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Happy 35th Anniversary, Voltron! Voltron fans around the world are sharing their memories of their first exposure to Voltron, and Marc and Greg get to hear the latest details about VoltCon from the organizers, Kevin, Patrick and Savannah. Pay attention for special surprises, and listen NOW to take advantage of timely discount codes from VoltCon and Han Cholo! We are excited to announce the following panels that Marc and Greg will be hosting at VoltCon in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th: Saturday Voltron 101 A primer for all things Voltron presented by Marc Morrell and Gregory Tyler of Let’s Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast. If you’re a new introduced to Voltron through Legendary Defender and curious about what came before, then this is the panel for you. If you’re a fan from days of long ago (i.e. 1984) and you’re curious what came after, this panel is for you. If you’re a friend or loved one of a Voltron fan – or if you can’t tell Voltron from Optimus Prime, then this is the panel for you! A History of Voltron Toys The story of Voltron toys is at least as compelling as the series itself! Marc Morrell and Gregory Tyler present an overview of the toys produced for Voltron including details on the likes of Popy/Bandai, Matchbox, Playmates, and more! Sunday Vehicle Voltron Fan Build Gregory Tyler takes us behind the scenes on the process of creating his epic Vehicle Voltron/Dairuggrer fan build! GoLion and Dairugger vs Voltron Marc Morrell and Gregory Tyler from the Let’s Voltron Podcast examine Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XI versus Voltron: Defender of the Universe. What was changed? What was taken out or added? Differences in the stories, characters and scripts will be discussed in depth. We want to thank the organizers of VoltCon, including Kevin Clark & Patrick and Savannah O'Connor, for being on this special 35th Anniversary Podcast Celebration for Voltron. As a special treat for people that listen to this podcast in the first 24 hours of its release, the organizers of VoltCon are providing a special discount code to save $10 off the price of a VoltCon ticket when you use the code, VOLTRON35, at checkout when you order your tickets. Go to VoltCon.org for registering for tickets and for all the details of the guests, vendors, schedule, events and more as we get closer to October 19th and 20th. As an EXTRA SPECIAL treat for Voltron fans, our friends at Han Cholo wanted to share their love of 35 years of Voltron by providing their own discount code to get 20% OFF all Stainless Steel Voltron items on HanCholo.com Just go to HanCholo.com and select stainless steel Voltron items, go to checkout and use the discount code, VOLT35, to save 20% on your order! Thank you, Han Cholo, for sharing your wonderful Voltron Jewelry and to Brandon Schoolhouse, CEO of Han Cholo, for sharing your own Voltron memories! Happy 35th Anniversary, Voltron! As Always, Thanks for Listening! Let's Voltron!!
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