When you’re saying goodbye to a big part of your life, where do you begin?  

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00:00:01I love you thank you so much for coming I love you
00:00:06I've never been good at saying goodbye it's hard to know what to say or how to say it there was that time my mom came to Maine to visit me before she got on a plane to return 800 miles back to her hometown I gave her a hug and said goodbye a cell phone away
00:00:28and that time I left my childhood home with a for sale sign in the front yard the place where I grew up and where my family lived for 40 years I wrote a letter and said goodbye dear family of the future I grew up in this house and like any space that hugs your family as much as his house hug mine and walking out of it with appreciation
00:00:56endings they happen they're embedded in this ebenflow of growing up they can feel harsh and disappointing and they can seem inherently bad but sometimes they're necessary in order to move on sometimes you have to say goodbye today I'm going to try to find as many ways and as many memories to say the goodbye that's in front of me today I'm saying goodbye to millennial
00:01:31you're listening to Millennial podcast series a documents something that no one teaches you a podcast about maneuvering your twenties captured in real time a podcast about coming-of-age a podcast that is shaped my life over the past 3 years
00:01:56it's surreal but true this is the last episode of the show the decision was one of the hardest I've ever made I'd be lying if I told you I didn't cry I did have but I just didn't record it and to be honest I'm still coming to terms with what it means to end the show even writing this episode has been a struggle because how do you end something that's giving you so much I mean remember where the show started
00:02:293 years ago in my closet this is round to take on Millennium take for all right this is Millennial take 9
00:02:44that's a recording of me at the very beginning it was October 2014 I didn't really know what I was doing or what Millennial would become everything started small and cozy in a closet the width of my laptop surrounded by my grandmother's dresses and winter coats that's my Millennium was born I just released the podcast I'm so excited the first thing that I did was a God I mean like I just stared at the computer for like 5 minutes just shaking uncontrollably we're going to make another podcast I guess we're going to make an episode of the podcast podcast
00:03:24the show captured pieces of my everyday life
00:03:31what are funny
00:03:37toffee cappuccino orange juice Millennial celebrated major milestones
00:03:45Higginsville 1099
00:03:49thank you
00:03:55the show helps me process rejection dear Megan as promised I'm sending this email to let you know that we have made our selections for the 2015/2016 crock fellowships
00:04:13just sucks
00:04:16the show has been there for me through thick and thin I got me a job in public radio what we really were impressed with you is that like you didn't answer the questions like what kind of stories would you bring like literally you were like confidence to dream a bigger dream
00:04:43so the more I am just like I want to do Millennial full-time you know and did like to see if it work just like telling everybody that's what I'm doing so I do in the millennial found its home in the podcast world there's a real thing this is real it's a very strong show you're working hard on your own here exactly the kind of producer we want to support people with every episode you wrote me this really great long letter I don't know if you remember it yeah yeah I remember I can't remember if I over-shared though my name is Isabella but I'm recording this in Melbourne Australia me all over the world
00:05:3851 minutes 51 minutes to get to go to Fidel is Among Us happy birthday to go
00:05:57I talked about the show in classrooms and conferences on stages with bright lights Millennial became my life a part of my everyday
00:06:09and a part of my every night is 10:30 at night I released an episode of millennial
00:06:22I'm just tired
00:06:26having my life captured on a microphone for the past 3 years became challenging which is led me to this decision
00:06:36I want to tell you what happened the first one last break
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00:07:59so this is what happened what Millennial first started it was a show that was about my life captured in real time there's something about following a person's life that sucks you in you want to know what happened to them you want to see where they go and who they become you want to hear more of their story and I told you more of my story I carried around my recorder in my purse and brought it out during the most unnatural moments ever recorded scenes that were intimate usually get behind closed doors conversations I didn't think thousands of people would hear but they did you did but as the podcast stabilized and my life became more routine there wasn't as much to share the steaks when is high so I started telling other people stories the first of us, reaction was people just laughed they were like oh my God like how old are you why do I like to be Peter
00:08:59I'm afraid of missing out on what I really want
00:09:06Cinema on stage
00:09:11that what we are going to 4% along what's going to happen
00:09:18I tried to capture those same moments of intimacy and honesty and rawness that I had recorded in my own life but it was more challenging I could wake up beside people in the morning and I couldn't record their daily calls with their parents or their friends or their Partners telling other people stories will always be less intimate than telling my own so I experimented with creating a hybrid episodes that enter wove my life and other people's the listeners always told me what they wanted was more me
00:09:54more Meghan
00:09:57gradually I could feel a tug of war emerge between what Millennial was and what I was trying to become and I was stuck in the middle
00:10:07constantly asking myself about the identity of the show
00:10:12to be honest focusing on myself so closely had started to take a toll
00:10:19my life and Millennial fell out of sync
00:10:27so instead of forcing the show into a different format with a different purpose I've made the complicated and difficult decision to Let It Go
00:10:38the second by the millennial
00:10:55but before I sign off I'm so proud of everything that Millennial and this team have accomplished over these last three years I mean whatever started making this podcast episode 5 and now we're on 47 which is crazy I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite moments are you guys eating already like when Millennium was first reviewed by Major publication there's about to be a lot of f-bombs in here to brace yourself I don't know it already walking Guardian do you know that I do not know yourself more oh my God that's what is the headline headline is Millennial podcast review insightful and Megan tennis much more like moving
00:11:501 in girls girls the fucking hit TV show me first team that was Devin are added her oh my God here we are soulmates was this are my favorite I have a question for you how do you feel about becoming Millennials first apprentice and Justine found a new home it is my honor to announce that Millennial is a proud proud member of zootopia
00:12:43I also want to say goodbye to the people you've gotten to know over these last three seasons then who supported me through all these twists and turns from the very beginning who stayed up with me during late hours of the night and Who Behind the Scenes was the first person I bounce ideas off of Ben Savage
00:13:12Ben's father Chuck Who provided the comical tough love and allowed me to record any of our conversations Whenever Wherever I think you should say this episode is called the line this episode is called line
00:13:36and of course to my mother who opened up her own life and has provided guidance and wisdom throughout all of this
00:13:44it's good to see you you look really pretty and rested thanks you don't have bags I don't have any bags under my eyes know you really like yeah you look bright I also want to thank you the listeners for your ears and your support your stories and your tweets your emails and constant encouragement none of this would have happened without you
00:14:16US Army you're probably wondering what's next I'm a little terrified yes but am I anxious and that excited kind of way yes but I do not know who is going to take some time to breathe and ponds and explore the opportunities in front of me but for now this is the last time I'm coming to you from the millennial closet
00:14:42Hi Megan tan and from the bottom of my heart thanks for listening
00:15:10and here come the credits there a lot of people to recognize so get comfortable this episode was edited by Julie Shapiro and produced by me and Ned Donovan special thanks to my mother Susan my father Vincent and my sister Crystal also to the severance family then Chuck Pat and Adam and all the people from PRX including Carrie Hoffman Maggie Taylor Kathleen and when Kaelyn of a Roman Mars data scope and the Knight foundation and all the hosts and producers of radiotopia Helen zaltzman Andy zaltzman Phoebe judge Lawrence for Kaitlin Prest Mitra kabali David Nelson Nicky silver Nick Van Der kolk Nate dimeo Neil catcher Dave nadelberg Joe Richmond Sarah Kramer Kelly Gillis rishikesh here way Benjamin Walker Leah Town Jonathan Mitchell Carrie Cason and Nigel poor
00:16:07also Devin Taylor Just In Paradise Alex cappleman Dillon Ward Alex De Cristo and Hannah Cohen to anyone who let me record their conversation for this podcast and to anyone who has donated to this podcast every single one of you has helped me make Millennial possible and I couldn't feel more honored thank you thank you thank you
00:16:55thanks for listening and thanks to adcirc for providing their ad serving platform to radiotopia

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