Creativity is an innate ability in everyone. If you can think of an idea… even a bad one, you’re creative.  Creativity is just finding an idea or solution that works by experimenting and playing... and professional Creativity is when you can turn these new and imaginative ideas into reality.

It takes practice to learn to consciously drop into specific brain states like creativity, and even more practice to learn to stay there... and even more practice to override your current mood, or feelings of doubt and fear.

Our guest is Nancy Hillis, an abstract artist and Stanford-trained psychiatrist. Nancy guides artists to create their deepest, most authentic art through her signature approach, which combines art and psychiatry. She really understands how our brains work and how to work them to create what we desire.

Today we will learn:
  • All about the inner landscape of creating
  • How our own fear and resistance gets in the way of creating
  • The importance of your ugly first drafts, sketches, paintings, or ideas
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