This week's episode of Monocycle is more like an episode of Bicycle because there are two stakeholders (wheels?) present in the conversation: myself and Lena Dunham. When I set out to interview her, I had a fairly strong sense of what we might talk about, like the evolution of Lenny Letter, life after Girls, New York vs. Los Angeles. What unfolded was a genuinely organic conversation about life, failing and succeeding and how similar they are, self esteem, family and love. While listening back to this episode, I realized it sounds less like a podcast recording and more like an intimate conversation, which, to me, is really the goal of an interview.
I very much hope you enjoy the structure as we plan to continue rolling out various interviews over the course of the next couple of months.
As always, any and all feedback is welcome, so sock it to me in the comment depository below.
Happy birthday, btw!!! (What? It could be...)
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