Gone before its time, XXX (known popularly as “Triple X”) was a club not  far from the MAEKAN Office that was a hotspot for underground culture  and music on Hong Kong’s Kowloon side. The venue of choice for acts like  OKOKOK, Yeti Out and Eric Lau,  among many others, it closed in late 2018 amid a background of public  noise complaints, sky high rents and lack of official support from the  city. When street culture meccas like this one go down, it deals a  serious blow to the independent community, especially one eking out an  existence in a decidedly creatively inhospitable city like Hong Kong. 

 Audio by Elphick Wo

See the full story here: https://maekan.com/article/remembering-triple-x-hong-kongs-underground-hot-spot/

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