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00:00:52all those things. Tv.com I'm Steve cauthen and this is the Louie after show season 5 episode 2 the road part 2 to my laugh. I didn't know where I was going there and I am honest Rose of the editor-in-chief of restaurant fiction.com also on Twitter at rest fiction please check that out he is my last Rose and I am Jared gilkerson you can find me at gilkerson radio on Twitter glad to have you and I just want to say what yeah I love to cheer you are always welcome back like we missed you I missed you he was doing that we miss you
00:01:52When in Rome I said 2 weeks ago please like share subscribe 5 stars is what we like if you watching us line on YouTube I'll be dropping in the chat shortly to answer some questions if you have any and it's anything you want to say about Louie the hashtag is abtv Louie 3 months from when I'm recording this right now be sure to eat at all of us hashtag abtv Louis we will be there in about speaking of being there we transition what you mean really it's going to be a downward spiral from there and he lands in Oklahoma City I was sorry this time so she was a little bit empathetic
00:02:52wake up buddy want to see happen to others I feel for them in the flight attendant knock into people I feel like I've never seen it in real life I feel like I've seen it for trade-in TV and films I feel that way to actually say that doesn't strike me as that I've been hit but not as fine cuz I like a good I'll see time at a window guy so yeah I think I've been like rolled over by a wheel or something and that's fine though window all day and My Guy cast and I want to bother you I guess it depends on the flight was talk about let's talk about our fights
00:03:52today yeah absolutely but anyways see you I apologize but I didn't mean I don't really after this episode I don't plan on taking a flight to Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City for monitors baby like I said I think he took a lot of other personal chef especially young people I like it in like this whole book of not even
00:04:32I can hardly looking looking at the road everything you know that a real town real places it looks like to look like they're actually on like a live Road and they were like in Sochi was actually driving to get a chance hope I hope so time they shoot anything like that they put the car on a flatbed and then they set up a camera around I know I wish you could go but sorry that was a good point that once again it's Louie and a younger I am girl this time you know maybe 20 very early twenties 18 ish but you know she this woman in the car really you could already tell this woman on her cell phone
00:05:24really not paying attention the road not doing anything to further herself or say in the previous episode we saw Louise daughter much younger actually educate ourselves using the cell phone I mean almost the dicot in the juxtaposition of even tube in words
00:05:43do you know tire is the Jungle Juice it's the jungle news oh yeah
00:06:01times that he was able to take that opportunity and highlight kind of the relationship between his generation a younger generation interesting with his daughter she had her come back ready and justify her actions and this girl could care less whatever you like the comparison between her and I'll just call him buzz from last week so it Lewis which place is almost not really he was almost forced to talk to her because she was not paying attention to the road but I almost think it's it's because it's a younger good-looking woman he's like I don't know if you change your attitude like I'm getting picked up by a young good-looking woman and she's like you know you know I was stickies and questions if it was the drive from last week I got all the Sickies he just wouldn't have paid attention
00:07:01usual she said yeah he's going to be an angry mood change your life in danger I'm sorry not going to talk to me. Stephen it's up on a platform so I'm kidding and realize we've been presented its go to the song they go to the condo I must be a two bedroom condo at all though I haven't seen a second bedroom 1 bathroom comfortable anyway
00:07:44and then we're going at 11 a.m. bathroom into Kenny Kenny's the the featured act at the opening act if you will and he the second she closed the door he's just letting you want to get you want to you want some what some bills I got some jack hear you think it's 11 a.m. I have kids that whatever and then he just gets into his room and shuts off but I forgot the then I stroking sign in to give him the daughter as well from the get-go we know from the get-go who this Kenny is broke
00:08:25three lies that you can send me a word on 2f because they're playing cuz they've cleared this whole like hour and a half cuz they're doing Lucy Kay live from the comedy show or not at all I just experienced by like Jim Florentine he's a good comic and he actually Louie wrote this role specifically for him and then he went and raise a child I'll do this for sure I got heard him tell the story on Opie and Jimmy and he was excited he's like heck yeah I get to be on the last episode and I guess who wrote the whole episode for him which is kind of cool for a comic you know each other for years this whole thing for you and so it was great it was great like total pig
00:09:25exactly I don't know anymore but at least we're fine you know that Kenny I mean he's not going to change and whether you appreciate him and his style of Comedy I mean that's who he is even as a person is pretty girl I mean. No matter whether she was taking it or not she just no not present at all I think but I think that's cheese an extension of how louisseize alot of people that age currently that they don't feel like none of that scene in the hospital later where it's just somebody until
00:10:25show me somebody under the age of 25 just can't possibly be present that the young people in his show you know when also just want to bring in really quick that this young girl she calls she says Sickies as a derogatory term very recently a Louie was on Saturday Night Live and he was just talking about you know racism in America and this is maybe an extension of that I mean with his humor of how he feels and maybe even the young people I don't know about that but some people maybe even himself in this Meadow were like so oblivious to this undercurrent of racism I know they hear from our if we have some Oklahoma fans if that's a real term in the area
00:11:25I never heard it was his way of kind of know I'd like a John Deere on there or use YouTube suck yes Jenny but that was a joke
00:11:45you know very transparent in his efforts to do exactly that created you know his own kind of alternative kids have heard something similar and just made made this term up for him or he could have heard that in Oklahoma City but I've heard that in I'll Town sure is such a weird derogatory thing that I'm going to I'm going to I'm just going to take it and run with it I could see both kids they go to the club they go to the club and Kenny is and I said this like in my mind before Lily did Issaquah this just like a hacky comedian
00:12:30I don't really whatever maybe these people here to see Lily and then Lily comes up and he starts with the the white people math bit which we were all dying but the people in Oklahoma City or not receiving it well it was a perfect commercial cut all right let's go yeah I don't like how he fell probably in his head like okay just thought I were done with this joke joke at some point in an interstitial in his she already sir and if not like that on stage and did the stuff he does
00:13:30gentleman thank you yeah I'm glad you call it that
00:13:40you'll be lady later anyway.
00:13:55I mean we've already stated that like this that these to the strings of episodes are like Louie when he was younger and he's visualizing even though Louie is present day this may be what he has gone through at some point is like you feel he still goes through stuff like this probably out of my nude scale cuz I know he's still travel the road but it's not like he used to you know where you're gone for 5 days a week to come back in your you're splitting a condo with another guy he's obviously above that but he's not too far removed from that he's only gotten big over the past you know six seven years so just before that he was he was he was doing that he was getting a ride like that in any way with some of these guys that are in the show with him and it's it's yeah I think he's smaller scale cuz he's clearly pulling from experience and even all of the bizarre things that happened to him every single episode do things happen to me in real life
00:14:55SFO long saying there's a saying I just happen to know I couldn't remember I can attributed anyone but it's like the most unrealistic things in your life people will believe it's the mundane the people will call you out and put a new line it's agree Lee the mundane but it's the mundane things in your life and that are the things that people will tell you're lying sure just for entertainment. I love me a good flea market sample I mean who doesn't love me come in and see people stuff and then like a Super NES cartridge the range had to be raining I do love seeing the Wendy's in the background on CBS 11 radar
00:15:55supplied the flea market in Frosty's or spicy chicken come on now that sounds like an amazing day Joe Thomas rest in peace in different marketing the tents and all that stuff I love out in his head he's kind of a you know fat old guy but like fat old man in a Civil War generals outfit is like a dashing man and he was like in this fantasy for like like 90 seconds is right to feel like he like trim his beard a little in between those two Sharp
00:16:55longest beard situation. Beards and how they look from scene to scene I feel like he turned his beard but exhausted my expertise on the subject
00:17:14seems like the guy who is super anti like I'm not going to do that I'm not going to do that and then he had his opportunity to sleep like that's all this happened I actually walked out when one morning random morning and San Pedro and I walked out in the Civil War reenactment in San Pedro so
00:17:49that's a question that the one thing remains
00:17:59fantasy I totally I thought it started with the whole language like him him playing the game and kind of just my lady or whatever he said I was like stuff to convince him to even just be in the photo let alone like play the park and get into it I think that happened like get that girl's number I was really mad that's what he was thinking for a split second but you know this walk though was was beneficial for him because it took him out of the you know crappy you know club with the Goomba ask about the owner and his roommate I mean this took him out because people were like oh you're going to go for a walk and Oklahoma City will actually he found some joy in going to this walk before
00:18:59how to come back to the club and his roommate and that's that's all relative because you know do you want to go on a walk and pose for Civil War pictures with some lovely people always want to hang out in a condo with possibly two maybe hookers I don't know maybe Stacy and Karen who had a more lovely afternoon I'm about to pick up my guess
00:19:40I do like the other have Band-Aids for a flea market with Civil War costumes I feel like you could do both I want to know where you could but they did they did but I'm saying like to choose one or the other so we goes and goes back on after walking he has another doesn't really have almost an equally bad time at the club Kenny hockey comedian on fire right and this is almost like throwing Louie over-the-top he just can't believe it that he's even in the same room with this guy also this club owner this club owner wants him to not curse and wear a suit that's why I really like his you hear comedians always talking about this is horrible club Owners in her ass and they're asking you to do you know me
00:20:40the man or how long ago on or who's before you or so I love hearing those little stories and then you get to see this guy play this stereotype in perfect cuz a lot of club Owners are like that was funny though he made such a deal about what we had to wear but the opener Kenny was just wondering like a regular shirt nothing and so what are you up to after that last said that we're just getting to like how he was like drenched in sweat Louie was like just having the roughest night and that might at least that room in Oklahoma city where it's right that you people are just looking to have a good time and they really especially stressed in this episode when they bring it back you know the the club scene is over and Louie and Kenny are in the apartment I mean they really made it known that Louie is this New York comedian maybe even some people in the midwest even the Bible bed area
00:21:40even a New York comedian as an elitist in some way like a you know like some Americans think of like a French person I mean this elitist elf they have this some kind of serious you stupid American hero just going to talk about Kenny a little more to a little more in-depth 11 a.m. drinking Jack Daniels he has three kids two of them were in college nothing but he seems wrong choices but Louie
00:22:23but what happens is Kenny Kenny got more time and Louie got last of that because the energy Patty was actually pretty funny for what pretty funny for that room like it played well in that room and it should have and then the next morning with the orange paint still on his face while he eating Cheerios he's a offended
00:22:51and he's like I mean like know whatever and then he been Kenny kind of tells Louie you're like a bummer but you can see that fire that moment of instead of Louie just ripping on the other side obvious he's a comedian but then he brought up they both have really good points like your hack and I hate being the same profession of you and the other guys like dude I'm in the set of fun comedies fun meeting are we got the people go home they have to make love and that's it and that's her day so weird it's a bar trick so that come to such a joy that I had seen so much and I do long form improv and then that's a pretty much everything that isn't Groundlings cuz Groundlings Whose Line Is It Anyway be considered short form and that's a long been said about short form in private picture for their products more of a bar trick with a K give me these four things and I will find a connection about
00:23:51so quickly don't make you laugh so I kind of really relate to the idea of like a hockey comedians idea comedy is a bar trick but then both of these comedian to the same room they find a common ground and it is all comedy what we have learned all comes down to the fart joke tell the fart I think monitor run for office I know that we're getting close on time and everything and I want to go off track but you would be great like you your voice goes up haha that's right yeah I will I will put in my bed for the 2016 presidential nomination where did seem like he was completely improper you just added to it was something to do with the farts and it and it was like you know right side down my baby's shrimp that's right
00:24:51Jack Daniels by ourselves to which and there's a bit Louie did about like what amendment specifically it's like why don't we ever see that scene in that then it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I can't get up and do anything cuz we've been drinking whiskey straight for all morning and then we get that junk out where he's just puking in the toilet puking in the toilet because he was drinking whiskey all morning and I bet that's what you're supposed to do if your getting probably that much that early but the pizza cuz they obviously order food it's a problem but then Kenny without any morals doesn't even bother he does something that
00:25:51I hope I never did I'm aware of an object
00:26:00bizarre I could not comprehend I would start for what he was about to do he was about to take a dunk over Louise head in the not the toilet but the tank the tank the tank and everything falls and cracks his head and more like a leaf Alex that's just funny I like I remember laughing obviously but then like laughing cuz his and then his pants are down and I was like our back to poop and farts and Allegra back to his point of like this is funny until just a huge gash in his head was opened and I use bleeding
00:26:46bigger than the circle of his head hospital and Kenny didn't make it up didn't make it on a road trip on the other comedian died and I'm home and it's like all right okay I'm done beautiful daughter just being blind and this is great I'm in his daughters but we only see one of his daughters in the scene and I think this is really important because it shows that it shows even Louie maturing that he found meaning in this kind of what he thought was his horrible trip he actually found meaning he found the good in the bad situation that had in his daughter inquires about this picture and Louie makes up
00:27:46the story this very fun story of how he his great-great great-great granddad but I think the real point was that there you know what is the meaning you know he could have just remained all this was a horrible time but he didn't tee hee by telling the story he not just shared his daughter up he chaired himself up that hey maybe going to okay you know Oklahoma City and experiencing all this was really fun. This random you know flea market happen for a reason and that for me to even bring this awesome Whimsical story back to my daughter to share from the road I mean it all kind of Blended Mike and like she just plays a large to buy for this last shot in the last battle of the list.
00:28:46yeah she know yeah that would separate snake and his name was black bus driver knocks like bottom or was it black bottom what okay I didn't read it on Blackbob notes just want to say that it has been a joy and an honor to sit next to all of y'all guess it's quality not quantity it's about watching it now and you want to let us know how good a job we did talk to you about Louie please
00:29:40I don't be sorry I'm in the mood to go green radio on Twitter that's it you can read about salinger's which was the popular restaurant featured in the show Party of Five On Restaurant fiction that is my website also on Twitter at rest to fiction and on iTunes restaurant fiction the Santa Russian fiction.com just check it out I think you'll guys like it you can find me on
00:30:17Instagram if you can find me there and only there also at elimination chamber this Sunday for all you wrestling fans I'll be doing the after-show depiction champion thank you guys so much for watching from executive producers Maria Menounos House TV staff we would like to thank you for listening to the AfterBuzz TV Network to watch or listen to other after shows and post comments or questions be sure to visit AfterBuzz TV. Com Sir Richard Wentworth and this is been a presentation of AfterBuzz TV it's kind of fun to see you later today

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