Christine travels to Pennsylvania for an emotional reunion with her brother, Johnny, who she hasn’t seen since she was a baby. Determined to get more answers about the days and weeks leading up to her sister’s death, Christine finally gets a copy of Cleo’s death certificate. That, and other documents begin to shed light on the truth she’s been seeking for decades.


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00:01:16previously on missing and murdered finding Cleo
00:01:22the reason we're calling is that they found Cleo's grave
00:01:27oh my God that's in New Jersey I think it was something beyond your control and that she didn't want to die that's the sense that I get something happened to some of the officers at responded investigated her are still alive then
00:01:52I said I'm working with the family and they've been looking for their sister and we think that it's
00:01:58it's you know that their sister this is really looking for is your daughter Cleo and she said yes it was my daughter Cleo but she took her life
00:02:10she took her life and she took her life here the question remains what was your life like
00:02:20we are adopting parents like
00:02:23why did Jeff die so young
00:02:29I'm Connie Walker and this is missing and murdered finding Cleo and investigative podcast by CBC News
00:02:40so we have about
00:02:42half an hour till we get to Donnie's place
00:02:47I'm in a band with Christine we're on the highway in rural Pennsylvania it's the middle of the afternoon in July but it's dark and gray outside and starting to rain how are you feeling pretty good what are you thinking about hope the rain doesn't kill my camera to take some shots
00:03:09we've arranged for Christine to be here with us for the next few days to get to see Johnny for the first time since she was a baby Christine believes that this reunions this entire trip really is meant to be all these things that have happened in the last week or the last few months it's really a combination of everything that I've been waiting for for many many years but it's not only the reunions with her brother she's excited about we're also going to take Christine to New Jersey to visit Cleo's grave and once and for all to try to get the answers she's been searching for about her sister mean to that all of this is happening now I have attachment disorder and OCD and all that other you know these other challenges and so
00:04:07what's happened with me and sometimes I'm unable to express my emotions even though I'm feeling something on the inside I think that's a survival thing right now I'm really trying hard to contain myself and not spoil the moment you know like I want to absorb everything so I want to be
00:04:25I want to be a hundred percent are you feeling anxious that's somewhat anxious just oh I don't know how to describe my feeling it's just like over 200 over dude over here that's not like this man is a stranger to me in some ways yes in other ways know you know this is my brother so
00:04:50I'm excited even though it's raining it's been months since we started this journey with Christine and Johnny along the way where and covering some difficult truth about their sister Cleo about their mother Lillian but also about their own childhoods what's it like to hear to learn that I know my mother wasn't perfect I think our creator give my mother this rain to children for reason right I was given to her cuz I don't remember a lot and then I wouldn't have that same harshness towards my mother I was always forgiving and patient with her I think she needed me on some levels and that's why the Creator made me do it
00:05:32you know like the life I Live Now is it busy direct result of the things that were taken away from me
00:05:39with me and my siblings the reason we're so important during children of my siblings cuz we all have the same experience
00:05:46the same rejection number henschen isolation
00:05:52Prairie Care Woodbury Club it's just a few minutes later but by the time we step out of the car the rain has completely stopped
00:06:08the back at the farm for Johnny feels so comfortable he's in his favorite spot by The Barn waiting for his sister
00:06:17the park in the driveway so Christine has to walk a little ways to get to the barn as soon as she rounds the corner they see each other and a huge smile spreads across her face she still has to walk up a small hill before she gets to hug her brother
00:06:36been waiting long time how are you
00:06:39I saw you you were like 6 months old I think
00:06:44hair is gray like my everything
00:06:49good to see you
00:06:52I'm Glad You Came nap
00:06:56can see it
00:07:04look for something else
00:07:07good to see you though
00:07:09that's good right which came down I was like surprised that they were to do to come down
00:07:19Christine just keeps nodding her head is Johnny talks she's staring up at him with this big smile on her face and Tears In Her Eyes
00:07:28Texoma trying out water
00:07:30I hope you guys are late in Long
00:07:34that's why I got some drinks over there
00:07:37Johnny and Christine have seen one another online many times but in this face-to-face interaction they seem to recognize each other in a different way seeing each other in person has brought to life memories of other family members they see the similarities and mannerisms that can only be explained by their DNA the first thing Johnny said when he saw Christine is that she reminded him of their mother Lillian
00:08:06cuz I know I see pictures of stuff
00:08:18couldn't see it
00:08:30Pepsi logo
00:08:35down on a large straw bale next to Johnny and the barn before we arrive Johnny's friends joined a few tables together to make one long one they're covered in white tablecloths and fresh flowers one of Johnny's friends has Christina napkin into Dabs at her eyes I noticed Johnny's adopted sister Erica is there too I met her the last time we were here she's recording the reunions on her phone and posting it to Johnny's Facebook page so that all of this Megan is family back home can see this r e Union ONE Group home you're at it's a long time ago
00:09:21Klingon your Boardman
00:09:25what y'all win the Stanley Cup Ken Dryden Rookie of the Year
00:09:32Godzilla 2000
00:09:36my friends around here
00:09:41good moral support.
00:09:43I'm standing a bit further back with Johnny's friends watching this emotional scene unfold
00:10:05is our sun Mack my sister feast
00:10:30yeah LOL
00:10:33OK Google
00:10:39it's on the NFL channel stuck on the field the light is beautiful sun is shining and casting a warm glow on their faces it's the perfect time to document this moment
00:11:03here's the Sun
00:11:06John you're awesome you know you are you always have that quiet face every now and then you do smile but
00:11:18Tony has his arm around Christine they seem awkward and familiar at the same time I think about what separated them as children and the years of Heartache they both indoors after their shared quest to find Cleo has brought them together again today it feels like a hopeful new chapter has begun
00:11:43better not be nice day see what the nice weather with you that's because it was just it was P I was pretty hard before Bob camera is one of Johnny's oldest friends in Lancaster name was cuz everybody just referred to him as Chief but I remember
00:12:15from the beginning
00:12:17talked about Cleo
00:12:20and just not knowing
00:12:23what happened to her and how it just is always on his mind
00:12:30infer from the very beginning
00:12:33it's just so great to see the resolution to the mystery for them
00:12:43it's been quite a journey for him and for his friends
00:12:53it seems like Johnny has such a strong support system of friends here in Lancaster how freeing it has been for him especially he and he said that to me one day he said like I I can talk about Cleo in a different way and I can not talk about it anymore so that it's for him is just been so life-changing and so amazing
00:13:25but we talked to Bob Johnny goes back to the barbecue Christina sitting near him chatting with some of his friends she's been emotional this whole time but Johnny seems to be taking it all in stride he looks calm and content
00:13:47was when you when you guys send him the Facebook photo or heat you set up a photo of the gravestone and he put it on Facebook for the rest of us to see and one of the sweetest things he said was
00:14:02we can't fault that family they loved her too and that was so
00:14:10amazingly emotionally mature I was blown away by that to him but that's a that's a level that many of us can't get to buy forgiveness
00:14:35I got a gun
00:14:40no good Jamaican winter storm did everything that I had to but I was like hot what's feeling nervous or what
00:15:02Johnny says dinner is ready
00:15:09BBQ hamburgers are fading most people have laughed but Johnny and Christine are still talking inside the barn it's only been a few hours but they already seem more comfortable with one of those awesome I don't think that I don't like I said I was real nervous this morning but
00:15:30substitute seems like I'm at someone else's life supposed to only turn TV on and off
00:15:41my flight was at 9 so I got to the airport at 7:15 and the porter airport staff wasn't even there until 8:30 sometimes but there was a shiatsu massage chair that I don't care today. I had a few other massage or wash my hair got all gussied up ready to sleep
00:16:20flowers for you oh yeah yeah good night even though they're going to see one another again tomorrow it's hard for them to say goodbye
00:16:38Glad You Came download
00:16:41thank you for the flowers
00:16:44does one of the happiest days of my life
00:16:51she's beautiful
00:16:58a couple of days later we drive Christine to Marlton New Jersey where Cleo lived before she died Christine is determined to get as much information about Cleo as she can she's going to try to access Cleo's death certificate and we've already put in a request for her police file
00:17:15Jill slim Cleo's childhood friend who we met at the funeral home has also agreed to meet with Christine and to talk to her about Cleo we go back to the same busy Diner where we met her before
00:17:32and this time she's okay with us recording it
00:17:35the first one I want to thank you for taking the time out to meet me like at first when I met these guys I was so and I had much more time now just like to process everything and so were you the baby Christine start at the beginning and tell Jill about her long search for Cleo doll of the roadblocks she's hit along the way told me that you know she's passed on why does it matter what kind of attitude
00:18:11Jill pulls out a tattered white yearbook and sets it on the table in front of Christine it's from Marlton Middle School in 1978 the year Cleo died
00:18:24I'm sorry it's in terrible shape I guess they showed you the picture but this is the actual page of Cleo's Memorial I mean it's not much but together by students you now I remember the beginning of the school year she just got her braces on so she refused to see she had the most gorgeous smile and then she got braces and she absolutely refused to smile anymore it was funny she was she was always covering her teeth up all the time I was too I had three sides of the same thing you know really funny just really really funny and I also remember sitting around we are discussing how come you don't have pimples and we're all covered in pimple why do you use your skin so pretty and ours is not you know we were all trying to figure that out the last time we talked to Jill she refused to tell us how Cleo had died now that we know the truth about what happened I wonder if Jill knows anything else about
00:19:24months and days before Cleo's death they could shed some light on why she took her own life
00:19:31do you have any idea when you nucleotides that she was going through a hard time myself no I had no idea the name that your parents gave to her and then I guess Elizabeth Taylor so beautiful in that movie I wish I could I feel a lot of peace knowing where she is
00:20:01I know that my kids won't have to worry
00:20:05unanswered questions I still have some more questions and I'm pretty persistent and I'll get my questions answered so I feel a sense of completion, but I still like the tie up every single loose in
00:20:24do you have anything you don't really happy that we will not be forgotten that story is told but yeah but the story isn't just about Cleo anymore it's about her mother Lillian and all of her siblings Johnny Mark April Annette and Christine and the collective toll that the 60 scoop has had on all of their lives
00:20:50I really appreciate you thank you so much thank you watch her pull away
00:21:05close friend that was a lot more than I expected it was nice to see a little glimpse of what her personality was like because that was that's a big question you know like not only did my sister exist but will she like right
00:21:21and the big Comfort to know that she had friends that she was loved it's dark in the parking lot the only light is from a street light above us and the headlights from Cars on the busy road behind us but there anything heising or talking about what what deals will do
00:21:39little bit that well yes or no like I know with my own issues and dealing with separation what not I was pretty quiet to write I didn't let anybody know right I just handled it by myself cuz I was already physically by myself you know like being
00:21:58you know different race and being so different
00:22:02so it didn't really surprise me that her friends did not know so that was the kind of made sense
00:22:13I want my tablet speaker to taking her own life I know exactly what led to her taking her own life being isolated and having a memory of you know coming from somewhere
00:22:25and being unable to plug in or two
00:22:29fully accept the new life that was laid out before you you know and knowing that you came from somewhere else for her to deal with that kind of loss with no explanation and no choice and to lose her mother
00:22:44you know
00:22:46that's everybody loves their mother no matter if your mother was good or bad everybody loves her mother everybody loves her father so
00:22:55you know what I think the the pain of losses was just a little too much for 13 year old and I can imagine
00:23:09what there anything comforting about what Bill told you about Cleo
00:23:15I feel I got to know to Leola better the person because this one thing to know you have a sister but it's another thing to know that she was funny and tall and beautiful and had a great smile and you know I'm that kind of thing clear was little bit more than just a little one inch pincher on my wall now write to somebody I love very much and so
00:23:37and no no amount of time changes that right it wasn't just me it was all the people that newer
00:23:46my cousin's my grandmother her friends she was in love little girl
00:23:53just a live
00:23:56I ask Christine if there are any questions about Cleo that she still wants answers to I want to know exactly what happened
00:24:06I want to know who was in her life
00:24:09closer to the end
00:24:12I want to know what she was showing me and her dream
00:24:17do you ever worry that finding all the answer to my feet
00:24:23there are things in this world that I wish I had not seen
00:24:28there are I don't think there's any horrifics thing in this world that I have not experienced myself
00:24:37and I think that
00:24:41I'm her sister because they know I'm relentless
00:24:47and I won't stop until I get those answers
00:24:51I have some answers but I want more
00:24:54so there's an option to try to get death certificates if that's something you want to talk
00:25:02look at it
00:25:04one way or another like
00:25:06this journey of these last few months after these last few years I think everything in my life has happened you know to prepare me for this and what's to come in the future right
00:25:17and when I was 12 years old you know how do you under my kitchen table in the dark you know what I realized that nothing was going to save me from the abuse I was occurring that was occurring to me at that time
00:25:29I had a reached a point that Cleo could not get past
00:25:37troy pound
00:25:42what do I do
00:25:45someone looking to save me
00:25:51so I just decided you know what survived it
00:25:57and then the days to come
00:26:01bubble coming out for Trinity where I can change things and make things better
00:26:08nothing's going to kill me
00:26:17so I don't know why she did that
00:26:22I know what
00:26:27Christine wipes away her tears
00:26:30once again I'm at a loss for words
00:26:33I know she's referring to sexual abuse she endured as a child
00:26:39it's such a devastating Revelation I don't want to keep probing because these are obviously painful memories for Christine
00:26:48she doesn't need any prompting she's ready to share her truth
00:26:53tell her I was 12 years old I came home from school one day and I hit underneath the kitchen lock the door I pulled the curtains I took the phone cuz you know how long court at the wall and it was under my kitchen table and I knew that whatever was happened to me should have been happening to me I knew it wasn't right nobody had to tell me that
00:27:13just looking through the phone book wondering
00:27:23I didn't know who else to call
00:27:25so I called the lady
00:27:29happening to me that it should be happening
00:27:36you should give me shit the lady on the other end to does your mother know your calling as a no
00:27:42she says well are you how old are you and I told her 12
00:27:47she said well you shouldn't be calling
00:27:51wasting my time
00:27:53you need to talk to your mother and she hung up on me
00:27:58there's a few hours until my mom came home
00:28:02and it was then that I dislike had to think you know like this going to kill me or do I just continue on and wait for Better Days
00:28:16so I just decided that
00:28:19even though it's painful as it was
00:28:23that I was just going to wait Better Days
00:28:26but it's a helpless feeling to know that no one is going to save you don't going to help you
00:28:32have to do it yourself
00:28:37you can't tell anybody cuz I was an Expendable child
00:28:45well then the Creator gave me a child and more children
00:28:49whatever was taken from me I took back
00:28:56so everything that I went through my kids will never suffer or my granddaughter no one no child comes after me will ever be lost again
00:29:07oh that's fine
00:29:13so that's why I'm here
00:29:22I know I'm supposed to maintain my composure but I can't help it I'm crying too
00:29:28we all had Christine in the parking lot and call it a night
00:29:41I think again of what April and Annette told their parents about the sexual abuse they experienced as children in foster care and I think of Raven Sinclair the woman we met who is studying 60 scoop survivors
00:29:57her research is still in the preliminary stages but she told us the majority of the adoptees she's interviewed we're also sexually abused as children I can't help but Wonder did Cleo go through this was there any truth to the story that her family heard about an assault while hitchhiking home to Saskatchewan
00:30:25the next morning we had to the Evesham Police Department to see about our request to access Cleo's police file
00:30:33are you I'm Connie Walker from CBC we do have to give it to him because the way was investigated we need approval from the prosecutor's office to so you submitted a request request went to air Cooper manager I'll bring her out she needs approval from a County prosecutor before you can show us Cleo's file or even her death certificate cannot release even a copy
00:31:16hey I called her back and I asked her yesterday specifically she said if it's a family member yes but if it's a non-family member that's why I try says it has a brother from the county and maybe even her police file but before we go that route we want to try to talk to Cleo's adopt-a-family
00:31:49it's good that you have that extra case right it's been a few months since we were last here and met mrs. bodohnya at the time she told us she was having major health issues we've been trying to reach her again since we began planning this trip to see if she might want to meet with Christine or if she would do an interview with us
00:32:16but she's never responded to our emails or phone called
00:32:20we try to reach Cleo's adoptive brother without any luck
00:32:24we also try to get in touch through another relative and the library where mrs. Madonia volunteers we don't hear back from her so again we knock on her door
00:32:39but when we arrive mrs. Madonia is not happy to see us the people we contacted had let her know and she's upset and anointed us for trying so hard to reach her she says she's nearly recovered from her Illness but she's changed her mind she feels we've invaded her privacy and is adamant she doesn't want to talk to us anymore
00:33:10I think you should leave
00:33:13we leave her house feeling terrible that we caused her more grief and disappointed that she won't meet with Christine but we respect her wishes not to be involved
00:33:28we know Cleo took her own life but Christine wants to know exactly what happened the day Cleo died but without seeing the police file or talking to Misses Madonia I wonder if we'll be able to find out any more is this as far as we can go and Cleo story
00:33:49we had to the Township's registrar's office to see if Christine can get Cleo's death certificate she's her biological sister but she doesn't have any documentation or proof of that will her word be enough
00:34:05201 so maybe in here make it right here actually
00:34:10we step into the room and walk up to a large counter the clerk comes to see us right away and Kristine has rehearse what she wants to say hi I'm here from North Bay Ontario Canada or did any information you may have regarding my sister Cleo
00:34:32okay and she passed away yesterday 1978 okay here tomorrow and I also need you to complete this information you would just fill in her name here stated that her father's name and her mother's name by her mother's maiden name her mother's maiden name and I don't know what that is I'm worried we're about to hit another bureaucratic brick wall yeah I wonder if its biological and probably adopt its name what do you think
00:35:16what does mean
00:35:19Police Department help share okay do you want to do you want to write your mom's name in there as well no I don't know if that's at all
00:35:28I'm not sure what do you think you could ask her if she has the form back to the woman across the counter she looks it over carefully but stops at the section about Cleo's mother with iron maiden name I don't know her
00:35:45I don't know how to spell it okay to help you okay but you have to tell me and I'll tell you if it's an ulcer.
00:36:00Not sure what Christine is going to say I don't know her maiden name and I don't think she does either
00:36:12that they have to ask you to whoever gave the information didn't know the mother's name
00:36:20okay going to have a see it's going to take me a couple minutes shrink it down okay okay I'm surprised it looks like even without that information about her adopted family or really any documentation showing their biological sisters Christine is going to get Cleo's death certificate so that nervous how do you know
00:36:51she wants us to me she wanted to be found she wants us to know Paving the way
00:37:00I received a certificate. Thank you very much I'll put their feet in here to see you right now you're holding an envelope with Cleo's death certificate and it was going to get it this morning
00:37:20I never 321 even read it
00:37:28don't be too excited and then have somebody kept going to take it away
00:37:33are you worried about someone taking it away. Sometimes
00:37:37the registrar's office is in the same building as the police department as we pass through the lobby we see Marnie who's waiting for an update from Lieutenant Rosenberg Oakley owes police file his hand the first time he came out so that's why it's sick sick to find out exactly how Cleo died
00:38:05open the envelope with Cleo's death certificate
00:38:09what is it's a massive cerebral acute massive cerebral hemorrhage
00:38:16self inflicted
00:38:19AAA restoration gunshot wound to head
00:38:25who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on December 22nd 1978 at her home in Marlton New Jersey
00:38:35we don't have much time to process this because Rosenberg is on his way out and Christine is still worried that someone might come and take the document away okay if somebody run this out to the truck first okay sure I can take it out I guess if it's too damn late for Rosenberg tonight
00:39:06Dennis Martin gets back Rosenberg appear
00:39:10okay I'd really be appreciative of any information that you could share with me and my family once they give me a okay I mean I know the law I had it wait till he turned his back to us
00:39:27says they're still waiting for permission to release Cleo's police file but in the meantime he's able to give us the names of two retired police officers who investigated her dad so Tom that is and do you think that they're in Marlton Cherry Hill spoke to the County prosecutor they were shocked that the file was even still in existence it's their policy to destroy all files that are closed after 5 years Cleo's file should have been shredded in 1983 he has no idea why they still have it
00:40:09we head back to our van and Christine starts to go over the death certificate in detail immediate cause of death is acute massive cerebral hemorrhage
00:40:19due to a consequence of cerebral laceration as a consequence of a gunshot wound to the Head know it's hard to believe this is where we would end up after hitting brick walls with governments in Saskatchewan in New Jersey Christine is now holding a copy of Cleo's death certificate is real the suicide self inflicted
00:40:45although this is more information than she ever expected it's not enough for a Christine
00:40:52so yes I would like to get some information on her please file just to say that you know I just hit a firm that she wanted to come home on several occasions right I think it's exist for reason I don't believe it's a coincidence it is still exist I think there's some things that she wants us to know
00:41:10what was your reaction when he said they're usually destroyed after 5 years but they still had this one but they would have something right because even the last few weeks is not a series of coincidences sings that she wants us to know
00:41:25I sometimes get this overwhelming feeling of just unshakable faith that everything is going to happen and I don't need to worry she only had a few minutes with Lieutenant Rosenberg but Christine feels hopeful after talking to him yes your police officer but there is humanity in you that wants to help us so just make it happen that's basically what I was trying to tell him so I think we'll hear from him at the latest tomorrow morning but I'm thinking probably around 2 or 3 today
00:41:56you think he got that message from you
00:42:00I think so
00:42:02and it's not for me then from Clio
00:42:06you know she shouldn't be forgotten or swept under the rug in this is why I fight so hard so
00:42:12I feel a lot of satisfaction today and there's more satisfaction to come
00:42:20we find the address for one of the officers that Lieutenant Rosenberg said worked on Cleo's case back in 1978 we have no idea if he's home or if he'll even remember her case but we decide it can't hurt to ask
00:42:41hi my name is Christine Cameron I'm here she passed away in 1978 and I understand you're with me.
00:43:06and what was your name again
00:43:13control wizard full name
00:43:17how old was she when she died she died over in the Woodstream section she committed suicide
00:43:25it was almost 40 years ago but this retired officer remembers Cleo and
00:43:40clear was in Middle School at the time
00:43:43and from what I understood she was kind of troubled and I don't know if that was something that was from the school that she was being bullied or whatever but they didn't recognize bully and then or whether or not it was
00:44:00just so you know she was just distraught over family situation cuz I think she was adopted or she was a foster child or something like that I'm surprised that Wainwright remember so much about Cleo's case so quickly but he tells us that he was one of the first officers on the scene at Cleo's house after they got the call what do you remember about that day
00:44:24I believe that it was like
00:44:30could have been like when school's out for middle of the day and
00:44:40and I do remember I believe she she used the firearm to take her own life
00:44:52we explain to him that we've been to the police department and Lieutenant Rosenberg is still working on getting us permission I wonder again why Cleo's file is so thick if they knew right away it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the file if it was suicide
00:45:19I was found at home yet she was found up in her room cuz I know I was the supervisor that day so if I wrote the report I mean I would make it as detailed as possible what would you have been investigating it at that point it is it really a suicide or was it a foul play involved you know it would tell you whether or not she was she had killed herself with the firearm while there someone else. She could tell that no I don't tell him what her family believed about and about the article we found in the paper the last time we were here I don't know if this rings a bell at all but about 3 weeks before Cleo died a teenager from Cherry Hill
00:46:19was hitchhiking on the road and she was picked up by somebody and sexually assaulted but not killed she was she survived she was raped and murdered in Arkansas so we were looking in the wrong State hiking detective Rosenberg kind of indicated that there were some similarities between Christine had heard about how her sister died and what was in the file but he didn't know those are all on the line facts I mean if in fact she was
00:47:02molested or salted or sexually abused by someone else and this was playing on her mind and this is what caused her to take her own life I'm sure that in the report somewheres either from the county or from what are detectives found out would have been in the report and hearing his memories of the day Cleo died only makes me want to read that police report even more
00:47:39and and the reason I remember her is because her name Cleo and it's not a common name do you have any
00:47:49wasn't self-inflicted or that there was only because she was a middle school kid and the initial information was that that she was having some some I guess some thoughts about either because she was adopted while you know she was probably having some really severe psychological issues either about being adopted or not being able to find her her birth parents and things like that
00:48:23you half of my siblings really grateful for you taking this opportunity and sharing with me I really really appreciate it
00:48:34all right you are Pizza Hut
00:48:40we leave wainwright's house and head back to the van Marnie is waiting with some news literally as you were walking into his house I got an email from Lieutenant Rosenberg saying between Arthur ization to go and look at the file right now oh my God
00:48:57because I knew I had the idea that I would have run the stuff that he would call while we were there just as you were walking and I got the message from him and he's there for the next hour and he said we can come in person and look at them and he'll give us coffee please remember that I told you between two and three did Adam it all along that Cleo is the one who started her on this journey the one who visits her and her dreams and wants her to find the answers she feels this isn't just another coincidence but really part of Cleo's plan
00:49:31we're on our way to see the police file into Cleo death what would it say what to tell us what was going on in her life after months on this investigation searching for answers and being so invested in the life of a little girl I never knew I'm almost afraid to find out what's in that report
00:49:52what would it tell us about the day Cleo died what would it tell us about the weeks leading up to her death it's only a few minutes before we're back at the police station
00:50:04are you at all worried about seeing something you don't know there's nothing that can surprise me
00:50:10we had inside the police station and another officer Lieutenant f'real is waiting for us so how are you locked door and into a small windowless room but half an inch thick this looks like the type written police report me but hoping to see thank you thank you very much I'm holding the file but my eyes are on another smaller stack of papers still in his head he look handwritten this is the originals
00:50:51what are you looking for here I was given this there's copies of all of them
00:50:57the paper looks yellow Dan faded is at Cleo's handwriting what are the notes that what I read they are from classmates is she had written friends in school and that they were aware a lot of wolves going on amongst friends classmates at the time
00:51:24okay are you ready to make tamales
00:51:29can you leave him alone he's speed high making
00:51:34you sit down at the table and Christine starts reading some of the letters I are about to come over on Saturday who are hard to understand the writing is a little faded in spots and handwriting is messy but this is Cleo brother's birthday is today he's 15 or 16 I'm not quite sure he's an asshole I will help you she wrote these letters in the police report somehow almost miraculously this file still exists and 40 years later Cleo's baby sister is sitting in a police station hearing directly from her Saturday let's go to the mall do you want to let's go see up and smoke I saw Barry and I said hi he is so so so cute he is cute my grandma mother is in the hospital she has to get an operation never knew you liked so strange to be here with Christine reading letters Cleo and her friend wrote to one another there's one dated December 10th just 12 days before she died
00:52:35I want to see Barry Barry is underlined I love very it's all underlined when who's Barry on Just Give Me Thru the Phone
00:52:46Kevin's to Lori Lori
00:52:50does it say on the Coach T whose speed is know who's Lori and speed isn't same here but my mom says I should take me to see you
00:53:02she says I'm going to have a gun to protect me from right
00:53:13feels like we're looking at a picture of Cleo's life in New Jersey through a foggy glass in the more we read the clear if it comes
00:53:24by the end of the report we know the answers to the questions that Christine has been searching for we know what happened in the weeks days and even minutes before Cleo took her own life
00:53:38coming up on the final episode of missing and murdered finding Cleo phone Connie this is not going to be a very pleasant conversation when I talk to her on the phone she seems like everything was going to be okay and and and something something happened between the morning in the afternoon
00:54:00finding Cleo is written it hosted by me Connie Walker it's produced by Marnie Luke and Jennifer Fowler Mika Anderson is our audio producer and Heather Evans is our senior producer special thanks to Yasmin matheran for her editing help
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