The Warriors topped the Wizards led by Kevin Durant's 32 points. Klay Thompson held Bradley Beal in check, Steph Curry hit threes, and Draymond Green was everywhere. The only nitpick: 18 offensive rebounds for Washington. Other than that, the Dubs held it down. Their defense was sound (held the Wiz to 40% shooting), they took care of the ball (15 turnovers), and the offense was humming (51%, 42% from three) for the most part of the evening.

For Throwback Thursday, we take a look at the 2015 Finals, where Stephen Curry was very good but could not pull momentum away from LeBron to win his first Finals MVP. That award instead went to Andre Iguodala, who changed the series when he was inserted into the starting lineup in Game 4. Aliko posits that Steph's entire 2015-16 MVP campaign may have been in response to that "snub," (as well as the NBA players voting James Harden their MVP that year).

Lastly, Curry used his trip to Atlanta to be a part of Kaiser Permanente's NBA Total Health Forum. The event is part of efforts by Kaiser and the NBA to promote healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Curry is also doing his part to reduce the stigma of mental illness. Kevin Durant also made news this week by giving $10 million to College Track to empower students from his hometown of Seat Pleasant, MD. The Warriors are walking the walk. 
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00:00:00the locked on podcast Network your team everyday
00:00:29you are a locked on Warriors your daily Golden State Warriors podcast part of the locked on podcast Network your team Everyday Use part of the locked on podcast network is Thursday March 1st I'm your host illegal Carter apologies for the late pod today it's been a busy day been all around the place in out in that rain I hope you all are enjoying it it seems like at least for Northern California the drought is lessening so that's good for us though it doesn't really make for fun going outside another dub for the dubs last night great win in Washington DC Kevin Durant with 32 big points Stephen Curry added 25 and we'll get to that in the first segment in the second segment we're going to go back in time and we're going to look at Stephen Curry's numbers from the 2015 finals because to be honest
00:01:21I think he really gets overlooked I'm one of those people who thought he deserve to get the finals MVP over Andre Iguodala in 2015 he was the best player on the team that won and how old LeBron to a near triple-double but of course changed the whole series when he was inserted into the starting lineup in game 4 but Stephen Curry does everything for the Warriors in the whole system is built around him so we're going to go back in time and look at that series and just look at though even though he wasn't Transcendent we're going to look at how good he really was and then in the third segment I was going to talk about some pieces I have coming out unfortunately one of those pieces is still embargoed until a few days from now so I can't discuss it but there was a piece that I wrote specifically about Stephen Curry attending the Kaiser Permanente Total Health for him which is a conference lead by Kaiser Permanente and the NBA that focuses on Total Health
00:02:21body and spirit very interesting Stephanie's down there in Atlanta because he's playing tomorrow so you know can go to the thing he's a celebrity endorser of KP and is doing some great work with the organization so I'm going to discuss that and also get into Kevin Durant's 10 million dollar gift which was showcased last night on ESPN 10 million 10 million dollars to create the Kevin Durant Center in his hometown in Maryland just north of DC like I said in the last podcast that's a ton of money these guys aren't just sitting sitting idly by while their communities are you know coming under Fire you know you got a ton of issues which affect youth obviously you know there's intersectionality there with all these issues that they're dealing with Steph with mental health awareness and Total Health Awareness and KD with making sure that communities that are steeped in poverty that you give kids opportunities to experience things that NBA players can experience and experience things that kids in more affluent area
00:03:21is can experience you know it's really about the kids at the end of the day and it's about a message you know we came from where you are and we're not forgetting about you and we want to be role models to you one thing that I'll talk about in the third segment is I just you know with LeBron at the lead I'm loving the leadership that we're seeing just pushing back against you know some of the rhetoric coming out of the current Administration but you know I'd love to see more including fighting for more institutional changes so that Kevin Durant doesn't have to give 10 million dollars of his own money to create a situation that's Equitable for black and brown kids from the hood compared with the kind of schools that I went to my mom sent me to private school and she sacrificed so you know and not everybody has the ability to do that you know it shouldn't take a 10 million dollar gift from Kevin Durant for these kinds of situations to become more Equitable it should be coming from the top it should be coming from our leadership
00:04:17so I'd like to see more of that so we'll get into that in the third segment thanks for listening I appreciate all my new listeners if you don't know me I am a huge Warriors fan born and raised in Oakland California right sports for forbes.com and I've written for Bleacher Report in the past I focus on the Warriors issues of the intersection of business Sports + Community impacts you know stuff like Foundation still in Tropic work partner NBA partner activations Etc I've been a credentialed reporter at practices and games and every now and then I get a nice little exclusive so that's that's always fun with talking to NBA players talking to the Warriors it's really a treat what I get to do in my off time when I'm not doing this podcast and writing Sports IMA development consultant for nonprofits I work with organizations that focus on issues like disadvantaged youth programming HIV AIDS awareness police brutality and mass incarceration I love
00:05:17my day job and if you have questions about that or just want to talk Hoops you can hit me up at illegal Carter 11 at gmail.com that's a l i k o Carter 11 at gmail.com or on Twitter at Cody KO Gita re I also tweet from locked on dubs you can get this podcast anywhere podcasts are available iOS Android Spotify and at locked on warriors.com make sure you bookmark that page you can also get this podcast on Facebook and make sure you follow locked on NBA net on Facebook for the now five-day-a-week locked on NBA podcast it's a bite-size view of the NBA for you every single day with the biggest stories from the local experts about this game another good game from the Warriors and other good game from The Big Three so to speak the Big 3 scores that we have including Kevin Durant who led the way but Stephen Curry I predicted might have a big game and I was talking with David Locke the founder of the laptop
00:06:17podcast Network yesterday and he said that big game from a couple years ago the 51 Point outing with Obama in the audience was called by Jay bilas it was a crossover the ESPN crossover that they do before March Madness and Jay bilas really really did not have good things to say about Stephen Curry when he was it wouldn't when he was being scouted before he was drafted seventh overall by The Warriors in 2009 and so that game came from that like you didn't think I was that great Jay bilas work well here's how great I actually am eat your words and you got to wonder you know if he carries that chip around you know from all the way back in 2009 then he must bristle at those undefeated commercials excuse me uninterrupted commercials with Cari Champion LeBron and KD in the Uber where there where they were talking about being the two best players I think that's a little sizes to little heightist you know you know you're talking about a guy
00:07:17who is done something that nobody else is done made 400 three-pointers in the season maybe we'll never be replicated and who has defenses in conniption fits in a way that no small player has ever had that kind of impact you know I in the past I've talked about it in the way I see it is Stephen Curry is the most anomalous player the most anomalous player since Shaquille O'Neal in the sense that defenses have to warp to address his presents and Kevin Durant
00:07:50is a very very very good basketball player he's the best scorer in the league and is one of the all-time greatest players ever Stephen Curry I think you know he feels he's very good at basketball he has to be in that conversation so I wonder if they've had a conversation on the side where it's just like yeah you think you that good and everything but I'm still Steph if so I wonder how playfully that plays out in practice and and stuff like that I'm sure that there's no you no hard feelings or anything like that you're supposed to think you're the best especially when you're as good as Steph or KD but Steph I imagine bristled at the conversation that was had inside that Uber All-Star shooting guard Jimmy Butler underwent successful surgery on the injured meniscus in his right knee locked on wolves his coat in the Lasky this injury will impact the young Timberwolves Squad the biggest problem Jimmy Butler is that that's their motor defensively for
00:08:50good games n f word on the defense side has always been of the turbos All Season lawn on the locked on won't show leske added Jimmy Butler is losing time with these young guys to really prep them for the playoffs that play off strong but I think it's not that I think you're going to see it right away in the first couple game of a plasters be back in time for the playoffs with the big news breaks the locked on podcast network is on top of it but the local experts on the biggest stories lockdown podcast Network your team everyday blocked jump shots in this game that's three shots if you haven't heard of my drinking game whenever the Warriors black of jump shot and means you take a drink it's not going to get too drunk but it'll get too Tipsy except last night if you're a small person it might have gotten your drunk and for all my non drinkers out there is okay I didn't take drinks either but it's fun when you're actually playing especially on a night like last night out to jump shot I Believe on
00:09:50want to jump shot Nick Young by the black one I'm not sure but 10 blocks overall excuse me eight blocks overall for the Warriors right at their average intense teal one thing I'd like to see the Warriors work on is recovering after a black too many times the offense recovers after a black gets its own rebound for an offensive rebound and gets an easy basket and the warriors were hurt by offensive rebounds in the game allowing 18 offensive rebounds and 32 deep defensive 450 total they were outrebounded by 14 only three offensive rebounds for the dubs one from clay one from Andre and one from David West but the Wizards had a field day and it led to you know open three-pointers that's what happens if you get open 3-pointers overall the Warriors defense was good holding the Wiz to 40% shooting at 34% from 3 psych I said some of those were open three-pointers they made 11 of 32 Otto Porter was hot hot hot tennis 17 from the field and 4/6 from three
00:10:50what 10 rebounds to assist 2 Steals and he had 29 Points he was big he was aware best player last night Kelly oubre had 17 points and I want to give credit to Klay Thompson obviously The Wiz run the second night of a back-to-back they didn't get into Washington until 3 a.m. but Klay Thompson held Bradley Beal to eight points and Brad didn't really come alive at all but like really kind of more in the later part of the game did he really make any impact whatsoever and so when you take a teams best player and you lock them down like that that was the key to the game for me yesterday to deny Brad the ball and just keep them in check and they did very very good job I think this is an example of a typical Warriors game that we want to see all three guys getting their shots up Klay Thompson only took 11 shots but he was three of 6435 of 11 from the field did a good job Stephen Curry didn't shoot it particularly well but he was 4 of 9 from 3 and there were only 15 turnovers the Warriors shot 52% from the field
00:11:5042% from 3 and that's a recipe for a win keep the turnovers down make sure you don't allow offensive rebounds which they did not do which is why the game was so close play really good defense and shoot the lights now that's what the Warriors do they pass the ball extremely well and just got to work on rebounding the ball as a team better now I want to get to the next segment we're talking Stephen Curry in the 2015 finals and in my opinion deserving of the finals MVP from That season scoring in six games against the Cleveland Cavaliers 2619 2722 37 and 25 in the Clincher if he led the team he score 26 points a game in the finals and his team won the series in six you got to go back to the highlights to see how good he really was though he was bottled up you know they were doing all of the all the tricks in the book they had to to to keep him from going off and yet he still got his points is the game to being the worst game
00:12:50the series for him and that game still went to overtime what we saw with Andre Iguodala was pink Andre in terms of the cracking is that he brings to defending people obviously just new Lebrons Tendencies inside and out and LeBron was still able to be the best player on the floor the average newly a triple-double and to almost steal this title for Cleveland it was a stroke of desperation and a stroke of Genius Tattoo add Iguodala to the starting lineup and you know use the death lineup from the very beginning but without Stephen Curry the Warriors have no options in that series and it's as simple as that. So steps my MVP from the finals in 2015 and let's go a little bit deeper into his numbers led the playoffs in win shares That season with 3.9 not LeBron James in the finals he averaged 20 6.05 .2 + 6.34 comparison
00:13:46Andre Iguodala averaged 16.35 .8 and 4.0 so just across the board comprable or better with 1.8 steals to boot obviously Andre Iguodala like I said defensively so so so important but Curry was playing more minutes than every other person on the team by far 42 and 1/2 minutes of game nobody else played more than 37 and was counted on for big shot after big shot in like did he have really good shooting numbers no he didn't but did he make timely basket that you guys remember game V game V was his coming out party and obviously he had 37 points in that game and had Matthew dellavedova on skates but that was just one of many many highlights and the importance that he brought to the playoffs into the team like the Warriors dominance is built around Stephen Curry's ability to shift defenses and work defense is like I said in the first segment and
00:14:46out that the Warriors are just a regular team Steph makes them less regular he makes them more anomalous installing Steve Kerr's egalitarian system with the ball shifting and moving constantly made that Anomaly by Unstoppable and the whole NBA is trying to figure out how to combat the Warriors since this season and since that nearly Unstoppable Juggernaut that LeBron almost stopped because he's LeBron and because they had a good defensive scheme against the Warriors as a whole and a good offensive scheme slow it down don't let the Warriors run out pound the ball pound the ball now they're trying to run with the Warriors is not going to work it didn't work last year pounding the ball works it worked in 2015 for two wins and it worked in 2016 for the whole Championship but I digress I would say you know following up to that comment you know about Jay bilas and Stephen Curry in 2015-2016 I would say that.
00:15:46old 2015-2016 season might have been a response to not winning Finals MVP just like oh y'all don't think I'm that good on that good and then you know what have won Finals MVP of the Warriors had one in 2015 2016 and of course Katie was transcend it but Stephen Curry had one of the best finals ever in 2017 and we can't forget that Stephen Curry as one of the best players and certainly the best shooter to ever pick up a basketball on this subject is basically if you're not going to give it to Stephan Curry you're going to give it to the guy who guarded the best player just give it to the best player give it to LeBron you know that's that's really all I have to say about that Stephen Curry was the by far best player in 2015 20 2014 2015 on the winning team and deserve Finals MVP that's throwback Thursday now really quickly I want to talk to you about sponsoring the locked on warriors podcast if your company is looking to men between the ages of 18 and 44 you need look no further than life
00:16:46Warriors podcasts are hot right now and smart advertisers are looking to podcasts to get their product out to the people locked on Warriors is listened to by 98% men and 80% between the ages of 18 and 44 that's a connected male audience if that's what you're looking for send me an email at Alico Carter 11 at gmail.com and I'll hit you with all the details I do want to get you out on time but really quickly I want to talk about Stephen Curry joining Kaiser Permanente and the NBA the WNBA and a lot of other stakeholders for the total health Forum in Atlanta and specifically I want to talk about mental health I'll get there in a second the keynote speaker at this event was Laila Ali other high-profile attendees and speakers included the Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard J Tyson the NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum I guess Adam couldn't make it WNBA president Lisa borders and NBA Cares Ambassador Dikembe Mutombo no
00:17:46no as well as representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance bottoms so this is a big deal is the third annual event that they're doing Total Health mind body and spirit and Steph was there to talk about his experiences as well as how important it is to D stigmatize mental health and so I want to give you a few of his quotes talking about mental health is what he would do if a family member or friend confided in him about their mental health status he said as lonely as they might feel in that moment I try to help them see that there are plenty of other people going through similar things and that there are people who can help them through it I might not have all the answers but if they have the willingness to open up and be honest about the situation and seek that help I would hope that there would be somebody I knew or somebody I could connect with or even somebody I could reach out to on their behalf to bridge that Gap as we know Royce White has dealt with these issues in the past and is working
00:18:46very hard to D stigmatize mental health issues and DeMar DeRozan just announced his mental health status he deals with depression depression is something that a lot of Americans have to deal with and staff is one of the most high-profile players in sports stars in the world is doing a great service and helping to destigmatize that issue it's really about empathy at the end of the day as lonely as they might feel he said I'd want to help them see that there are plenty of other people going through it so even if you yourself aren't dealing with a mental illness you know somebody who is we all do and there is solid there can be solidarity there once we get these issues out of the dark and into the light and he setting an example as a parent as well teaching his kids the value of emotional intelligence we want our kids to feel like he said if they have anything going on anything that they're dealing with that we can meet them halfway and help them through it while also allowing their personality and identity to shine through it all so he and I
00:19:46she want Riley and Ryan and baby number 3 to you know what to be themselves to express themselves to learn how to express themselves productively and also deform individual identities and that's part of Total Health and it's important that we understand that health is about prevention health is about mental health health is about mind body and spirit and Steph and KP Kaiser Permanente are working together to spread that message through the lens of the NBA and sports he's got the game against the Hawks tomorrow and then they get to come home for a nice little home stand exciting for the whole team and just another quick note on Kevin Durant's 10 million dollar gift I would just say that I'd like to live in a world where kids don't depend on the generosity of really cool rich people there was an article that came out a few months ago in ESPN's The Undefeated called how the Warriors became the wocus team in Pro Sport and they're pretty well Kyle give them that them the field
00:20:46the Eagles there's a lot of teams that are out there talking about important issues you know NCAA players being paid fighting back against the Trump Administration but I'd love to see more of a focus on institutional change and that being basically like the NBA does care but it shouldn't be incumbent on the NBA and its players to try to put Band-Aids on issues that systems are the cause of we should be focusing on systems change and you know if you asked a guy like Jaylen Brown who's one of the smartest guys in the league are around these issues I think he'd agree with you I'd love to hear LeBron expound on the ways systems keep neighborhoods in Akron and Oakland and all over the country from breaking out of their cycles of poverty if you want to discuss any of these issues with me feel free to send me an email like I said a legal Carter 11 at gmail.com that's about as much time as we have
00:21:46for today definitely tune in tomorrow miles Johnson will be joining us and we're going to be talking about the Atlanta Hawks who are not very good and might even be tanking but are still extremely well coach and get a good win every now and then and so the Warriors are going to have to have their heads on a swivel we're also going to shortly discuss the game against the Wizards because my favors the Wizards that's his chosen team he is from DC and I want to get his thoughts on that game and then we're also going to go down the rabbit hole so definitely a good show tomorrow real quick I'd be remiss if I didn't mention James Harden and his very nice crossover on Wesley Johnson last night very nice and then he stared him down made the three that was kind of awesome and I'll give I'll give Harden credit for some good games tonight Philadelphia is in Cleveland on TNT and the Timberwolves are at Portland happy almost Friday make sure you stay tuned in for tomorrow show and steak topping
00:23:07okay I've heard you I will not tell that machine made by Amazon with a female's name to play a locked on podcast but you can do it you can tell you're the play program locked on whatever your favorite is and I promise I won't say okay that big huge Mammoth brand that makes all sorts of things play podcast such-and-such anymore I've heard you but just let you know you can do it you can play all of your locked on podcast networks on your smart home devices the locked on podcast Network everyday just about everywhere

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