Researchers learn that a game of Monopoly can turn a normal person into Gordon Gekko. Also, can a pissing contest create a great Physicist? And, the legendary Lily Tomlin takes the Poundstone Personality Psurvey.
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00:00:17hey I'm telling me covers and embedded is back president Donald Trump has no record of public service but he does have a record in business and on TV in our latest round of Stories We introduce you to the people who were there as he built an Empire and a name listen on the NPR one app or wherever you get your podcasts a new study from the UK finds the people spend twice as much time sitting on the Lulu each week as they do exercising about 3 hours total toll time sitting on the can okay what is a simple solution for that of course which is the toilet treadmill
00:01:03browser doesn't surprise me and everyone wants to use the bathroom I guess it just it out to me 3 hours that seems high for like a half an hour day on the on the toilet really cuz I decide to use it what I do is at the end of the week I spent two and a half hours then I'm good
00:01:33you have not right now no wonder everything hurts
00:01:39using the toilet is very different than the immediate consequence of not exercising have you ever been at a friend's house and are you going to flush the toilet like you're at a party or something and you go to flush the toilet and it just keeps Rising well I'm pretty sure I lose weight when that happens just lost to where this is going out the window buttons to is it code to it be the high flow low-flow or if you just peed and if you poop you go with the high-flow
00:02:27I saw there was like something Freemason about I thought like I know it's a cold I've never been able to break the code it's it's not that hard whatever whatever symbol is bigger be it a full Moon versus a Half Moon versus one. The bigger one is poop that's just it is that mysterious the bigger one is always poop
00:03:01from NPR it's live from the Poundstone Institute like that dream where we have a test that we haven't studied on Today Show what we learned by cheating at Monopoly you know you've done I even you symbol and it's your scientific attitude determined by what's between your ears or what's between your legs we take a fascinating look at the p in physics, Lily Tomlin stops by to take our personality test and determine what ringtone she would be I'm chief of research Adam felber and now here's your host the director of the Poundstone Institute in stove
00:03:46thank you very much welcome everybody to the Poundstone Institute and if you think we just making educated guesses you got that half right
00:03:59today well our first job today is the gender gap about the gender gap in science jobs is really deep 8 out of 10 rats making their way through mazes right now are dudes our next guest Kate Wilson is a professor of the University of New South Wales Kendra and she and her colleagues have come up with a fascinating theory about why that maybe and it goes back to Childhood pissing contest welcome to the Poundstone Institute
00:04:28thank you very much and thanks for having me
00:04:31okay Caitlin lay it out for us what is your Siri but let me start by saying that we publish an idea and it made a bit of a splash anticipating so I just want to stop by saying we are not saying that boys are better than girls or high school students and they do I get to competitive test and what was seeing is that on average boys do better on this test so the question is why what test is the dragon Science olympiads examination in physics so it's the first step in possible selection for the Stray contains the international Olympiad how did he go to the competition very few which is really worrying but we look at some of the questions and the gas is not consistent by question where we consistently say a big guy
00:05:31and that's projectile motion but do you know what projectile motion is Siri is it that's because they don't get to observe themselves peeing when they're little is that correct and please goes play bowl game but almost no goals engaging pissing contest
00:06:03I have to tell you something K couple years ago I was going backpacking with my oldest daughter and we shopped at REI without a ton of stuff and at the end of the person helping me and by the time we seem to have covered every category of what we needed the woman certain signals me quietly I thought maybe she was offering me drugs he was very she was like you know there's one more thing and she almost whispered it and she said this is really helpful on a backpacking trip and she brought me out a pee like a man gives Mo had to work and it's almost like you know that gallon thing that you if you ran out of gas and you had to go get gas and
00:06:49muscle in neck and a cap to it that you screw on upside down I'm guessing
00:06:59and then you
00:07:01tunnel thing okay so K can I ask you then given that would you say that could be the reason why today Paula Poundstone runs in The Institute
00:07:11I couldn't possibly comment
00:07:13I got to tell you somebody came to me and I don't like to stereotype men and women but the truth is after we did that when we get lost we wouldn't ask directions
00:07:25I'm just I'm just telling you what I know okay it's okay where did you come up with this I understand it might have been observing as a parent of small boys are much with them and I quote the great Delight young males taken urination what are some of that be activities you're talking about I live out in the country we have no visible Neighbors which means my boys feel pretty free to behave in ways that would not necessarily be considered acceptable In the City by the front door hearing you know cackling to find the pair of them standing on the porch and paying on the Ducks at the duck. By the way cake that's a no way exclusive to living in the country
00:08:19raised in Santa Monica and all three of them at the mall and I have two girls by the way
00:08:31part of the reason why daughter Allie is a vegan
00:08:38right she's like Joni that you know where it's been okay but Caitlin to you and your boys the other kid exactly
00:09:03or at least a fine Russian escort presidential concert material I'm waiting for the signs to kick in here. Younger daughter is well and she has tried to join in the boys went happy when they both came in after she paid on their face further out into the country case so when they pay they do see if projectile and it's not just like throwing a ball where you say it and then it somewhere else I'm going to Stacy an entire old one and a controlling it absolutely ideal do you want to test this theory is there any way that you can test it cuz it sounds like an interesting Theory but it it seems almost test proof can you imagine applying for ethics approval for that
00:10:03I can't now I'm not I am not a physics Aficionado by any stretch I didn't do well in physics at all when I was in high school and I had a bladder infection for much of my freshman year but it strikes me that there must be something more to physics as a whole topic then just projectile motion yeah absolutely and that's really the argument that we're putting forward is that projectile motion it's one little thing the reason is because the problem is because in most curricula eats a gold experience in physics she hit this topic and she doesn't do as well on the test at the boys first
00:11:05I feel not always soaked with no it's but somehow very relieved to dr. Kate Wilson is a professor in the School of Engineering and information technology and the learning and teaching group the University of New South Wales Canberra K thank you so much for joining us at the Poundstone Institute
00:11:35we don't just talk about other people study conduct our own which is why you may have noticed a slowly Rising temperature from the Bunsen burner beneath your seat we're off of conducting a survey and this week we're asking you have you ever secretly planned an acceptance speech and if so give us a couple of lines how about you your acceptance speech you must have been planning one thing but you know the opening phrase for years I don't know why but I always thought Sam was going to give me a surprise party
00:12:19wow which I always think like I'm getting in my house is dark when I'm walking in not even for my birthday or anything just you know some people think like a guys going to jump out of the bushes and asked me to death but I think I'm going to go into my house and people are going to jump off a surprise and you spent years expecting that to happen you know you meant so much to me
00:12:46Twitter a little bit of that yeah that's it I want to thank everyone so much to me I didn't say that I'd laboured at it I said that
00:12:57you know after while when it doesn't come off if you stop practicing as we speak it will have to be later in the show also coming up the great comedian and actress Lily Tomlin comes by to take our personality tests and find out what ringtone she would be
00:13:22to next what we're going to find out all about money specifically does money make you a jerk what is a Paula
00:13:39in the interest of science I volunteer myself to become wealthy is a professor at UC Irvine and he looked into the money jerk connection using a study based on the game Monopoly he's here to tell us about it Paul welcome to the Poundstone Institute I've been waiting and waiting for an invitation finally one came through where we brought in pairs of strangers they didn't know each other these were University students and with the flip a coin assigned one person to be a rich player in this kind of rigged game of Monopoly so one person just got more money two times as much money to play the game they got to roll two dice instead of one so they got to move around a lot more and they collected a far
00:14:39larger salary when they passed go then are a poor Player dead so the poor player got half as much money they are about to roll that one measly died right or rent what did you see in the privilege players Behavior quickly becomes apparent that one person has somehow gotten a lot more to play the game with the name the other and yet over the course of just a couple of minutes the rich player starts kind of smack in the board with his or her peace as he or she may get loud kind of their presents now and they're making themselves known they take up more space so they become more expensive and dominant player starts to take more pretzels they even took more snacks wow as the game's unfolding the rich player kind of inevitably becomes cold and calculating weight
00:15:39that's likely to attend to the plight of that poor other player that they've been paired with and far more likely to kind of nonverbal and verbal ways celebrate their success the little the other player and basically established themselves as better than the other person you interviewed the players after the game tell us what the winners were likely to say about their victories cuz this is fascinating after the game we interviewed all players when we asked the rich players who would never doubly want why not a single person talks about the flip the coin and across-the-board they were far more likely to talk about their individual know how their prowess their skills at the game their business Acumen the things that they did to win the game
00:16:39use Monopoly because if you and use the Game of Life
00:16:44even if I had starred in The Game of Life you know you can land on get a kid
00:17:02yeah right just going to bring it a rack and ruin financially to me this is the day that the game of Monopoly is more like life than life surprisingly or or capture certain Dynamics they're easier to capture then perhaps in life like a jerk but did you draw any conclusions as to why because I have stuff in the Yankees stand does it not
00:17:32are they paid like the most amount of any baseball team that used to be there I think there's somebody said yes what makes you say yes about the Yankees being jerks for being well paid
00:17:51falling baseball can you
00:17:53Alex Rodriguez gives one-night-stands a gift basket on the way home
00:18:05I before E wander too far field tip his one-night stands want to give basket alright I guess I'm no Alex Rodriguez
00:18:24you can register before you have sex
00:18:30where is the Amazon Three Musketeers
00:18:34Paul back to you as long as Paula brought up candy you get another study with a jar of candy did you not yeah so we used we use the jar of candy to measure how much candy people would take from a jar of candy that was reserved for children episode but we brought in adults from the Browder community in the lab gave them the opportunity to take some candy that we were monitoring unbeknownst to them that we identified to them as being reserved for children who were taking studies in a Nirvana nearby lab so we just recorded without people knowing how much candy participants took and found it rich players actually took on average four times as much candy as did poor player
00:19:33you know we didn't we didn't we should have weighed people when they came in you be surprised we didn't but actually what we did in this experiment was a little more complicated we actually made people feel rich or feel poor found that there was this kind of temporary feeling of being better off than someone else that made a person irrespective of how much money they actually had that made them behaving this more selfish Way by taking more candy right to your opinion of why why is money real or imagined so likely to turn people into jerks money like power gets you to be able to do things that you yourself want to do it allows you to be self reliance you're more independent an autonomous you're more focused on yourself because you can be and I think it's that basic experience real or imagined that kind of gets people to prioritize themselves
00:20:33and they become less sensitive to relationships less sensitive to other people less sensitive to other people's welfare because after all they don't need them
00:20:45Institute is that information public only some of it
00:20:57probably guess how much you're making to Seibert you how nice you been to me on the phone I guess you're not making very much at all I am so impressed with your research that we're going to name a building on the Poundstone Institute campus after you and we're going to name three more buildings after you then we're going to try them all in for a hotel
00:21:22and watch me become a jerk in the process you so much
00:21:29top Horizon it so much air pressure in the department of psychology and social behavior at the University of california-irvine top hip thank you so much for joining us at the Poundstone Institute thank you all sitting on it thanks Bob
00:21:43are there any filthy rich people here in the room
00:21:48okay I think we made the ground fertile for them identifying himself I don't know why they wouldn't step forward right now
00:22:11there's lots more Poundstone Institute to come today but when our show doesn't we don't want you to get bored and up talking to your kids or something so let's hear about something else you can listen to later hey I'm Kelly mcevers and embedded is back president Donald Trump has no record of public service but he does have a record in business and on TV in our latest round of Stories We introduce you to the people who were there and he built an Empire and the name listen on the NPR one app or wherever you get your podcast
00:22:43we hear about your secret acceptance speeches but first time to add some data to the PPP the Poundstone personality put survey our subject today is the legendary Lily Tomlin maybe you first saw her on laughing or 9 to 5 or maybe you're new to the bandwagon and you're getting to know her on Grace and Frankie on Netflix Lily Tomlin welcome to the Poundstone Institute
00:23:14thank you a lot thanks for being here Lily different people recognize you on the street and they say hello and they say I love you when do they usually tell you the daylight if they say they love me they usually have like 20 close on there acting weird and it's not because they know me from show business they just as focused on me that day on the street side that I resembled and somehow I resemble something that they love now they always say I don't understand you know ernestine's a big deal for a telephone operator for a lot of people know a lot of people stop me about Grace and Frankie young women and older women so great and it made the night that one of my shows
00:24:14body parts because there's a lot of vagina references in that shirt and we'll meet world Mentor well-managed the only one about what they like isn't there a scene at one point where you see like a chin hair on Grace Church in hair on myself which was many many years ago I thought my God I'm a man and it was a horrible feeling
00:24:50Jane Fonda for god sakes surprises I was
00:25:02what type of long-time partner Jane Wagner and you've been together for how long it'll be 47 years in March the first of all congratulations and second of all that's unusual in Hollywood right because I work together is that right you know occasionally on Broadway and enter the country the search for intelligent life in this wonderful thing you gave credit to your partner and the writer of the play Jane Wagner and a by having a big screen come down in a giant picture of Jane came up you know it was like I was so tired of Jane not getting the credit for the writing and so I mean but her name was up on the Marquis Berry Broadway
00:26:02seen and but no you don't no matter what I do everybody thinks it's just me and somehow I'm I like surpassed God so I wanted Jane to be you know rightfully knowledge for authorship but most people thought she had passed away
00:26:24writers can't catch a break
00:26:28cuz I don't have that kind of keishin I guess
00:26:33memoriam where the bottom of the screen
00:26:37all the flowers probably didn't help either
00:26:45where are the four listeners live from the Poundstone Institute that aren't in Los Angeles and don't know this if you were here go into a car wash or dry cleaners drum for some odd reason there is sort of a big is our tradition here in Los Angeles it's shocking when you first see it which is I'm there's all these pictures of celebrities sign sign right to the owner of the car wash in o'dear Carl you know nobody's better
00:27:15so I was in a luggage store years ago like a suitcase repair store and there was a photo of you signed it was like right over the guy's head at the register there weren't a lot of them but there was some but there was a Lily Tomlin one and I just wondered what suitcase broke
00:27:38I have a heart diarrhea I had met I was just another love your store and a guy came in and he was the guy who invented Hartmann luggage and Hartman was like a really strong I've had Hartman's for like 30 years and they they never the zipper never broke I guess is it for broker the handle broke or something I never saw this
00:28:03how I envisioned it if I had a grocer or somebody in the neighborhood who wanted to put like you know ham hocks or something I would go get him a photograph and I bring it back in a few days later and I really like your work and then you took out a big purse
00:28:32are you sure they're like a party I did those things and then they tell you what to write or you just think it up yourself you know when people say sign it and then they tell you like right to my best friend or something she wouldn't bother she would immediately and I begged I'd say to her sometimes I say you are you going to work on that new show or what are you doing and she said and she's looking out the window she can't I'm thinking that I would call her on the phone and I heard the TV at turn down real fast fantastic play in your life can you stop that and write these 8 by tens for me
00:29:26that would be so good science calls are you ready to take the PPP the Poundstone personality survey okay go ahead shoot we're going to ask you three probing questions then our computer will consider your answers and tell you what ringtone you'd be if you were a ringtone instead of a human which would have changed your whole career all right all right
00:29:57alarm clock goes off how many times do you hit snooze before finally getting out of bed I usually wake up before it even goes off and I leave from the Bed full of vim and vigor
00:30:09wow I can picture that you got a stack of 8 by tens going to give themselves out question to be thing back
00:30:23no but I had a dollar ones who did that
00:30:28just kind of laid there staring at you yeah that's what it did okay question 3 if you could play ping pong for an hour with anyone living or dead and don't pick someone dead just because they'd be easier to be to ping pong okay so who would you choose I choose Bobby Riggs Kayla Powerhouse at the tables and I know that for a fact so just him being beaten that once is enough for you you wanted to suffer on the ping pong field of honor to him to be conquered and all the fields of all the computer and see what ringtone you are here we go
00:31:22here you go Paula here in the results
00:31:26of course I would have guessed it you are the classic Nokia ringtone you're everywhere you're both eminently modern and pleasantly nostalgic and your work is so ubiquitous that birds have copied you for their songs that's true by the way of of the Nokia phones birds in Copenhagen have been heard singing the Nokia ringtone of course we're far less impressed with those birds then with the ones who song is one ringy-dingy two ringy-dingy thank you so much for being here thank you for having me really tell what is an award-winning actor comedian and writer she stars as Frankie on Netflix Grace and Frankie and his Miss Frizzle in the Magic School Bus Rides Again Lily Tomlin thank you so much for joining us here at the institute for true love you Paul I love you honey thank you bye bye okay that sounds I have secretly planning except
00:32:26speech see I knew it and you were kind enough to tell us a little bit about your fancy speeches Paula want to share a few okay here we go we have some responses
00:32:38yes if so give us a couple of lines I would begin with I didn't plan anything to say but
00:32:47that's awesome this person says that they would say of this would have happened years earlier if my 7th grade teacher hadn't been so mean to me
00:32:59I love that one I like holding on to the bitterness there how do you reply to that exactly you can say yes or you can say no and you're arguing and even in the seventh grade I knew that
00:33:22anyways okay this one the person says thank you know I really mean it really do I get any money with this award
00:33:32I'm impressed by how much spontaneity people are building into their pre-planning what they would say but not that I can recall well you know Adam here to Stone Institute you know we have the annual Awards night and you know we like to recognize chief of research Adam felber here's your help. Steven Spielberg and God's this is this is really blowing me knocking my socks off everybody thank you so much thank you to Paula Poundstone at The Institute and I can't lose that Nick and everybody on the team there's no small players on this team this team has played a hundred percent all season long so thank you very much this is for you
00:34:28that's a very beautiful speech
00:34:40all right ladies and gentlemen fat doesn't For Today Show and for the first season of the Poundstone Institute we hope you all enjoyed the semester and by the way come to University and Equifax are handling the billing
00:34:54which should explain the substantial charge you find on your credit card statement next month
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00:36:04and thank you for listening to live from the Poundstone Institute
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