In last week’s episode, we spoke with Lily Fontas; a wellness coach and educator who is on a mission to help women get strong, healthy, and happy on their own terms.

While there were a few things that stood out to us from our conversation with Lily, the theme we’ve decided to center this inspired conversation around is the idea of a marathon versus a sprint.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Lily’s motto of “never diet again”, and the tension behind it, is the perfect example of the struggle between our actions being a marathon or a sprint
  • How Ivy uses the concept of marathon versus sprint when creating systems for her business
  • Why Ivy believes the idea of marathon versus sprint can be connected to self-care and compassion
  • What the levels of stress we put on ourselves might say about how we perceive our self-worth
  • How changing our perspective of the process can help us sustain a marathon pace
  • Are we using the stress of sprinting to distract ourselves from the underlying issues that causes us to sprint?

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