Are you ready for the deep end…ready to abandon yourselves yourself, totally submitting yourself and all you are to the Father?
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00:00:00Brothers Let's jump in I'm Jay cooking ham founder of strategic fathering Ministries and this is a man that moment if you take care of the death of your devotion God will take care of the reach of you finish this quote reminded me of something God said to me over 17 years ago there in a quiet time we got in which time it sometimes we're not too quiet I felt the Holy Spirit give me a spiritual knowledge with this thought the extent of your obedience will determine the reach of your infant's I feel challenged by the connection between these two statements and motivated to deep in my relationship with him
00:00:37the death of my devotion and the extent of my obedience work well together producing application in a hunger for him and for his will and I like the way Jesus said it is simple John 14:15 he says this if you love me you will keep my commandments so what I choose to invest in when I choose to invest with my heart my treasures in my how it affects every area of my life not just Ministry but family and Community Life are Devotion to the father must go deep and Stacy and we must die intently for the depths of his love
00:01:16are you ready for the deep end ready to abandon yourself totally submitting yourself and all that you are to the father abandonment is casting off all your cares is dropping all your needs in the deep end of Faith totally relying on God in every season and every area of your life this is what devotion is all that giving all of us to call him Jesus said that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled what a awesome way to go deep God bless you for more minute moments preschool to strategic pottery.com

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