The growth of social media gives off the perception that the world’s smaller and more connected, but conversely, this doesn’t necessarily make the world easier to understand. In our MAEKAN Session titled The Need for Criticism, we focused on the concept of critique in a social-media dominated creative landscape.

This session was our most globally expansive to date, with a panel dialing in from Australia, Asia, and America. The panel members originally met through a WhatsApp group centered around film photography. Through this connection, the speakers often spoke about critique and how that has changed in relation to a social media-driven environment. How does critique affect the creative landscape of 2018, and how can we grow more accustomed to the ways in which we receive critique?

Text by Alek Rose

Moderated by Eugene Kan

Panelists featuring Sean Marc Lee, Young Kim, Jovell Rennie, James Bailey, and Donnel Barroso

See the full story here: https://www.maekan.com/article/maekan-session-the-need-for-criticism

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