Happy New Year! I know, we're 20 days late for a happy new year, but we haven't released an episode yet in 2019 so...HAPPY. NEW. YEAR!

This month we've got a new fake episode of Addams Family for you. This one was a lot of fun to write and perform. You'll notice there are no bloopers at the end of this episode, that's because we didn't really mess up. This cast was a well oiled machine. Well, someone coughed once during a line but we redid the line and I cut the cough out so that doesn't count! 

Enough of the inside scoop stuff here's the cast:

Doug Gillon as Gomez Addams

Bridgette Wallace as Morticia Addams

Angela Garrone as Wednesday Addams and various voices

Charley McMullen as Pugsley Addams and various voices

And Tommy Oler as your narrator. 

Also want to say thank you to person behind the harpsichord music in the episode: Ergo Phizmiz.

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Next week you'll hear us write the episode and next month we perform a fake episode of Beetleborgs for you! Don't miss that!

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