Fresh out of University and living in Missouri, Wade Foster was not only working a job but doing any sort of freelance web work he could get which paid in money. One thing he was often being asked to do was to create one-off integrations. Such things included the ability to get PayPal sales into ...
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00:00:00Hey I'm white foster co founder CEO chapter and you're listening to the marketing for owners podcast it's me jump out of the marketing for miss put cost help I'd love the expert interview series guests don't tell them that my main reason for getting them on is that the
00:00:17full might also wish list for free training to make my work life easier today sums it up as I have white foster on the show white is the co founder of sap dot com and then mission is to make our lives easier by automating everyday tasks that we
00:00:33just repeat overnight have to listen to white as he explains how it can be used it kills me that some of my Darling listeners as you have never had the opportunity to try essential tools like that that's why I love my job it's free by the way does
00:00:50that help our amazing show nights for this are at marketing for a miss dot com slash put cost slash five to eight with a load of examples of how to use this in your everyday life okay let's get to it let's go and meet white hello wide how
00:01:16are you today I'm good John thanks for having me today that's wonderful whereabouts in the world are you sitting right now so I am sitting in Sunnyvale California which is my home in the in the in the bay area mood lucky yea yeah that was that yeah for
00:01:35some of us the time see sunshine for months on end in little horrible England in the winter yes Sir I we see %HESITATION we see sun boasts days of the year mom but say you are and tell me how did you get into this where did you where
00:01:53did you come from I did you get into the world of making a long season yeah so I was living in Columbia Missouri which is where the university of Missouri is I was just out of school and and I started I had a day job but on the
00:02:08side I was doing a lot of freelancing just kind of general web work you know like wordpress sites in like little marketing automation bits for people in small businesses and and you know kind of any such towards sort of work I can get at the time right I
00:02:22would just take it if it paid and and you know green cash currency I would I would probably do it right and and I I teamed up with Brian who's now my co founders happier and we were just you know doing this and that and these sorts of
00:02:38things in and we often get asked to do these kind of one off integrations so you know get our PayPal sales and a quick books or I'll blow this list of leads into cell source that sort of thing and %HESITATION Brian then during our day jobs when they
00:02:54message me on I chat at the time was like you know I think we can build the thing that people can buy off the shelf rather than having to hire engineers like us to do this sort of work they'll just be able to use a star a piece
00:03:09of software for it and I was like well that makes a ton of sense right like theirs most apps out there were is severely lacking in the in the amount integrations they offered so if we could just provide like a clearinghouse for all of them then it seemed
00:03:23kind of like a no brainer thing to do and who are you both the sign of any by program as a lotus one the specialize in something the other one comes so yeah Ryan is definitely much much much much much better engineer than I am and it's not
00:03:40even close I I definitely am more of a marketing working on a nation technical marketing type type guy can dabble in it a little bit and build some basic gaps but that's about it yeah was still moving Propecia about ninety percent of us the rest of the possible
00:03:58but I couldn't build chapter by myself that's for sure so you is almost a classic thing you you kind of scratched your own niche and found that to some other people might need the same thing yeah it was you know we we had these clients talking to us
00:04:15we'd get out a little bit of research you know we would go to these forums you know like base camp had a forum where they users would ask questions Evernote has a forum where users would act questions and we saw lots of threads around you know I want
00:04:28integration for this or integration for that reintegration for this and some of them are like really old like several years old so it's clear like this stuff was just not gonna get built it's just not super high priority Sir like well this seems like people want this stuff
00:04:42I guess you know we should give this a go how how long does it take to get it to unite to a position where you can actually get some of the user so we had we started in October of two thousand eleven and in December of two thousand
00:05:00eleven we got our first user I am however it was so bad the product was that they actually struggled to use it so it was actually enter Warner mixer G. for those who are not when %HESITATION he was so nice he's such a nice guy I I I
00:05:21I I he messaged me and said wait I really need this wufoo to a Whopper integration so that you know people would fill out this within four would lock them as customers it %HESITATION us subscribers in a web or their mailing list is like I really need this
00:05:35and I am trying to set it up in chapter but I just can't see how to get it to work so we jumped on a Skype call like this and I kinda screen chair and showed him like what buttons to click and what things to do and it
00:05:46was like super helpful for me to like I I did this with our first you know I don't know several dozen customers I could see people just struggling to use it right so each time I would do a call it what you know take notes on Oct that's
00:06:00not good that's not good that's not good and then it would be a list of things that we would go back and we fix it in the software and then you know rents what rinse wash and repeat until it was like alright this actually is now usable by
00:06:12someone they don't have to talk to me on a skate called figure it out was with that Tom so the lean startup stylus that kind of retrospect was it accidentally being stuffed up style it was definitely heavily influenced by some of the lean startup stuff and kind of
00:06:29lean you acts type of type of work yep interesting saying vote for those who is in and not show can you explain festival what does that do what does it take how does it improve our lives yes those actor is really it generically it's an automation platform you
00:06:48can automate stuff on it but specifically we automate web apps so there's about seven hundred fifty apps on sap your these are things like GML Google calendar Facebook Twitter HubSpot sales floors male gym type form you name it right if there's a web app that your work using
00:07:07probably work we probably support it and then inside of sappy or you set up these rules that will automate things for you so like a simple one might be but you know if I get an email that has an attachment automatically save the attachments to Dropbox or like
00:07:23the one the inter Warner was using you know someone fills out this review for on my site let's go ahead and log the email addresses of subscriber any Weber so that's kind of like the simple style things that you can do and and just I just have interest
00:07:36values add to a lot of your discussions replace their you know some of these apps sites might have thrown integrations does yul's kind of just replace them does it it better so sometimes we do it better sometimes not about oftentimes these to integrations don't exist in so chapter
00:07:54is like the only way to do it and then in some cases yeah we actually are a lot better because we have you know more specific configuration are pop ways to set it up were we're dedicated to doing this a lot of these integrations are old and clunky
00:08:09like they built at one offer a marketing campaign and no one supports anymore so they advertise it but it's not very good and so does after integration is a lot better but not that that's a good point is now a lot of people would have %HESITATION they want
00:08:26you know eve party got a list as a software company a list of things to update this party a lot more important things in updating an old integration say some of these things that you might realize might just stop working where exactly but you it shut yeah yeah
00:08:40yeah so we pay attention to every single update you know we make sure that we're taking making sure that all those stay like you know top of the line you know was as modern as a candy in now in my experience when I've explained this type of tool
00:08:55to people that you I don't think a lot of people in you know that I know I just realized that something would exist or that it actually works and I it sounds I mean it does kind of sound too good to be true from the outside I mean
00:09:12it does it does yeah so how on earth can that happen you know some someone tweets you in it you up and you put it into a Google doc how does that happen exactly I think it's one of those things where you know for the longest time like
00:09:28setting up this sort of stuff was the domain of engineers and programmers right they're the ones who thought like how can I hack around this thing and like get this sort of stuff set up so for us that are less technical folks like you and I may be
00:09:42like you know you just kind of don't think about it you just did are resigned to the fact that like there's probably not a way to do that so I'm just gonna copy and paste this stuff for you know I may do some you know tired intern or
00:09:55whatever right but what we found like over time is that a lot more people are getting exposed to things like sap here and there starting get a bit more creative and realize like I thought there are tools out here that can can let me set up stuff like
00:10:08this thank you for that for many of us and I mean if we take come let me see serve most businesses are going to be blocking and using social media so can you start to give us some some general examples of of what we can do that that
00:10:27like you like you said I imagine people say but I'm to take me about one minute I'm not so that myself and for the next ten years yes sure so you know okay a couple examples let's start earn with when you you know publish something on your site
00:10:45right let's just say you put a new post on your blog write a simple thing to get set up was Appier is a rule that automatically takes the RSS feed sends it to Facebook Twitter linked in a gesture publishes all those new posts you can also set it
00:11:00up to like you know put it right when you publish then you could set delays Sir to re send it out you know two days later two weeks later whatever so I'd be like a really straightforward way to just take care of all that button clicking where you're
00:11:12like auto sharing two different sites on the other side you could also look at kind of your editorial calendar in your publishing workflow and a lot of folks here using tools like trail of for example to manage a editorial calendar so the thinking like what pose should I
00:11:29will post are being worked on what poster in the editing stage that sort of stuff and so that you can with sap your set up rules that say like Hey when I move this card to editing stage let's go ahead and send an email to the editor and
00:11:44let them know that it's ready and include a link to the the Google dock where they need to start editing on us you can set up these little notifications that help people you know basically streamline your entire editorial calendar and get to the publishing stage a lot easier
00:12:00wow they act on it you know she said that the publishing telling ten I was just out to make a night that to say can you put the light because that kills you probably don't want to publish the linkedin exactly same time should publish to your site if
00:12:17you want your site to rank that set up a bit site and now what do you call these actions two columns that yes so these rules and they're called zaps he's easy one and where did the name come from by the way Safia yeah questions so we actually
00:12:36came up with the name in about five minutes of what we started working on it we wanted to include API in the name as zap your works with eighty eyes like that's how the the whole back in so it's like Hey if we put a T. einer the
00:12:49with the name it'll be kind of a clever not to those who do see it right they'll see in the black are I get it right and if you don't see it it's fine right it's not a big deal so we're like okay for put API in the
00:13:01name I ER is a common like suffix cut common ending to words right so now have eighty I dark like what words can go along with that and so we're like zap zap things like it's kind of got a nice ring to it so we did a quick
00:13:18domain search and it was available and you know nine Bucks later we're on our way this fat is fantastic whenever I'm in of not come up with innocent as clever as that but whenever I feel extra prices like that when I got to looking for the mind it's
00:13:31like you're like so surprised it was like holy cow it's available like this worked out perfectly right exactly or six let you know six letter domain so you're like you know you're gonna find yourself in some branding ripple is likes of how clever you effort branding then tell
00:13:50them it to five minutes yeah the flip side those though they'll say like but no one knows quite knows how to pronounce the name right that with the flip side of it well yeah is it the other thing that medicine much to the I just think it's it's
00:14:03clever and then like you say saps now going to spot the Apion unsent clever people say Hey to name him after that it's like people he eventually see the arrow in the FedEx than it is right it's that subtle not it's like oh yeah you're kinda in the
00:14:17club if you know it right now I'm all of the of the actions you can type what are the more popular ones a minute that they must be gosh unlimited but what do you watch you rank them to have lists of popular yeah you know I think there's
00:14:36you know for it's funny you know we connect seven hundred fifty apps right sweet we're working with so many different applications but the most popular things are still spreadsheets and email like the world still runs on spreadsheets any amount so there's so many people that are like logging
00:14:52new stuff into a spreadsheet for like later analysis or triggering emails to go out to people to say like you know notify them this notify them of that let him know about these things that are happening MC email access kind of a light weight routing system notification layer
00:15:08for all these different actions and events that are happening in different apps funny cide that shape and I think about it in in probably in our office yeah just just those basic kind of mundane tasks that just in time we've been doing it for so long the party
00:15:24that even many nights this with doing them so if you could help if you could just stop me point out to someone hate to unite this would do that for you yep yeah say you say you know how difficult is it for a novice at you know for
00:15:40a complete non techie I know you can assess easy but really is it for a complete non techie someone you can just about open you know I've been a spreadsheet and far Phanes how difficult is it for the for that person to use well yeah that's a good
00:16:00question it is easy it's the easiest thing ever right but you know I think if you're comfortable using just web apps in general right like if you you know if you know how to use a spreadsheet you know how to use you know Gee email you're using tools
00:16:15like trial lower a sauna or you know drop box or whatever they can you know you're pretty comfortable feel like you got a hang of that stuff then sap is going to be pretty easy for you to like if you're struggling to you know set up a spreadsheet
00:16:29it's happy are taken to be tough for you to just because like there's that's kind of just the prerequisite for using chapters that you gotta know how to use apps in fact if you struggle and set up a spreadsheet you probably not gonna use something like this anyway
00:16:43I exactly knock on wood I am I'm just thinking as well the advantage for you guys the party you have so many people using it including a lot of techies that you probably get unlimited suggestions of us and the holy law as you put it on the left
00:17:01to think of any yourself every candy probably not you know we still do because you can't help yourself right you're like all this to be cool that would be cool but yeah we have a backlog that's miles long of just you know this after this trigger that action
00:17:16or this fielder that you know thing that we could potentially add well now I'm I'm interested as well when you started off so you've got your your suffer pasta you'll sass products and you started to get people to use it what have you done for your marketing and
00:17:35another either any wise you've used your own product this helps you you know market your product any little clever things you can tell us for sure and so there's a couple things but you know one of the biggest strategies for chapter is just our partnerships you know we
00:17:52have seven hundred fifty apso whenever we have a new integration you know we make we have like we now have a like a co marketing menu if you will where it's like we're gonna blow sent an email to our user base for both going to blog about it
00:18:06we're both gonna share on social media we're going to add it to our welcome email streams that sort of thing in so that helps get the word out for every single new partner that's new potential users for us right now so that works great and in terms of
00:18:22you know special ways that we use sap here to make this happen one of my favorites is what I call like the new age mail merge so mail merges if you're familiar with is like you set up an email address and the nipples and like first name last
00:18:36name and some other tax from like a spreadsheet or something like that fires off a bunch of emails that kinda look the same right so oftentimes will do this with sappy or so we'll have a list of we're trying to maybe write a story about how someone would
00:18:51use sap here with let's just say trial for example while we're on the trail okay today and say you know we found this list of a hundred people were hoping that maybe we can get twenty good use cases out of these hundred people you know summer gonna email
00:19:07us back so we we do an export to get all their email addresses we get their names we maybe get exactly the name of the sap that they're using or something like that in the we set up a template email and then we set up was apt it
00:19:20takes new rose in a spreadsheet and fires off an email through G. mail and so as we just add those people to that spreadsheet it just mail merge style sends out those email so you don't have to go in and manually set up the email every single time
00:19:34you just have to log whoever you want to send email to in spreadsheet so work super nice for these kind of like mass outreach campaigns that require a little bit of personalization but for the most part the emails exactly the same of us that's clever and does does
00:19:49not have a room just you know with an entry not quite I have never seen it done wrong but maybe if it goes wrong the person wouldn't reply to us and be like that's super weird yeah the and and the out the other one so I I seen
00:20:04that sort of thing is going to run twenty four seven is not old or do you have it time to not go out for a morning though so we just have it set up to where like the these are just one time usually so I use there's an
00:20:19updated ro trigger for this spreadsheet and so I'll set it to where it only updates when this column changes from no to yes where the column is like sent you now and so then I'll change the you know what I'm ready I've got the whole spreadsheet figured out
00:20:36like the all the people in there I'll go through and pulled change I'm from nose to gases and then it'll fire off all the emails that's clever is Sam that is really smart I'm just trying to my pets like good little cokes gun around in my head now
00:20:52try to think of how else that could be used that top so that's clever save up what else what else have you done to see that you're gonna get to a point it in fact night go back to the beginning nowadays you well nine and say when you
00:21:07you know when you do a new integration that can so great but what happened in early days when you set to say style schools not high we've done this would you mind meddling you list well well sales force was the hardest one of all in the early days
00:21:22because of course it was one of the first ones we wanted to do and they're like the most massive company that out out there so you know were tiny little fish in there like a giant shark right and so it so source we we finally got in touch
00:21:39with them after we got into YC and we got an intro to somebody and manage to kinda network our way to a you know an important person over there and all that effort paid off with the affix change listing so that was what we got out of that
00:21:55which is nice but it's not nearly what we have get gotten out other partners so in the early days you know we were just scrap and claw and to get whatever we could get it sometimes partners would give us more than others and that was fantastic and sometimes
00:22:09we would get nothing would come up short but because the apple's popular we would still use it and find it and it will allow us to kind of proof to that person over time right like sap here is worthwhile it's like not to keep the we don't have
00:22:25any users but we come back in six months and say like Hey there's five hundred or a thousand people using this now all of a sudden their heads turned and they're like oh maybe we should pay attention to this company yeah though bio out of engine anyway tomorrow
00:22:40but time and do out yes I do that to people kind of define people nowadays really do get the win win side of this because physicals festival they think well Hey with promoting your thing but up but now you're a point can you say see we told you
00:22:58this is a nice is popular yeah absolutely you know in fact nowadays most of the integrations are built by the partners themselves because they realize how easy it is to set up an integration was happier and out of the box they get you know seven hundred fifty integrations
00:23:15right away so like instead of having to do all the native on some cells they just use Appier and it checks all these boxes off at once there's a lot of motivation for them to get out invest a little bit of time in making sure their sappy integration
00:23:29is top notch around and first for people who want to spend it not in the in the U. S. %HESITATION you know ran about the world when nine I see it's the worldwide web to that does it desist run on a kind of CDM type thing in my
00:23:45limited like running on like we're running on like a W. Aslam's on web services yeah they say it's as fast everywhere and it works everywhere and %HESITATION and say that as a for example you know some of the domain specific at country specific sites where they have different
00:24:05tonight does it still continue to work on me in other areas where there is of the world where it doesn't operate as well but no so it works and great pretty much anywhere so like a good example I think of what your **** like a bit bright has
00:24:21like a U. case specific version of the way the API works is that it is nation agnostic so zap here just works wherever and and brightest supported it doesn't matter if you're accessing it through you know the US stock com site or the UK no dot co dot
00:24:38UK site yeah that help that is what I meant automatic in the technical terms the depth and and the other thing I got to ask is there any one %HESITATION down why no one's listening no one's gonna night but is there anyone you thought IT worker link with
00:24:53the of just said flat knives and you've tried and tried and you still trying yeah there is you know it's really rare but there is like I I mean I can think of one off the top of my head that I would just love to have a partnership
00:25:07but they tend to have a bit of a closed ecosystem they have like no integrations and so you know we'll keep we'll keep working out on you yeah keep plug in plug in and tell us that you can take out some of the yeah I just eventually confess
00:25:24I'm right I think if we get enough of their customers to to complain and back to %HESITATION maybe there'll be some light at the end of the tunnel think in the end you'll stages of maturity you've got to the point where you've got a nine you'll your nine
00:25:39if you I mean nice people and a lot of people online %HESITATION especially that technical people party night what is accurate and but do you how do you stop getting complacent with the marketing because I suppose you get to a point where you think well Hey this is
00:25:54kind of self perpetuating now but how do you do you how do you stop that how do you continue marketing when it appears yeah and it's and thank you know I think for for us it's like it's like a competition a little bit right it's like how can
00:26:08we be better than ourselves right so we're always looking at the metrics and saying like how can we have you know more new customers this month and we did the month before and so if you look at it that way you know it really keeps you creative and
00:26:22keep she got kind of hungry to see like well what can we do now and it's also fun because now we're at a spot where that like things we used to do that with the right we had no chance to be able to do because of our size
00:26:36like we can start doing some of this stuff and trying and seeing how it works so for example like we we do partner meet ups in cities across the world now and for our partners when we happen to have a few folks in town which are expensive like
00:26:51when we run an event it's you know a thousand Bucks two thousand Bucks we get like you know twenty people out for dinner drinks or whatever and just pay for the whole ordeal but that's kind of stuff we never could have done when we were tight tiny and
00:27:04small so like I think it's it's also the fact that now that we've grown a little bit and we have a few more resources to also try new stuff so it we we don't feel complacent it doesn't feel like we're just doing the same Ole same Ole everyday
00:27:17now that's interesting and dumb and that must must take a white off of the fact of you have been a stuffed up is probably pretty tricky I can imagine the long hours for very little return at sure yeah those first first couple years were yeah it was a
00:27:36hawk is part of the hardest I've worked in my life for sure I think you mentioned trial our member reading one of those stories where the %HESITATION where they lost power **** where all my cousins if you had the somewhere where they had to get a generator and
00:27:50then have to keep feeding fuel into at all I did remember that that was that was the the %HESITATION east St yeah yeah yeah and %HESITATION and I were running up and down the stairs a thing when I or something like it was %HESITATION it is completely mad
00:28:05but they just did it around the clock rough intently anyone and unties of the dice gets right lights on yeah thankfully at the nothing to check it out at a WSU kika but some without you I think you've just bought a new product and you Seki tell us
00:28:23about that yeah well I mean yesterday we launched digest which is %HESITATION at a particular action on tap here which allows you to do something that you couldn't really ever do with sap here before which is you know the ways apps work is they trigger every time you
00:28:43know it's like any time so you set up one that triggers for any mention of you on Twitter so every time that mention happens it triggers right away and just goes and goes and goes however what tai just allows you to do is kind of wait and say
00:28:57like I want to get a daily log of all my Twitter mentions so I just get one notification a day instead of dozens of notifications today and so really what you kind of control your information intake right I think a lot of us are kind of overwhelmed with
00:29:14the amount of notifications we get from various apps on a day to day basis it's like again feels like electric phone and it's lit up like a Christmas tree notifications right ones I just can say like you can say okay I want to get a daily summary of
00:29:29all the get hope issues that I have or a daily summary of the trouble tasks that were completed or or what have you right so instead of as they come in just getting inundated with them one time you get that alert you take a look you can review
00:29:44all that once in a really can just help yeah tame all the notification of religion tend to get yeah I can think of about about five hundred other software people leave might want to do that might want that to that things like Google alerts yeah truck plan if
00:30:04you popular set not particular let's see at night tribe white thread you wait three that but so that's a selective it's that you can actually select you is not just a blanket on or off that sell exactly what you're saying exactly and you get in and it doesn't
00:30:19just have to be an email or either you can say I want to actually get a slack message or I want to log in Evernote or I want to log in a spreadsheet so you can take that that the digest and put put it wherever you think is
00:30:33most helpful for you which which is nice to now in in your use of the tools and your analysis of of what if analysis would be the right thing but you can also see see what people are using have you discovered if you yourself discovered new tools that
00:30:52you should be using from saying oh yeah from the you know I think one of the ones that is surprised us a little bit was on you know I think a forum software is kind of like a boring thing that just works right you know there was you
00:31:09know you have a live performer a Google former gravity form or what have you and they're all great like honestly you know think they do their job it's it's great they're solidly built all that stuff and so for me I was like there's probably no more room in
00:31:23this space for another yet another form company right now however I don't know where about his two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen so upstart from Barcelona Spain type form comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden we start to see a lot of use of John's happy
00:31:43and I'm like what is this thing I go check it out these forms are beautiful like they're really really nice and I get to thinking like okay you can't be competitive in competitive spaces if you really have a novel a new take on how to approach something and
00:31:57so here's type form coming into a space that was already pretty crowded in just two and something really kind of an innovative and so it's fun to see those like you know when you first you get a kind of a first glimpse into kind of the upstart who's
00:32:12his figured something out that's interesting fact you're you're right because when gravity films came out it was probably accepted the well you know that's something that he did tidying up they've done it life they've done that look away go do something else it felt funny that so many
00:32:31people think everything's done that night in in will suffer I mean despite the fact of how fast everything's growing I mean Snapchat at the time we recorded the **** up to six of whom must quietly announced second a list on the stump it like the what else was
00:32:48kept secret that up as soon as it does than it needs ads then it's gonna annoy all the people that use it so they'll be something else we cannot imagine what the something else will pay up it up eventually once told us old people using linkedin Snapchat the
00:33:06kids why one at that that's a load of stuff are you are you tempted to do I mean I know that it's the wrong way but when you see these things a pet because you've got of C. techie people do you think to yourself we should build another
00:33:21told you what she said about you actually see mom that's a demand for that or are you just Stockham focused on what you know mostly not them you know we there so much work to do on sap here that like you know what we will just keep plugging
00:33:37away and like work content and happy in fact that thrilled is really the right word when folks like type for come around and make something new and better and unique and then they can plug into chapter and it really just foster's a great ecosystem of collaboration between you
00:33:53now third party entities across the web so it's fantastic when it happens the only time when I do get like kind of that it should the back of my head is if I noticed a need and it just keeps going unfilled until unfilled on filled in the market
00:34:08and it's just like how could someone just build that it seems so obvious to me for some reason it just doesn't get built you yes they do you have to say time to time be time to time yeah well unless they are yeah we're mostly not tempted just
00:34:24because of them sheer amount of work we have left to do on chapter it's like it keeps us busy enough that you know there's no kind of shiny new toys syndrome I distract us yeah could I could imagine with the amount of work is funny you know if
00:34:38we say it from the surface when you see the website and see it working and thinking you know that was not so great but I can imagine you running around inside you know at times like headless chickens sink into its current but some say as you come to
00:34:52the end hit what what is next what have you got coming up I mean what what are the plans for the future for the day I fly checking on me they're still pretty exciting developments that we've got coming up you know we've been working on making sappy are
00:35:07better for certain groups of people yes teams two years so historically %HESITATION zap here only works for a single user right there's no way to shares apps or you know collaborate inside of a workplace so we've got something that we're working on there to to improve that and
00:35:25then on the flip side for for partners for sass apps were working a lot of tooling to make the integration deeper better easier to maintain we got a whole new version of that coming out here soon which should should really make our partners last a whole lot easier
00:35:40interesting and and just to mention of course because of one wonders it's free isn't I am is free and as a premium but yes yes free to get started and then you know as your usage grows we have paid accounts that kind of scale with your your company
00:35:55but at that point as with most things at that point that you know when you know you need it yet I might find yeah you know it's an automation platform so soon as actors automating a whole bunch of stuff than you know Mizell pair of you know him
00:36:09four Bucks a month to help you out with that hand click clever idea right I love days %HESITATION I'm about to the low rider with that meet at god and saying that this when I sing French start using that you could not ever go back to manually so
00:36:24clever you like what you got customer you got a customer for life I like it bit exactly that this this is smart without what why do you think great on explaining and they're out there are just so many ways that that can be used as one of those
00:36:39things you've got to dive in and use that and then just get out a harm my men have you got a guy while really yeah it totally is like that you know I I explained a handful uses here but like we haven't even covered less than a fraction
00:36:57of a percent of the things that you can do is happier and in fact I don't even know the full extent of what Safir's possible if I learn from our customers on a daily basis star like I set up this thing was after and I'm like oh you
00:37:09can do that no like yeah here's how I did it and like all right that's pretty awesome so really kind of the creativity part is also what's fun about working on chapter and just see and what it is that people build with it and do you have once
00:37:23people locked in is it easy to see variation is it easy to say a never ending list of what can actually be done said people is our imagination yeah there is a lot of suggested use cases for you to to check out to try and kind of filter
00:37:38through you can you know pick the different apps that you can use you can say I used to three or four apps and all serve up some recommendations that are specific to those absent and try and get it go and get your mind kinda kinda spent in a
00:37:49little bit okay well when when we write up the the show nights what we'll do is we'll try and list some of the eyes and and pick out the popular things mean mention trial I wanna sing site at the night Instagram into on its way out face but
00:38:04let what then I what they let you Dave face but don't let anyone do anything to that but there things like Dropbox and %HESITATION Twitter and and things like that so will give some various %HESITATION examples because I I just think I think white you and Brian of
00:38:21a say in that same have done a great job and you've got %HESITATION is over a million uses is it yeah yeah about one and a half million users these days that is absolutely fantastic and that is you know that's like the proof of the pudding because if
00:38:38you can tell you if you get that you continue to cry this thing works say for the listeners you want to try this this really will make your life easier and if you've never heard of a thing like this you will be absolutely amazed and then you can
00:38:52send a message to white and to say thank you want beside me a ton of time but some but night that's brilliant so we will fill the and we'll have all the links and everything I suppose people just guy too Zappa dot com may not support best place
00:39:09find isn't and daisy a P. I. yard dot com will do the trick just one be fabulous a chi will spell out in the think book at spelling run that's wonderful thank you so much I have learned things and this is going to as soon as the finish
00:39:24now I'm gonna to write down a bunch of things %HESITATION whizzing round my head of things that can be done at the at the thought of T. explained a couple things to say say thank you so much for coming on but you've been very generous with your time
00:39:38but we look forward to welcoming you again hissing at marketing frightens dot com also thanks John I'm glad to be here

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