This week, we are joined by trauma therapist and educator Nina Keeler to talk about what are the effects of childhood emotional neglect and how it impacts relationships.

Nina breaks down what is Somatic Experiencing as a treatment option and how it can help!

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00:00:12can we talk about sex an addictive relationship breaking codependency and building a healthy relationship with and then as every we will talk about practically banks you can apply today to bring on the whole scene into so today on on how can we have meaning Keeler how I mean
00:00:43Hey Steve how are you today here I am good I'm good so happy to be here with you and your listeners awesome I'm happy that you can join us you are so good and what you do and so great at explaining things so I feel like this is
00:00:59going to be really beneficial for everyone who's listening and probably even for me %HESITATION great %HESITATION respect your work so far we get started %HESITATION can you tell well let me actually say or our topic is about challenge in a most unlikely %HESITATION or we start talking about
00:01:21that can you tell our audience a little bit about yourself yeah I'm a licensed family therapist %HESITATION I graduated from Kansas state university in two thousand four so I've been in the field for about fourteen years %HESITATION in my specialty is working with survivors of childhood trauma %HESITATION
00:01:40so any number of the training that I have %HESITATION %HESITATION all kind of related to trauma and the brain in the body but %HESITATION someone well known or EMDR or I movement desensitization reprocessing %HESITATION in somatic experiencing those are kind of the two that I fall back on
00:01:57as far as what's trauma %HESITATION I'm currently in private practice in Michigan %HESITATION I'm licensed in Michigan in Virginia so I do some tellement house in Michigan in Virginia and I'm currently %HESITATION also doing an online business to help other mental health professionals trauma care so that's a
00:02:15little bit about me brown so you know I didn't know that you sell clients and to state and I have done we have questions about them but I must say that for when we talk about somatic experiencing just because I wonder how different it how different it is
00:02:33or isn't it impacts anything at all okay yeah all right so this is junk bond N. so could you explain to us what it is childhood emotional neglect so basically it's when the person does not provide emotional support within a relationship %HESITATION that's appropriate still for childhood no
00:02:54emotional neglect its meaning that the parent child relationship is affected because the parent is not providing %HESITATION what we like to call I guess in therapy language is a two minute into two minutes basically being aware of which house emotions so if you see a child looking at
00:03:11you like %HESITATION he looks and today you know how can I support your what do you need or come here and let me %HESITATION take care of your whatever and so that to me is not there %HESITATION in sometimes it's there in the account will notice in motion
00:03:25but then they will minimize or deny the emotions so they may tell the kids the kids her or %HESITATION having you know some kind of upset feelings about something %HESITATION you know get about that's where you find nothing wrong with you you know someone that crying in those
00:03:39types of statements yeah you know talking about China most blacks is actually one of the one of the things that are my most favorite to introduce to my clients not because it's a really happy topic but %HESITATION you know I can't tell you how often people will say
00:03:56yeah I had a great childhood everything was fine I don't know why I'm acting this way feelings that were %HESITATION the denial and minimization holidays learn themselves to deny their own feelings because I don't have time for this feeling you know whether motion you're just because they were
00:04:17concerned with their own thing %HESITATION you know glad bulbs always go us and so I'm happy that we're talking about this today yeah I definitely agree it is %HESITATION something that people are not very much aware of %HESITATION in I like that that since it like they learn
00:04:34to deny and minimize so it's almost like they're kind of disassociated disconnect it to their own feelings and so you know being in therapy in having someone to help you reconnect arm is crucial I do some I'm off to so you know the other thing that I really
00:05:03like you said %HESITATION was used are you so is when a person is a name to %HESITATION someone else needs before you start time watch out because when I think about as some partnerships you know I think one of the things that people minimize incarnations is whether or
00:05:19not they should be angry upset that they are getting their needs and you know for those of you who don't know as is their purpose we are required by law to report any kind of reviews that we hear of by children our elders and in the types of
00:05:35movies that were required to record is not just physical or sexual abuse it literally is so a child or adult an elderly person is being neglected bad by majors and be so so we're with someone who is %HESITATION shaming us for how we feel or gas lighting Uster
00:05:55any and everything in between that isn't used yeah yeah definitely and I think %HESITATION I was thinking about even like you know we talk about physical abuse and sexual abuse like there's lots of literature out there there's lots of talk about it's very well now blade that emotional
00:06:11neglect %HESITATION is always a kind of a one that again people just don't think about and so when people think about recording or therapist with forty taking %HESITATION that's that physical %HESITATION in sexual abuse but now we're also required to report neglect as well I would always get
00:06:30in trouble when I was working in the school system one I get in trouble the parents to be really upset if they if I had to report them for not taking your child to the doctor or not talking to them when I say your child is depressed and
00:06:44you need to get hurt or help is usually on her so when it comes to child how most known like lacks how old this is interesting always other addictions %HESITATION I absolutely I think it definitely intersex %HESITATION I think a lot of people use behaviors %HESITATION or maladaptive
00:07:01cooking scoping skills to fill the void in %HESITATION to cope with the only overwhelming emotions %HESITATION related to that point so if you think about the emotional neglect of not feeling connected to your caretaker on whether it be a parent guardian whoever's taking care of you and not
00:07:19having those feelings validated then it kind of leaves a void there leaves a hole there and so then people find other ways to fill that hole in so that leads into addictions you know no one ever kind of starts out on the behavior and say oh yeah I
00:07:32I wanna be addicted to that but because they're trying to cope with that way to cope with that hold their feeling and they find it %HESITATION this meets the needs for for a minute in that time and so then it kind of grows into an addiction sometimes pressure
00:07:45I didn't think about this when I was first thinking about this topic but I'm talking about the hole in the way that people have some of the things that tends to be released one that definitely possible my mind is kind of like that idea a I'm too emotional
00:08:05%HESITATION my emotions are too big to handle %HESITATION I'm not lovable around I'm not good enough I mean the list can go on and on but those are the two like that that one about my emotions are too big like I'll have clients stating like %HESITATION no I
00:08:24just feel like my emotions are going to overwhelm the other person I let out or fresh air and so there's this core belief that any time I did share my beliefs alright my motion skews me with my caretaker they couldn't handle so therefore I take that on me
00:08:39and I live with of my emotions are too much teens are pressed them but they they always come out you know they and when they come out we are we're going to have and I never saw any future talking about borderline personality disorder and how you know there's
00:08:57a lot of talk about how people say that for some for some people and their diagnoses and BPD is really a more better explained by having this kind of childhood trauma that we're talking about and so easy there is %HESITATION high Monessen city %HESITATION and stealing like you
00:09:16need to have connections for people who have this time out of trauma is because they didn't have those needs early act and they're really trying to do anything that they can get it or that when they signed it's not hold on to it right right and all the
00:09:33clients I just used knowledge you have it's like the green like whatever we're trying to stuff in a closet somewhere it's like the green news it seeks out it gets out of the cracks he gets from under the door even though we're trying to push it back and
00:09:47say oh I don't need that or I don't want that or whatever we're saying to you know to go back into the closet instantly seats out and so I like that idea of you saying you know it comes out you know we can't control it arms its way
00:10:00out I like the idea of the green is or that the matter for AT and I'm gonna let us deal that you can have it so lists on an emotional neglect is there an impact and will land in relationships that may shop differently than a dozen men you
00:10:22know I was thinking I know you talk to your listeners about attachment and that's where I see it the most %HESITATION it shows up in kind of women are more likely to become codependent inexpensive caretakers in kinda hole in hopes of filling that void so they start to
00:10:39not really have the boundaries in relationships and %HESITATION really become emotionally you know all in with with another person %HESITATION that they're in and so you think of that inches at the Blix style of attachment that you see a lot of times %HESITATION I see that a lot
00:10:55women wear as with men %HESITATION that had emotional childhood neglect our childhood emotional neglect their more did about that strong alignment will that I don't need %HESITATION I'm fine I don't have any you know maybe they may have anger that may be the main one that they feel
00:11:15comfortable expressing but everything else %HESITATION and so we think about attachment styles you think about that even more of what it attachment style %HESITATION and so those are the differences I see in there %HESITATION but I mean you know again people fall with where everything to continue on
00:11:32but you know if you wanna generalizing kind of stay where you see most women followed where you see most men all those that you mon that story because of socialization or genetic bush what's your opinion on that I think it's social norms I definitely think it's socialization I
00:11:53think it's what we expect of men and what we expect of women %HESITATION and I so I think when you think about people who are kind of the caretakers they're expecting kind of women to be more specimen Neri motions and kind of get that in that need it
00:12:12met through emotional %HESITATION connection or through relationship is what I'm trying to say where is men are expected to be strong in in talks in you can do this on your own yourself up by your bootstraps that's not really what we tell our young men and but we
00:12:28definitely tell our women that %HESITATION you know you need to help these people you need to be available to these people and so you know whether it's the media whether it's you know cultural norms or just a societal norms I think it's just what we kind of question
00:12:41what we see around us and so that's kind of how we fault if you will yeah you know I had when I started this podcast I started off talking all about sex addiction in general and then over time I was like well I think I sent you just
00:13:00naturally start to lane just talk more about logician because that more what I see is my own experience no recovery and then moving towards focusing all women when I'm gonna diction and what I'm finding talk about the socialization and is not always hand mail listeners %HESITATION but they
00:13:20are really needing resources and they're needing resources or a lot of you know the one there FOR six additional which is very avoidance and you know %HESITATION detached in nature there they still exact same things that we're talking about you know like that that need for connection at
00:13:37all what we need for an action and there's not really anything that speaks for them because socially they're not supposed to care like they're just supposed to be all about sex you know and I am I'm I'm looking at you know as I am about to launch the
00:13:53the I'm a membership community which will actually be launched by the time that this has some areas but I'm looking out here so how do I make something because I don't want to leave these men out you know my focus is women make something that inducer for them
00:14:08but also save or or I will as well who may be needing to detox and also for the men who need to detox acting now released it for awhile so so I'm just I just want to say that out loud things have been on my mind lately it's
00:14:23interesting it's interesting how societal norms will Hanisch show up there and in %HESITATION different ways for clients or for listeners %HESITATION like we don't think about it but then when you start to kind of dig dig in and pull it apart you start to see how all of
00:14:42that is impacting how you feel and how you interact world yeah any other ways that this will show up in their own green I think you know I started a company like so you know I'm doing the assessment with the client and I'm talking with them and try
00:15:00to get you know then they get you know me I'm a we're just kind of chat and then I think the biggest thing I start to see when I started the like %HESITATION you know Marie Flagstar to flying and inspect its engine is is that %HESITATION they don't
00:15:14really have a good sense of the %HESITATION in what they even in the therapy relationship you know it's kind of like this blank look like they want to be there and they they know they want to do this and they want to have this relationship with me in
00:15:26a row but when I say Hey you know what are you needing for me what's important to you in our relationship there's kind of like this blank stare at hand in and so that's accusing me that Hey people haven't really one paid attention to their needs and they
00:15:43have kind of disassociated from their needs which then makes me think what was your childhood like what was that relationship like with their care giver and did their care giver you know %HESITATION meet the needs are validated using those kinds of things which thinking how to lead into
00:15:57childhood emotional so those are some of the things that I start to see or if they do have needs start to minimize in become minimize working that it needs or they become very angry with themselves and kind of shame themselves for having the neat %HESITATION so that's an
00:16:13interesting dynamic to that kind of shows up so those are kind of two things that make me did a little bit deeper into therapy or yeah those are great %HESITATION related to those things I think about when ever you were pressing their ceilings they started to stand their
00:16:31parents and caregivers you know all they were doing the best you can and on loves me and you X. Y. Z. and I always used to things can be sure at the same time they love you so much and nothing's happened or didn't happen that were hurtful to
00:16:46you you know you don't have to between the two and then I also think about when my clients and I guess the newer ones when they're talking about all the things that happen and they just rip them honest %HESITATION medically so they'll talk about really somatic experiences as
00:17:03if they're like telling a story or something that they saw on TV and there's not really any emotion %HESITATION that six you don't need that you know you got to live feeling anything but it is been causing other issues because you're not able to feel the joy also
00:17:18come yeah I was thinking so clients out with that last one a is a really good one because you talk about you know the switches are all our emotions are all on the same likes which once you turn one off you turn them all like you can't turn
00:17:33one off and turn this one off internet went off to keep these plans on okay all right in the same chair in so once you kill the current one utility for all the others helping clients realize that like you know in childhood you were trying to get through
00:17:48you know life I not feeling certain things then you kill joke way you know you killed happiness excitement so you become either now or you just have one kind of big you know emotions you know that kinda overshadows everything so with that said what is so manic experiencing
00:18:09and how does this help people start to feeling in so somatic experiencing as a modality %HESITATION but created by a doctor Peter living %HESITATION in the whole thing is that it helps relieve symptoms of trauma by re establishing this healthy pattern in the nervous system so I'm nervous
00:18:30systems are built to have you know what I call in charge which is kind of like our sympathetic nervous system that's kind of what gets us out of bed in the morning to do our task to get go online to have life energy and joy in all of
00:18:45those things that happen %HESITATION in there we have what we call our down charge which is our sympathetic which helps us to rest and relax and chill after a long day or in the moment if we have a a big charge if something happens the day do come
00:19:01down the line on that charge all day %HESITATION instill sometimes when things happen in our life life issue come along they are nervous system in the end we have these patterns in our nervous system either run to hide or run to level or a combination of both of
00:19:18those running high and low and so the idea of cinematic experience in this actually go into work at that level of the nervous system so it's not it's not necessarily a con needs to like talking about thoughts and feelings in those kinds of things it's more at that
00:19:33self conscious level really starting to work with the energy that may be stored in our bodies acting on our system to bring balance just enough charged and get up and you need to do and be alert and be active in our day but we also have been in
00:19:48the league rest in be able to enjoy it take it in just kind of have a balance in those two %HESITATION yes could you %HESITATION give some examples of what it will look like if someone was operating in the two extremes on either always charger under charge yes
00:20:11so we're kinda over charging over support what what %HESITATION %HESITATION or activation of the sympathetic nervous system is really that idea of lance recent thought inside the %HESITATION can't feel urgency so those are things that you can use when you have an over activation your sympathetic nervous whereas
00:20:37when you have an over activation in your parasympathetic nervous system you're going to see things like what trawl isolation %HESITATION depression symptoms %HESITATION just kind of not wanting to be active and not wanting to be involved heavy work work and I just go ahead of the S. R.
00:20:56G. I'm tired all the time those kinds of things %HESITATION so those are the kind of two extremes well I would you go to someone to do some matic experiencing %HESITATION because what I what I'm hearing is that because I never systems over stimulated our over activate it
00:21:17%HESITATION I live in these two extremes and I wasn't there be what was gonna happen houses person going to help me let more balanced so I think the first thing is is starting to establish just even your %HESITATION your insight into what's happening %HESITATION so I start with
00:21:37just bringing a where you %HESITATION like for instance I was working with the client the other day and I just part awareness to where she was standing on the chair like I noticed over a couple of sessions that every time she kind of came in she was sitting
00:21:49on the edge of my chair on the edge of my couch %HESITATION she never really ever step back out never really a lot of her body to rest in the space %HESITATION so that told me that they sent over activation she's kind of hyper vigilant on guard ready
00:22:06to go which matches with their history %HESITATION so I talk a little bit about you even bringing awareness to add space %HESITATION and been talking a little bit of bringing that in insane or you know how to your clothing fill in your body so kind of bringing in
00:22:23some states are and then I said okay what do you know side of your body what's happening even right now also starting to build up that sensation and Larry Bird in them %HESITATION which is sometimes for people with me childhood emotional neglect very hard because he has kind
00:22:39of become disconnected with anything like that they're very cognitive very well I think this and I feel happy and I feel excited you know like that is kind of the the list in the rest of their okay so really starting to say okay so how do you know
00:22:56you're happy with the you know this in your body what you know is happening %HESITATION I feel a little bit to the willingness in my tummy or a little bit of you know %HESITATION I progressing kind of bubbles in my feet or something like that still helping them
00:23:11with any and and become more connected with their their mind in the body at the same time versus just mine or just a body I'm very rarely do I see people who are just connected to the body it's mostly their mind that they can kind of cognitively tell
00:23:27me how they feel good sensationalizing body why stay have a struggle starting to build some of that %HESITATION and then once we have that %HESITATION then we're able to kind of know this what's happening date a day so a lot of times I'll use present day triggers to
00:23:43work past experiences %HESITATION and so once I'm using those present a strict triggers that's kind of like entry for me to talk about how they're experiencing life in the present day that Miller to how they experience life when they were having struggles install will work some of the
00:24:00energy that's collected around those present day triggers which then you know the brain is wired magnificently so that will automatically connect expected past experiences arm in so if a client is comfortable with going back working past experiences that will take them back and work those and talk a
00:24:17little bit about those anything about systematic experiencing and I love it really just kind of got training was very I trade which means if you drop a little bit in a you let that settle in the may drop a little bit more in it when I see drop
00:24:32a little bit in your just working with a little piece of the content %HESITATION you're not working with the whole story and then you work from the outside in the most dramatic part of their experience is what we call T. zero but we work for it in work
00:24:47our way into T. nine and eight and so I may if the client says %HESITATION I had a traumatic experience you know with X. Y. Z. and makes it what was that daylight or %HESITATION how did you know when you were state so I'm working from the outside
00:25:04back into the most dramatic experience by the time you get to zero it's not as hard as if you were to start with T. zero a lot of clients get over mountains when they start the hardest part in interesting enough clients will actually try to take you to
00:25:18zero and you have to keep pulling them out insane no we don't talk about with talk about what you get we're gonna talk about you know when you knew you were when you knew your work in a safe relationship or in a safe place we're not gonna talk
00:25:33about right now hello the explanation you just gave %HESITATION and the widest behind it too you know and I think I think somatic experiencing is really great because a lot of people aren't emotionally verbal like you know you're feeling something but you don't know the words to it
00:25:54and even when someone suggested to you there's still confusion about whether or not that's what you feel and so to be able to get connected to your body and start to feel sorry to feel alone all my chest is beating really fast and %HESITATION I do feel a
00:26:11little bit nauseous right now or my head is hurting a little bit and to understand that those are actually feeling you know those are actually emotions that are showing up in your body I think helps build not only connection to yourself but also builds on a whole you
00:26:27know because you you you're starting to turn on your star and I understand things and you can take that with you for the rest of the week kind of start to understand your triggers a lot of people don't even know what their jurors are yeah my experience is
00:26:44that it brings it up for me when you talk about that being able to kind of understand myself but I do a lot of inner child work where I begin to teach them to my clients take care self I'm so is empowering when you begin to understand yourself
00:26:59it gives you that powers say I keep my own you know like I don't have to go out into these relationships or you know do these maladaptive behavior students you get my needs met like I can start doing this in a more healthy way like I totally understand
00:27:13what I'm eating in this moment and I can figure out how to meet them and in a way that's healthy and safe for me versus all these engaging in yeah yeah and one more thing about my experience and I just came to mind is %HESITATION is there really
00:27:32highlight the gradual progression %HESITATION you know and if you go to someone who specializes in cinematic experience team because you know maybe you know you want to work on your Thomas but you don't really have the worries for it are you like the idea of going kind of
00:27:48slow understand that it is a slow you know you'll go in and like you're like what are we even working on is also pretty magical because I'll tell you when I first started learning it you know you have to have your student experience and so we're talking and
00:28:12she's we're talking about a stressful event that happened that week %HESITATION and I'm telling her it you know I really want to rock bathroom floors and I and I want to get up an hour to kick and I want to do this stuff and I just feel trapped
00:28:25and I have to sit here and I can't remember what she said she's like okay notice not stealing notice what your body wants to do and then if you still want to do that then go ahead and do that and so I noticed it and then the feeling
00:28:40went away and I asked her I would call this person the David Blaine really saying how the words that are really is it really does blow your tolerance level to all the things that you were you're so scared of just innately and you're like I need to distract
00:29:04myself I need to where I need to leave the room I can't be in this conversation and does your your tolerance level to where you don't have to read anymore eighty can actually resin and still being your head I'm being your body and I have to though those
00:29:18walls that yeah it's powerful and my my trainer called it is used to call it sneaky powerful leave it because you think you're doing nothing but you're doing so much like you doing so much at the nervous system level %HESITATION and so that's where you know and I
00:29:38tell people you know we can make change and yeah we can do that but when you make changes nervous system level if you begin to understand your system like you begin to understand how you're innately creative %HESITATION and when you can control that and you can have if
00:29:52the systems that that then you can deal with anything you know like your capacity begins to become real big because you can do anything because you know what exactly what you need you can kind of take a minute and check can't figure out how to bring yourself into
00:30:06that you know healthy range of your nervous system and and that's how we'll yeah change it all for you whenever you're doing tele therapy for people in a different state and I am very very big about making sure that I can try to see the whole body if
00:30:27at all possible %HESITATION and I %HESITATION you know some people use visual cue in other people in other when I see some people I mean trauma therapist or people who use somatic experiencing so people who use that particular modality they used to use so that's being able to
00:30:45see %HESITATION but also you have this ability to be able to resonate with your client and kind of steel what's happening within the relationship and so a lot of times I will connect you into second where I am resonating and feeling what what's coming up for me as
00:31:02his clients talking to me as I can see as much of their body is actually in like what am I notice you know what IT one and what's coming up in my nervous system that I am noticing that's not my own stuff in stock out say you know
00:31:16I'm noticing some heaviness in my shoulders right now are you noticing that or I'm noticing just as deep sense of loneliness are you noticing that %HESITATION and so that's how I kind of work around if you will delimitations tellement tellement aha %HESITATION while using somatic that's K. yeah
00:31:40and I'm just for anyone who %HESITATION wasn't sure about why you need to see the whole body because I don't think we specifically says that but I'm so mad he experiencing really does take and all of your body's use so the top of your body can be completely
00:31:55completely still your last looks now burning your toast happening right right so %HESITATION it really is billion that mind body connection %HESITATION I know they were talking a lot about somatic experiencing but to go back to childhood emotional neglect S. %HESITATION someone's listening and they're saying well yeah
00:32:17a lot of things are resonating with me what can someone do today when they get off this podcast outside of going there was something they can start to do today to get a move on this getting started to build that look that feeling what kind of Larry and
00:32:39starting to track feeling %HESITATION little by little I'm so there's lots of great %HESITATION feeling cold or feeling chart out there online you can just Google that %HESITATION it'll give you a multitude of feelings and so I think it's great to start to kind of use that in
00:32:57your day to day experience like even if you were to journal if your journal or %HESITATION if you just kind of a person analytics I'm in your day with reflection or something like that like noticing what are the different feelings that you felt throughout the day and then
00:33:10once you are able to kind of start tracking at at the end of the day starting to bring that into your day moment to notice what feelings you the billing throughout the day as you're feeling them %HESITATION and then if you want to go big with that you
00:33:26can even start or what's happening in your body and your feelings those different feeling so the more you can become connected with feelings in building it's going to be very helpful also becoming %HESITATION comfortable with emotional needs axing for what you need %HESITATION in a healthy way I
00:33:45think so as you start to notice different feelings you're gonna start noticing needs and acts that are being connected to those so really starting to learn to be comfortable with those needs and then figure out how do I get these needs met in a healthy way in the
00:34:03third thing I I jotted down was therapy %HESITATION in having a third party you know so if you're not in therapy that you know I'm always a big proponent of fair because I'm a therapist but %HESITATION having someone as a third party because a lot of the things
00:34:18that we do worse conscious you know like it's really hard sometimes to see when you're in them %HESITATION and so having someone that's on the outside looking in helping you to kind of be able to navigate I always tell my clients I'm just you know like a tour
00:34:34guide I'm like just walking with you on this journey pointing out he did you notice that Hey noticed this or hate looking at over there you know so is this having someone along with you to be able to help you know it's different things pick up on similarities
00:34:48in correlations and all that good stuff those are also great %HESITATION you know we are actually already have a ceiling lists for the listeners on that I mean from a previous %HESITATION so so if anyone wants to list %HESITATION is really great because it has a lot to
00:35:08say about eight to ten of the being major oceans of people say angry sad happy frustrated and then underneath there was like twenty different other emotion where it's %HESITATION that are more detailed descriptions of it so it will really help people build that awareness so if you want
00:35:28you can go to Sheena times dot com slash feelings and %HESITATION if you're a lifetime member is already a free download so you won't have to enter your email address to get it %HESITATION and then I really like you talking about the boundaries piece %HESITATION and that's also
00:35:47something that if your love try member make sure you take that %HESITATION that many chorus and get the work but because it's all it's all included %HESITATION and if you if you're not a lifetime member but you want the boundaries work but you can notice units outside com
00:36:02slash boundaries yes those are great %HESITATION so any other resources that you would suggest for folks I actually while I was preparing for this podcast ran across a book that I haven't read yet so I don't know if it's any good but it looks good so I want
00:36:21to throw it out there with me but it's %HESITATION running on empty in its call over here overcoming your emotional neglect right doctor I think it's Johnny or it might be John nice web it's J. O. N. I. C. E. W. E. B. B. %HESITATION so I thought
00:36:40that was pretty good because it was specifically you know target to this I don't know have you have you read that one by chance I'm %HESITATION I have it but I had already done excerpts in is great is definitely things that he says this year with clients for
00:36:57sure when I look at checking it out myself %HESITATION but then also I had this %HESITATION book all self therapy by Dr J. early in that I. F. S. system %HESITATION it kind of walking through internal family systems therapy %HESITATION and I encourage people to do that because
00:37:15I do believe going back and kind of connecting with some of those parts that didn't get their needs met is a part of this journey in the work that we do you %HESITATION when when trying to heal from childhood most on the correct %HESITATION and then the last
00:37:30week or so I would say is daring greatly or any thing pretty much by doctor Bernie brown I think her work is really great %HESITATION but I think it also helps you to be comfortable with vulnerability on which I think is definitely needed when you're starting to experience
00:37:45emotions so yeah those are my three resources that I thought of that I thought would be good to share wonderful yeah those are all be in the show notes as well for sure one great is there %HESITATION anything else are you willing to share the reading get to
00:38:03that I didn't ask about that might have come to mind no no he did a great job in a and so like we covered a lot of ground and a lot of things to be that your listeners can think about and consider yeah yeah also well can you
00:38:19tell people where they can find you had especially so instead be your client says he did tell Linda hall in one of those two states yeah %HESITATION so you can find me on it need a key dot com %HESITATION and also the Facebook at Nini Keeler L. M.
00:38:37F. T. arm and then I'm on Instagram and it L. M. F. T. Nina well thank you so much for being with us you for having me see now I have thoroughly enjoyed it %HESITATION I love talking about healing for trump so it's my pleasure to be here
00:39:00and be a part of this movement with you thanks for listening to today's episode all information shared is not a substitute for information given to you by your license you can find so my going to Sheena tops dot com slash love junkie and selecting that so number and
00:39:20title if you found the information helpful please feel free to rate and review this podcast to help others also if you would like to be a part of the free to go to sleep me a line connect with me Instagram Facebook and Twitter and and as always I
00:39:38hope you're living your best life today

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