As the dreams drive Kate to the brink, she presses forward with a murder investigation. But a visit from her sister and Miles’ attempts to get her psychiatric treatment only make the situation worse.


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00:00:04this is detective Eric Rossi with DPT homicide if this is an emergency please dial nine one one if not please leave a detailed message and call back number mailbox is confidential thank you hi Eric I left a message on your cell a few days ago he probably still
00:00:27don't want to talk to me but I'm calling to apologize again I shouldn't have I know using our friendship to manipulate you was wrong I'm sorry for bringing up your son I shouldn't have pushed your buttons like that about and what happened at the station was unprofessional I
00:00:58am so %HESITATION so sorry please forgive me call me back when you can home or cell I'll be home hi you've reached a Leslie Anderson call elementary PTA secretary and one of Mara and autos mommy's please leave a message and we'll call you right back Hey Leslie it's
00:01:35Kate where do I start can you just call me when you can %HESITATION I've just just had a crazy week I there's so much to tell you %HESITATION let's get lunch or something I miss you by hello this is Kate my clay leave a message and I'll call
00:02:15you back as soon as I can thanks bye okay %HESITATION hope you're sleeping and dreaming pleasant dreams I'm calling to confirm tomorrow's session three PM sharp I've been thinking about you but we could we could even go somewhere besides the office tomorrow parkour my house get a change
00:02:38of scenery please call me back very soon it's imperative I keep a close eye on you like a %HESITATION par cast presents minds by how sure are you of what's real what separates reality from fantasy truth from fiction my favorite painting are the only one I like really
00:03:24is by a guy named the great it's of a smoking pipe written underneath is says scene that pot which is French for this is not a pipe his point was that a true pipe is an object that can be touched in use his painting of a pipe was
00:03:43only a representation of the real thing not the real thing itself after my last vision yes I started calling them visions not dreams I was diagnosed with narcolepsy I disorder that affects my sleep cycle a side effect of narcolepsy is hallucinations that occurred during the state between being
00:04:04asleep and being awake they happen because of something gone wrong in your rem sleep cycle these hallucinations are vivid and terrifying the person having them believes they're real until they fully wake up sure it it sounds like a reasonable explanation for what was happening to me but I
00:04:28knew it wasn't the truth the truth was that I was having visions of murders as they were happening after all this diagnosis didn't explain how days after my last division another murder victim was found this time thirty miles north of Las Vegas a coincidence that's what they called
00:04:52it but I called it proof I couldn't focus on what they believed I could only focus on what I knew I knew that if I didn't find the killer these visions would take my sanity and I was going through this alone with no one to help quell the
00:05:13tide of terror rising inside of me not even miles but there was no going back I had to solve this case in order to save myself %HESITATION write the name of the painting the treachery of images pretty fitting don't you thank miles just want to brush his teeth
00:05:42I only have a few minutes miles had Eric come by and take all of my files all of my research and notes are gone now and I we this thing just turned off I got to go after the fall out from my last vision my tape recorder became
00:06:03my only confidante I couldn't talk to anyone else about what was going on especially not miles and it didn't help that miles and Marty were working as a team against me or so it seemed to me at the time did you take your pills this morning %HESITATION was
00:06:24I supposed to take them I thought I was supposed to juggle them Kate come on are you recording this for your story or is this another part of my psychological evaluation I'm starting to think they're one and the same things with Kate or strained I take it that's
00:06:43one way to put it sensor episode in the police station we've had to make a lot of changes in our life the biggest one has been trying to keep Kate away from the investigation like you recommended money yes well it seemed clear that her obsession with the case
00:06:59was only exacerbating her symptoms making sure she's not left alone is also important to enabling her recovery she doesn't see it that way I've been thinking lately about whether or not this is the blind butcher or copy cat I don't know anything about the latest victims or crime
00:07:20scenes what kind of cheese do you want on your sandwich whatever we have mom there's Swiss American provolone can mom thank you you want chips there's regular barbecue but the anti depressants are helping us no dreams since she started taking them two weeks ago if I were Kate
00:07:46I'd be depressed too she's had it rough lately Palmer you here to observe not participate just for our listeners when Kate was diagnosed with narcolepsy she was prescribed anti depressants not because she's depressed but because those kinds of drugs help to suppress rem sleep and stop the hallucinations
00:08:08she's been having Marty to answer your question she hasn't had any dreams since taking them they also haven't found any other victims so did you see that the last dead guy they found was north of Vegas that's not what we're here to talk about sorry Marty I wanted
00:08:28to talk to you today because I feel we haven't gotten a chance to know you in this story I mean I'm not sure I understand well just that I want to paint a more detailed picture of you give you more depth no my house I understand character development
00:08:43in relation to storytelling I don't understand why it's necessary your story isn't about me it's about Kate correct yes but it's important to explore who you are as well make you more accessible you mean like a little Palmer going the other way no no it's perfectly fine I
00:09:05don't always present myself in the most favorable way with Kate to specially miles has me scheduled to see Marty every other day there's just something about that guy that sets my teeth on edge after every session with him I just feel angrier and more frustrated than before isn't
00:09:32there be supposed to have the opposite effect Kate is never been angry before I mean she's gotten mad at things but in general I would never have called her an angry person not until now unless she's dealing with is bound to alter who moved in her general state
00:09:54of being a kind of trouble does not go quietly or maybe she's angry because like her own husband think she's not I don't think she's nuts and don't talk like that Palmer mental illness has a bad enough stigma as it is well I believe palm here may have
00:10:12a point part of it is that she feels betrayed by the person she trusted most you miles for maybe we could do another interview go over what's been happening you're already recording does that mean I don't have a choice of course you have a choice I just thought
00:10:33to doing an interview together would I don't know help us have an open conversation you think that's what we need to have an open conversation a tape recorder I just want you to talk to me again how can I talk to you when you don't listen to me
00:10:50K. wait you just what material for your story we'll see if you can use this part of the reason I'm being so hard on Kate is because I feel responsible for what's happening to our put so much pressure on her in her dreams I pushed her too far
00:11:18and all because I wanted to use her dreams to help my own fledgling career because I dreamed of being a journalist what was I thinking miles is completely valid for you to have an all Marty don't justify it people believe it was Kate stream that broker but it
00:11:39was mine am I still doing here why am I still doing this Palmer turn this off what but miles let's just I said it turn it off I don't have much time as usual just a quick minute to myself in the bathroom I managed to record something today
00:12:01something I didn't know before miles has my mom keeping an eye on me to make sure I'm not working on the case but I knew I might be able to get her to slip and tell me something about my dad I've been wearing a bathrobe around the house
00:12:18saying I'm going full on Howard Hughes but actually the pockets make a perfect hiding spot for this tape recorder at first all I managed to catch on tape was my mom's uncanny ability to turn any topic into a plea for grand children but today it finally paid off
00:12:38I thought that there was no way I would spend that much on a piece of used furniture and he goes it's not used it's an antique like I was going to fall for that do you think you could bring over some of our old photo albums tomorrow the
00:12:56ones from when Jenny and I were little why do you want to see those I don't have been thinking about that time in our life lately Kate you're not supposed to be thinking about that but now I can't even think about that at all why would you want
00:13:09to pay you to use to fight constantly I'm not thinking about that I just just about you know the happier times then you must be imagining things because there never was a happy time with your father I know dad wasn't perfect but I mean you guys must have
00:13:28been happy together at some point right I mean didn't you love each other in the beginning %HESITATION Kate the truth about your father and dies that we didn't get married out of love I found out I was pregnant and our parents were going to disown us unless we
00:13:44got married that's just how things work back then I tried to keep it from you but I think you're old enough now to know the truth your father and I had a deep physical connection book mom no I wouldn't say that what we had was love because when
00:14:02you love someone you stay faithful to them and your father was never faithful to me and you know what maybe if he had been faithful he wouldn't have ended up the way he did you think it's dad's fault he was murdered no no of course not it's just
00:14:16that when you live in ugly life you can't expect a pretty death how can you talk like this you do remember he was my dad right you wouldn't be so forgiving if you knew him the way that I did what what about him let's just say that there
00:14:35was one day when I came home early from work and found your friend coming down the stairs looking quite pleased with herself you and Jenny weren't even home only your father was you mean Leslie you think that their father didn't exactly discriminate when it came to his mistresses
00:14:52that's not possible and Leslie would never do that she was probably just waiting for me to come home plus Leslie's K. she isn't even interested in men let alone older men if that's what you want to tell yourself and go ahead I can't talk about this for another
00:15:09second you need to get ready for therapy I tried to call Leslie but no answer I left a message to older it was urgent I don't know what to think my mind is spinning Leslie has always been shifty when it came to my dad whenever he came up
00:15:37in conversation her tone would change she would avert eye contact but what does that mean I need to talk to or we're going to be late what's taking so long yes mom I'm fine crazy people have to use the bathroom to okay don't be so crass what's the
00:15:57matter with you is something going on you seen on edge you try spending hours on end with my mother and stay relaxed so something happened with your mother knoll everything is fine people who say they're fine usually aren't you're right I'm not fine then great I'm wonderful I'm
00:16:24stupendous this only works if you're honest Kate you want honesty I've been following all of the doctor's instructions sticking to my sleep schedule taking my pills eating my vegetables not having caffeine I haven't had another dream I shouldn't have to come here anymore the sessions are part of
00:16:43the process for you getting healthy again and back to work can you stop holding that over me I get it you have the power to decide the fate of my career you don't have to remind me that I have no control here is being in control important to
00:16:58you if it was do you think I would be here right now if you could take control then what would you do instead she right button to press record %HESITATION yeah there's a red light we live no we're not life just recording and don't record this it's just
00:17:22a mock interview how my gonna learn if I can't go back and listen to it I'm shocked you want to do this you're so disinterested before yeah before it was boring but the past couple weeks I've seen how exciting it can be not that watching your wife lose
00:17:39it is exciting but telling the story of it all that's been cool I told you that story is done we found out what's causing Kate stream so it's over it's obviously not about the dreams it was but like it turned into a story about Kate and what happened
00:17:56to her dad isn't that what you said the best stories do evolve have you actually been listening to me this whole time you can help Kate solve the mystery that's what everyone wants to know who the killer is that's the story that'll make you famous season about fame
00:18:14Palmer Kate has experienced real trauma and that shouldn't be sensationalized for anyone's game especially not my own isn't that part of being a journalist Lowell telling stories about people and their problems it helps people that's what I used to think but I don't know if I'm capable of
00:18:37that what does that mean it means I think it's time for me to stop believing in a fantasy isn't that would have been telling my wife miles you've got a call nine two okay thanks I've always wanted to take a call live in studio no caller you're on
00:18:59the air Palmer know who is on the air you do realize this is a live radio station right because your dream is dead doesn't mean you have to kill mine miles is that you Marty what's going on I've got some bad news stern think there isn't any other
00:19:16kind lately hold on just need to turn this off okay I'm in a coffee shop I'll just be the weirdo talking into a tape recorder in the corner who cares it's the only place I could think to go I just stormed out of the session with Marty I
00:19:36wanted to reach out and strangle him just make him stop talking can't stand the sound of his voice what's the matter with me I snuck out the back of Marty's office building so my mother wouldn't seamy I needed time on my own to think I used to believe
00:20:01the killer was a stranger just a faceless specter but what if it's someone that I know that's what my conversation with my mom has made me consider I didn't realize how deeply my mom resented my dad that they had never even loved each other %HESITATION or that she
00:20:23might even think that my dad deserve to be murdered does that make my mama killer and then there's Leslie what if what my mom said about her was true it's so gross to even consider she would be seventeen at the time and if it's true does that make
00:20:46Leslie a suspect Marty has me all thrown off if there's anyone out pen is a serial killer it would be him what is it about Marty that makes me feel so much anger towards him is it possible that I'm sensing something bad in him cops are supposed to
00:21:07have instincts about stuff right got it just some crazy now but but if I use today at a Denver on the blind put your case what hate a can you turn up the TV we're gonna take you live to the Denver police station words active Eric Rossi is
00:21:24going to be speaking shortly detective Ross is the lead detective on the case and has been part of the blind butcher investigation since the beginning a wait hold on I'm being told the detective Rossi is already started the press conference okay let's go right to it let's get
00:21:40the show on the road and a lot of work to do based on recent developments in our joint investigation with the Nevada police we can officially confirm that the most recent victims were killed by a copy cat killer someone trying to mimic the blind butcher clarify this is
00:21:58someone who is recreating the murders committed fifteen years ago not the original discover you have any leads Hey Hey all right let me finish okay got more to read here we can't release any more details on the case at this time but we can definitively say that this
00:22:17is not the blind butcher why can't you say anything I make a copy cat killer which locate your husband's on the phone he's looking for you how does he keep guessing where I am am I really this predictable maybe he's psychic be quick though it's an old cordless
00:22:34phone so the battery runs out fast how did you know I was here I don't always come here get fine I had one coffee no no I'm not coming back now I don't care what he does we want Jenny's at the house I'm not lying miles I didn't
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00:24:20dot com and enter mind's eye fifty and now back to our story the right button yeah it's recording right I see the light now quote okay so ask me a question ride didn't know you're coming so I don't have anything prepared I thought you were doing a story
00:24:44about Kate don't you want my input I am her twin after all I know her better than anyone ma'am I wouldn't go that far if you think you know her better than I do that sounds like a challenge now now not a challenge to find you know Kate
00:24:59better than I do happy but you didn't let me prove it to you I don't need you to prove it remember a couple years ago on Kate's birthday you got her this this pipe like a smoking pipe he was so %HESITATION confuse Kate doesn't even smoke and your
00:25:20card said you're the real thing or what we have is real %HESITATION is knowing what's real and what's real to me is you come on miles even you laughed it was test here until gift for Kate I'm sorry he sorry she loves you you know that I'm only
00:25:42teasing was she does keep it on her bedside table the pipe that's where she keeps Jenny the devil Hayes says it's so good to see you why didn't you tell me you were coming I've missed you so much I'm surprised you even notice me with miles in the
00:26:04room usually you two can't stop making googly eyes at each other it's gross in choking Jeez let's hope with you to this here yes he says I'll get you guys are fighting why the dreams what about them I don't think their dreams what are they then I don't
00:26:29know exactly Marty how you do okay well we'll figure it out looking for no one believes me they all think I'm crazy even miles I guess I'll be crazy to then because I believe you I knew you'd say that did you see it's a copy cat killer yeah
00:26:53I heard what he thinks which so I can't talk about it around miles you have is appreciated while I'm on in they're both just in here both Kate's twin is here %HESITATION interesting hi identical twin is certainly an accurate term good we've already freaked him out this should
00:27:16be fun is he doing here I invited Marty out for dinner I felt like you two should talk in a non official setting don't you think that's a little unprofessional there's nothing wrong with going outside the norm hi I'm Jenny Kate's freaky twin I wouldn't say this anything
00:27:34is freaking about you we can tell you get to know me where do you want to go Jenny here more than welcome to join us campaigns with mom but I could be persuaded start to feel a craving coming on well I'm not hungry K. miles Jenny can you
00:27:56to give us a second soon Marty isn't what do you like to do for fun well I'm restoring antique grandfather clock if he touches my sister I will kill him why are you acting like this he's harmless there's something off about that guy miles he's flirting with my
00:28:15sister now does does that seem right to you it seems like your sister is the one doing the flirting don't you even start on my sister I am doing everything I can think of to help you but nothing is working because you're trying to treat the wrong problem
00:28:28miles I'm perfectly healthy right because it's healthy to think you're having visions of murder I know that you don't believe me but you don't have to mock me I'm sorry I'm not mocking you Kate I would never do that Leslie are you doing here Kate I got your
00:28:44messaging came over as soon as I could my kids been sick but I managed to get a sitter what's going on it was nothing you said it was an emergency life or death that you had to talk to me what nothing never mind it was nothing but something
00:28:59about your dad's case isn't it I left my sick kid to be here Kate is that really what you called me about can you please just it wasn't supposed to I just I needed to talk to just you know with miles I just I need everyone to stop
00:29:16just just shut up I stop looking at me it's it's too much and I I can't take it that's okay Kate just sit down three okay Leslie I'm sorry but can you go can you tell Marty and Jenny they need to leave to they're just in the other
00:29:33room I need to stay with Kate %HESITATION is Jenny here I haven't seen her please all right all right I'm going okay just take deep breaths it's okay can you please I just need a minute alone okay the course that's put I'll see everyone up this can can
00:30:04be okay are you sure you don't want me to talk mentioned some time alone %HESITATION walkie both out Virginie %HESITATION actually I took a cab here I can give you a ride yes I'd like that yes on Kate Hanson's don't cry remember I can't believe you were flirting
00:30:32with that creep Q. you're freaking out yeah I am I promised mom I would have dinner with her when you come with us get out of the house get away from this for about I can't I can't see mom right now it's just too much I get it
00:30:51well I'm staying over there with her so if you need anything I know you'll be Jenny don't worry sheriff I'm heading out take care of my sister miles try try harder what do I do here Kate I don't know what to do for you if we had more
00:31:15money we could move you've always wanted to move Avenue what we could leave go wherever you want well what about your job I do something else go back to school I was always good at math maybe accounting study miles here you're not an accountant you're a journalist I
00:31:43don't have to be look what it's done to us you think this is because of your story I'll go make us some dinner miles we we need we need to talk about this you can %HESITATION it was a fitting time for miles is recorder to run out of
00:32:05battery miles had run out of whatever it was that kept him going and I couldn't help but feel responsible maybe it wasn't healthy that both miles and I blamed ourselves when bad things happen to the other one but every relationship is dysfunctional in its own way and it's
00:32:25that dysfunction that can either bring you closer together or break you apart and I couldn't stand the thought of being apart from miles who's who's June continuing our interview it's the middle of the night journalist sleep schedule if you didn't want to be a journalist anymore that would
00:32:59be one thing but you can't quit your job just because of everything that's been going on with me it's just we're tied up in the night and the more we try to untangle it the tighter it gets still been investigating my father's murder can figure that out the
00:33:25visions that I've been having my being in that perspective of the killer I feel I feel like they're turning me evil for where I was always evil and now it's waking up inside of me whatever's happening it's not you you're a good person I believe in you key
00:33:51I don't know if I can understand what you believe is happening but I'll try thank you miles %HESITATION Kate Kate Kate awake now you say you had a dream about Marty no no worries I if Eric said it was a copycat killer Kate the reason for his apartment
00:34:29it was it was a painting on the wall and that and I hated it they ripped it down after I was it was it was melted clocks a landscape that had clocks that were melting the persistence of memory Marty had that in the living room right above his
00:34:47couch and the couch was a deep red it but not because of the blood that came later that was his favorite color how do you know that K. because I was there I was I was just there %HESITATION no that can't be you been here with me I
00:35:01wanted it to happen and then and then I made it happen and I hated him so much and I even this and I wanted to do it and how we did it did it did what I killed Marty mind's eye was produced by Max Cutler is a production
00:35:23of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network it was developed by Maggie admiring mac's Cutler sound design by Ron Shapiro this episode was written by Catherine Lewis with production assistance by Carly Madden original story by Ron Cutler and Howard cone it stars in alphabetical order
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