Nick Angstadt and Isaac Harris discuss ESPN's recent mock draft, their Top 10 Draft Boards, and the NBA Finals. 
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00:00:00It's the locked on podcast network your team every day you are locked on mavericks your daily podcast on the dallas mavericks part of the locked on podcast network your team every day this's going tio three sixty in the contract that i just take the contact i'll bring back
00:00:26i'm running on the fast break behind track get instead instead to step forward welcome you are locked on of the dallas mavericks my name is nick thanks ted media member maps moneyball dot com and i'm joined as always macos redder match dot com and owner of several burner
00:00:49accounts what you got for me as a caress i have so many body counts stemming i don't know what i would do good to run my twitter account let alone a burner account anything i want to say i want to say from a personal that's my big problem
00:01:08with read it and i hate him the name listen is the nameless faceless posts i saw a kristen ludlow she's the sideline reporter for tnt and she does stuff for for nba tv and stuff she said that somebody tweeted her like you wear too much makeup all this
00:01:26stuff bubble blah something else sexist and she's like that's easy for you to say coming coming from a person who uses somebody else's face is your twitter profile that was picture of lebron is's twitter profile yes yes yes yes I think even even if you like hide behind
00:01:45a tweet behind a like a a team or like i don't know like if you have like a specialty a type type of count or something like that Like put it in your bio tweets from an actual person Yeah that's just that's Just my pet peeve I know
00:02:02there's a lot of people by listening This that but but people look at like let's say like the smoking cuban that used to run or like we have the mavs moneyball like those don't necessarily have a person behind them I think the money ball one used to say
00:02:16tweets from tim kato but he is now no longer with us He did not die but he's just not with us the site anymore Yeah but you also say before and after when you live tweet games said this is this trump a block so people know where because
00:02:30a lot of times you might not be sharing like some insane opinion during like a regular day I mean you might make fun that different stuff like that but and people know who's on staff for the most part right That that could be doing there's some accounts out
00:02:46there it is it's like there's no cold white human being is running it and i think that's kind of a coward but way well i'm with you on that i'm with you on it Okay so road quick espn did a live mock draft just a little bit ago
00:03:02and that woes and mark smits and seth greenberg in college basketball analyst i think her name is and i should get this cassidy hubbarth hubbarth yeah there's a there's a in there which i did not realize until i like her she's cool yeah and she liked like hosted
00:03:20it is really simple is an hour long they won't in mike's mitts alternated picks and they said they're doing a live mock draft on espn just based off everything we hear no whatever now they didn't go into deep had like deep dives of like i'm hearing this i'm
00:03:38here in this but um i was going to throw out a couple of different takeaways from their mock at the like top five whatever like which says it's pretty much a consensus right now that that dion reagan's going one there's just too much behind it and he said
00:03:56sarver you know their owners this there's on a guy there's a good connection yeah he did a he did a podcast recently with can't rember who was yeah i think it was the risotto pocket It was him and her solo and and he said that a trend now
00:04:13in the n b a is that not necessarily the coach getting as much input as owners Owners are getting a ton of input into who they drafted The top of the draft i thought was very interesting So we today are going to do our top ten boards and
00:04:27this is who we would take but when it comes down to it like who mark cuban wants to take who's a listener this podcast who he wants take is probably different than who he wanted take Yeah i mean you saw it with me you don't want to like
00:04:43bring up old stuff again but like one that a lot of people bring out this like the great freak and like you've been owned that like marco Yeah and said that was me i really want them and he's admitted that was mistake So um many ways like espn
00:04:57ran their mock draft and you know the story is that sorry i want to clarify that for anybody that didn't realize the story So cuban keeping wanted to clear up some cap space and moved down and get dwight howard in in free agency where is donnie nelson wanted
00:05:11to draft janos agenda campo and they didn't end up doing that obviously And they dropped it Shane larkin And here we are today all right just wanted to clarify that for anybody when shane larkin's farther in the playoffs anyway So just some tidbits from their mock draft between
00:05:27woes and smits Pretty much given that the top eight and dawn church they were janet jackson at three to atlanta he did you know they say a consensus Well he said a lot of what a lot of us are thinking of saying this is the spot that they
00:05:45could trade out is atlanta somebody moving up to try to get dawn church something like that baghdad to memphis and then a five you know they were right there with mo bamba going to dallas and he mentioned impossibly going free agent shop in big time this summer she
00:06:05even asked him directly How much does dallas haven't interest in damarcus cousins What was kind of hopped around that you could tell you didn't really have I guess a ton of info on that right now but he just kind of talked about the the worry that damarcus would
00:06:23have We're a team would have gone just huge money adding what The achilles injury analyst everything we've talked about the biggest i was kind of worried at that point some light minutes it's going chalk that's gonna be kind of boring but then it got to orlando and they
00:06:35say window carter jr that was interesting sound like ok yeah so mike report michael porter jr is going to go to seven to chicago Nope they won't betray young and talked about the combo between chris down and trey young and how they can coexist in the same backcourt
00:06:51This is like the trend in the league today these two guards and all this different stuff okay whatever floats your boat and then i was like well it is not a way border agent is going to go past cleveland and eight i mean come on and then what
00:07:07we're calling sexton two eight that's what calves and they just kept on going michael bridges at nine to new york which i've said before on the spot i could see my cover's going reporter and people came after me and threw tomatoes at me and then one of my
00:07:22favorite guys in a bit in the late lottery lonnie walker I love lonnie walker they had him going ten to philly i like really do like that pick from them all of that paper love that line i mean all in on lonnie walker and you could surprise them
00:07:36because that would mean sexton trade young mccullough bridges lonnie walker all over not only porter jr but miles bridges also had some people with our although no miles bridges but kind of went down miles bridges give this alexander when it got to the clippers pigs at twelve and
00:07:55thirteen and they didn't use either one of them a porter jr they used bogus out your proper williams i was like whoa so they put michael border junior fifteenth to the washington wizards which is like an awful fit it is yes and it's so bad it's crazy and
00:08:13they're just you know he admitted what was it wasn't them and they said listen he could go much higher than this for sure but at this moment with everything surrounding him and stuff that they would be like as faras medical and i said how if it's a teammates
00:08:28you know people tweeted this out what just happened and people have came out from coma goes into european malabar well news flash guys woes in them know a little bit more then you probably do that's listening would probably know aa lot more than what we like think about
00:08:46it it's not just that he knows more he knows how these guys think like it's not that he just has information on all these players but he knows how these teams think he is he calls the picks before everybody know he's called the picks before mark tatum and
00:08:58adam silver called them you know he knows how these guys think he talks to them all the time he knows the thought process he he floats ideas he when he came and spoke to us at sports business class from two years ago he was like you know sometimes
00:09:10all does go up to a guy and be like hey what you think about this player that's on like some random other team or like some prospect or some like that So he has an idea of how all these guys are thinking you know about certain guys and
00:09:20about these players about types of players too and my expenses right there as far as like draft gurus everything with that it's not like he's sitting there saying hey i've talked to every team in the league and he's not going to go in the top ten because his
00:09:35back he didn't say that you just said at this current time and like just with everything surrounding medicalize like they can't they just didn't put him higher and it's going to reflect that and my big boarding i mean news flash mike reporting there still seven on my big
00:09:50board he's going to stay seven until we get an update and said that her mess too much that i'm not going to move him anywhere until we get any type of update for anything on him So but anyway the only other thing i mean they do ever pick
00:10:03in the first round i'm not going to talk about them The only other small tidbit is um he mentioned denver specifically and said watch out for denver with their cat situation that they might want to shed a contract and attach the pic with it to shed money and
00:10:21he mentioned fareed it's and i've been trying to ship him for a while so i mean which that's the number that's the number fourteen pig yes and i'm fourteen i know we briefly talked about before we hit record i would take frieden heart be the fourteenth pick attach
00:10:38So imagine fareed and dwight powell's role last year like oh god that's a no brainer for me so i would gladly i mean you're sacrificing cap but we're talking You would sacrifice your cap this summer get for reed and then possibly get eggs ire smith i mean a
00:10:57possible lonnie walker possibly any of those guys What is it like a year mohr of kenneth radar two years more of kind of three that's Definitely worth the eight years of whoever you can get at fourteen Like what if michael border juniors there like their their mock you
00:11:12know that's the there they had espn having their mock They had kevin knox went that pick michael porter jr was there's ire Smith was there Curry thomas was there like there's A bunch of dudes there were still there that you're like yes i will sign up for eight
00:11:26years of that dude Yeah so i mean in that hypothetical i mean you would be going into this summer It might not help you win now but you would be going into training camp with basically your new additions being like mo bamba desire smith in kenneth faried super
00:11:42young but that's kind of exciting you know against you i mean you don't have a ton of cap to play around with that at that point but that's what you have the cat for Well there's a there's a story that the paper recently like re shared that they
00:11:57had written like a while ago like right is the season ended where mark cuban is quoted as saying uh we will try to use this cast but the reason why we have caps bases to use it and something to the effect of we even if we can do
00:12:10it before the draft and like this is exactly what he's talking about a move like this where you take on a guy to get an asset a lottery pick even if it's a late lottery pick like a mid first topic is a huge asset that's a massive asset
00:12:22yeah yeah and that's i would do it i mean that wouldn't and it also wouldn't suck every bit of your copy that now there's a there's a tear of that also like i wouldn't take on fifteen million for a pick twenty four but fourteen there's still a handful
00:12:40players that could be there and we're obviously depend on how they value something guys there yeah and some of these so he's like fareed that that's even like some value there he's not like unplayable player he has definitely a role and i feel i could could really work
00:12:55out you know in a in a maps type system like you're not just getting complete nothing's like even people talk about tristen thompson like he's got he's got some value you know like there's a he's a he's a playable blair in the finals he has been so for
00:13:09sure you're not getting like they're never all joking now well let's put it that way so all right let's get to our ah our top ten We've done this now maine every month since january We've done this So this is our may edition We just cut under the
00:13:25wire and with this one to get our top ten where i'm going talk about it too long but let's get to our top ten isaac in just one second hope you're enjoying your local locked on podcast network show the number one local sports daily podcast network I'm here
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00:14:16big picture issues and fun conversation between anthony irwin and add a modest it's daily covering the entire n ba in a short form so that you can grab it it's locked on mba now five days a week all right isaac harris my top ten as i went through
00:14:36it i was like man it didn't change too much i made one giant change at the top after doing some research after here and some stuff after ah just thinking how fundamentally i want this maps team to move forward i made a big change but luca dodgers still
00:14:52number one and we did luca's draft profile for yesterday's podcast the week recorded actually the same exact day that we're talking about this but but we talked about it we're both number we both have a number one but number two one move jaren jackson jr up oh my
00:15:11god jaren jackson jr i i think that he could be kevin garnett like just in like half as skilled players he is he's not as tenacious he doesn't have that like tenacity that like i'm going toe bite your head off thing but it with his skill is you
00:15:27know defensively i feel like that could be a guy that could really just be unleashed in an mba system whereas college wasn't so great to him and those are the kind of players you want like college was not as good to karl anthony talents and then he got
00:15:38the n b a and you're like oh yeah that's why he went number one yeah i mean there's not a there's not a lot that separates those guys in my opinion in that just all those bigs in the top six so like the jackson bomba bagley whatever i
00:16:01put eight and just a little bit higher i still have eight in it too and just because of his his overall package with there's just more to work with there i think and especially i think you can win now quicker with d under eighteen Jackson i think you're
00:16:19gonna have to a wastin time there's just some there's some with that that you're gonna have to let him develop i'm not is personally i'm not is sold on his shot i know just the form and everything on it but i mean he headed out at a decent
00:16:37clip so he has great performing in person but like you know people like the label me on twitter is this jackson hater because i keep in like six or something like that if he's just going to take tom but he has the same type of mystery a situation
00:16:55that like that collins had out of coming out of gonzaga and because that collins is a very very nice player just mentioned this the other day to a god that's well versed in the nba world and it is like in his first response to have is was that
00:17:10colin's going really good I'm like yeah like i know i don't mean it it's just like a lot of fans want to jump on that b like realization of that collins and yet you probably will be better and that collins but still like they're both going to get
00:17:24players and it's like i said before i think you can heal contribute every category and i think he will be a mouse turn it would i think we'll be having the same conversation we're having about myles turner right now that will be having for jackson in three four
00:17:39years i think jackson king i create off the dribble a little bit more that i think that's what's going to separate them is that he's going to be able to do just a little bit more We've seen the highlights for many babies not dream on though like i
00:17:50don't know if people want to make him out to be you know will people want to make jim jackson out to be like he's like draymond that you can just give him the ball but like you know go make a play around the off it's like he's Not
00:18:01that he can dribble it of you know a little bit but i would still take like i'll still take bagley's handles over jack oh for sure but i'm saying he but there's a lot of john jackson you take over bagley you know yeah invite like in vice versa
00:18:19sure sure sure but just the idea that where he is like some of the other these other guys though miles turner's the you know there's that collins that jackson create off the dribble little more he's starting at a better spot i think than those two guys are ah
00:18:33i mean younger like he said there's more there's more to work with i think with him it's kind of like when if you're if you're two k player it's kind like when you're picking your art type into in the video game in butte uk and you're saying you've
00:18:47got to pick these different categories that you have like elite levels no skills in and during the game it's like jan jackson for me has been picked the all around package it's the all around package to where you're like halfway to seventy five percent high like your meters
00:19:05are in every category so where some of these other guys i have like the elite in some in in one different little category of each one like bagley's athleticism rebounded junk all that stuff obama's defensive ability shot blocking anchor deandra aiden's offensive versatility all this stuff most score
00:19:24yeah like they have the really hot bars in these certain categories in janet jackson is the all around that in my opinion is not have that does not have that elite level of some of those right now but we'll talk more about yet and this is a big
00:19:43board pot we'll do a profile on jackson coming up missing so anyway that's why but to you still have eighty two number three i'm oh bamba nice Yeah that's what i have to okay so we both we both have bomba there That means i have very close to
00:19:59having bomb or a for the mountains because reminder is just just reminder this board is off a mass perspective This is not overall our big boards This is fitting with the mavericks perspective so and that's what we would take that's where i could hear the argument for obama
00:20:19over eight as faras because i think baba you don't reinvent the will you bring him into your system and keep the system atan is the better overall prospect but you're going to have to reinvent your system in my opinion for dow's so but eighteen two bomba through then
00:20:38i have eighteen at four for me i'm assuming at four you have martin bagley still i do yes martin bagley i have badly at five so weak and then ah five for you bridges michael briggs and i can tell by that smile you have bridges there he's still
00:20:59there i'm all in on bridges i'm will be a broken record if i go down the whole school again but i have him at six so which is not not a big change the top six for us pretty much stays the same ah you have jared jackson at
00:21:14six i do yes s so not a huge change for meets luca jaren jackson moba deandre marvin bagley mchale bridges that zbig change for me i dropped eighteen from two to four and then for you it's almost the exact same with luca ah deandre aiden mo bamba bagley
00:21:35bridges and janet jackson correct for you the only thing you switched wise you switch luka and ate and you switched bomba and bagley interesting interesting and why the why the change on why the change on bagley um i just i'm really getting sold more on the bomb a
00:22:00thing i really think he can be ever bit of what capella did and like for houston as a bomb it could be that which by the way everyone was bringing up all the time saying well he's getting played off what he can't even play in this series he
00:22:17was huge in that game seven like he was massive in that game seven and he hasn't paid massive money yeah he had some pretty really big shots so i don't want to hear any of that anymore he played he did not get played off the court now and
00:22:33yeah stop that down this wouldn't whoever sent that down you will be first in line to be like oh my gosh this is awesome of dallas an amazing twenty four years whatever it is so yeah capella uh i don't i disagree with that completely i don't think you
00:22:49got played off the court but anyway well it was the idea that he was going to get played off that a guy like mo baba can't play in a siri's like like the houston golden state siri's you know what could when compel it could have been great is
00:23:06what if they won game seven yeah it would have been a huge factory against kevin love and justin thompson massive so like if you're going to tell me that you don't want capella because of one team in the n ba the golden state warriors stop it they were
00:23:23beat to built that team and they almost did yeah bill to build to beat to build that team built to beat that team build a house of bricks so there you go that is our top six after that i think we both still have porter jr at seven
00:23:44have for junior seven's i don't move me anywhere for me until we get something it's like a that point it's like a that point i'll take the risk you know if we're getting to that that point i don't see any more can't miss you know prospects where i
00:23:58wouldn't want tio you know like where there are as many risks you know my great well at this point i'm taking him it's kind of say the same for a while Former player brent barry is listening when i've been doing the players only david by travel on the
00:24:16airplane and i listened to the lock done network for any team that i'm about to cover So is hall of famer doris berg you know your way around a lot but i like to just get a role because i hate it when i hear people say that business
00:24:34with star thing constant gone it's locked on podcast network your team every day um number eight for me is miles bridges I think i think i'd still like the idea of miles bridges more than just miles bridges himself Um i like miles bridges avenue at nine Yeah have
00:25:06you met nine The measurements worry me yeah kind of work and just can't try to figure out what position he plays but i'm not e i don't think i'm not comfortable with them playing before you know what i feel like yeah you're right i'm gonna put wendell carter
00:25:23ahead of mom's bridges now moving about i have window carter at ten i know How do you know Because you don't like wendell carter and you had him at ten last time you had a two headed thing so the only one we don't know for you is eight
00:25:42can you guess is that kevin knox Nope do like knox who's by lottery guy ah lonnie walker lonnie walker wow is a big move up i love lonnie walker man i would be a static tohave funny walker if somehow we could get a pick in that late lottery
00:26:02ticket pair lonny with uh dennis i would love that two months ago you had lonnie walker nine and then you didn't have them in your top ten and now you got him back in his eight Yeah i have a minute like what Eleven or something I don't know
00:26:17we don't go that far okay this is ten and you're going on tonight He's hovered in the eight to eleven range for me but i just i've really been debating him and miles bridges about lately and i just like loni i'm going to do a deep dive on
00:26:33line in pretty soon and it's gonna be glorious what if you just start watching and you see all these bad passes of bad plays and you're like oh no i just go find a good take between have a lot of the luca dodges like a different highlights and
00:26:49stuff to the and i watch some of his isolation defense that's always pick and roll defense and like do a post video of him getting roasted or not like now let's just stay the fuck am i asking for it today or am i not asking for today yeah
00:27:10but i'm sure you could find videos of steph getting just destroyed on defense in college tio oh yeah i mean james harden that's his whole career don't make me spit this water so wait a couple minutes to spare a quick we've got some more time that's that's our
00:27:28top ten again i'll go through it real quick mine was number one don change jackson jr second obama third deandre eighty fourth marvin bagley for fifth mchale bridges six michael border junior seventh wendell carter jr eight miles bridges nine and then kevin knocks at ten oh you got
00:27:47the way it goes so well is that not so in our on our mock draft we did last week or you know i think it's last week out or whatever and you know i had knox going like seventh or eighth or something and just like oh no i
00:28:02didn't no knife to york well course semi tweeting me saying like l a well no way which is always on my faith you know things that no way that's gonna happen thanks god you know yeah and you know i laughed about whatever what saw basketball insider steve collar
00:28:20and he did this video of the other day and i watched him was like draft sleepers and he talked about kevin knox and he said he specifically said in the video he said i have heard from numerous teams in the lottery that kevin knox will go much higher
00:28:34than what people expected hey said hey said he's heard kevin knox all the way up to six to orlando holy cow that's that's crazy because it's just this idea you see what jason tatum is doing and it's his knox is a six eight shooter that came in kentucky
00:28:51and he said a lot of people just don't think that he was used right a kentucky and he's getting into some workouts he just got this smooth fluid motion and stuff like that so that's what that's just a little example of different stuff i'm here about not sure
00:29:06i see that knox and i just think you'll go higher than some like how it almost i think he's a lottery pick hands now so i've seen some people having like eighteenth or something like that now i saw him the other day mocked by someone teo the knicks
00:29:22at nine and i was like that's a good fit as a guy i like that fit for sure yes what i did on the pot and i like that a man they're going they like they want the way i think nick's want the coverage is so bad that
00:29:36but i could see them going on somebody that can create their own shot though you know yeah point yeah i mean i think it's a wing or sexton or young some like that sure or well yeah the way a wing that could create their own shot though whereas
00:29:50bridges doesn't really create his own shot as much yeah sure you know let me ask you this before you go i was wanna do said beginning but we had understand you don't talk like three minutes about the finals you're oh yeah yeah what do you think of the
00:30:05conference finals this's what i'm going to say about the finals i want with broad to win so bad oh my gosh get off this part i think are you talking about i want lebron to win it would be epic if lebron one it would be so great just
00:30:21because this team was built in the tape man they're very good they're very very good i learned you're cheering for houston when i so no i wasn't i wasn't i spoke i still love watching the warriors play when they play you know great offense and they played together
00:30:40but when they don't play i so kevin durant ball they've played they have gotten so many breaks that is just ridiculous at this point like just all the breaks they've got these teams you know guys eventually you can't organism has a decade of lebron jane and get the
00:30:59most breaks like you can't be have the best team and get the most breaks it just doesn't it doesn't work like that and so that's that's the same logic got used to saying you can't be considered the graceful time and get the main breaks you got i don't
00:31:11think he i don't think lebron's greats of all time i think lebron is he's the jordan of our generation though i think that i'll go this far lebron can average a triple double and beat the warriors and still will be the greatest of all time i think that
00:31:24would be the greatest finals i think that would be the greatest finals uh performance of all time for him to beat this team it still would make it the greatest it still would make him the greatest player i don't think not yet no no and that's it that's
00:31:42a building block for sure it's just really really annoying right now and i sent out this tweet down i am saying you can appreciate you can acknowledge and you can recognize the greatness of lebron like lebron i'm telling you they stop you and kobe tom three what's that
00:31:58was the greatest week that's left a great you can acknowledge that and say like lebron's a top three five player of all time lee gets still crazy but you can still no basketball and have a very very very great argument for michael jordan still being the best player
00:32:17of all time and it's just it's very difficult about twitter sometimes and see so many people just the tweets that make me mattis imagine not believing lebron james is the greatest of all time yeah i don't and like i'm not stupid like we could have a legit little
00:32:35conversation and taken rollout of why different things Why jordan is the graceful time is lebron the best player of the past You have the two thousand's yeah sure given that like but i mean my cousin three titles come on i posted this this picture of lebron sheeting that
00:32:53shot over jason tatum and i was like man if you're not watching lebron right now you are really missing out you're going to look back on your life would be like man why did i not watch lebron Because a lot of people right now are saying man why
00:33:04didn't i watched jordan Why didn't i watch he's epic You know finals moments or these you know playoff moments and everyone's talking about how you remember when m j did this and move on like they just wish they were watched them like you should do that with lebron
00:33:17now because we're going to talking about him like he's a second third best player of all time and my cousin was like how you can't even put them in the same sentence all this stuff you can't you can't even compare the two and i like what i am
00:33:29going compared to as faras like level of you know greatness and he said it was it was a like a tv moment it was it was an american like moment to sit down and watch michael jordan that he was like you can't even say the circus because the
00:33:44circus doesn't exist anymore but like it was like this huge thing was in town and that everybody wanted to go watch him and lebron is like not that but are our society now is so different in the fact that there's just so many different avenues of entertainment content
00:33:59media and all this stuff like this broadcast and exist who i was listening to dan patrick the other day and they were like what was the what was the whole you know i thought of you know ah like michael jordan and all this and you know but why
00:34:16when when he was when did he become the greatest of all time but what people say and ten patrick is like there wasn't like twenty four seven sports radio and podcasts and all these websites and twitter and stuff just like we didn't have that you know like you
00:34:30had your newspapers you had some radio shows back then but just not as many there just wasn't this dialogue there wasn't as much time to fill because advertisers weren't paying for this much time you know so like how all this time to create this discourse of all this
00:34:45time i think we can have the conversation dan patrick goes on to say that he can't have this conversation to lebron's done like i agree that i agree we can't can't compare the two as far as like who's better until the very end i think obviously his players
00:34:59there they're better different things but that's all players yeah that i agree completely wait till he's done i mean i mean obviously if lebron goes on to win two three more titles than yeah there's a conversation to be had probably and saying ok like there you go like
00:35:17he's close to jordan but then at that point don't you have to start talking about how lonzo ball is one of the greatest players of all time because that's who he's going to win titles with five you know to say that what do you think about the actual
00:35:30siri's though I mean is it really going to be a cake walk like could the warriors just sweep the oh yeah oh yeah they could definitely sweeping the only reason they won't sweep amore of this serious could go well there's two reasons one i think the syrians will
00:35:46go five i think google six i think they could win a couple for a couple of reasons one or two reasons one reason the first one is golden state just seems like they just don't care sometimes so sloppy man like they just a man so frustrating like they
00:36:04just it's like they literally i enjoy watching too i'm chair forming its houston i will definitely cheer for him in the finals and personally i'm a big i love steph curry too and like yeah whatever but they just it's like they and they have in their head that
00:36:20we are the best and you know we can go and play street boss a little bit and but we always have this next level we can hit and like come back or like take a leave for a bit or whatever it is that part worries me especially to
00:36:32pay lebron and you hope that it's the finals and going against lebron that they're like holy crap we can't do that that would be a reason for them to get one or two games in the other reason like be this guy but i will be this guy is
00:36:47the nba's likes its money oh isaac i think they're going to want to see don't go us don't do this guys read personal foul just i'm just saying that changed a lot for me and there's a lot that goes on yes there's a lot that goes on behind
00:37:05the scenes of how then how much the money once stuff like this the millions of dollars the story lines the evan what happened Oh seven isaac what happened when lebron got swept Yeah i mean sometimes you can only you can only do so much with you can totally
00:37:23fix something but you can influence it and that's the thing of you can't stop a team from making shots but you khun really influence a game a certain defeat things for me i think the funniest things is what are we going to hear over the next week or
00:37:37so from lebron We're i think we're going to hear so many different like subtle comments as excuses for him we're in a letter from him or for him from him i think we should put bets down on several comments will get he'll he'll definitely mention that golden state
00:37:56has four all stars and like how they're how good they are he'll definitely mention at some point the how tired it could be how tired is then going to a straight finals and he'll definitely mention the accomplishment is to be two eight straight finals that would that those
00:38:14air givens unite and those are always some of my favorites but so petty i meant huge fan of what lebron does off the court but on the court yeah there's a lot of first saying things i have with him for someone that is as talented as you just
00:38:34just salty and petty and put your put your georgia north carolina jersey out of the way I got to take it off right now He's gonna be like your next year So i give you another jersey I'll be so weird that we're this thing Look you know kobe's
00:38:50gonna be halfway you know if you hadn't seen kobe sweet go look at kobe's look more of his latest tweets which is just a casual casual remember And this is what i ended with this on my mind it's just a casual amount of people that we went through
00:39:06all of this okay With kobe jordan jordan truthers out there hold hold your ground you know because we went through this mud before with koby when kobe won his titles and did this news three peat the exact same thing that is happening right now on twitter sportscenter everything
00:39:26like whatever not write whatever twitter your platforms conversation bob shepherd of the exact same thing is happening right now happened with kobe he's the greatest he's to go he's already the greatest it's kobe jordan kobe jordan everything and now it's lebron it's just another guy in the chain
00:39:44so just another guy that's what isaac says yeah i mean it's just it's a conversation so it's going to something i was like well i was a massive later span even during those times and i didn't think it was as true as people said it was that they
00:40:01were even close loving now i mean it's not you have to come get his fifth title i mean that's crazy coming is five titles and he's never meant and like you're talking like me like really bashed kobe like like koby oh as five titles and he doesn't get
00:40:16mentioned i don't think he gets mentioned enough and i know that's kind of crazy while that wow just the fact that lebron's already kind of like anointed by so many people with three three titles like three they're not everything but you at least gotta get five or six
00:40:35before you can lebron's close later nobody even close to his get his shack was mean like doesn't get mentioned it who line wade was really really good no shock was the most dominant player in the mba know at the time shack every okay shack average like thirty eight
00:40:54points and fifteen rebounds like four blocks throughout the playoffs yeah that's insane dude is like dominating people yeah i agree but i mean this bosch and wade equal shack no i'll come on chris bosch is one of the biggest pet peeves of the past decade is how much
00:41:11people undervalued and don't think chris bosses that good i love chris bosch but really but shack was incredible the gravity that he had he he spaced the floor by being in the paint because he just drew so many guys to himself i agree i agree is great and
00:41:31he was the best center at that time during those years for sure anyway we just add a sports radio conversation for the last like ten minutes of this pot but and come back tomorrow we'll tell you why coming up next we'll tell you why michael jordan is not
00:41:47even the greatest player on his own team it's horse grant because his sons are his son and his nephew book made it know his nephews both made it into the interview janet all right guys thank you so much for listening to lock them as kind of all over
00:42:06the place today is just one of those days got some draft stuff got the top ten got some finals talk i'm going to pick warriors in five i'll say warriors in six i hope it's calves and seven maybe uh oh my gosh i uh i can't think about
00:42:27it but i honestly don't know what i would have to gas one oh i'm going on a mission trip the week after the finals so i really want to go just honor the lord you know but it's really yeah only extra prayer that we give if that's ah
00:42:45and i'm hoping it doesn't go to game seven because i might have to miss it because i'll be gone on that mission ship So i'm hoping i'm hoping the warriors wrap that sucker up in like four five four if it ends and four you might like i'll do
00:42:57like to five today for your if it ends and for just because i'll be so i on a mavericks podcast alone that my favorite story today is the fae nose mean with lebron and said lebron status because if a knows has six of the stones one tree china
00:43:14frost oh my god All right guys thank you so much for what's in the locked on that phone Ok i've heard you I will not tell that machine made by amazon with a female's name to play a locked on podcast but you can do it You can tell
00:43:36you to play program locked on whatever your favorite is and i promise i won't say ok that big huge mammoth brand that makes all sorts of things play podcast such and such anymore i've heard you but just let you know you can do it You can play all
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