Twelve tweets from Elon Musk caused Tesla stock to literally stop trading -- so we interpret them for you. Match.com scared parents nationwide and thrilled investors with its new focus on college kids unveiling “Tinder U.” And Jeffrey Katzenberg & Meg Whitman’s NewTV just raised $1 billion… in its seed round of funding (that’s insane -- we explain why).

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00:00:28and did not make up the saying about life gives you lemons his name is Jack and this is markets next state and this is what you think Jack's going to ten zero one two three has this one stack up scale of one to best one yet this is
00:00:50the best markets next guest I got three big reasons why to make our first stories match dot com gas which is rebounding from a really rough relationship about if that's okay with with your pre match second is testable it broke Wall Street once all the attention it's a
00:01:09complicated story %HESITATION we break it down for you and we might even give you another amazing impression south African increase I know you're going with that and then finally we got Jack the start up of the day day is new TV yeah it's you're gonna be watching any
00:01:27year you're probably not watching it now you'll definitely watching I think of it for you it's currently just to slide back it would it change by the way is like a place but it's a really interesting story you need to know how you got into this one now
00:01:41markets overall rose with strong corporate earnings Jack you know it's exciting us when we got we got a big story or this is actually just like a funny aside about this straw industry we told you guys about plastic straws being universally hated Seattle band of them Starbucks Garrett
00:02:00of them McDonald's is a goal of him it's just it's a faux pas asking for one you'll be ostracized from the communities like you're killing the turtle directly mean come on so what about the industry that like what is this means no more plastic strong apple it means
00:02:15is that there's an incredible company with the most brilliant name ever called aardvark and they make paper straws if the only paper strong maker in the US right in their cells have recently risen five thousand percent like a fake number I know sales could grow that fast brilliant
00:02:31strategic move going into the paper strong industry love the name aardvark we love the idea and we love these numbers I'm also written for this mom and pop company that's just aardvark buried in order sucking it up I looked at our first story I love this story I'm
00:02:46so glad really the opposite Tess is wild but this was crazier guys match dot com unveiled dating apps for college campuses and they're doing it aggressively out Nick's never used a dating out hot but he's really excited and a wonderful long time so remember in markets stacked in
00:03:02a couple weeks ago we talked about hinge idea hinges all about relationship right not hook ups mature tender nope enjoy your relationships in that's what dinners and we're going to focus on the fact that you means are you mix and they have desires not talk about what happened
00:03:21with %HESITATION catch dot com owns tender and what do they reveal you see now get about match dot coms earnings are parts it is unveiling tender years yes which is tender for college kid yeah as in universe and it's making a large marketing push right now around college
00:03:35back to school this is brazen met yet and we you know is aggressive were you know we're kind of scared angry this is as brazen as a college foam party this is literally phone borrowed from the match dot com announced earnings and it was all about tender it
00:03:55was the driver of growth revenues rose a hundred and thirty six percent for the company and its all about tender and tenders free but you know there's the premium option everyone signing up for tenure gold and it's a big deal that remember Facebook just a few months ago
00:04:08tried to ruin tender renounce they were gonna make it possible to date and do stuff via Facebook shares of match dot com fell twenty two percent when Facebook said it was entering the dating industry in revenues for match dot com last quarter they rose thirty six percent and
00:04:24profits are up eighty one percent so clearly like the Facebook issue not issue not so much as a nation and shares are actually back to where they started like before the Facebook and respect this tender is going back to its roots and recognizing what it is so Jack
00:04:40about what's the take away dating apps are the most carefully crafted segmented industry ever this is insane do you have like a mole on your right shoulder because there's probably a dating actress see we got jobs based dating out yet talk to me farmers only classic and then
00:04:59you got religion based dating apps Christian mingle totally among many others and got sexual orientation based dating out talk about grinder here drop the E. of Jack what else we got just in case relationships like wearing your thing tender wasn't hardcore enough yeah Ashley Madison a cheating based
00:05:17dating you got apps for couples apps for troubles that's called the render and that's just clever marketing right match dot com has forty five brand is the guiding is seven point seven million users and that's actually up thirty six percent the number of users from last year it's
00:05:35a beautiful thing and that's international expansion that's Facebook not killing and stating business right and that's unleashing these kind of premium features to make it easier to connect so where ever you are who ever you are what ever you ever you put on those forms when you've to
00:05:49check boxes that say there optional because of your like background in history and stuff whatever it is our second story it's while it's on Tesla you learn must who broke Wall Street with like a great series of two weeks we had gone on right yeah so Ilan musk
00:06:07messed with Wall Street like a senior messes with his high school on the last day of school like like those scenes in a honey I shrunk owner like those scenes in home alone with the bandits and like throwing candy it was a prank is ugly he tweeted twelve
00:06:22times yesterday and well tweets a mosque they were so monumental and so stock market shaking event nasdaq had the pasta their data down and say hold on a sec we're not trading testimony more they stop the training you could not buy shares her story now a little bit
00:06:40of context here you learn muskets of African and I live in South Africa for a bit so Nick is going to play the role of Ilan masks Twitter account yes we're gonna go through four of the most monumental tweets from the CEO has the yesterday and tell you
00:06:54what they mean yes so neck here got make is now Yvonne mosque mia first tweet first England last week I'm considering taking to slip private at four hundred and twenty dollars a share okay test what is with his mates test lies a currently a publicly traded company yeah
00:07:13Ilan musk says he wants to make it privately owned again also you know it's a great markets next daily lesson second we funding is secured okay so in his previous three E. said for four hundred twenty dollars a share once take a private now with funding secured that
00:07:33means Ilan musk can afford that and it's going to cost eighty five billion dollars to buy all the shares for four hundred twenty dollars that's actually a huge deal because for SCO just to make a claim like that double that'd be true boldly on and if it's not
00:07:49true he could be breaking lies with the SEC third week she holds give you the scene at four hundred and twenty dollars old chess in go private okay here's what that means for these videos I understand well before these desires it's three hundred and forty two dollars he
00:08:10says he's going to buy them for four hundred twenty dollars our shareholders everyone logs test the shares right now is gonna benefit because the share price is getting up to four twenty also yeah unlike when most companies go private Ilan musk says that all current investors can remain
00:08:27investors if they want and like regular people will be able to buy the shares I'm serious you could work at the Olympic village I see a future here last tweet last week good morning smiley face emoji okay he sent that to eat after the series of stock market
00:08:44breaking treats and here's what that means he just woke up if you wake sent Wall Street screaming and like going nuts like it was a Beatles concert there freaking out and he hadn't even had breakfast yet and his communications team probably hates they're not happy with it so
00:09:03Jack what's the takeaway Ilan musk hates Wall Street he really does a public companies you know they have to be open you gotta be transparent you got to be honest to the public with information it's a communication it's a lot if you're a publicly traded company you need
00:09:17to tell everyone everything and you almost can't stand that private companies don't know if they can stay secret yeah that's can't get the numbers and specifics like that from private companies that legally after release Ilan must would love if tussle was private so that it had stopped having
00:09:33to defend himself from the haters and deal with Wall Street all the time but he could use as many mode easy likes neck we were just talking about college brought me back you never college roommate yep I remember it now you know they didn't have in college aid
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00:10:45free with a quip electric toothbrush at your first refill pack free at get quick dot com slash markets now here we got G. E. T. Q. U. I. P. dot com slash markets now our third and final story is crazy it's our start up of the day and
00:11:01its name is blank the name the companies actually new TV but that's just a place holder because they're changing things up and this thing is a Dream Team of investors and founders not technically this company will launch next year that not even a company that really doesn't have
00:11:17a name but it's going to be the Netflix for short attention spans thinks snack a ball yet love that ten minute videos there HBO quality so this is what's important you need to know about this company and we're going to tell you about it now even though it's
00:11:31not launching for another year and there is one big reason why for the big news that just happened this is such a big deal and such a big new media TV company bake in case you don't get that it raised one billion dollars one billion dollars with the
00:11:46beat now the average seed round in the US for company is like less than a million this is a guys just raise one thousand times that I was intended to do the math zero now the investors for this company for new TV it's like a castrated of them
00:12:02ocean's eleven talking Clooney Pitt and all the other guys if you want another analogy it's like a dream team treated you got the entertainment industry represented by Disney twenty first century fox Lionsgate Sony and MGM they all invested you got tack represented by Ali Baba the Amazon of
00:12:21China that invested big finances Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan writing checks everybody came together to get in on this we did this one billion dollar seat route that one billion dollar company is just two people read an idea right now the start ups when it comes to fundraising start
00:12:39ups is such that the business model right the investors are focusing on one other key as well the founders exactly the entrepreneur is behind the company as out Jeffrey Katzenberg is the first and he's a big deal art so many little wikipedia's outback animals but like better than
00:12:54wikipedia Disney struggled in the nineties Jeffrey Katzenberg came in and just turn things around yet beauty and the beast he was responsible for boom wind came Aladdin when you throw another one in there Jack this yes little mermaid that would allow him all he is responsible for all
00:13:11I mean like made so many like his action you know Ariel with the red herring but he was behind them getting worse you mentioned the red hat now he left Disney to turn into DreamWorks which then was responsible for Shrek and basically anything he touches in the entertainment
00:13:27space makes a lot of money end anything it touches the political space yeah bombing campaign exactly how big political donor now on the other side he's also got CEO Meg Whitman who he brought on board this year now she was the top female tech exact and made eBay
00:13:46a huge company used then she moved on to HP she did a stint running for governor in the state of California tween %HESITATION she's also been an executive at DreamWorks started out with half and she ran on the other side of the political spectrum as a Republican right
00:14:03she ultimate Romney's campaign to get this is a mean do al right now they've got a billion dollars they can use right now but Jack what's the take away for new TV the reason a nonexistent companies like the TV that has a nonexistent name can raise a billion
00:14:19dollars is because of Netflix exactly now content is king and content it's expensive right and Netflix's spending like thirteen billion dollars next year on content while numbers so to form a viable competitor to Netflix it needs to be extremely well financed right ridiculous one is have you seen
00:14:38the costumes on the crown that stuff isn't cheap we had to put a crown together for the quick hoser ornate game of thrones for HBO how many people are employed by that like movie set a whole bunch it's a lot of people and so if you're gonna try
00:14:53to battle that industry it helps to have a billion dollar yeah you don't walk in like a with a ball back and take take on that army you need a billion dollars Nick doubt was das beste upmarket snacks daily you were right you call the beginning very strategic
00:15:09but not for the markets next affected the day this one brought in by a legendary market sacks news that a reader in podcast listener E. lie London straight out of %HESITATION Bushwick Brooklyn all right so mobile web browsing is huge it's big it's growing it's when you look
00:15:27at the web on your smartphone you're welcome mom and dad that's what so the number one web browser is apple in the United States will pacify browser number two is Google yeah with chrome and number three surprisingly is Facebook while not those three tech companies neck they account
00:15:47for ninety nine point four percent of mobile web browser that is wild so if four point six percent more be a hundred percent note if we had a full point is we had a full factor the dare we know who's as the points that that's that's the real
00:16:01question is someone knows tell us that we love you that's all the Vista now other great stories recovery in the markets next Daily News are you gotta check out first one is big it Snapchat which had an interesting tidbit of information about its active users indeed multi million
00:16:21dollar investment from a Saudi prince second is about voice assistance now we had a markets neck deep dive yet and we said the voice assistants were the shopping of the future yeah how quite happily case the future still found James in two weeks that's why Alexa has added
00:16:37a whole foods voice ordering and we're gonna talk about what we can you know you gotta check it out I mean little experiment here turn us all the way out is to try something Hey Alexa order blueberries a guy at work and I don't know but Nick discreetly
00:16:53edit and reason and market sank daily world guys we love having you on the markets next in the pockets we love all our great every single day we love the grass our audience has grown so thank you future market yeah if you're new to mark his next one
00:17:08of let us know what features do you like what you know loving as much we'd love to hear from you because you can make it were we wrong the best one yet it's impossible lettuce now that was a lot of fun we will talk to you tomorrow thanks
00:17:23for listening can't wait

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