youth development organization. Jackie also served as the Executive Director of Spark, a philanthropic network of millennials focused on gender equality, and she is currently helping survivors of sexual harm and advocating for sexual empowerment for women.

During our conversation, Jackie talked about the idea of restorative justice and how it can be used to not only heal the survivors of sexual harm, but also to heal the offenders. It’s this idea of healing that really stood out us and that’s why we’re diving more into this topic today. Enjoy!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The difference between healing and punishment when it comes to individuals who inflict damage upon others
  • Why Ivy finds the idea of restorative justice so valuable
  • How restorative justice can help in a parent-child relationship
  • The importance of releasing shame and how it can help reduce the desire to harm others
  • What a video game taught Ivy about harmful societal norms
  • How a healing perspective is helping Ivy adjust after moving back to a conservative part of the country

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