This episode is for everyone who has listened to this show, thought about the change they’d like to make in the world, and hesitated to take action because they either weren’t an expert or weren’t directly affected by the thing they wanted to change. We’ve been debating the Muslim ban since the 2016 campaign, and we’ve even done an episode of this show on Islamophobia, but today we wanted to tell you about the woman behind the legal fight for refugees.
She’s not a long-time human rights attorney or a former refugee herself. In fact, when Becca Heller started the International Refugee Assistance Project, she wasn’t even a lawyer yet.
Now that organization is helping people in over 70 countries. Becca is also one of the people who organized volunteer attorneys to assist refugees at airports when the Muslim ban first came down.
The Muslim ban may not lead the news everyday, but the damage its doing continues, and here is my conversation with Becca about what can be done.
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