Brad Rowland (@BTRowland, Peachtree Hoops) hosts episode No. 385 of the Locked on Hawks podcast and he is joined by Tyler Jones (@Jonesy2x4) to discuss the upcoming NBA Draft, Mike Budenholzer's exit, Taurean Prince, Dennis Schroder and much more. 
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00:00:00It's the locked on podcast network your team every day you are locked on hawks your daily atlanta hawks product based part of the locked on podcast network your tea every day hello friends welcome to episode three eight four of a locked on hawks podcast i am your host
00:00:38spread role in coming to you live on this fine wednesday evening for first time in a while i have a guest in the podcasts and that is a good friend of program tower does something it's going on everybody's good to be back has been a while has been
00:00:50what since trait it's been a little bit yeah it's been too long i'll take responsibility for that and you know i try and i try to try to save you for important matters now you know most of the podcast that it could be about being gay drafts of
00:01:04big picture stuff in fact sort of just had the idea to do a little bit of draft to talk with you on the pod based on twitter conversation earlier which one that will definitely sort of diving too before we get in that there was one little bit of
00:01:17news on the coaching front and that literally news even like but lloyd pierce who is been report as the front runner on the sixties assistant coach actually talk sort of in depth with keith pompeii of the philadelphia inquirer earlier in the day on wednesday nothing super revealing he
00:01:31feels like he's a good fit for the job i was going crazy people to go read the quotes in that piece from kiefer did a good job getting him on the record was it's very rarely that you'll see someone interviewing for a job talk about it on the
00:01:42record especially now that they're not a head coach though that i thought i was probably the interesting part is that he talked on the record i guess that's probably nothing huge to report there but this is a public bridge to ask you if you have any strong takes
00:01:52on the coaching church i'm gonna make you put on any names because i know recent pocket that talks about the fact that you know this isn't just a really hard to deal with evaluate but if you only takes get him off of it dot look it sort of
00:02:02them off their um i will say uh like it just clicked on me that it's really refreshing that uh guys like lloyd pierce and even steven silence black head coaches are black assistant head cultures who didn't play in the nba are getting you know getting interview for you
00:02:25know a chance to coach the atlanta hawks are of these other other things i know they're getting i know they get interview for other spots like it's really refreshing because that's one thing the nba has been really bad is promoting young black talent uh either in executive roles
00:02:43and and the coaching ranks that you know didn't play in the nba so like that's like just so i have no i had no basis i i prefer any of the candidates have been laid out they also my good people um but i just like like it's like
00:03:03it's just good progress at the embassy is making its you know the idea is it the nba does a lot for ah diversity but that that's been a blind spot for them for ah good decade or so minutes is good to see guys like that You know david
00:03:17fizdale was one of the first you know he didn't even play in the n b a at all either So it's it is good that ah um guys like lloyd and seen in silence or getting pumped up like this yeah i totally agree Absolutely And i've heard great
00:03:31things about both those guys and ah yeah it's just it is very encouraging to see that and you know it goes to the fact that the nba's most most progressive league and that's ah that's encouraging and yeah we can yes sorry sorry to blindside you although it's cool
00:03:45and i mean literally like a peek behind the curtain we had a discussion and i literally had nothing for coaches and then i remembered i remembered i was like wait lloyd pierce didn't play in the nba and i hear something like this is something to be discussed like
00:04:03it's not some to be celebratory about but it's just good see the nba no notice an issue it within their within the ranks of the of the league and try toe correct So um but that i don't have any real opinion about these coaches i don't know beastie
00:04:24Yeah that's my over key takeaways that i'm relying on information people that i trust around the league and it's much it's very a positive about would appear so if he becomes the coach and we'll talk about him more often obviously all the black ass but until then i'm
00:04:38kind of just in the waiting game period talking about who the coach is going to be so hopefully the hawks will hire someone very soon We actually can start learning more about him and go from there Sort of the meat of the podcast though on this fund wednesday
00:04:51is the fact that you know sort of big picture drought conversation i'm going to try to avoid all of the all of the guests with most part of this plenty of time between now and june twenty first to talk about you know luka don church and the under
00:05:04eighteen and those guys and less so so not my mark and bagley reversal wait talk about actually but that's actually that's very interesting i just it's tough because the lottery of course is next week so like if the halted picking number six overall there's don't don't even don't
00:05:20know i'm just saying i don't sakes there's no seeks the conversation is very differently glued impossible yeah it's ah it's very likely if they get six man it would be extremely hawks hawks but the heart's twitter or like and folks they casual hawks fans just although it does
00:05:41happen but yeah yeah but like hawks fans that really didn't want to rebuild you know maybe through the way they're already not through over there it would eventually get worse and listen i just feel like we could talk aton about the top guys but we'll probably just save
00:05:58it till after the lottery because again if they if you're back in five or six uh it's always that way when we're talking about don church in aden and maybe back with tio put that in the air bread way could they positive way getting luke a doctor i'm
00:06:16with you that's the guy i want to tell you and i are on the same page with that and let me play that it has been in like the mba owes the atlanta hawks that luka doctor should be in there like it they think is on the whole
00:06:32it's wrong for decades and it's about time they correct that by giving us and i'm one of world big so we can we can drive doctors that's it that's all i that's all we got talking about what we got here we can get to get teo you know
00:06:45the devaughn carter's of the world my brother and i love you I love you We like all dollar divine Carter had thirty three i'm just like no way we're going talk about what we're big picture but your car is a good example but i want one thing and
00:07:02validation for him in the way he had a triple double today in twenty two minutes so we'll just uh people there that are lower on don church I would encourage you guys to go ahead and watch what he did on wednesday Um not he's not good enough for
00:07:15the day No not really even i'm not playing its high little competition you know he's playing yeah throws a study called anyway john carter was the pivot point and that's what we think will follow us both on twitter probably saw a little bit of this and i think
00:07:31it's good for a discussion on necessarily about carter individually but um i tweeted about this and a lot of pushback from people of both sides i think but just the the theory behind this draft and really drafting in general but especially for a rebuilding team that the hawks
00:07:46are looking at these four picks we know its way north three of them are nineteen thirty thirty and thirty three and it's sort of ah i mean there's always the best the best player available versus fit conversation this is almost sort of different in the fact that you
00:07:59know we're talking about this and you know there's a concept of wanting upside with these picks and i totally understand that i would certainly endorse it as definitely a tiebreaker if nothing else than that but i think of my personal board they're going to be a lot of
00:08:13guys who are going to be very high on my board remaining in that thirty thirty three range there veteran college players and a lot of them are guards i mean jumping on cars one example of them jalen brunson's going on on the board for a lot of people
00:08:25probably aaron holiday devante graham all these guys who are relatively low ceiling players in terms of like their ultimate explosion and probably not super likely to be like all star kind of guys whereas they probably are pretty safe to be quality backup point guard types i understand the
00:08:42push back there in car john carter was example cause i i actually watched a lot of film on him last couple of days to write about him apiece troops on our draft preview serious and that was sort of which is talking out loud about how much i like
00:08:54carter it's not like i think he's going to be a starter he's not is a defense first player he's an awesome fun defender to watch but assumes brillo is already twenty two twenty three in september i totally get that so let's just talk about this for a second
00:09:09what how close would it have to be for you to take one of these veteran college guys over someone who has more upside like i definitely understand if all things were equal you want to take someone who's younger with higher upside that's a better athlete etcetera but is
00:09:23it like a tie breaker for you or does it have the situation where the college veteran is so much better if you believe everything they got honestly honestly probably depends on the measurables leisure uh i hate to break it down to who has the bigger wingspan format wing
00:09:42standards so recorded like and like if who's bigger who has the better one expanding to make a jumper like maybe i don't know like a carter the one game i did see him play was against a train yard and like he's a fighter and i got i can
00:10:05see why you like him i probably like two of the hawks drafted and it's just such a such a unsexy pick like it's like i feel like there's jovon card is all across europe all across like in the draft aren't or like guys who aren't going to be
00:10:21drafted well maybe twenty three twenty four twenty five years old uh but are like just somewhere maybe in the g league or in europe right Some second division in china or might not but in china somewhere then but like like the geron cars are everywhere and the most
00:10:40important thing with these guys is why what made friends with reverent badly has shown is that because fred randall lee is not a good athlete but he fights his ass off on deacon and he can make three points and like if you can do those things you're going
00:10:59to be a good point guard mislead like it's like if you can fight hard over screen and you can make your open three not even what you got to be more than just over three points here at point guard by life you could make three points but you
00:11:13won't be good in this league man so like it's not that i'm down on carter's styling is just that you can't find that you can find a job on carter like i feel like you can find in the inn as a hundred at their free agent but like
00:11:30you can't like trayvon duvall had a terrible year do but the kid is six four with seven foot wingspan and his athletic right and you you can't find that you can't find that guy anywhere other than dr i think he's the perfect by the way i think i
00:11:47think he's the perfect guy to talk about because as you mentioned devote was terrible he can't shoot and yet i think you know well no people people gonna want him over carter over brunt said because they see upside athleticism I've talked to argue that especially the middle of
00:12:03rebuild because as you said like if he pops if you fifty figures it out you know the difference between that guy and what someone like jalen bronson could be ultimately is is pretty huge even if i you know right now today if i want a basketball game there's
00:12:17no doubt i'm not taking a trip down to the hole but if you give me two years of development of all carter carter yeah you said dheeraj is like clouds confused for a second oh you know what i mean In general i'm not taking the ball like its
00:12:32own not oh god yeah i just think like he was one of the honestly Like right now today he's One of the week will be a terms of guys who were actually going to draft It will be one of the worst basketball players without questions Statistically everything is
00:12:45poor about but it is a crazy athlete and he has he has huge pedigree and like again if you think about how to shoot then sign me up it's just tough And he also played at duke so he wasn't coached a love that takes i love that i
00:13:01love your coach k just cvd ethics I know it's not it's Not like there was a time with in khost case life where he was a very good basketball coach And then ninety money came in and all of a sudden do can't play defense if you like but
00:13:16we can move on from them plans plans on this year just just for you Play a lot of two three zone I know you loved um but okay s so it's been a vacuum Obviously you're gonna leave upside how much of that has to do with where the
00:13:32hawks are like but for instance if the hawks had these picks and they had just won forty games and they were trying to just run up a rotation and kind of just be a playoff valentin like in a very hawks seaway would you feel the same way or
00:13:45would you be more likely to take just take the best player you know if it's a little bit more safe or is that i think the question is how much is that asked us to do with the rebuild versus just like how how you normally think about this
00:13:56stuff if i were to be completely honest like i would rather if this the hawks were a good team they go for upside at at those you know thirty and thirty three's and so like dumb but during a rebuild like it's closer like i'm not saying i probably
00:14:16would have probably would prefer that i know like it's tough man i know this is like it's still a very philosophical it depends on what the team needs if i act like let's say out of wars and my team has zeros i go with upside taken do ball
00:14:34but but i mean they would never do that they find some other dude who's actually good yeah but like let's say but let's say i'm the wizards i'm going with carter uh because to play i don't need yeah yeah i need a gotten good looking back on john
00:14:54walter day and not be trashed um no i mean they have a decent backup they just don't player but you know we besides the point but you understand what my my philosophy is like it depends on the caliber of the team what they need like if i'm if
00:15:10i'm if i'm a well stat team with good players but i just need one guy at that position and he happened to be guard like give it give me the give me the season that one no well i've no one's going to give me after defensively because of
00:15:26his long as they're not trash on defense like you can play in this league i feel like i feel like that's something brad stevens has quote unquote crack the code which is just don't play bad hinders period and like and have guys who aren't stupid on offense like
00:15:45that you'll be a decent basketball team that's what the hawks seems to do um before you know dwight manner and whatever happened after that but like you know just just like a dependence but for the hearts specifically i don't like any of the perimeter basketball player on this
00:16:09team that's i mean tori um we're on the current i like touring yeah yeah tory imprint it's fine he's actually better than i thought he was really good at this he's a kid based more is old so really like tyler dorsey does some things dennis throughout i never
00:16:27want to see him on the hawks uniform again um and the backups like all of them could be our replacement like i like as it was a time when we had a fine season lasts even racist he'll be around off i feel like they can i feel like
00:16:43that's one to this and they can upgrade on is the backup point guard and um i'm gonna be high on bronson just because of the caliber of shooter use but yeah i mean there are guys i think yeah right now who are better than isaiah taylor that air
00:16:58in this draft in that range but if you could get me grayson allen his freshman year when he actually played hard on defense it's be a character character to turn along with that word off a duke basketball player when you you know played hard and fought through screens
00:17:16and was it wasn't a complete mess mentally uh i don't know what happened i do that do following three years but his freshman year use tax and get after he was the he and justice wins will lead them to a national championship that season like it was he
00:17:36was a really good defender one year at duke and then just stopped but like i actually need that guy my god i'm liking that thirty thirty three i actually think he's ah fun one for me like i wrote about him this week to on peace troops and like
00:17:53i think grayson because he's grayson allen and he had all the weird tripping and the crying all that stuff not not weird he's just a sport baby yeah no no argument i'm from a basketball standpoint i think he's super interesting prospect and i think people see all of
00:18:13that stuff plus they see six four white guy and they assume he's not a good athlete because which is not what he doesn't get in better shape like oh sure i mean this is about the this is really about the turn into what the heck happens to do
00:18:26basketball player like he was under my bed his freshman year and then why every year since you got five pounds heavier and it wasn't muscle and i don't know what they're doing over there over and riley north carolina but like he needs to get back into like really
00:18:42good shape so he could be the athlete that used to be instead of okay thiss just came to me in the middle of this because we're talking about i think you were you know of sort of arbitrary line you sentence where you wanted guys who were twenty or
00:19:01younger in general and i'm looking at this is just the rate this is an espn list i'm working off but in terms of just guys too i think i like as much or more in the concensus they're all of these twenty one twenty two year old guards that
00:19:16i like and they're all ranked between you know twenty two and forty like you look at it you know kyrie thomas and jalen bronson bruce brown i'm looking out melvin frazier's morva wing but he's almost twenty to shake milton um see this larry later shamma demontre graham all
00:19:38these guys who i'm not saying like i'm in love with these guys but i just think if you look at what the hawks probably will be walking into at thirty and thirty three the guys with upside like we're talking about you know whether it be trayvon new bowl
00:19:53there's only gonna be a couple of his guys available and they're gonna be available for a reason like yeah i don't think john tape or is going to be available i think he's going to go off the board before that and that if you told me that a
00:20:02month ago i'm not a mother probably two three months ago he said yeah probably around thirty three but no that's not gonna happen now like i think you're talking about trayvon devil or hama do diyala who was horrible this year at kentucky like those kind of guys that
00:20:16i think you're gonna have a real chance that because they were bad at basketball maybe you get joshua kogi maybe you get a job Just coco johnson kogi goingto rise in i think i think it already has like he's going to be a guarantee first round draft pick
00:20:33like i see some like some board mark fifties I'm like no way like he's yeah hey hey was actually good at georgia tech last season and he's has a seven foot wingspan and two hundred miles like he's he's going in the first while i agree i mean he's
00:20:47already rising we're going to see that i just i think i think you and i probably closer in the way that we think about the stuff that it probably seems i'm just look i just looked at so many boards that my eyes are bleeding and it's like i'm
00:21:00looking at who was i think it's going to be available we'll always could be available there and the guys that i think you and i are describing as these super young maybe ultimate upside guys are either going to be gone or they're the guys that i really don't
00:21:14like Like whether it be hollow i think duval is probably the best case scenario frankly of those guys who were gonna be available because i wouldn't touch off duty yellow like no chance yeah he's back to the bathroom right now like it doesn't meet well it won't click
00:21:28and if it clicks like you should've left last year you never should've played college basketball if you're going last year you would have gone in the top twenty five it's the same thing is every simon's right now it's just about savings may decide more like he was smart
00:21:43enough the draft because even if he's bad he's going to go on that he's going to talk about he just is because he's a he's a great athlete and nobody's seen them and someone will get sucked in um if he's available thirty thirty three sure i don't think
00:21:57he will be and i wouldn't take a nineteen so i wouldn't take him at all like i don't know but that's the thing like he's e i mean yeah you need to talk about him and how much yellow as next sort of same guy but like i'm looking
00:22:11at the ages on these guys the on ly guy um on my personal board ish like that's between you know twenty two and like thirty five or forty that's actually under the age of twenty it's john supporter who was probably going to be gone and the anthony milton
00:22:29who's about to be twenty and that's that you need the act in the milky way i love the effort anonymous i mean was he was actually good at us like i think schools so many of these kids were like use of another tangent like uh who's it brian
00:22:44boeing who worked out with the hawks they went out oh man like just ruin that kid's life over over something that doesn't even like i don't know how that i don't know how that kid's supposed to build up his like draft stock if he's you know i mean
00:23:04he's gonna have to go very have to goto what europe probably we were just like it's not he's not going to get drafted i think the public is not reinstating him i don't think so they're not they're not reinstating none of these kids and like he was not
00:23:20er latino man just yeah i mean people were asking like about about boeing because of the fact they worked out for the hawks we wrote about it i mean they are known but like he wasn't you know what i mean He wasn't one of the all american kid
00:23:35but like he he's perfect example of someone who was never supposed to be a lottery pick like a one and done lottery checkmate maybe he would have grown into one eventually it louisville like he wasn't going to be he was not the guy who would have been able
00:23:47to jump from high school to the pros he would've done that he would have had to go to you had to go to college he's the guy wide calls basketball exists for him so exact develop his game developed his frame also awesome college prospect but not it's not
00:24:02a one not a one and done guy like he's in that room is that weird that weird middle range where maybe he would have been a woman in a guy if you blow up in college but he wasn't projected like that he was like a top fifteen guy
00:24:14in his class and yeah you know some of those guys do jump and like that they're really good freshman ejected the pros and obviously that he would have a chance to do that if you have been in play but it's ah it's a weird spot i just think
00:24:26it's going to look at these boards to talk through guys and i think you know without i know you're not like deep dive expert on all these guys wanted to be you know kind of thomas on these guys i'm not expecting you to be that it's just the
00:24:36theoretical i understand exactly what you're saying when it comes to looking for upside and i wholeheartedly endorse it i think the hawks should be looking for upside but i have my thing is if you take three upside guys with your first three picks and you look at your
00:24:48draft board and um wouldn't be broad center whoever you pick your picture of veteran college guard that guy's the best guide your board i'm cool taking him just because he's the best kind of your borders but skynner board i don't think you have to reach for upside just
00:25:02because they're upside guys there that's my thing i must say you haven't take a state college guard but there's also nothing wrong with it In my opinion i'm not saying you think i'm not saying that you're saying that either it's just it's more of a tiebreaker for me
00:25:15that it is a we have to go out the upside that's my thing no and this i think this goes back like i don't think where you can disagreeing because honestly my biggest thing with carter is like his measurables just aren't that yes i think i think you're
00:25:29going to print thomas like like pre thomas has a massive winds fan and that and that and that right there is the difference like the the guys with largely spent where athletic um guards or wings like those like they're not there they will always been drafted about and
00:25:48i think that was my point Um specifically what that i was probably would probably be a hyperbolic with twenty and under no you know i just think is this it's a good it's a good thing to look at though because age does i mean it does matter i
00:26:01mean i'm the first to note that like this guy i mean if you give me give me a guy who's you know thank you twenty three twenty four that's old like no that that was one month is with victorian parents frankly to bring back to the hawks is
00:26:13that you know tori was just that was just he had this nice renaissance at the end of the season taurean is twenty four already like he's not super young actor said twenty four seems young but an mba terms most guys kind of are what they are twenty four
00:26:29yeah because it doesn't mean that they have to be like i'm not saying that he's just going to be this guy but you know normally you talk about a guy going into the third season you're probably making the guy's twenty one twenty two and torrents twenty four and
00:26:41that's it's a big difference just it's like and that's true but uh the thing with story in the l is at six eight with a seven foot waves all agree well over two fifteen like that yes you know that and i think that that's where i'm like that's
00:26:57where i'll be like my twenty twenty and under doesn't really matter i'm like yeah but tony projects to be a two way we player like jack that kid a lot of reading oh i was with one of them have still found that the whole thing with korean i'm
00:27:11cool the age i was called that they have to they took two relatively low ceiling college guys and at that point when they did it they weren't they weren't rebuilding and that's why they did that you know they took those guys knowing that hey we're going to the
00:27:24playoffs now you can disagree with that strategy and i said at the time was like look these air these air too draft picks designed to be on a playoff team like a talks have been rebuilding in two years ago they were not taken tory prince theon rebate no
00:27:39chance no no no no zero a would have i don't know who they're twelve but i mean there were i wish they could have taken one of those guys but there is no way they would have taken both those guys back to back in the same drive i
00:27:51agree like one of those guys i will get it now i mean this's inside but they would have taken i don't know who was available that point time hurting gomez um you know molly beasley was around like there were guys who had higher aside and the fate of
00:28:08running in the reason while you the reason why age is so important is because bembry i mean he can't shoot it all and he's already this old like twenty six or in july that's now you just put such a cap on what what you distract it's like you
00:28:26know but by the way i should say this uh quietly i think people know this already to a certain point but the hawks absolutely nail that tory press traffic as much as much grief as i give him we gave c i was i was not going another change
00:28:42i like torrey and turned it like mid early i think the less on my podcast here where i was questioning what was wrong with the kid and all these gifts stuff and he he brought it to indices like that and he brought in a way i feel is
00:28:57sustainable like two so it's and even if he hadn't done that necessarily like i think part that's the guys behind them are really if you will get that sweet sixteen draft board it is real ugly from like a let from like where after tori and so thirteen all
00:29:13the way down to twenty six twenty seven too bad drug it's just like twenty left twenty nineteen but yeah i mean credit victorian i like that a time it's kind of funny that he's just a different version of what i thought like i like the pick and i
00:29:35wrote about it and there's there's receipts on that i was a fan of the pick but my issue is that he doesn't defend still but we have a big head are we going to get to the blood thing like you could you complete please give your blood take
00:29:51i'm just stay out of the way just let you cook on bud but if you want to wear one to get there so much just do it now you have you have you have somebody told her thoughts on the way out the door sam alicia eso like but
00:30:02is the greatest coach in atlanta hawks system this is not even over for debate uh he brought in he along with danny ferry off brought from actual competency toe hawks organization that that were incompetent for the majority of everybody's like that like they they worry poorly ran organization
00:30:24not they were not up to professional standards that the nba an mba team that wants to be good and sustainably good like they just they just can't they were trash like they were trash and it was due to poor management poor ownership we i don't want to get
00:30:43all that but came in he he kind of he helped you know bring some relevancy and some competency to the hawks for the first time and like my base in my lifetime so like and i always thank him for that uh that said he flat out quick on
00:31:03that letter halts organization and it's hard to reconcile with how he coached this season and like the weird i mean we right Right We talked about this how straight like man like i go back to the beginning of season what john collins was killing but i only played
00:31:24twenty minutes a game right And then you know he couldn't get dennis root and taurean prince to play with the defensive effort necessary for a professional basketball player tohave he wants to be good in the nba um so like and then his rotations at the end of the
00:31:46season we're walkie when all of a sudden he decided they hawks wanted to win games at the end of the season like edmund was getting late like terminus and i mean granted like there was some stuff out of control Torrey prince tardis in paul george saying this season
00:32:04offensively so is he knows it so i understood you know the desire to win those games but it was just like dude we've we've punted on this season you literally like you merely didn't start dedmon for a month remember that like dennis star from what he was with
00:32:21double he was with the plan to take but i don't want i don't want to hear any revisionist that he wasn't with this like dead man was hurt he came back he played for a full month on the bench it's ah miles plumlee like and he was healthy
00:32:38like it so all the sun like the last what three weeks Two weeks of the season he starts trying again he shortens his rotation um he starts playing lineup that no work and he doesn't go away from them like for long stretches in trying to win these games
00:33:01clearly i mean i don't know there was some strange things going on and it like i don't know what happened i don't have any insider sources with the hawks like i don't know i don't know what changed all of a sudden and then you know into the season
00:33:19uh it was pretty clear like the way ended the press conference like i fell back to players because they thought he was going to say about why he's gone like the way he he wouldn't reaffirmed that he was coming back even though he's been paid seven mil a
00:33:35season that's coach k money and so it's a lot of money maybe i'd like to breathe coach k up a lot because he's just a ceo i mean you ceo at duke but that's a lot of money the coach to just be a head coach and like for
00:33:53whatever reason he had a falling out with the organization like but he didn't but if he if he wasn't comfortable with giving up his position as gm widely and he wasn't comfortable with the tank which like clearly told him they were going to do oh it's you know
00:34:10to begin the season like i know so i made some he brought furious over back in deadman and you know and he signed admits what she do about it he was fully planning on trading those dudes like if dedmon doesn't get hurt definite is playing for milwaukee and
00:34:28maybe they beat boston so it's just i don't know man like light but has every right to quit on the team that if he didn't feel comfortable being there anymore he wanted to quit that's fine i'm not like dogging and for that but i like to begin the
00:34:45season he was perfectly fine taking about wrestlers money and he got everything he wanted here he got the genie t views pining for you got the new practice facility he was pining for he got like wrestler gave him everything he wanted like he top notch coaches have top
00:35:02notch training staff players are well liked player maintenance is well accounted for um from the organization like they like the hawks were turning into a first rate organization and like he disagreed with you right you gotta tell me what you get was he did this proposed so losing
00:35:25if he was there supposed losing games Why did he Why did he like Why did he coached this Well i mean like i don't have some things i mean i have i would say i have mohr inside info but not super duper inside info on this i mean
00:35:40it's a simple for me it's a simple is this he was not going to walk away from three years and twenty plus million dollars guarantee e i mean that i mean it's sometimes like i'm not i'm not going i'm going to kill blood for it I just think
00:35:54sometimes it's that easy like my people that's me the same question that you're asking and it's like well if he wasn't on board why didn't just quit it's like well because he's owed twenty million dollars that's it's but but but they does this in the season where it
00:36:07takes me everywhere listen ization it's like that that's not yeah the whole thing and that's what And that's why he's not here coming here for being selfish and i'm like like you know the what's his name wrote a good piece about it and talked about it in the
00:36:23africa yes solti he was first wrote that that but quit but something like that that's what he did and then he used his leverage that you know he is a good coach The hawks aren't just gonna fire him so he's going to go out like i want energy
00:36:40for the you know the teams and they let him do that but here's the thing like and okay actually hold on before we get to that Let me tell people that just arrived in the podcast but have not said that yet so let me take a little break
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00:38:03mba now five days a week Okay uh now my thing is this it's a very larry thing that said all this i think at different times before when it comes to bud they basically did fire him at the end they let it get they let it get too
00:38:18bad They like it too long It's Too bad it was it was a battle for the organization to have their head coach interviewing elsewhere openly and having to be discussed for that long multiple teams all that stuff i understand what they were trying to do theoretically like all
00:38:33right global their tribal went on any compensation for but but wasn't playing right but was not playing alongside correct you know since that was the whole game was the whole game was we don't want to pay you and we want compensation for you so that perfect things so
00:38:47i understand what they were trying to do it was never realistic that they were going come station that said that from the very beginning frankly i was i was the first person and said look slowdown in compensation is probably going to be a lot at the same time
00:38:59they let it get too far and look i mean schultz wrote this he has better sources than i do he basically said look at the end of the day they did fire but they had they were the one that pulled the trigger but would have under contract he
00:39:09wasn't gonna leave that money on the table and they're paying the money so they basically did fire they could say mutual parting of ways all they want but it bugs getting all his money he got fired i mean that's it and the way he got farming could become
00:39:23because of the way it happened that they didn't want to fire but they did not want to pay but to go away I think schlink was very good staying on brand at the press conference that was that after the season i think and i've heard this multiple times
00:39:35that shrank in bud get along is it isn't like those guys hate each other it was just that but did not like the rebuild maybe but didn't get along with the rest of necessary waving but was still upset with wrestler there's different things that i've heard on and
00:39:48off the record you know it is what it is but but and schlink got along by all accounts and it would just be got it got to be untenable because for whatever reason but just kind of said you know we've been his minor probably said this like i
00:39:59don't want to be here anymore and i mean it's kind of funny and it's kind of ironic at the end of the day but got everything he wanted he got paid all the money granted there's there's offset but he's guaranteed thirteen forty million dollars over the next two
00:40:15seasons you know he's coaching elsewhere like he might even get more than that i doubt it but like i'm not upset it's just one of things that worked out perfectly for bud which is upsetting for hawks fans and i totally understand that because if your hawks fan you
00:40:28don't care about anybody else you're the coach that you knew was a good coach always but most people recognize this is a good coach is gone you have to pay him that's not fun but nobody's nobody that i'm with you but it's it's it's one of those things
00:40:46where it's like man i are you don't want to close the office anymore but you want to go to the effort sons the phoenix on well i'm going to say this he never want to go to the phoenix you know Ok so he goes he goes and uses
00:40:59power play to go energy for the suns job that makes job if he wanted the sunshine of he would have had a son show i'm pretty confident about that now the knicks child is interesting and i said at the time i don't know why i would want the
00:41:11next job knowing buds media not not necessarily they wouldn't they wouldn't pay tomorrow Well it wasn't like me got away with a lot of nice around i've talked about it off the record like but is a nice guy like he's he's he's amenable with the media but when
00:41:31the cameras are all in like he's going to give you anything he's occasionally kind of funny and frankly he was actually lighter and probably more retain this year than any year in the past projects cause less pressure to win all that fun stuff but you know new york's
00:41:45different animal I can't imagine you everyone everyone i wanted to do that i just think but at the end of the day wanted to go away or he pulls aboutthe sun's race pretty quick so i don't think you wanted that job but i mean that was him being
00:41:58self interest things like i don't want to be in the hall but he just wanted i need i need to make my i need to use my leverage to get what i want which is he wanted that probably this book's job so and he might get it until
00:42:10they were well we'll see if he gets that not like i'm like this like men it i don't know it's funny how when money comes into the equation it kind of warms your perception if he did it with came base more uh and it's like wood bud like
00:42:29great coach but what Why couldn't why did we stand zero chance against lebron james when we had paul nose up And i mean you know saying like where lots of ah and lot of why whys alk over it's so much better and the post for brad stevens when
00:42:50win in atlanta like when if if a guard suites on the hour he couldn't do anything like it was so like he's playing with more force for bread use any ever do for uh buh nose in I don't know like it just it just makes it just makes
00:43:09things look look funny and the light when you look at things in hindsight it's just like a man yeah and i think that says so i'll say it again i really think that but is it is a good basketball coach i think is above average That does not
00:43:26mean that people have painted me to be like some you know like church of blood like no i criticize but quite a bit for rotations of things I think the overall package of what you get is in at least a slightly above average or better mba head coach
00:43:42That doesn't mean he is awesome doesn't mean he's brad stevens spread stevens is maybe the best question elite like my bulldozer is a good coach he be an upgrade for milwaukee he'd be up there and a lot of places but you know it's not a situation where you're
00:43:56losing run auerbach like it's not it's not here but but had strengths weaknesses like everybody else but systems offensively and defensively are very sound he's in very good exes in those coach he had the advocation issues he had you know he had scheme at a time it is
00:44:13one of this you could point out positive negative for but all day long and i think the negatives exists and i think people around the league understand that and like he doesn't He's not absolved of blame for the way things for the way things went in the playoffs
00:44:25against lebron like they knew what they were going to beat them but they should have been more competitive couple times like it is one of its life i mean that we were getting in bed like lebron embarrassed us like he's like he did the raptors and that shouldn't
00:44:40have happened if you're not going to play a bad offense like a bad defensive basketball player like i don't know maybe it's just way could do this all day long i will say that um but yeah it comes down to the fact that it's ah things were so
00:44:55different and i'm still adjusting candidly i said that on the podcast like it's gonna be very different this year was different because it is a rebuild and i'm not covered one arm and i was a season ticket holder with everyone in the last time but it's very different
00:45:08to be covering one and you know frankly i have not covered the atlanta hawks like i am now with the head coach is not like this not my bird nose or it's gonna be weird regardless who gets that job whether the lloyd pearcey jailer and egg or whoever
00:45:20else it's going to be odd for me and i have no value in having nobody with a head coach freshly is also interesting because you know about time the last couple of years like you know in game you could talk about step of blood but in general i
00:45:34knew about was going to do like yeah we all go by did if you pay attention but i mean that's that's the good and it's the positive and negative about but knows or is that his systems You know there were obviously tweaks and his eight eos air very
00:45:48good like his exes and stuff is very good but at the end of day you kind of knew what you were going to get oh so it'll be interesting to see what the new guy that is and it's all part of the way but i think the rebuilt
00:45:59it's fascinating frankly on a number of levels you know going back to the draft right click it's like you have it's sort of this clean slate right now is that you have some contracts that are less than desirable on your books but you have flexibility you have a
00:46:12ton of draft pick and you know it's risky the rebel was always risky but you have all of this again it's not quite a blank slate but it's close like there are ways to make it even more black thing as you mentioned earlier a sort of passing the
00:46:26shooter being gone would not surprise anybody i think the only the elise labott an issue to be going on i think you and i relied on that i mean i'm not i'm not quite to the point where you are because i don't think and i went back with
00:46:38dennis i remember because i do and that wasn't that my first well maybe man it is and i've killed him i mean it's kind of funny the people that were i found and jeff siegel was a part of this is well a frequent guest in the pod who
00:46:51i quite trust people that were high higher on dennis a year ago are lower on him now because they're so mad at how bad he was in a lot of ways like like he was especially after eurobasket don't talk to jeff was on an al capone cast a
00:47:05couple of times but um he was so good in eurobasket that it was there all right Dennis is going to turn the corner and he came in and from mobile warn i wasn't defending like moment one of the season it wasn't like i almost think dennis would get
00:47:19more of a pass if he had stopped defending in like january when the when the team when the season was already over basically for the hawks but it was moment one of preseason he was like nam good i'm not going to defend wait how did we get here
00:47:33Like dennis dennis not defending is one of the most like that i could not believe i still cannot believe that you know he had clear issues with dwight howard dwight howard mean i swore i thought he was going to come in with trying to prove something to the
00:47:49world they i'm one of the best young point guards in the league like nobody ever talks about like i had a great playoff series against john wall like a he comes out and just dogs it for eighty two games it's blatantly obvious and it's why it's like is
00:48:08why literally any point guard that wasn't gonna she had a better plus minus um because he he he wasn't trying like that and and then it believes in victorian doing the same thing dennis is doing and i'm like what the hell is going on when we got when
00:48:29we got half the starting line of not giving a damn while can't basem or john collins doing them fighting the butts off for whatever reason you know i'm saying so it's just for whatever reason you know you know that means fighting his butt off for his money but
00:48:44like collins colleges find it but because he's a rookie and he wants to prove himself in this league days more is this baseball base more being becoming my favorite is one of the shocking things because i hated that do when he first got here i thought he was
00:48:59terrible he could shoot he was overrated defensively he was over it and then he was worse the next season when he could be hanging problems and i mean he brought up this season but man watching dennis just not trying it's like how do his teammates hold a bathroom
00:49:17Because i'm like this is one of my things i would like the offense was even better when dipped has got hurt like we're just giving the ball with only a prince like just letting taurean prince initiate the offense It was better because taurean prince was taking three pointers
00:49:32off the dribble and ensure that was taking long twos that nobody cared if you could make him or not like literally nobody can't they he was a great men raise jump shooter because it's the mid range and he can't draw fouls and he can't pass and like this
00:49:46is now this has turned into the rag on guinea show because but bubbles paid seven million season the made the decision and we just the band and we're now full circle on that No no way are are officially full circle back to bug the gm which i could
00:50:04talk about for an hour but we're not gonna do that oh no it yeah we can uh there's lots of things and i think there's probably didn't a shooter podcast in itself just because it's a various decision they also have to make us to how much pain they're
00:50:20willing to encourage betrayed him how bad do they want to trade him Because i think right now he's the negative asset people still don't understand that necessarily that that's fair but eric bledsoe went for two first round jeff do you honestly think you know it and that's the
00:50:34thing i always say is it really you know it takes one i think as a general rule he's a negative contracts but if you find a team that falls in love with them then things i mean blake griffin's a negative contract you got traded for the world so
00:50:47it is you know but blake griffin's actually still i know it's all no i understand what your point up let's always correct i think people have sort of now seen blood sweat bullets so actually is versus then but it only takes one i will say that over and
00:50:59over again and hopefully for the hawks sake it takes warm and they'd have to incur any pain trade dennis that i think all things equal the hawks would like to be off then it's a contract everybody would like your lease is my source material there i don't i
00:51:13mean i'm not going to tell you that they will well absolutely trade that a shooter but i think they would like to move on from him that's just that's my opinion that's not that's not me reporting anything right now but i think all things equal they'd like to
00:51:25move on but anyone before we get out of here man anything else you want to get out on the draft i know well i'm definitely going to have you on once we know the lottery results so we can talk about you're more of a badly feats on dh
00:51:39your three three sixteen started one eighty spin on marvin bagley one eighty watch deandre sickening stuff look don shit stuff which we talked about earlier but anything else you want to gather for me for you human um can't raise more like probably could get some good forms this
00:51:56because of how tight the market is there are no there are no starting caliber like over in the soup like um made matan danny did there ah daniela route did their part on the wings and like it's bad outside of the superstar finally really this and i feel
00:52:14like news the opportunity for the horse to get some real value for base more because he was like it wasn't required we can base or was really good last season they were like the hawks were not losing games because it came based more like you can't base more
00:52:29honestly feet if the hawks would have just not played a point guard and just had throughout four wings and we did that they probably could have been a decent basketball city but i don't know that's another topic for another day but like you know basically they they should
00:52:44get some real value for base more um possibly in this draft so that's something that uh for two other in that um i don't really have anything or i'll tell her on twitter for old takes give us your hand on i know you don't like tio uh sorry
00:53:02jonesy jonesy to explore could follow me i got all the good videogame anime takes that you can possibly head and that's the way it was that mean i just got sort of time about brad have you seen a vengeance so i did see avengers yes okay yeah the
00:53:21notion that that's that's about pop culture as i get but i did see that yes well yet everybody go see of injuries um and spoilers my last hot take is that spoilers aren't actually a bad thing they actually heighten your anticipation for the fiction you're gonna watch it
00:53:37is proven signs like i am not making that up um but that's another topic for another day possibly for another pod let's not be a little but yeah probably there's something by me because that will not be my wheel house but i listened to it i wouldn't be
00:53:54the best hopes of that broadcast but anyway thank you sir I really appreciate it as always people people get excited when i don't want to see your name on the podcast so i know it's going to be a hotly listen to item and i appreciate it we'll have
00:54:06a bad we'll have you back in the next couple of weeks men hopefully the hawks will be winning this lottery or at least in the top two or three so we have a lot of options in next couple of weeks they are win in a lot of regret
00:54:16and just have to speak it like this There is no other option exactly six days away It's it's may ninth as we record this making teams is the lottery so very shortly we will know where the hawks you're picking in until then thanks again dollar i appreciate your
00:54:31time left friend and everybody else we'll see you guys hopefully you know if there's if there's a higher between now and next week we'll have a podcast but until then that does not happen We'll be back on monday and that stay tuned for that Ok i've heard you
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00:55:21about everywhere

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