Marginally Significant is a podcast discussing life in academia, issues with scientific research, and current events. Marginally Significant is hosted by Andrew Smith, Twila Wingrove, Andrew Monroe, and Chris Holden. These four psychologists were all trained at research-focused institutions, but now teach at a comprehensive university. Their unique experiences and shifting roles within their university allow them to see academic life from a particular perspective—a perspective that, although shared by many researchers, teachers, and academics, is often not represented by academics from elite universities. Listen to Marginally Significant to hear their opinions and insights, let them know when you agree or disagree, and contribute to the diversity of perspectives about scientific research and teaching in higher education.
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since March 8, 2019
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Judging People

We are required to judge people, whether it is students applying for graduate programs or faculty members going up for tenure. A number of graduate programs have dropped the GRE as a requirement for applications. Many of these programs cite potential biases in the GRE as a reason for removing the requirement. Proponents of the GRE state that, while possibly biased, the GRE is likely to be less biased than alternatives (e.g., letters of recommendation, personal statements). Another biased evaluation is student evaluations of teaching. Numerous studies have shown that they are affected by the teacher's gender and race, but can there still be value in the evaluations? In this episode we discuss whether these biased evaluations should still be used. Marginally Significant is hosted by: Andrew Smith @andrewrsmith Twila Wingrove @twilawingrove Andrew Monroe @monroeandrew Chris Holden @profcjholden You can contact Marginally Significant on Twitter (@marginallysig), through email ([email protected]), or on the web (marginallysignificant.fireside.fm/contact).Links:A wave of graduate programs drops the GRE application requirementBrown eliminates GRE test requirement for 24 doctoral programsShould We Throw Out the GRE?Course Evaluations: Concerns with Gender and Racial Bias — Thanks to Dr. Conry-Murry (@cconrymurray) for sending this list to us.Meta-analysis of faculty's teaching effectiveness: Student evaluation of teaching ratings and student learning are not relatedAvailability of cookies during an academic course session affects evaluation of teaching — The provision of chocolate cookies had a significant effect on course evaluation. These findings question the validity of SETs and their use in making widespread decisions within a faculty.A new intervention could help reduce bias against women college instructors in course evaluations.
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