Thinking of a gym-related New Year's resolution? Listen to how Adonis Hill and Shanna Fried transformed their lives both physically and mentally.
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00:00:00hey there it's Maurice Gibb Ocampo and you're listening to motivated what are you work out regularly or someone who really watches your diet or maybe you've slipped off the wagon or gain back some way that you've lost her you just need an extra push to help you stay on track staying motivated is keys and that's why we're here to help every week we're bringing you the top health wellness and fitness experts one with a lot of really amazing everyday people and it's all about helping you live a healthier and happier life
00:00:38did I were talking about weight loss success what it takes to lose weight and also to maintain because that's what it's all about right lifelong maintenance in changing your lifestyle so here it to really amazing inspiring guess Shadow breed who lost to Matthew 130 pounds your high was John 5 and now you're about 165 yep and Adonis Hill went from 3:10 to 190 then gain back 70 intentionally that's a whole story that I want to get into and then lost it all again and we actually just discovered before we went in the air that we all three started our journey at the same time for those who don't know quick recap of my story I lost 90 pounds after I had my daughter then I got pregnant by my son gain 40 pounds how to lose that again and we all started in 2011 so this is a journey we've been on together unknowingly but it's really unfortunate that it's been more than the five years of Maintenance which is an important Milestone because Studies have shown people who can keep weight off after 5 years 10 to be really successful in a long time so yeah
00:01:38wow you're a star with you give us your story I don't want to take too much in the direction because I want to hear from you either you are almost at your highest how did you get to that point
00:01:50that's what all my life I struggle with weight from the child's and I would say the main reason how I got to almost 300 pounds I gave myself I gave up on the hope that I can ever lose weight as sad as it sounds I came to an acceptance that this is was the way I was going to be for the rest of my life I tried I tried I tried and I continue to fail and I was sick of feeling so I remember like it was yesterday like just sitting in my room just like crying just coming out having saying to myself that I have to come to the acceptance that I'm not going to be I'm going to be 300 pounds or more for the rest of my life and
00:02:42yeah that that that is probably how I got to pay that way and on a practical level what was your lifestyle like what were you eating are you traveling a lot and it would life circumstances that grow contributing to that issue which exercise for I mean like I said I've been over an hour away a lot of my life and I was leaving to Florida at the time when I was at my heaviest and my lifestyle I was a life coach I work with former foster kids so I was on the road a lot and my my intake of food would primarily be fast food and soda that was it faster than soda and that's what is what I ate for a for a long time and exercise
00:03:26funny excited I was I would think that if I committed to a trainer and I would have that commitment I will go to the gym so yeah exercise sporadically you're going to the gym was difficult because I would be looked at different we were talking about this before like you know being you know what Society thinks someone should be and I walk into a gym and I have plan to struggle with that you don't want to go to a gym yeah because they're looked at differently I always actually make a mental note to send such a loving energy to people I see who are a heavy who are exercising because I know a lot of people feel that way I feel that way and be it's a lot harder for people who are trying to get into shape in terms of that expect the physicality of it so I was by myself they're working a lot harder than most the rest of us I want you to pause your story for a minute and I don't know if I wanted to get your starting point so your highest was 310
00:04:26a good job and everything and then I decided to leave my job and start a new business venture and wants that business ventures so I went to a deep depression also had a relationship problems I thought I had a baby that wasn't mine I found this or all this just like belt up build up build up and I slowly starting to become depressed and before you know it I didn't realize I think I may be started at 2:30 to 40 and before you know it I was like 3:10 wasn't coming out the house my friend he forced me to come out the house my friend Johnny said bro you have to come out man at least walk to something show us from there I started going out and I started just walking so I didn't even commit to a gym anything I just started walking and walking became a meditation for me right Joanne from there from walking I started running and if we run into started losing weight before you knew I was like 190 and everyone that said I look like a bobble-head
00:05:26give me some you lose weight but yeah so it was just like depression depression got me through to that stage you didn't grow up heavy right when I go to school uniforms in husky session right but I develop ideas man boobs that I hate you in as a kid so like for me I was always self-conscious of wearing a certain type of clothing I don't like at the pool at the pool and I know that works for me but it's so I struggle with that on my life at your extreme heaviest for
00:06:26without me realizing it with you so what was the change for you you said you had to accept that you are always going to be 300 lb today you are not 300 rounds you look fantastic thank you I'm and more than looking fantastic you live a mentally fit and tell him he'll be insane lifestyle how did you get to that point was the turning point so you know like I said before I was trying to go to the gym trying to find something that's a type of exercise that I enjoy it and I think that's very important to find a type of exercise that you enjoy because I love it yeah you have to love it because I don't have plans you know I don't want them to go to the gym or class and not love it why go it's not a chore it's not management and I are trying to undo where some last things out there that you can find that you love so for me a friend of mine had a friend who was a professional boxing coach and she said to me she know why don't you go try it why don't you go try it out so I went
00:07:26I I loved it I fell in love with it you don't mind you boxing you know we all have emotional mental you know stuff going on our life so for me I think I have a lot of built up inside you know with the way I looked and you know feeling like a failure and you know coming to the acceptance at like I'm going to be this way for the rest of my life and it wasn't just a physical release release it was an emotional release and I fell in love with boxing for the fruit from the first very first time mind you I could not go more than 10 minutes without feeling like I was going to die so in that moment I would say a light bulb went off in my head saying okay this is it this is this is all we know my break I guess you can say that if you know if I I have a chance at there is a chance I don't have to accept this is the way I'm going to be I have to fight for it I'm not going to come in here and enjoy every second of it but this is something that I love doing and if I want to continue
00:08:26do it I can't just box 5 days a week and eat McDonald's and Taco Bell you know every single day so from that point on I completely stop eating fast food completely stop soda and just from that weight started dropping like water was amazing to me is that combat marriage between Fitness and food and how they really encourage each other that when you have a great workout of your bobbin activity that you love and you see yourself getting stronger to see results then you want to support that with the right the right diet with the right food and then you want to go running stronger in the gym I mean they work hand-in-hand and I knew that like because I I shoveled my way all my life so I knew that food has something to do with it I can't continue boxing at and eat the where I was eating so I can you know I like I said I tried all these diets I tried a Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or all these types of diets and I could run those places at that point so I know
00:09:26that like you know I can make it happen I can make it happen if I made the choice to start this fight and it's what I did you know so give us a snapshot of your life today so it how often are you exercising what kind of exercise do you do and then what does your diet look like so I exercise I would say 6 days a week I'm not going to lie sometimes I just feel like something you know sometimes date like on Tuesday I looked at my account I put it on my calendar look at my calendar I had worked worked out 14 days straight without taking a break and I'm not saying it to promote it I'm saying it but our bodies need rest so might my typical is 6 days a week I take a day off in that day off I found going to the sauna helps my body recover how's my muscles muscles recover I have to change my workout every couple months you know I get stagnant like you know my body says okay it's time for a change like yeah you want to see some more results it's time to change it up so Tim
00:10:26play I would do I'm into boxing a lot I love boxing I'm actually hoping to do a charity fight in November but actually fight so much we fight someone I'm dying to get punched in the face is that strange come spy with me I really would like to but I want you to take it easy on me I want you to hit me I mean if you're asking I would absolutely I don't want to get hit in the face for the first time in life when somebody is attacking me if if that were to ever happen I want to know what it feels like it's far we can make that happen okay we can make that was always you know we were talking about before life in a boxing is not just like the cardio workout I'm running to order boxing like I want me to my goal with in my fitness within my fitness journey within my weight-loss Journey it's a goal of mine to just get in the ring and do it once just do it once I'm not looking to be a professional fighter I just want to eat you don't have that experience I'm here and your diet is what do you follow any particular might diet you know but right now I just added strength training so I
00:11:26you know didn't have actual strength training in my fitness regiment so I just added that so I'm just adding more protein to my diet might OSHA you have to eat more meat more me more me more me you know I'm a type of person I love sweets you know I love sweets so it's moderation for me it's actually moderation I do want to get to that because philosophically we disagree completely on that but I don't think it's a bad thing because it says if all of this is very personal what works for you about you what was the turning point for you I was just tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired and I had to realize for the first time I work until you work right so I told myself that all the time when I come to me with anybody but me
00:12:26fly for fly fit university.com as well as nice but yeah I just wanted to feel better about myself I was tired of looking in the mirror and not liking myself I'm doing the point of time when before I had to open up the store I had it you know quite a bit of money and I are used to think like it's all about the money you have who cares about that but then I was like I don't feel good about myself so I had to I had to make a metal change first and I decided that I'm going to be a bit bigger and better virgin smaller bigger better version of myself you know what I'm saying your Snapchat like now how often do you work out what kind of workouts do you do and what diet do you follow show our work out well when I didn't show up it was doing like 7 days a week now I do about 4 to 5 I wish I can get seven I'm so consumed
00:13:25nice right now so I do about 4 to 5 days a week when I was losing weight and anytime I'm going to drop some weight I do a ketogenic diet was a kid singing bodies are you doing high-fat high-protein and low-carb anything bring the asparagus and I fluctuate between that and just a regular low glycemic diet which is just like this is one is killing us in many ways right well they just choosing all kinds of other elements weekend so I am very strict on that but here near I do have a cheat Meal which is one hour a week and a cola cheap meals a day you don't mean look at it cuz now we were you both touched on something that I I am the the preacher against this but with an asterisk you have to know yourself so for my entire life
00:14:25I've been told my mother used to always say that's my mother was never hard on me about my weight did you shoot that was never a thing but she's always say to me but just have things in moderation you can have everything in moderation that was never true for me and I had to get to the point where I realize I have never been able to eat one cookie out of the package if I always end up eating the entire thing if I have failed at the attempt of moderation every time I've tried I can't eat just one so I'm not even going to try to eat just one I'm going to say goodbye to that it's going to be a dead friend I loved you you're gone you're not coming back so that is how I live my life I know the things that I cannot eat in moderation and I view those as an alcoholic views drinks I can have just one I can't have a cheat Hour cheat hour for me would turn into cheap month to turn it to us here's what I would tell people that is my ideal that is what I strive for but I am human so I do fall but when I fall it's due to a moment of weakness or stress it is never an intentional
00:15:25never an intent of how many come going to wedding only give myself permission to have a cake I am you know it's whatever I'm going to give myself permission to have a cheat day it does not work for me but now both of you have said that that works for you so you do a cheat hour and you're able to then get back on track that's what I do when I tell my client to be on keto is that we do 3 weeks the first time we go out and do 3 weeks no cheating cuz it mentally we have to get you start focusing on how you view Foods by so we got to kind of like detox you like it's almost like going like you said alcoholic going to your meetings right we got to go 3 weeks 4 weeks whatever you can't have that alcohol or be around it after that one week 1 hour sorry they have a cheat meal and kind of just like all set to buy you love it's kind of like we jump it and then it goes right back on Taquito there's some debate about the people believe the chip meals help your body with my client
00:16:25unless you don't get to use of this keto got any like almost like we Junction metabolism to make it work harder because now you was having just drains meats and whatever and high fats and proteins and now you got all this car is going on all hands on deck and so you're able to you can have one cooking so when you said that I laugh because it's kind of a joke within my mice my friendship circles and I'm people who in my life
00:16:51before I started the weight loss Journey nothing was in moderation I mean I ate and I ate and I ate and everything and anything in front of me
00:17:00I think for me it's a healthy fear that I don't want to go back to the way I was because I was so unhappy and you know it's about the outside but it's also about the insides I was so desperately unhappy with how I look and how I felt and like I said it's a running joke to this day I can have I tell my clients you know not immediately but eventually you can have you can do it you can have a bite of that cake or one cookie or for example you know every once in awhile I like M&M's I'll go get a bag of M&M's I'll take a couple out of the package I'll throw the package out so I don't even have that option but to eat the whole package I can't the only reason the only way I can describe how I'm able to do that today is a blessing
00:17:46that's the only way I can describe it is a blessing because my friends up there like how do you do it they know like when I come out to eat with me that I'll leave food they can like they don't have to order they can like meet the rest of my next to your cross to me the only way I can describe it is a blessing saying what I have noticed is it I have learned a very clear line between foods that are problem for me and boo that are not a problem and it's not even it's not great at all you know and I can eat to potato chips you can put them in a bowl in front of me and I will eat anywhere if they don't call me or you put a bowl of a plate of donuts in my house they will torture me in my sleep. If I want to talk to you about regaining the 70lb so you did something you could not pay me enough money you you can tell me you going to go on vacation with you just going to be out till you guys going to hang up for weekend but you're crabby and I'm like no I'm not doing it you gained 70 pounds back for a TV show so that you could
00:18:46lose it again with your client so that you could have the experience together what was that like an experience and they did not pay me enough. I want everyone to know that I like like they did not so the reason why I did it and it's because I know what people are going through something right now who were they related to social media unrelatable we have all these great bodies but it's not really the first stage of your goals right let me show people if I can gain a way that it is possible to lose it I'm a go as hard as I can to do if I put myself in a fire at work hard because being overweight is was a state of depression for me try to constantly constantly constantly tell myself listen trust the process this is not going to be you forever this is not the old you you're a different you're different and like I said is that mine man I'm telling your mind you have to do
00:19:46your thoughts control your mind and accountability I was having a good losing I have people around me that I was accountable to to let you know like listen this is what I'm doing but it was it wasn't it was hard the hardest part is the old clothing had to put on the old clothes and I like these old jackets from big and it wasn't even in style that's crazy part I call so horrible I was looking at a guy code that says her for x and I'm putting it on I'm like damn like this is crazy my old jeans it was just it made me feel like I was in that place but I just had to console myself you doing it for someone else so and that's I think that's what the thing was doing it for someone else did you learn about yourself the new you having to go back to the old habits to old clothes and then come back out of it again or I will I do realize that I am a stronger person and
00:20:46spirituality right because I like really look to God to this for that is that serious for me and I was like he see me through it sounds like yo let me get here but you gotta bring me back bro like I'll do this for the people but you gotta bring it back. LOL is it wasn't it wasn't easy but I learned that I am a stronger person and that I can do whatever I put my mind to I realize this is my purpose is my calling to go out and to help others by any means necessary so I guess I'm like the Malcolm X and fitness spiritual component of it that for me has been huge the spirituality that gets me through the challenges that had me being away in the first place but also the spiritual connection
00:21:46to my body to loving my body as a verb not because of what it looks like but because of what it can do because of what it carries me through because it created too adorable wonderful little munchkin really loving my body and wanting to love it with good food with things are good for it the other day on the treadmill and I'm feeling some pulling on my hamstring I'm going to love my body I'm going to take it down a notch and figure out what's going on with my leg that's the biggest I mean we were talking also before about The Stereotype and what someone should look like and what someone needs to look like and I think for me personally that affected me loving my body I allowed outside factors and Outing of people in this world to you know I'm supposed to look a certain way I'm supposed to be a certain weight you know it's and I agree you know having faith you know having you know a spiritual connection is important cuz I tell my clients all the time
00:22:46your body could do this it's a mind game system I get to mind and I tell him all the time and they curse me out there like on my body can't do this I'm dying right now and I said your body do you know you're not injured you know you're healthy you don't have anything going on physically it's a mind game I yelled at in my classes all the time that you know you're mine is trying to play tricks on you right now you could do this and that's what it really is it was for me to it still is you know what I struggle still sometimes in a workout and and it's it's definitely you know it's what I'm telling myself in my head dude I love I always ask me one question what is your self-talk what are you telling yourself and your moments of difficult and challenge do you have a mantra that you go to give a model that you go to that yours is right at the tip of your brain do I see a lot of a lot of different I see a lot of different things I mean I mean I say you can get FM through this like you know you've been through a lot you know you didn't come this far to eat to stop
00:23:46don't quit is a big one don't quit you know keep going don't quit and you know yet that's what there's not one specific that I send my hair to depends on what day it is and what I'm doing if you have a few well first I believe that we all great so I always tell each and everyone of us like we were kings and queen so we have to understand that and know that a lot of things that happen if people live is what happened it's almost like it's very deep down inside you so we like turmoil at Glacier ships all kinds of things that happen it is like it keeps comparing on top of that so if you understand that you are great and you and you deserve more and becoming a better version of yourself I think you will you have no other choice you have navigation to keep going keep fighting everyday living right you keep fighting push forward we all have a purpose so you have to find a person live to the Wheeling get one life live it to the fullest
00:24:46you're intelligent attorneys that you tell yourself like what when you're trying to get that one more rapper you're running about to throw up by myself all the time like you got this is you versus you Izmir it's me you got this and that's my main thing I tell myself that all day long because I realized I only me only I can stop me so I have like support like you know people fit in a fitness support like if he's telling me to keep going keep going like maybe find someone to do something with is helpful as well repair group is absolutely yeah but I realized immediately there were people I could not spend time with in the same way anymore cuz if all we're going to do is drink 3 bottles of wine and then eat cheesy bread until midnight we can't do that anymore another word for me
00:25:46and it like I just started this thing on Facebook why do private groups in school accountability groups when we get together for 25 people in a group I didn't the week on this journey together your post you should stay that show the pictures of who they are they like we got it you have to find like-minded individuals who have been really positive and motivating and uplifting cuz we were speaking to people who are on our same Journey while something that people were trying to get there a lot of people think that this is about wearing smaller clothes if that were having a bit if that's all it was about that would not sustain me day today what is the gift that you have gotten from this lifestyle that you would have a gift that you've gotten from this lifestyle what would you tell your old self
00:26:36but I'm good enough that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to like I said before it's more it you know like you said it's not about the smaller clothing Orvis you know the smaller size of the weight scale says it's on the inside you know it's the feelings that I have that I felt about myself if I were to talk to the old me who weighs 300 over for dinner almost 300 lb I would say keep fighting don't give up you know it's worth it and like you said you don't you don't have one. I only have one life to live you don't say it's worth it how is your life better today than it was then Denver practical ways energy mood friends fun the first thing that comes to my mind is
00:27:26and I don't have has been said I am not treated differently in the world and I feel sad for the people you know the over wave adult or the or overweight teenager in school that is treated differently because of their weight size and you know what that's like it's awful it's so awful it chokes me up it's it's awful and it brings me such anger that that happened in there so many other things but that you know I would want you as an adult you know someone that you know I would call me you know hey fatty you know get out of the way you know I would want to run home and put my head under the bed and never come out again I feel like it's the last form of socially acceptable discrimination is too fat shame people if I worked out that way if there's another form that I am missing I don't want to leave anybody out there like it's the last acceptable form of discrimination is fat shaming.
00:28:26voice to speak up because it like being overweight and eat it like an addiction so we can see each other till like 11 would happen if ice we all need invites right whatever the weather is meditation some people smoke some people drink people use some people to eat are forcing our vice the ones they eat it shows up you can see it I saw this many of the day at he literally must have been five or six hundred pound and I felt nothing but sadness for him because he's wearing his struggle on his body somebody else maybe using drugs are doing it at home at night behind closed doors I have no idea at the same time it's the same it's lonely lonely how is your life better what gift of this lifestyle given you a stronger person physically but mentally I realize that I can accomplish and do whatever I put my my
00:29:26and I wasn't feeling that I never would have had before the feeling to be able to wake up and be like listen I can conquer this day I can own this day is a great feeling that we'll look at yourself and just be happy again because I have abs but just that I'm the best version of myself right before I used to just love the other bathroom mirror because you can see from the head up right after I run Pac-12 past but now that I can sit back and look it up that that full-body mirror and McDowell right this is cool man I feel better about myself and what you feel better about yourself you approach to everything in life the same way weather is like your boss is on anyone coming at you you mean like I respect myself I love myself you ain't going to talk to me like that show and I realized when I was bigger I let a lot of people
00:30:25treat me like crap you know I'm saying because I felt like crap because we started the same time it would have went to work on that people treat you a little Swagger Body by Adonis on everything Instagram and on Facebook I'm at Donna's Hill you can find me Shawna free at s h a n n a f r i e d and I am currently not on Facebook I'm sick of Facebook break but that's a whole nother conversation we had thank you.
00:31:18did you pleasure thank you 8 a.m.
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