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Today I'm talking about sleep disturbances and insomnia. What do you do when you can't sleep?!


Menopause Moment is a show for women age 35 and over who are coping with perimenopause, early onset menopause, and “garden variety” menopause.


The show focuses on helping viewers and listeners to live a full, active, healthy life, exploring all aspects of perimenopause and menopause, from physical symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats to emotional challenges, and will cover a variety of treatment methods from traditional, western medicine as well as alternative options.


Host Susan Baroncini-Moe interviews bestselling authors, subject matter experts, and interesting women in menopause and perimenopause, to help viewers and listeners to cope with their symptoms and challenges, laugh a little, find some answers, and know that they are not alone.

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00:00:00Menopause moment brief conversations deep knowledge the number one show for women coping with paramount a pause in menopause because no woman should go through menopause alone Welcome to menopause moment I'm susan guarantee nemo this episode is sponsored by mattera our cbd your health Okay today i'm talking about
00:00:26sleep disturbances and insomnia on the list of the most challenging things that happened to you in perimenopause and menopause So today we'll talk about what kind of sleep disturbances there are why they happen and we're going to cover some potential solutions of my work for you it's well
00:00:43okay what are sleep disturbances Well they're different kinds There is a kind where you have trouble going to sleep and you're lying in the bed going when will i sleep When leslie i wish i could sleep I sure wish i could be tired at all there's also the
00:00:57kind where you're actually able to fall asleep But then you wake up white away for no particular reason they even identified there's also the time when you fall asleep and you wake up because of night sweats and then there's also the kind of sleep disturbance where you sleep
00:01:11through the night but you wake up tired because you didn't get good r e m sleep these are these are the challenges that happen in this time of life the national sleep foundation reports that sixty one percent of menopausal women have sleep problems and a twenty seventeen cdc
00:01:27study showed that half with peri menopausal women and more than half of menopausal women wake up in the morning at least four days a week still feeling tired and this commuter row problem because it leaves the irritability depression anxiety brain fog and there's even a connection between sleep
00:01:47and quality of sleep and weight gain and how much we snack so please pretty important when my first early perimenopause symptoms wass insomnia sleep disturbance it was pretty brutal many nights i struggled to fall asleep in the first place other nights i fall asleep but i'd wake up
00:02:06and i couldn't fall back asleep other times i'd wake up in full sweat mode most of the time i wake up and i was always tired so if this is your struggle i totally get you high feel your pain i feel your pain so hopefully some of the
00:02:20things today will be helpful to you it's not any fun okay why do you sleep Disturbances happen now why are you struggling to sleep well if we're being super fair it's not just because of menopause and hormone shifts as we head into our forties fifties and sixties we
00:02:39have much more complex lives we have more responsibility we have insane schedules but a lot more on our minds many women are raising children or have children who are going off to college we're trying to grow its super pivotal points in our careers and maybe we're looking after
00:02:55our parents as they age is just a lot of stress and and sleep is hugely impacted by stress so we're already having these stressful chance new challenges due to our increasingly complex lives but now there's a big component that's hormone driven so we know that as estrogen and
00:03:17progesterone decrease we lose some of the production of chemicals and neural transmitters that are associated with calm relax station and sleep and again whenever i talk about medical science the stuff i'm gonna slew or soup or simplify it because i'm not a doctor i'm just making it simple
00:03:33we're just talking here girls so s o we we lose some of the ability to produce some of the chemicals that that help us sleep and stay asleep and we also lose some of the chemicals that help us manage anxiety and to feel calm and relaxed that's the
00:03:51gist of it so we're going to take a short break for a word from our sponsor and then we're going to come back and talk about solutions that will help you fall asleep stay asleep and get better quality sleep for many women menopause comes with hot flashes and
00:04:05night sweats and they can be brutal mind kept me awake all night so i was tired and cranky all day long i tried all kinds of supplements and cbd oils but nothing put a dent in my hot flashes then i started using met terra's cbd oil and my
00:04:24hot flashes and night sweats were dramatically reduced in severity and frequency so i wake up less often and get a lot more sleep just a drop are under my tongue in the morning and another one at night and my hot flashes decreased by about eighty percent and unlike
00:04:39many of the cbd oils i tried there's almost no taste to med terrace cbd oil which makes it a lot easier to take get your cbd oil at med terra dot com today and use the promo code menopause moment all lower case for ten percent off your order
00:04:56ok we're back so let's talk about solutions for sleep disturbance now before i get into it i shall i make it very very clear i say this all the time i tried a lot of things there are many options out there some of them are snake oil some
00:05:10of them work i will only share with you the things that i have tried that work for me what most importantly plays no i am not a doctor nor am i any kind of medical practitioner do not take medical advice from the internet so before you do any
00:05:26of the things that i recommend before you take anything i suggest please check with your doctor or medical practitioner Do not take medical advice from the internet please Okay now i'm going to tell you the things that worked really well for me First and foremost i found in
00:05:44my thirties that melatonin a supplement that you can take it over the counter worked really well for me And throughout my thirties and early forties i took melatonin on and off so i would notice i would start to have some sleep trouble I would take a little melatonin
00:06:01and for a couple of weeks i'd be on military o'nan And then i get back into my circadian rhythm rhythm I get back into the sleeve cycle of my you know it was normal for me and i'd be fine So maybe a few months later i take it
00:06:15again But for the most part it was just on and often it was really only to kick me back into my normal circadian rhythms So then when i kind of started to head into peri menopause i found that my sleep disturbances became more problematic and i would take
00:06:31melatonin to sleep But i was still wake up in the night So my doctor recommended that i try and extended release melatonin which is what i take now every night And it is phenomenal so what it does is it zach lee what it sounds like extended release it
00:06:48you take the melatonin before you go to sleep in a half an hour it starts to kick in and it's a long duration ist slow sustained release throughout the night so instead of taking it and they're waking up because it's you've processed it you take it you fall
00:07:02asleep you stay asleep for the rest of the night it's a great thing so i'm just a very simple over the counter supplement that has made a huge difference for me another thing that i recommend especially if you have trouble falling asleep is there's a race supplement that
00:07:20montero makes that the terrorist our sponsor and are the link is in our our show notes for stay down below mentoring makes a cbd melatonin combo supplement and it is a no amazing if you have trouble relaxing before bed and falling a slave this thing i'm telling you
00:07:40it is incredible both my husband and i take it when we're having trouble falling asleep and i'm telling you i mean it is just if you get sleepy and drowsy but in a really pleasant relaxed way and then you fall asleep now i've been in talks with um
00:07:55you guys know ladies i am always out there talking to my brand partners trying to encourage them to do things a little better a little differently i trying to get a budget to make a travel version i'm trying to get mentoring to make an extended release cbd oil
00:08:10supplement because i think that would be amazing eso there's cross that'll happen too but another thing is cbd oil in general is great for relax station at house me manage anxiety more effectively overall and so that's another little helpful thing that you can do to help with your
00:08:30sleep Now from a less supplementing point of view things you can do to help with your sleep first blue light filters and reducing screen time so we know that our screens our computers our laptops or tvs our phones are tablets their screams and midday blue light that blue
00:08:51lives simulates simulates sunlight So what that means is that that's that is telling your brain not to produce natural melatonin It's tell your brain to stay awake so what you can do to combat that is have glasses with blue light filters although those don't they help protect your
00:09:11eyes but they don't necessarily filter out enough of the blue light to help your brain So installing blue light filter app mine is called twilight I have one on my samsung galaxy as as whatever this is not sure what i e for gotten but i have twilight is
00:09:29the app i use and then i also used the blue light filter on my samsung phone and those blue light filters will help filter out some of the blue light but the thing that happens is i have mine go on at five p m every day and my
00:09:44screen goes from this pretty white to being a little yellow that's fine you know i it's not ideal but it's the best i can do you know i have to just live with that ok that's what i'm saying is my husband doesn't like blue light filters at all
00:10:00because he doesn't like the way they make the screen look i figured i'd rather sleep so blue light filters also the experts recommend that you stop looking at screens for a few hours before you want to go to sleep because it just helped you calm your mind and
00:10:14also helps your brain begin to produce that melatonin that's so important i really believe in meditation and listen to soothing things before bed i actually have a pair of your buds that are like these i'll show you this one it looks just like this and it is just
00:10:31a little guy that goes in my ear and it comes with two of them and one frieder and so i'll cop with those in and i'll listen to some meditation i'll listen to some boring you know speaking that helps me sleep the call map is phenomenal for that
00:10:48and they have sleep stories that are kind of fun Sometimes i'll listen tio a news program and just you know listen to it and put my screen face down but i will put one of these in and lay on this side and then if i decide to roll
00:11:02over the other side i'll just take this out for the other one and eventually on this side of when little tip is these little buggers can really heart if you fall asleep on them and that's something that happens to me quite a bit is you know i'll find
00:11:18it you know i have laid on my shoulder on it or it will be in my back or something because that's what happens to me when i sleep So you want to be a little careful of that Because it doesn't leave a little bit of a bruise sometimes
00:11:31pressure parents you guys know way more about my sleep than anyone other than my husband Now there you go Other things that i like for sleeping I like a sleeper super dark grill not too dark because i like to feel the weight with a light in the morning
00:11:45but just dark enough i don't have any lights or indicators we don't have a clock that has lights i don't like to have lights or indicators in the room I like a cooler than normal row meaning i like the room to get low temperature and ways you can
00:12:01help with that Having a good quality bed that breathes is a really good pillow good quality sheets I recently spoke with an amazing sheet experts and i think he's going to come on the show to talk to us about how to prepare our beds and how to have
00:12:18the best possible sleep on our beds which i think is cool but an interesting thing i learned from him is that what constitutes a great quality sheet for you may be different than what constituted who constitutes a great quality for me so there are very crisp sheets There
00:12:35are sheets that are so soft their liquidity and what is important to you What helps you sleep better is really subjective so you have to try out a bunch different kinds of sheets and i'm currently experimenting with some sheets and also some pillow covers and mattress pads that
00:12:50are supposed to be cooling so i'll keep you posted on that Keep your eyes on the show for an interview with our sheet experts another thing that a lot of people don't like to hear about slave is that alcohol is terrible for sleep No i know you probably
00:13:06think but i have a glass of wine before pregnant helps put me to sleep yes a glass of wine or a cocktail will help in the production of a sleep eating please inducing chemical in your brain but your system metabolizes that chemical super fast so it goes away
00:13:22super fast and it also blocks r e m sleep so while you might think that alcohol helps you sleep the research actually shows it definitely doesn't that help you sleep well or stay asleep a couple of other things exercise really helps asleep for me when i don't exercise
00:13:41i had i had surgery on my left hip and so when i don't exercise that hip aches in the night so if i exercise it's not just that i am you know getting oxygen in my system and pumping blood it's also i'm getting that hit moving so when
00:13:57i don't exercise it tends to take the night and and if i do exercise i don't have that same pain so i sink a lot better and i noticed in general that exercise counts me rest better even if it's not a huge effort just from exercise something get
00:14:14your heart moving a little get your body moving a little it helps with sort of those overall aches and pains and it also really helps with sleep rest relaxation and it's really good it couldn't get outside and exercise I don't know if your mom ever said this to
00:14:30you My mom used to tell me collapse i get some fresh air so you sleep all tonight She always was all about the fresh air will help you sleep and more and more i find that's true when i'm outside when i get some fresh air in my system
00:14:44whether it's just walking outside or being outside with my puppy or going on a boat or whatever it is it does help you sleep So last thing i'm going to talk to you about iss your diet and a lot of people hate this one but i'm just going
00:15:01to give it to you here's the deal are really healthy diet with whole foods makes a massive difference in sleep my husband and i went on hold thirty and since we did i have slept like a baby It makes a huge difference It doesn't mean that we'll be
00:15:19doing hold thirty forever or that we won't take breaks but cutting out those extra sugars this processed foods eleven healthy carbs it focusing your diet on fresh whole foods makes a massive difference in the quality of sleep you're able to have and not eating a whole lot before
00:15:37you go to bed also really helps Okay i'm giving you a ton of suggestions Please check with your doctor Make sure it's okay for you to do these things but i do hope they help And if they do share in the comments And also if you have other
00:15:49ideas share those in the comments So other people who watched the show or listen to the show can benefit from your experience Thanks for watching

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