Me and My Brain is a podcast all about mental health and mental illness, hosted by Emma Lloyd. Emma has over twenty years' personal and professional experience of living and working with mental illness, and in this podcast she'll be exploring mental illness in conversation with a diverse group of guests, aiming to challenge misconceptions about living with mental illness and remove stigma. If you have a story about living with mental illness that you'd like to share, please get in touch at [email protected] Full details and show notes available at http://emmalloyd.co Thanks for listening!
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CW: This episode of the podcast has a content warning for descriptions of acute mental distress and suicidal ideationMy original plan for this episode was to talk about what recovery looks and feels like. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that in order to do the subject of recovery justice, I needed to dive deep into what I've been recovering from.I remembered that I had some diaries from one of the periods when I was most unwell. I'd had good intentions of documenting what I was experiencing because it felt strange and alien; I was undergoing several changes to my medication and the effects (and side-effects) were at times alarming.So this, shorter, episode mostly comprises some entries from diaries from July to December, 2016. Nearly two years down the road it's extremely gratifying to see that I went through that and came out the other side. It was a long and tough slog, for sure, but here I am: newly discharged from Community Mental Health Team care and celebrating the fact that this little podcast has had over 1200 downloads to date!As I mentioned above, this episode has a content warning due to the extreme levels of distress I was experiencing. It's honest and raw and I understand that it won't be for everyone; that's fine - but please stay tuned for Part Two which will focus on what I did (and didn't do) to move from that dark and desperate place to where I am today.If you're experiencing a mental health crisis, or need to talk to someone, here is a list of international crisis support lines. I've linked to the Wiki page in the hope that this resource remains as current and relevant as possible.As always, thank you for your support of Me and My Brain (did I mention there have been over 1200 downloads so far?!) It's good to know that someone somewhere is finding my little podcast useful, helpful and possibly even entertaining at times. Thank you.If you've enjoyed the podcast and would like to help me in running it, you can buy me a coffee by clicking right here. I don't currently use advertising revenue to support my work, and I'm entirely self-funded. Again, thank you.
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