With Manu Ginobili announcing his retirement this week, where does that leave the San Antonio Spurs, and how will Manu be remembered? Wes Goldberg (@wcgoldberg) and David Ramil (@dramil13) are joined by Jeff Garcia (@JeffGSpursZone) of Locked On Spurs to discuss. Then, Wes and David talk about if the 76ers should be in more of a rush to hire a general manager.

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00:00:00the locked on podcast network your team every day welcome to our Tuesday edition of locked on and be a on today show managing notably has announced his retirement we'll talk about his legacy and where the spurs go from here then we'll discuss it Philadelphia's patients to fill its
00:00:20open GM job is hurting the team thank you for listening and for subscribing now let's get to the show you are locked on the NBA part of the lot done network let's do this the lives on in the air NBA podcast that's not what covering France and you
00:00:54can follow me in my writing on Twitter at the remote thirteen after sixteen seasons in the NBA all with the San Antonio Spurs managing all we announced Monday that he will retire he is no doubt one of the greatest person ever and even at forty one years old
00:01:07the spurs were open to get him back we're joined now by Jeff Garcia host of locked on spurs Jeff how big of a blow is this to the spurs on its huge on and off the court dissent about on the court simply he loses that spurs knowledge he
00:01:24is everything you want a spur to be on that court whether to give it is all be there for his teammates or stepping up when the going gets tough as he did prove last season coming off the bench so you're the move that X. factor from the court
00:01:42not to mention you removed the fact that the young spurs don't have grapple anymore to rely on the training wheels have come off the bicycle for San Antonio I'm looking at the Shanti Murray Derek white to certain degree you know to martyr Rosen and always in and be
00:01:57better and but you know Hey it's nice to lean on a margin over who's been there done that with Popovic notes for system senator Rick Santorum look this team is obscene move in a different direction the big three era is sort of officially done we don't know how
00:02:12much longer Popovich has in his tank before he calls it a career but as far as playerwives the big three a result of that now just relies doubt on the spurs young guns to carry that mantle moving forward so off the court there were time but the locker
00:02:31room we're talking about the bench dad is gone out pop doesn't have that steady hand that could be there for this young the spurs team next season when the going gets tough at you who's gonna step up who's will be willing to take that final shot yes I
00:02:46know markets tomorrow Rudy gay they're there but last season the spurs really have to rely on him so much because of the kawaii letter situation and guess what even in his sixteenth NBA season he proved that he can be that guy this first can go to who's gonna
00:03:05step up this season will be tomorrow Willoughby Rudy will it be the young guide Murray would be the rookie lying Walker who knows that's still up in the air but as far as his departure is concerned it was coming you saw what tell T. peace now with Charlotte
00:03:22Timmy long retired new generations pursue just didn't fit there anymore and even you have to look at those departures just look at the makeup of the roster prior to his departure his retirement that is he got be drafted Lani Walker the obviously have the martyr Rosen they have
00:03:41%HESITATION US Patty mills who can play that card they brought it back can be brought up Derek white who is a combo guard the signs were there they were moving in a different direction and it was painful to see marginally release his thoughts via Twitter about his retirement
00:03:59but dies unlike the majority of spurs fans who took it hard actually was relieved I actually was happy I didn't see it is a sad day I saw it as a very festive happy day to look back at the career like models that I don't think we'll ever
00:04:14be duplicated because people forget he did so much in on the international scale that doesn't really get mentioned a lot yes we do the NBA level was phenomenal and that's always going to be carried with them but I dare you to look at what he did on the
00:04:30international platform and even if he never stepped foot on an NBA court his international competition would be enough to get him into the basketball hall of fame yeah I want I want to talk about the bass wall of fame a little bit later on because there's a lot
00:04:43that goes on with mine and his legacy and you're right there it's for some somehow it's still sort of debated where money stands as as far as the basketball fame and and all of that is concerned but with the spurs now in the media future you mentioned that
00:04:57yeah they have the rose and they have lamarcus Aldridge they've got I got a pretty gay but you're absolutely right I mean not having you know within the last couple of years you have lost the most crucial voices in that locker room and and it's it's interesting now
00:05:11that you know pop of that she if you look around the locker room isn't lamarcus Aldridge at at this point that it goes to maybe a guy like happy meals Danny green we forget was we never talk about the fact that he was traded to Toronto on the
00:05:23call ideal %HESITATION and the markets Aldridge might be the dude there and which is weird considering and not just on the court and off the court in that locker room because in which is strange considering that the market is not too long ago was asking for a trade
00:05:36right in the course they have passed that out and and the workers had a career year last year and hopefully that is moved smoothed over but it really just sort of speaks to how different and how quickly you know that that big three era of the spurs are
00:05:50just as sort of dissipated %HESITATION right before our eyes I'm glad you brought up %HESITATION who's gonna be that vocal leader believe or not Jonty Murray over the year off season has been very vocal I yes pun intended about him becoming a vocal leader that's one of the
00:06:07things he's really focusing on the head nothing to do with ex was disagree what can provide on the court so I'm expecting Marie to take that next step in his NBA evolution but yes I think lamarcus Aldridge has to be at the forefront the water rose into a
00:06:23certain degree once you get accustomed to the Senate on your system up do you think I NBA veterans on that school ID how this all in remission Rudy gay Anne mills I actually when I was a pricey meals take more of a leadership role %HESITATION now the mono
00:06:40has departed at the crack of a long and they believe that money I'm started patting knows the longest tenured spur now and he has the most spurs experience and so I think the fan out of the players the young guys are gonna really look to him LMA %HESITATION
00:06:58palace all disagree I'll see Bob is there the coaching staff do they'll be fine as far as that but there's a difference between having a guy like Patty mills who has who does not have the experience of mine who had a job working in this spurs system they
00:07:15call him grandpa for a reason they showered him with praise a last year hoping that it would not be his final year even recently the US first rapid Jim as he met two I was in this for his locker room just videotaping Monty was a locker room and
00:07:30playing a song I don't remember it but basically saying just on coal miner I mean they I think that was the essence of it to see the type of reach that he had not only with the young players in the NBA but the older players in the NBA
00:07:43it just speaks volumes to what he provided the game of basketball from Scotty Pippin to Charles Barkley to even a guy like god Gordon Hayward who admits that he wears number twenty in honor of Montague nobly his reach is just it's just that well I don't think I'll
00:08:01ever be duplicated for what he did he brought that international flavor to the game he brought a side of that aspect of the of the basketball world that you'd be hasn't seen about their us that he brought the euro step not it's funny he he's he's south American
00:08:20and is that really your opinion but he honed his game in the year or early so I think that's a lot of people with strings disassociating with a European might not exactly south American player so let's not forget to that he ushered into the NBA that Argentinian generation
00:08:36from the we scholar to hundreds no she only to file briefs Robert to Carlos Delfino model was the first one to make that jump and my goodness as I mentioned before that international stage Argentina knocked off team USA won gold and me my good that squad was pretty
00:08:56that Argentina squad deep throated team USA the mighty team USA international competition won gold so it's just M. and there's a I've been asked all day you know what your thoughts were your thoughts are you sad and I said yeah that's part of it is that I met
00:09:14you too I am excited but this is a time of it for the in the world of basketball world to reflect on what he's done if there is ever I am bass for the NBA or feet but to tap combat ambassador for basketball it has to be marginally
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00:10:54what don has your team daily college sports podcasts search on apple podcasts or Google podcasts for your locked on college lockdown podcast network your team everyday so you you were talking about that legacy before and I think that's the the biggest conversation there and I'm sure you're probably
00:11:13somewhat frustrated %HESITATION you know if you look around at the Twitter timeline you'll see a lot of people start to debate what his accomplishments are the overall value of those I think it goes pretty much without saying that most people that are familiar with the game of basketball
00:11:28and have watched him at some point don't doubt his hall of fame credentials is that something that is not a point of frustration for you and for other sports fans to see that maybe those credentials are our questions so widely yeah I I don't get it he pretty
00:11:43much could have started out any NBA team any NBA what it in but he decided to come off the bench I get it he's never been named to the first team all NBA second team all NBA here even at risk more than twenty points in a season he
00:11:59only has two all stars to his mate but he heard he didn't pull the diva card he didn't make a massive demand to be traded if he did not become a starter he didn't bring that element to the spurs nor to the NBA is this for he knew
00:12:17he told the line you follow instructions he was okay I was at his side his basketball pride knowing that he could start for now the spurs winning the championship team he didn't do that and there is some debate whether or not money should have been the two thousand
00:12:34five NBA ya finals MVP is there were times during that series versus the pistons he out shine even the mighty Tim Duncan but that just goes to show you that he didn't care about that stuff all he cared about her rings yes for him to his knee yes
00:12:49Olympic medals to his name up the list goes on and on unite all three of us can do it just a show on just what he's done in his basketball career is amazing so yeah take take the fact that he never was named first team all NBA take
00:13:06the money but if he started I beg to differ I think he would have had a lot more accolades than he he has already we never really was to do you know he never was that guy who sort of that I need to score I'm gonna scored twenty
00:13:21points plus per game you know even the spurs with their the way that they were still ahead of the curve in their allotment of minutes right because even that had monu started over the last few years you know Popovich's been so conservative with playing his guys throughout the
00:13:38eighty two game regular season that you're right even if you get started for San Antonio it might have not made a major difference but if he had maybe to use your word pulled the diva card and then demanded a trade to other another team who didn't %HESITATION you
00:13:51know a lot minutes the same way that Popovich there's maybe now he's playing between thirty six and thirty and it's a game and putting down plus points up her game but the accolades are there he did he did have two all star games the the Olympic gold medal
00:14:06is one of the great accomplishments in basketball history into an international or otherwise %HESITATION and he was you know one of the great players at his position as far as just being the six man being a reliable score off the bench and just showing up in crunch time
00:14:22and I think people and players that sacrifice the way he did %HESITATION io sacrifice is a relative term but players that do that players that care about winning the way he did and just play the game the way he did are usually not only are they the sort
00:14:38of critically acclaimed but they also they're there games in a legacy it's ten states age pretty well and people tend to look back and fondness and and remember that I think my new for the most part has the support for making that happen all fan the the basketball
00:14:53hall of fame I think it's almost at this point a strong man's argument or maybe a small minority maybe you're saying this Jeff more than I am at least my Twitter feed is full of just nothing but support from mono sure you're getting a lot of fans that
00:15:07are supporting mono I actually don't know an educated person who has any say and well what happens is Dan Feldman from a and B. C. N. B. A. R. thinker he tweeted something about that kinda listing his lack of credentials lack of all naming names data got every
00:15:24one of them I mean he is I think the most notorious of them because of obviously has a bigger platform than your typical troll but either way that I mean just goes to show that even people who do follow and professionally cover the league tend to look at
00:15:37statistics I mean if you're looking at Jen always legacy it's probably one more context and I'm glad that you brought up the fact Jack that he probably could have accomplished more even if you overlook his international credentials but that's a big part of it is that you know
00:15:50even you look and you look at Miami a team that Weston I cover obviously you look at Chris bosh is numbers and I think a lot of people have that same argument because that production dwindled when he left Toronto and came to Miami in obviously because of injury
00:16:04his career was cut short but I think it's a lot it's pretty similar to what we see from Jim nobly as far as he could have produced more he wasn't asked to because the spurs system and he filled his role admirably any filled it better than anybody probably
00:16:17cut out so %HESITATION that that's a big part of the argument and favorite you know we making the hall of fame we're pretty sure that he will but that just goes to show that we do think about the leading covered don't agree with that like when they say
00:16:31what I had in there the forgetfulness of the international competition when he heard it overseas that you know I think they you know people that do what I know %HESITATION pool on his credentials to become part of the best one thing forget that element of his career well
00:16:49it's important to remember for I I think some people forget even at the basketball team is the basketball hall of fame the NBA hall of fame and if you look if this what if what if there was an NBA hall of fame I don't think money gets into
00:17:02the NBA all fame I don't think it does not do to all star games the than his stats I think do actually prevent him from getting into a hypothetical and be a hall of fame but there is there's no such thing as that there is a basketball hall
00:17:14of fame dispersal put them in their hall of fame a ring of honor or whatever is that they do they'll put you know his statue upward of jurors in the rafters on over the spurs do but %HESITATION those two things or what existing what matter and that's where
00:17:28money will be and it's you know it was cool that he was able to kind of play out his career and play and still play pretty well it's kinda neat that you know yeah he's not coming back to the spurs but the spurs are still gonna miss him
00:17:39despite being despite money being forty one years old you mentioned Jeff that he still contributed a lot they relied on him %HESITATION last season really quick %HESITATION before we let you go here who replaces him as as sort of the six man like the the the the premiere
00:17:53six man on the spurs next season yeah I think I'm going pop you know help our look to what Pat emails I think %HESITATION then the obvious first choice of who knows what the a rookie along the water's gonna do we don't know yet I doubt he'd do
00:18:09anything more popular parties to come in the league he even though there is a shuffling to be done Derek white you know the up and callous sh old guy who's shown a lot of ridiculous upside right now in the G. league in the summer league we don't know
00:18:25but I think I can really look to maybe a guy like Patty mills the panels become that six man obviously Murray and tomorrow we'll start so expect maybe mills to pick up that slack so you talked about having seen the signs that %HESITATION G. nobody was probably on
00:18:41his way out although I think it's still caught a lot of people by surprise maybe that was just optimism or hope that he would come back because of what he represents in the style of play and everything else like that but now he's gone as you mentioned before
00:18:53Duncan gone Tony Parker in Charlotte soon to retire probably himself meaning I guess the question then becomes what happened Sir Gregg Popovich how soon does he start making that move towards retirement I mean I don't think he said anything publicly although we expect that it's probably gonna happen
00:19:10sooner rather than later obviously last year dealing with the death of his wife and and probably taking a lot out of him personally %HESITATION that's gonna be hard to lose those mainstays of the top era and spurs history and now all of a sudden %HESITATION the challenge of
00:19:26having a coach all these new personalities that might be a lot for him to handle do you use expect him to write out the rest of the year do you think that he could retire at the end of the season or how soon do you see that right
00:19:39happening I I think you'll hear a few more seasons under his belt I really did make up he did make a promise to lamarcus Aldridge when he resigned %HESITATION that he'll stick around for awhile longer as I think he feels there's a need there's a you know to
00:19:51fulfill that promise I'm as a course they're still you know mentoring a Jonty Murray out so I think they're still a little bit more business to be done before he calls it a career who knows if you know he's going to give a little more time back to
00:20:06help you have developed I'm entering the scene our picky Hammond if you decide to go that route and turn the reins over to one of those individuals so we'll see but I I just think you also have a few more US sees in him of I I can
00:20:22perhaps predict his swan song will be the Olympics I think that will be is %HESITATION me away to say okay I'm done with the spurs NBA time to transition to a new face look at basketball and take it from there see what he does make sense yeah well
00:20:38thanks for dropping on Jeff I'm sure you're gonna be covering this in more depth over the next few days on locked on spurs can you tell our listeners where to find you yeah he's backed up my react on bondage nobody's retirement at lockdown spur should be coming up
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00:22:14football experts on apple podcasts or Google podcast walked on podcast network your team every day ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the seventy Sixers are in no rush to fill to open GM job they essentially have an interim structure in place which basically amounts to general manager by
00:22:33committee for the rest of the season said the seventy Sixers managing partner Josh Harris told Josh Harris told Woche we prefer to find an elite talent who can lead us but we aren't going to compromise whatever that means the Sixers are working on a short list of candidates
00:22:49but should they be in a more rush David I don't know if rushes the white right word mostly because I GM's primary duties are are for the most part completed you know that that's the roster has been assembled on we don't expect any kind of trades happening within
00:23:06the next few weeks before camp opens %HESITATION in any way free agent signings or lack there of as we discussed in last week's podcast I've already played out and so I you know they were gonna hire GM it was supposed to happen last year or prior to the
00:23:21free agency period at this point you want to get the right canon in place so I don't know the rush is necessarily the right word but the same time you do you want to have somebody there who can establish some sense of familiarity it's ironic that we were
00:23:33talking the previous couple segments about the spurs were of course are the benchmark for that kind of %HESITATION consistency or in their front office in Philadelphia team that's looking to research establish that kind of success they don't have it so right now you want somebody familiar with not
00:23:49just the players %HESITATION but to establish those kind of connections especially with a player like Joe and be with you hear what happened with Bryan Colangelo and yeah and if you believe that what he said about it being via Twitter or what his wife may have said or
00:24:01while everything that we are drama played out you want somebody kind of smooth those relationships over to get to know the coaching staff to understand what the the roster as it's currently comprised what's the next step for taking it to another level like you know we all anticipate
00:24:17that Philadelphia as young as they are have years and years and years to put all these little pieces together so potentially contend for a title that window can close pretty quickly so you do want to have somebody in as quickly as possible so that you can help guide
00:24:32this team into that next level of success and look I mean not having a gym in place might hurt them this summer right might as you we we've talked about how the seventy Sixers I think last week and we talk about the Sixers didn't land anybody in friends
00:24:47and as a sort of a disappointment for them %HESITATION they didn't get lebron and get Paul George and get quiet and you know you've got to think that part of that is not having a general manager in place and I mention the sort of the jet the GM
00:24:58by committee one of a big part of that committee is head coach Brett brown and he's got a he's got a head coaching to do right he can't really he didn't sign up for this he didn't sign up to be a GM he signed up to just to
00:25:10be the head coach of the seventy Sixers there's other guys that come when mark Eversley and Elton brand make up the rest of that group but there really is no one voice if there is one voice it sort of sounds like it might just be bright brown and
00:25:23again you sort of want him focusing on doing his job and not necessarily this you know extracurricular stuff of being ejected general manager %HESITATION which is a full time job in and of itself so yeah you kind of want to got to have a guy in place even
00:25:37you're right most of the jams jobs done but there's a lot of work as a lot of preparation preparation to be done during the regular season what they want to do with their draft picks what they want to do by the trade deadline I mean just because the
00:25:48ensign somebody in free agency doesn't mean that they can't make a move between now and February right and you sort of want to GM to take the long view and sort of put something together here %HESITATION so they went through kinky they had Bryan Colangelo Colangelo sort of
00:26:03sped up the process a little bit there you kind of wonder what this next GM is going to do as far as his or her outlook on what this team it's supposed to look like and how can sort of take that next step right because you had him
00:26:17he who established the process got the draft assets drafted some of the right players you have Colangelo who sort of put other guys around and can solve the rest of that thing out and got them to the playoffs and I use whatever than whoever the new GM needs
00:26:32to be has to be somebody who can now take them from second round exit to championship material right now a lot of that of course is gonna come down to Simmons and beat but a lot of that's also going to fall on the plate of the new GM
00:26:43every heard anybody as far as who's on the short list for Philadelphia I I recall that they wanted permission to talk to I wanna say mori from the rocket yeah that and I know there's always worries about RC Buford as well it may be the thing maybe the
00:27:00situation and stands on your falls apart maybe they can learn to Philadelphia to help guide that team but that doesn't seem likely why he would leave a consistent a place that you know you feel comfortable and unless you want that kind of challenge but at the same time
00:27:13you know that the the onus is on Philadelphia trying to turn that around and I think you want to be able to show that the process has been a success so there's some pressure for whatever fills that role there to trying guy that team to a championship mean
00:27:27all despite the fact that they're going to be taking over a roster that they had nothing to do with the sampling so that that's always a good roster I mean that's a job somebody wants to have I mean you've got to superstar player is already in place between
00:27:39Simmons and beat I mean that is that's a good situation to be and but and so you understand the Sixers one to be patient because they really do there's a lot at stake here they got to hire the right guy I do think that %HESITATION I don't blame
00:27:52them for wanting to be patient I don't think that they have to get somebody in place right away they just when whenever they do make a decision it's got to be the right one which is so often see a new general manager came in and it whether it's
00:28:05immediately or within the first season or two they start invariably to clean house because they will always want to get their guy in there they want to hire a coach they feel comfortable where they want to bring in players that they may attracted elsewhere or may have had
00:28:20some hand in drafting of the work assistant GM for some team you know so I wonder if if we're looking at you know that might be a part of the hold up is that they don't want to bring somebody in there who could potentially shake things up maybe
00:28:32they'll hire somebody from internally out that that seems like that might make the most sense to her yet just don't hire Thibodeau because then the next thing you know they're gonna try drawing beat for like Taj Gibson or something so yeah I hear Derrick rose might be available
00:28:45all right well that's all we have for today you can subscribe to lock on NBA on I tunes on your favorite podcast app will be back here next Tuesday you can find this unlocked on heat in the meantime thanks for listening to join me David you got away
00:28:59thanks for tuning in the locked on NBA we hope you're enjoying the new five day a week format of locked on NBA the place for you to get your quick digestible look at what's happening in the NBA on a daily basis reminder to you every single one of
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