Hello, LWaE listeners! Thanks for coming back at this look into the writing process. As you know, we are coming up with an episode of The Big Bad Beetleborgs! A kid's action show on FOX from the mid-'90s.

Last week you heard the audio drama performance. That was fun. Now you get to listen to the inspiration. Where did WILDCAT come from? Why are the kids selling toys? All those questions have their answers in this podcast. 

Joining me to write the episode are Hayden McOlgan (Blue Beetleborg) and John Miller (Black Beetleborg). OH, and I'm Tommy Oler.



We've got a special shout out to another podcast you might like in this episode. If you like Lore and Knifepoint Horror, please check out our friends at the Knowing My Nightmares podcast

The music in this episode is by the artists below. Please check them out.

Solar Flair



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