The boys are back for another rainy day Saturday Catch Up, discussing when to roll for what, how to balance made up monsters, and turn rain into an amlimal! You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.

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Questions Answered:

I'm making my own boss monster stats by combining both Goro and Motaro from the Mortal Kombat series and I want to make sure that I don't overpower my final battle. When using homebrew creations like this, how can I know I'm scaling the monster to an appropriate Challenge Rating? Of course, I  don't want a final boss to be too easy (maybe one player character death.....or two) but I don't want the fight to be impossible.

How do you feel about players actively requesting (or just assuming they can do) certain passive rolls such as insight checks, perception checks, or knowledge checks like history/arcana? I've noticed that sometimes players will do this thing where they just go on a roll fiesta; Have you ever thought about the role of these rolls? Do you let your players request them?

Loot Table:

F*@# You Got Mine

Ice Rink

Monster: Aboleth (Cumuleth)

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