Man tells police he robbed liquor store to get money to pay for court fees from previous crimes, Mia Khalifa to have surgery to repair breast implant after being hit by hockey puck, Someone has started a Facebook campaign to have a Nirvana reunion with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback handling vocals, Pent-up anger? Hit a a 'Rage Room'
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00:00:00Freaks and morons it's time for idiot ology one o one with lynch and taco what i want i want w j r r laters rock station by the way thanks for rocking on the job with us we appreciate that motus crassus i don't have a radio station without
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00:01:02experts heating and air conditioning all right taco and any time you're dealing with anything a c relating like what's the name of that company just email me well take care what garden grove california god guys arrested after he allegedly robbed a liquor store okay way strange about that
00:01:23nothing his motive for robbing a liquor store he apparently needed the cash to pay for the fee zeos in a couple of previous criminal cases teach tai ming got fun he's twenty three years old booked in the orange county jail oh this is local i didn't get out
00:01:45of the garden grove california orange county california ti ming got fun robs liquor store to pay for the court fees he's incurred in his previous criminal cases once a criminal always a criminal tea or tie whatever you need to get a job call that place montella's schlepping what's
00:02:06that c'mon tell on me will get you to montel williams as twenty five hundred dollars in your account by this time tomorrow man what do you have to do Come on tell call up this have no idea what you're talking about you haven't seen those ads on tv
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00:02:34that then you have to pay back thirty five hundred within a month probably right and then at the end there's a disclaimer which lets off a bunch of states that doesn't permit this because of the excessively high interest rates oh boy mia khalifa yeah always been a fan
00:02:53of her if you don't know who she is just google searcher yeah depending on where you're at she was a porn star and noted f s u fan fanatic actually and ah really good a trolling people on social media that's what it is she went from being the
00:03:12ultimate f s u fan which i didn't carry their way but then turning into the just the ultimate troll cheetah rips people rips grown men apart sports figures usually well she's way into sports and well she's making the news now because of something that happened back during the
00:03:28stanley cup playoffs specifically turning one of the capital's lightning games i guess she was intendant and she got hit hockey puck got hit with a hockey puck que matter to the face note to one of her breasts she was watching the game when when she says the puck
00:03:48flew into the stands and ruptured her left breast and well she's now is scheduling surgery to have that deflated breast fixed i guess if you've never seen me a khalifa again she has like a what if thirty six double d probably easily yeah but on this cute little
00:04:07you know middle eastern young lady that wears the glasses lebanese whatever she is it's the glasses that do it for me that's it with her and then i'm i'm hook line and sinker hockey puck the would you still make love to her with one deflated I'm saying if
00:04:25this is how long ago with a hockey hockey playoffs couple months ago so she's been rolling around without left breast for two months i'm sure she's you know put in some sort of something in her brought to make it look like she was still had that breast Aziz
00:04:43you still hasn't it's just deflated Yeah i know but here's what i'm saying here's the right one hears the left you just you keep pumping in this position You have a shot with mia khalifa and one of the breast is deflated Are you going I'm still there I'm
00:04:59not even tell her let's make it kinky Take your shirt off We touch it Are you I think most of us would say yeah you're in If you want to see the we've got mohr that over on the jet if you need visuals we have it on our
00:05:20block on our facebook page right now Yeah w jr our facebook page I should just put this up a cz well i needed this on a monday This is fantastic I needed that me on a monday said thank you some smart ass has started a facebook campaign demanding
00:05:38that chad kroeger of nickelback step in no it's sing for a nirvana already nirvana re union In fact they've set a date there and they're asking for people to commit to show up for said planned re union with chad kroeger nickel better timing than chad carter and dave
00:06:00girl and the whole gang We want to do this on new year's day They got its scheduled somewhere over in the uk so far sixteen hundred people say yeah well show up will be there and another forty one hundred have said they're interested Okay have we heard back
00:06:17from the day of girl camp or or the chad kroeger camp If you want to hey if you want we've got the invite for you The jr facebook page If you want to make plans for new year's and don't mind you know popping across the pond you could
00:06:35be for historic night Somebody else is down with me and khalifa missing the left I say I think most due to be like somebody said One flat breast can't motorboat in shallow water Look at this one she i can't read it is it sounds Oh my god she
00:07:03got i can see That was good Oh yeah somebody else that we're all and don't let anybody lie it's right i agree i think even our few mcallister's do we have a rage room in this city rage room that's where you can go and let your pent up
00:07:28anger by smashing stuff up i i've seen this before you you've mentioned the rager one in new jersey that's actually sharing this with you all is well i figured just being good monday item here you go in there when you're upset and smash like desks and everything well
00:07:44you can smash this one it's great that you can pay a fee and they'll provide stuff for you to smash kinda like tvs or or whatever or he could bring anything you want to really just go at it in the room and give you the sledgehammer or the
00:07:58bat or whatever you need i don't think we have one i've heard of him we need to open one of the put this on the list of our business a lot pf pizza bf pizza no rage right what's the firing business we have a firing line yeah we're
00:08:16expiring squad where we talk of firing squeak walk in and tell your employees that they're fired you don't have to do it for you Yeah Okay well there's too many of the rage room with this person and this person actually dated somebody with two different sized breasts off
00:08:33your going with like a b and a D no we're talking about going to be deflated I know none of them look a like eight averages out go to a c so you're good No there's no in between I know that some people say oh no two breasts
00:08:47are like like snowflakes but we're guys we don't care We're just knows dum boop be listening to the lynch and taco show on jr are you need to listen to the rock station

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