We’re pleased to announce the 25th episode of our “Life After Trek” podcast. In this episode we're featuring an interview with "Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library" Author Larry Nemecek. Larry's new book is available for pre-order from Amazon and will be available for sale December 3rd at bookstores everywhere.
Of course many of you out there know Larry from his many other works including "Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion", The Con of Wrath, hundreds of Trek interviews featured in Trekland on Speaker, his personal site Treklandblog.com, numerous convention appearances, and pretty much every aspect of Star Trek from TNG onward.
2013 has proven to be an extraordinary year for Larry. Not only has he been writing another great technical Trek book, he's also starred as Dr. Leonard McCoy in Star Trek Continues, shot tons of footage for The Con of Wrath, and started his brand new venture The Trekland Trunk.
Star Trek Continues is one of the best fan series we've seen and not only includes Larry as Bones, but also features Vic Mignogna as Captain James T. Kirk, and Chris Doohan reprising his father's role as Scotty. In fact, Star Trek Continues will resume filming its second episode shortly and is looking for help to continue the saga via Kickstarter.
Ever want to get your hands on truly unique Trek collectibles? Then check out The Trekland Trunk. Larry has digitized much of his Trek collection from years past and is looking for good homes for these collected gems. You can "like" the page to stay informed of when some of his Trek memorabilia will be available for auction.
Be sure to check out Larry's home page Treklandblog.com for all things Trekland and pre-order his brand new book Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library from Amazon.

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