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00:00:00because you are listening to let's drink about it they show where we pair life events with cocktails I'm your host Chris Bowman
00:00:22what I was doing a fake been Voice this week so it's it's Lizzy and I are running the ship and with us this week is Jim Gilbert house first and foremost actor writer Jim Gilbert also former coworker of mine colleague of mine at the bar gym how you doing good now thanks for having me over today we've kind of talked about it a little bit over the last couple or like a year and a half or so and then it's right I think with with all the changes on the horizon it's just, yeah I was out in the sunshine walking around that I've been craving
00:01:22you on that was wonderful day I went to Skyline I ever say to Chris last night I decided I was going to McDonald's by McDonald's and I know but the McDonald's the McDonald's in our neighborhood at like quarter 1 in the morning is a bit of a catastrophe so I checked I chickened out while waiting in line do I abort it oh man I don't I don't know Lizzy it has McDonald's gone the way of the kiosk before you guys down there yet or okay as in a lot man I think it's a pretty it's a pretty even split I don't know like I think it's like the grocery store self-checkout thing you know it was that eventually proven to be using the the kiosk and I feel bad cuz like us like touchscreen at least familiar people you know can do it and then you see like senior citizens who are just like nope not going to go
00:02:22everyone in the whole thing is as well it's like you're actually habitat navigate with other customers yet you don't even trying to go like always it you are me and and there are people in front of you yeah you know you're kind of trying to figure this out without sort of I was going to say like the the leadership of a of a check out a person and it was the one in the morning the people's butts proper is St Patrick's Day so if you look at your bungee
00:03:10this is this is kind of a Parkdale institution that are killed in the neighborhood were in here and and Decor unchanged place to go buy the food was like you know they did like partially frozen stuff you know or let you know early dining experience but now we got a lot of like you know a lot of local musicians hang out at Skyline left I've been told like a lot of a lot of any local but like you know internationally-known you know if you want to come see Akinator Toronto musician
00:04:10Cincinnati style chili which is kind of have the cinnamon tea sweetness to it and then they have the hot dogs in that super fine shredded cheese that goes on the hot dogs will you see their Lawton High School if its own taste and is it is it like kind of like a it is it revered or is it a joke like I'm a screw-up in like you know Ohio Kentucky West Virginia probably hold it in high esteem and and people who try it for the first time and didn't have it as a kid probably think it's disgusting garbage food actually I don't have a thing called a 3-way which is spaghetti
00:05:07spaghetti and chili and cheese on a hot guy you're in America Bay Area that's Freedom spaghetti yeah yeah sure I mean should I can't tell you the number two mornings I've woken up and just crave to chili spaghetti hot dog cheeseburger what do you say we get into this life event
00:05:38since Jim you got the honors this week I guess oh yeah I was kind of got a little little teaser I guess sure so after St Patty's Day that dare I say got away from me a little bit and I woke up the next late morning early afternoon to a series of texts from a mutual friend of Chris and I are Jessie who owns a little business down the street from me and he said are you awake on the text I said yeah man what's going on he's like oh nothing much just a few bullet holes through your front door let's get these recipes and then get into the rest of the story
00:06:38okay alright I see what you did there the most obvious slices of fresh ginger 1 teaspoon of apricot jam quarter ounce of fresh lemon juice 2 oz of Irish whiskey half an ounce of Grand Marnier and a lemon twist cocktail shaker going to model the ginger with the jam and lemon juice at the ice and whiskey and Grand Marnier shake well and strain into an ice field rocks glass and garnish with the lemon twist
00:07:12sounds good what do you make of that I like it I'm excited about that I think Jim Jim Jim is going to make his own because he's capable he's right so let's see what you got a gun gear that young kids doing it and I thought no Blue Curacao in it which I like to have fun with blue curacao in the show shots would have been funny
00:08:06is one and a half ounces of white rum three-quarter ounces of fresh lemon juice three quarter ounce of simple syrup and half an ounce of creme de cassis and you combine ingredients except the creme de cassis shake it with ice
00:08:23strain into a Niceville glass and Float the creme de cassis over a bar spoon on the top with mint and what not but I just got out of work so I do not have a garnish a Hemingway would like shrimp cocktail and they didn't have a picture it's from Paul McGee
00:09:03yes is that a bar he's a cocktail guy in Chicago he texted me and told okay so my my drink is from Garden and Gun that's where I got the the influence from it's the classic call the seelbach and it's 1 oz of bourbon half an ounce of Cointreau for dashes of peychaud's bitters three dashes angostura bitters champagne or sparkling wine and orange peel chicken stir together bourbon Cointreau on Bitters in a chill champagne glass top with cold champagne or sparkling wine and garnish with a long twist of an orange peel I think I'm going to add a step in if I can make some gas first and you know so I give Allegra with the stairs right and I mean in champagne glasses like come on it's a little tipsy all over my kitchen counter
00:10:03alright well what do you say we make this drink chairs
00:10:18Ticket Clinic
00:10:25Nelly yeah yeah going to work yeah oh yeah that's going to cure what ails me very refreshing drink a lot of creme de cassis I don't either I just I always like it when I have it how to play with them this is this is very nice as I was saying I'm usually not a fan of Jameson cocktails with this this works right rash Scott you know lovely lovely Aroma to it and it's like yeah it is really helping at yeah I mean Ginger I don't know it's hard to go wrong with ginger in a drink but we were speaking briefly beforehand about you know making a cocktail with
00:11:24lower quality ingredients in October no no no disparaging remarks on Jameson but just like you know you go to a nice cocktail bar they're going to put nicer quality ingredients in your dream I figured when I've got a jam in the drink and you know it just kind of one of those things like well I could go all out and you know it is kind of an occasion of Jill on the show but I thought you know what instead of breaking the bank I'm going to go the opposite way by a Mickey if James draw in Parkdale and RJ loves that huge not my dog tiny little hole in the wall like the best of circumstances like maybe you can fit like 20 people in there comfortably
00:12:24but anyway one day that the Jameson rep showed up like seeing who is like buying like out selling Jameson like in all of the West End and she walked in she was completely shocked at the size of the place she was just like this this bar that is weird to say more Jameson in the West End than anyone else operation of essay but it's like yeah oh my God you have to understand the quantity like that's what people ask for in every bar in this side of town yeah just for you know for shots anyway and yeah that's it. That's pretty crazy I mean it it's that's a beautiful it was a that beautiful little hole-in-the-wall a beautiful giant patio yeah it was it was a oh yeah it was just you and the Cockroaches
00:13:24so let's let's see what do you know you know in investigating went right through the door to walk up so anyway there's lots of traffic this happen around apparently there was at 8:30 in the morning there was a confrontation and a guy took off running and some guy was running up done trying to shoot him and pretty much empty empty does like gun I guess bullets into my building above one hit the door one just above the door frame done is the street that crosses Queen Street here where happening and I went I went I went
00:14:24hi there today actually to see if I can find any cuz I think you told me the bullets it struck the window of a convenience or something like that or that was what you thought of the time and so I went and looking I couldn't find it and then I ever thought to ask Jim to take photos and then ice back within 15 minutes you just read my mind and sent me to photo so I will share those photos but I mean it's one thing when you live like right on a very busy street with three cars and screaming and screaming you know drunks and mad people at all hours of the night it's I might of heard it has been like whatever I wouldn't even I mean but like it's like a no way it's in no way like the wild west but I mean I did look I looked for news to find out cuz I went to the coffee shop at like 10 after 9 and they said that the judge
00:15:24I was just happened during the night and did not happen like 45 minutes ago and freshly roped off and taking statements and stuff yeah but there's more shootings in this neighborhood than I was ever aware of I think yeah it's it's surprising I think it like it for whatever reason to the the area up around like done and Queen in that like Corridor you know down to the Garden all and that's would have like 3 block radius Thursday last year there's just been I don't know how a half a dozen shootings yep for sure yet I mean it and I I just I guess I never ended up if I think about it over the years there's there you know there's some guy in because we live in a neighborhood where there's a lot of
00:16:10I don't know what's for lack of a better term halfway house so we have you know a few blocks east of us I mean maybe 10 or 15 blocks east of us there is a center for addiction and mental health so in our neighborhood in amongst these giant monstrous like Mansion type houses there are because the history the place all these these houses were broken up into rooming houses so you know they are now halfway houses and we have in our neighborhood here everybody commingle is cohabitates no problem I mean you know everyone's friendly in and more let's keep themselves but you know you make me intersecting you know one day I could I was walking to the train to go to school and there is a guy who had been shot in the head outside of his home you know like on my way to school you know so it's like yeah these things happen I guess but you don't I mean again if there was no reporting on it and I don't know how they decide on what to tell you when not yet cuz I think the one thing that I found you know it's one thing
00:17:10you know probably probably drug-related like the back alleys at like 3 in the morning 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday at a busy intersection yeah that normally there would be you know people outrunning people would be out with their you know their babies in their strollers you know it's a it's a it's a neighborhood that there's there's always life is not really quiet moments on the major street so I mean even if it's not with my plan of like you know having a quiet Patty's Day and getting up early and going for a run yeah could have could have had a bullet in the shin is why sometimes it's really just good to go on a bender that's right Fender can save your legs and hungover so how does your how does this drink
00:18:10your experience there it is it the easier yeah well you know I mean if it it definitely has quieted the existential angst of the thing we like to say on the show Jim is that really doesn't matter the combination of alcohol and accouterments in the drink is really just any alcohol will help calm your nerves I think for this temporary. That's what I'm about to say I mean this in my drink I don't know there's so much going on right now that when I was researching these drinks and that sounds good these ingredients sound good and even as I read them did not fully even listen to myself so I understand what it's like if you're allowed to sleep on the side of my dulcet tones but I realize that it was not very much alcohol of alcohol so
00:19:09I doubled my not so it's now 3 oz drink yeah with eight shots at 8 dash is of patients at 6 Dash isn't angostura it's great the serious. Go there let's try to
00:19:25you know there's been a mumps outbreak in this end of town so yeah exactly
00:19:33I just got a bunch of laughs back and I am clear of mumps
00:19:41oh that's a nice drink I like this to the spirit again Bourbon and Cointreau that's it like it's a 2 oz patients maybe yeah I think so
00:19:58yeah definitely spark me up
00:20:03well do you think I will hit the police blotter I don't really ever read the police blotter I look on Twitter for a local news Mike will it will it will they release a statement or usually in the local newspaper there will be a list of all the things that happened and they call that the police blotter taking out some gunshots were heard on
00:20:32done at 8:30 in the morning it was definitely their Twitter feed
00:20:42gunshots in the you know low and behold there's a history in the show that Jim and I have worked together and so this week was kind of like you know the it was what do we do we do The Gunshot or do we do you know rolling the dice like me wrong I like that Jim Jim Jim just did the same thing basically like he just disappointed had enough you know and said okay I'm going to just see what happens right like and we we both have like a sort of us you know sketch of a plan but it is I could just taking a leap I got some so is that was the other that was the other thing and so just to see what comes of it so I mean we've spent the last two and a half years more relaxed right ear is outside I mean we joke about making and it's probably is true of any if any listeners work in the service industry
00:21:38if you work in like a hectic environment I mean we always would joke about you know jumping in the sounds from like a war film or something you know your kids were yelling at each other in a barking orders at each other and me Jim and I like you know we have different styles of service so like I push I push people out of my way to sleep, it's Jim just like swings elbow shows up yeah yeah yeah and it's been it's been a really it's the Gemini get together and have you know brunch or lunch or whatever else all the time and it's always like a deconstruction of the recent weeks or like you know it's like some sort of bitch session
00:22:37yeah catch up at the end of the week when we work together despite like all of the craziness despite how you know insane it was very much fun to work with me you know your your good friend yeah yeah yeah but at the end of the day it's like when you're put into that kind of a pressurized situation it is at its core going to be doing that with someone who's you know your pal just what I like to send to do but I was getting to the point of like you know who we you know it's you we've been very fortunate in the sense that and we do discuss this to like that you know and part of the part of the ethos of the owners is so like their mates run the Asylum for lack of a better yet I mean that's what we've been able to do and so that we make our own fun you know like so yeah all these
00:23:37times that I've I've been on the show saying like people shaking my fist and spitting on the floor like it's ultimately it's fun it's a fun job it's not rocket science you know you're you do get to make people happy if you choose to hear what what was it what was I think it was like yeah it's kind of like five nights a week I'm throwing like a crazy party at my house and I have to be here I'll tell everyone goes yeah that's the best part about that job
00:24:28is cleaning up people's like discussing messes I mean it's it's really sounding how much your doesn't actually go where it's supposed to know I don't get it now I think I think women are worse but she a retail establishment shocked when I would complain that dudes are animals like because it's it's 100% of the time if there is piss on the floor I assumed it was a dude he was just like you know willy-nilly pardon me
00:25:28and often like early in the night so it's not even booze related it's just people that are either hovering or just the closing their eyes when they go to the bath I think it's one of those things to the very often people are in an establishment and you know it they have no connection to it yeah yeah yeah I do what I want yeah I'm going to pay on the wall you see that you see the breakdown of people's you know I guess like the civility of a people at a certain point it's like oh my God this is your fellow man get a hold of yourself again but I think that service industry and Retail should be mandatory by the age of 18 year Andy
00:26:28I think it's a Wag that giant finger whoever and make kids work in retail and service you know because I do I think you are a conomy now you know it's what I mean the word assert wear a service economy so but I agree it sometimes it's just I guess that you know if you don't if you don't know you don't know right so we can help we need everyone's awareness say a picture job off the floor I mean you know I like I just think to myself I'm not here to teach the teacher yeah I'm teaching someone Reagan lesson pardon my language
00:27:24where can people find you if somebody wants to seek out something I mean if you want to see some of the work that I've done I guess you know streaming services are the best I did show call the girlfriend experience last year which is coming back for a second season not with me that said Steven Soderbergh produce stats again Amy seimetz directed wrote and directed it's a great show so I'm in that lots of other sort of small arcs and you know what kind of guest appearances you were in the Lizzie Borden Chronicles with I really enjoyed I got it it's something we talked about recently I just saw a movie from 2011 called The Conspiracy way I wholeheartedly recommend
00:28:24I think it's like 82 minutes long and it's a good movie it's a it's got another thing it's another it's got it starts at co-stars that a regular and a friend of ours the regular the bar and Aaron pool that's when you have a chance to check that one out real quick real quick I watched I watched it I that was aware of and I'd seen a piece of ass I never did go back and watch a movie so I watched it and then Jim and I went out for a drink so we're walking to the bar and in this movie He plays a character named Jim and Aron place and it's a mockumentary style or not mockumentary yeah I guess so
00:29:10and I'm sitting and talking about you know I guess it could be considered conspiracy theories like it's basically current current news so you know like it's just things happening so yeah it was a real trip even just to be sitting across what is that like life imitating art art imitating life a little bit far-fetched but how about email asking what's real what is real yes I'm like I guess like I didn't have that because I knew you know that guy I knew you guys so I know you got itself but it's interesting that even like 6 years after its release you're still getting correspondence from people like conspiracy theorist yeah you know that are just like you know or whatever whatever
00:30:10play the neighborhood who's he suffers from a certain you know mental ailments yeah but he saw it and every time he sees me he's just like I'm so happy you're still alive man oh he thinks he confuses yeah he's like he's like four lines like I understand what you're going through they had me like under their grip it at one point as well and I'm like wow I like to stay with no no no it's just just it was a movie it's not like I know you have to say that right right right right I mean there's some really interesting stuff but you should check out the movie if you haven't already and
00:30:46yeah I got to guess that's that brings us to the end very 30 minutes this week or so ish depends on how much we cut out this week
00:31:12so let's see how can people get in touch with
00:31:14well they can follow you at Krispy Chicken on Twitter oh my goodness oh my God handle
00:31:25just Lizzie bartelt I knew it they can find us at Facebook which is let's drink about it they can find us on Twitter drink about it and Instagram is also let's drink about it but Instagram it's a it's a real hot follow that Instagram itself is going to be huge if you're not if you're not aware yeah yeah I think so and then leading the charge is the not drink about it Instagram page please see it man you like you know the Porsche of things for the Corvette of things that's what we are on 81
00:32:25Manzano Instagram that's that's that Trans Am that's trademark trademarked right now the trains out of Instagram fan
00:32:46Okay so we've got a thank you email reaches into Graham Walsh for our Music Hall Watling for artwork Lizzy Lizzy thank you for being you Jim Jim Gilbert thank you so much sir I loved it it was a lot of fun well I guess it's so I don't think I have you recorded without me Lizzie I don't think so and I haven't recorded without maybe but insert Benz catchphrase here so until next week you'll have more cocktails and more life events to go with them don't show up on your rum and coke Happy Days how are you Jim you got to saying you want to drop hear pitter patter let's get at er
00:33:41that's it folks That's All She Wrote
00:33:58Jim you want to make up one on the spot that's a lot of pressure I know but we got time it's okay okay let's see what this is just like, I can take care of but like you know something something
00:34:19right I've been you know the moment that I can actually think I might
00:34:47Facebook I know I have something that I got to come up with something for Jim oh well I mean what are some things we used to say behind the bar all the time
00:35:09oh yeah would you like to where you going to like some heat references or something like that it was a violation of in times of intense stress and stress yeah
00:35:31cheer hear something we used to say like about Jim well I mean one thing and one thing that you know that I grew up saying in Nova Scotia was pitter patter let's get at er did you say is the most solid okay so here's going to do it we're going to maybe this is the after dark portion but you're going to say I'm going to throw it to you right now but I'm going to say

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