Hello again! 

Thanks for coming back to listen to this crew come up with a new FAKE episode of The Addams Family! Last week we put our performance out there and this week you get to hear us come up with the plot that went into that performance. 

Joining me (I'm Tommy Oler) are two comedians and writers out of Memphis Doug Gillon (Tuesday Show, Comma Comedians) and Charley McMullen (Tours with Mo Alexander, You Look Like Champion). They each have a unique voice and they let it shine through on this one! 

Be sure to stay until the end of the episode where you'll hear a little bit of an outtake from last week's episode, that was a fun moment I forgot to include last week and wanted to share with you guys here.

Also want to say thank you to person behind the harpsichord music in the episode: Ergo Phizmiz.

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Next month we perform a fake episode of Beetleborgs for you! Don't miss that!

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