After a long gap (life got in the way) the Steamers (we were out last night) pick apart the new DC show Black Lightning. We also look at the Anime show My Hero Academia, and leaf through the Daily Bugle...of NEWS


00:00:12and welcome back to slip some steam NPC this is Grant hello going to be on spirent yeah that deliver
00:01:01so yes it has been a while since there are going to be a few changes to our bar format the lathe of have forgot that's what you would listen to Old so that there are a few changes and we're just going to Sparks Fly by the seat of our pants and can you see what works and what doesn't and just sending this as ever we will start with a question and then brought question and which is just ask you
00:02:01show me the Pacific Rim Uprising it does exactly what it says in the 10 giant monsters versus giant robots I love dogs and his faithful who's this year television Lost in Space
00:02:38what else what else is coming this year Jessica Jones season 2 come very soon for that yeah I love Jessica Jones kilgrave Lissa killmonger but use the bad guy and black panther and a British kill Grievous just a flashback or if he's been resurrected promo stop pages from Jessica Jones series 1 ratio in an open Daredevil in particular the resurrection is a thing that can happen for the truth
00:03:20maybe you're so incredible the original was when is underperforming but I still really enjoyed it for what it was The Incredibles arguably is the best Fantastic Four movie Fantastic Four The Incredibles has essentially
00:04:02yeah I'm not as exciting as well with a mustache and cable is one of my favorite X-Men character so I'm intrigued to see that it is going to find a will can story they're going to use for that as well so they say is the great film W directed by Oliver stupid mistake by Julie most of these phones are being absolutely amazing it but no
00:04:50sorry for breaking out that would be in your known anticipated upcoming things in space to take and we will try to reschedule a couple things in mind that we were going to that I'm just being in the day
00:05:31it's what I did it's what we're here for
00:05:42the game is no name this is the game that also has no name because I kind of remember what we did also has new name is in the way tight to your husband affiliations two-dimensional really are that's the way the decree of force that we are that we really had this day in Subway Laurel machine to make sure that we were well prepared for this
00:06:14to end this is going to be the question that I asked you know I will look for a reply later in the show guests okay
00:06:22I know you like this one cuz I did this originally based of what we're going to do and so the character join The Matrix
00:06:34was originally supposed to be offered to which actor okay give me the options I won't give the answer just now options so
00:06:47Charlie Sheen
00:06:53okay I'll give you an answer later also my I guess my consideration for the film we ended up with was probably the best when you see certain things as well for a possible constantly pacing possible casting for and Back to the Future I'm just hoping it's not the shaved gorilla that it's been 48 Hours of Masterpiece of a V8
00:07:30what was there is no it was always been a problem. Realize how much until you start watching this phone is back there you like well that was a thing
00:07:39Philip Tiny divorced and was I deliver this yet but I know you're getting that Michael Fassbender on Arnold Schwarzenegger but you can start and the kung-fu sequel I'm very excited about this General here and he's playing to you to see that self-clean president It's All American why you do this to me there's a weird one at PBS live reaction that we did for M4 Kung Fu tea it was he Swedish production you would it was like an 80s martial arts film that was so ridiculously over the top of that I had supposed to score as well behind it it was just genius it was just absolutely fantastic
00:08:39and I can hope that you don't lose that can a bad fuel filter that you don't care of trying to slap a big-budget on it and then effects and then try and pass off as a sequel in that this can I lose its charm I really hope Fassbender doesn't Wonder end with his cock out like you did and I didn't think it was either that or he isn't it this is true this is the last of two evils
00:09:10she makes me go in here and in terms of God is a couple of things from Netflix actually one is that they are doing a new live-action images for Sword Art Online which is one that we discussed previously we had life from the show who is going to be going through a transition between a good Service and Health Service
00:09:44where they are bright and the chlorophyll Paradox are atrocious
00:09:56is JJ Abrams in his Mystery Box taken to its logical conclusion of the mystery box is the whole film and there's nothing beyond the fact that is the Twista is the Cloverfield film to this phone is just water garbage and brights worse I think
00:10:19they're just had the wrong notes for me the moment Netflix cuz they're trying to attract people who are not already Netflix subscribers and their two kids are going very broad there's a lot of very broad terrible terrible set comes on Netflix yes some people passed out there but it seems to be in Primus over taking it as a Content service when their standard of film is the tentacle in the late 90s early 2000s but the best films of those years you got women you got Electra I will stand by the fact that I have ever seen
00:11:19Amazon Prime have that cities for William Shatner drink and a gas drink wine for a brand bag and then at the end of episode of got guess what the what
00:11:30that's a real show
00:11:42but if you think the likes of disjointed and things like that so far for Netflix at the moment yeah no idea who it is and it's just so much is the big Hydro Fair one because of all of the for the Recently done female Alchemist which is a really good time to me and then obviously they're doing and Sword Art Online which is the computer game based on
00:12:30series to go a little bit of traction series 1 of stranger things good nothing yeah they just don't know when they have a good property
00:12:43be at 16 on Netflix as well was the Lost in Space and obviously the average mean
00:13:00just tease are so there's no massaman content in there first can have any idea what to expect
00:13:06you are a g remember much of Lost in Space from the Fillmore the TV show unfortunately I did besides two moments that stuck in my mind when it's just the whole performance Gary Oldman Gary oldman's worst performance by a country mile I appreciate that is not taking things too seriously when everyone else is taking things over lease seriously but it just means he's in a different phone for everyone else and it doesn't want her that show yet I also have a discussion in my voice keyboard for window previous episodes
00:13:47for sure for is never in production as well just a rush hour TV show on Amazon Prime is low very low I must not either at the stage where he's too old for this shit
00:14:09and everything is new Kung Fu Circle
00:14:13okay so that is Our Daily Bugle of news talk about everything else I don't think I want to engage with Chris Tucker that was done so I should very good phone it's very strange shopping
00:14:45Pierce Brosnan dies a member of the IRT
00:14:54I will most the time it doesn't use his Irish accent and I remember there's some reviews about the time weather like Pierce Brosnan's Irish accent is terrible how many wars are breaking a box of this bed still play board wake up to makeup look older than you actually was any sixties you're going to like not like that there is a Jackie Chan will always be out there it's playing some topic and what you're really run for a little bit so I even see how I would fear
00:15:48and which is our argument he acts section sections of new naked so the idea for this topic and is not every week I'm going to give Grant a anime show that he has never watched before but some of them so I'm going to try and give you things when I can which are relevant to remain subject Mark for the episode Another wise I would just pick something completely random which you may enjoy our may just be complete and total horseshit but I was just went to see your reaction to see what you think so for this week and given our main subject and for this week's
00:16:48which is Black Lightning and because we haven't spoken for that yet
00:17:02Ashley think without trying to reveal too much in my thoughts and black lightning too early I think it's a really really interesting Counterpoint and they're both both of them are more sophisticated than they seem on the surface I think my hero Academia was probably a really good one for you to start with because I think I'm going to get my toe into anime and I'm mortified of the canoe incredibly violin then just scroll style anime Giant
00:17:35I think I have been prejudiced against some anime as just being tortured farm with school girls in samurai swords I don't do much to the sweet that things would rather conversation last night and there is anatomy where it is but Wars where women face each other with their butts vs. Sullivan or 10 minutes I'm sorry that's a big step for Miami that's the air duster preconception iguana Mia's is basically just an excuse for Glorified I make poor so my hero Academia
00:18:22parents being superhero is more than arm and people are born with superheroes and our lead character is someone who's been up in Parma superheroes but would truly love to be a superhero and that's what inspires to and this is where I think it's really interesting as I think you can only DC shoot to this but what I think this is going as his lack of a superpower as his superpower has his desire to help people has love all of humanity and has one thing to help everyone can it makes him a bigger hero than most of the people with big bulging muscle car then thought we could have been intentionally like I was supposed to be funny is playing very light and it's playing with those troops of the school
00:19:22it's at setting to school but it's laughing at the fact that maybe like to depend in the future and see how it's going to hold it up he never gets Powers is correct production at the Allstate I don't spoil it for you cuz it does the opening episode does a good thing just keeps kicking on the Northern getting better and better as it goes on because normally what you would say to people as if they're going to watch now to me to watch the first two episodes like that that's the way I read the first one is never going to catch his breath oh yeah where the overarching story
00:20:22is Wednesday grab your attention rather than what's actually happening in that first episode the patient's are incredibly over-the-top but because it's played for Laughs. Really really works and also another out of a truck which I have my prejudices about what she is bulging eyes whenever something as well as well it does can of chef from the hilarious to the very very simple that way you can do with a slight tone I mean you're stablish these characters to Comedy and then when you bring the dramatic stuff Ashley hats much closer to home because you love them because of the way they interact with each other cuz people
00:21:21interacting with humans that we poop human beings in Iraq generally and Society in general when you see people that are acting like that you actually put it up so we get closer to them than people are acting all the time so I mean I still think is the main thing that they trying to within the deal new episodes is to triangulate empathize with the main character because he's in a situation where I change the car fight the the way that the site yourself is that with the explosion superpowers it's percent of the population would you like some form of a belly and then it's 20% the are just normal but just don't have anything and it's
00:22:07I like the superhero remix with an episode is well because it makes this mr. incredible style superhero is basically he's got Superman type powers and boys also got super Lavon Lake mentality of enjoying the mind on the street and thinking them on the street can be everything that they should be which is a very very nice to hang out mc2 and also to have a lug head to itch the comedy comes from your thing where it was always the elite and always The Chosen which were the ones that had the abilities where is the mechanic flip on its head and see what would happen if you have the whole society it was full of these kind of people and it was romp and you know I would society change and I would things be structured than you know what would happen and it's our normal human beings like in a world full of superheroes
00:23:07which is something I think Marvel or trying to do with Agents of Shield but because they quickly run out of stone age. Just gone down there any given Avenue yeah I mean the last thing is that when you see as you go on the different characters in the way that you write down everything else really flush is everything appropriately but I mean in terms of population of the main character in like his plate with trying to achieve his dreams against can I want to watch another episode immediately say about enemy right after that so being play for recently which is
00:23:55set around the Buddha time in Japan 16th century if I guess could be wrong but it's a really really interesting time in Japan wear some that use classified as like one of History's great villain seized control of the state and there was someone who is fighting for him eventually overthrew him but it was the moral ambiguity of what he was being asked to do this slowly Caniff
00:24:21it away and gave him David's about what he was doing and I don't watch this anime about that topic but so it's it's an anime about a catch from now who gets it back to the dock. The Japanese house today but here's the test instead of being grizzled male generals that all females
00:24:42I've got big breasts and big eyes and dust
00:24:50yeah it's just really really Brew you get 5 just ridiculously massively over the top stories that you just making no sense whatsoever yeah I think I've gone from Ivan of the Phantom thread of Havana me to the Larry the Cable Guy have a gun too but we should have gone to next Sam Sword Art Online or something like that instead no jumping straight into these things that should be the general's name and I think it was not Buna I was to show his name was just the female version of the name and there's a bat
00:25:41give me an example of one of the richest sedated and that's why and he has for some bizarre reason and well I can see one half of this one or the other or so the half of it I can see Scott can a dramatic music on his iPod and his iPod and MP3 player other ones are available just in case the BBC think of it
00:26:15that is one of the things by Elsa has the sound of armies on his own oh there's an army coming out as we need to go and the sudden joke is oh no I forgot to charge my MP3 player so
00:26:39protect themselves up from the floor wheeler for their sides of splat brilliant joke I mean he's just so much that you can't even react for nothing that's one of those instances did make me appreciate my hero Academia a lot more and that I was playing on two completely different sphere again but it was also so I can be your recommendation written for that one through Animaniacs scale which on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being
00:27:16I didn't want being nice to meet you I'm going to go right at the gates for the 5:00 here maybe throw me some curve balls swell
00:27:38ice Wars
00:27:42yeah I know what my next one's going to be officially know the proper game with no name yes I'm like it's I know this one younger brother that so I'm just a refresher with this game doctor and I will break this turn into sections of 10 points 5 Points then finally one point for you and the same to you I would give you the names of characters that knocked his plate and whether you can guess within the 10-point fuel 25.1 the planet like to make people less than as yeah sure you get to after one person by the way of the internet in front of vehicle IMDb
00:28:42on me I blame myself it's fine so I Blame You two are you ready going yes I'm sure there are three characters for 10 points on at store rice feel like I should know that
00:29:20can I take a guess cuz I don't think I'm on the right lines here but Tommy Lee Jones no okay so so this is a Five Points
00:29:36so Chucky
00:29:38brother Jack Ryan
00:29:43Harrison Ford and Shannon Ben Affleck isn't deep enough like horses
00:30:01sorry yeah I'm just about to be 5 though where the guy feel face that she was coming so we can figure out relationships Five Points
00:30:23Bruce Wayne Bruce will be taken out in the band about film that the Australian liar made them and see about this said National piece of Treasurer phone that we had that was one of the worst Best Picture winners ever just the French Prince St Mary's enough room she was like 9 years old yeah
00:31:07I'm sure cuz I know when when she screw you Mel Gibson from Armageddon yeah yeah I know is about
00:31:24yep I'm glad I'm glad to be honest
00:31:51maybe maybe we should set some Heist glitch the BS that goes well we we
00:32:07so maybe maybe want your main topic for today
00:32:15which as correctly as being quite next I would say I was looking to look at some of the cracks reviews yeah and they range from that
00:32:25there's nothing in the middle way there was really good artist terrible first of all it was a case of right who is this character because it's no static shock
00:32:48but yeah it's a weird one because
00:32:54the opening show seems to stereotypes and a lot of troops were things as well that's what she ain't going but I actually think the more they're so goes on the more it starts to severe those stereotypes The Fitting Place I think the trouble message that there's so much to try to squeeze into the first 10 to 20 25 minutes for robo thing in for the backstory in place and everything else just so you know who everybody is and why does Black Lightning before which I actually think is a servant like that it's a good idea at least you get a partial origin story pies in origin story of
00:33:48I want old lady character yes it is because there's a lot of the legend ends yes I'm pretty much up the day I went through them off by my notes last one I'll just watch that one so I pretty much up there I think I'm too behind you
00:34:24but it's one of these things it's evident because is the voice of plans for the game was at Resurrection or which is really failing because and the often talk about because it's actually been character like you were saying what was formerly a superhero cool Black Lightning is what I think very very interesting a Civic leader and why I also find that interesting he's reached the end of what he's able to achieve being Civic leader to the point that he is having to make he was with people with the try on East Ocean Beyond his rule Passat but also things are happening there are just out of his control to deal with ya safely walk he's relying on once he retired from being black lightning and what it was a promise to his wife at the time
00:35:24just say that's up more and he does still become Pam being black lightning because his wife is concerned that he's in the bed which you don't start fights but yes. He then decides to go and almost to Circle so rather than being a can of enchilada soup repeatedly then becomes a part of the community by being there the principal at school trying to save people by making sure that they get steady education and making sure that they can be the best of their lives through what they can learn what he can provide saving people in a different way and he's giving them
00:36:22are more sophisticated level he's trying to give other people to to save themselves rather than being the direct to himself for the what does PDC I guess the most logical counterpoints would be Green Arrow and Batman both of him Jump Street and not being a Civic leader dies with the most amount of resources to go to hell yeah that would be better spent in the streets at night and Temple in America High School principal High School principal is not a huge error error
00:37:07but still is giving so much like yeah and that's the nicest thing and that's the way that the characters portrayed in this was also one of the points of fighting for the community with the same for Rosa a heart for the first couple episodes as well even through the weekend of antagonist in the show up when you don't quite know the structure for who's who so you're getting is the king of lower-level can have for mid-level bosses and stuff you haven't made that really weird looking out Beethoven schlee a mechanic comes back to the whole thing about resurrection and I'm coming by and everything else is the fact that the bill refer to his black Jesus yeah that is known as in the community because the reputation that you so
00:38:07really tell him that. What is your fair to eyes and then he himself has a resurrection at how much how much more would people read the Bible if when Jesus came back he fired white resides man up and he was able to shock people yeah oh yeah you're going to turn me in to the Romans r u g this take place
00:38:29pick up that that's funny because Jenny said that to hang them self but I respect it and I think that is a very very good choice on the on the show Runners as
00:39:02I think superhero shows are really really changed within the last few years and because there's oversaturation of superhero shows that have to really change from their initial Point superhero superhero Phelps the first Captain America when are the Jewish belief that the flash bang his know about the it wasn't necessarily about trying to make things World building or trying to make things complex or anything it was more a case of what can we put on the screen that's going to look at their binary binary as there's good and there's evil there's no gray area and everyone so ever and that's the way you can of American size gone in the last 4 years horse's penis
00:40:02childlike like running to this bite they know your point of view when people are like your buds you're evil I'm good yeah great and it said there's no gray area yeah there's no that's not it either my friend or you're my enemy
00:40:25arguably old comes from Trump because of the way he interacts with people and the way he's not able to but the same thing as Trump like Trump is a terrible terrible human being and that's where he's really really failed both is Verizon under the human being endorsed this binary point of view and the thing people are doing to get we from this vantage point of view within with infection as to shoe to try and show how sophisticated the world ends and it's it's especially prevalent when you get these people here know generally the people who get to speak out and that's cases to buy Community yeah
00:41:25their struggle is not as simple as it is portrayed in American society than women like when you go Civic leaders complaining to Trump and Trump says P about black unemployment they hired more. There's more to black society than that there's more important issues with him last night and actually Black Lightning is more sophisticated in French that's not right again. Snow a difficult so just that we're starting to get people with an entertainment whose voices of not being hard and they actually do really have this complete different voice like I've seen black panther 2 and you've not seen it yet so I'm not going to give any spoilers that's the same sort of thing at
00:42:13the issues that they're dealing with this is quite different than most superhero films and the way they treat the bad guy as a more nuanced intelligent Carter's money did Michael Keaton Spider-Man homecoming that is to The Red Skull when it comes to dominantly in one racial break if you like Alexa black panther black lightning and Luke Cage and black are you afraid of things it's going to be changed or whatever it's going to be so it's trying to avoid the usual traps at those shoes are having your own take on this is this is the weight of taking these shoes as these are the things which are two others as a people in these are the things that are superheroes should be fighting for and I think
00:43:13who played the preacher in episode 3 was at a fly line is very similar to the Martin Luther King for example people within these predominantly white superhero films are similar to JFK and things like that so it's it's just getting a shining a light on its own people that really haven't had to say before I actually think it's quite interesting that what they have to say is actually it's the only different what was saying before but it's actually slightly more sophisticated than ever seen before because they're suffering for one of a better term the way Society treats people of different ethnicities
00:43:59Gordo in Latin America would say yeah their struggles are very very different to what they expect of a superhero on a hero in general is very very different than what we expect the note battery so I think if we do see the the instances can almost right off the bar with him being taken the car by the perfect sublimation affects our amateurish contractions with them your candle like hell yeah I think is well because is it the end of the first episode to get the henna Boo's door
00:44:57so I really really interesting one as well and that the state as the person who's always in control and she's always and then they take her in the direction of while she's actually starting to develop powers and she has no control over it whatsoever yeah she has no idea how to handle it and our life starts to credibly change and be more complicated photos of result in where she was always on top of everything and controlling everything that she can't be that person anymore and she doesn't view life the same way ever again for his actions in Arabic
00:45:57it's like for instance the fact I didn't recognize them yes Robin scenario has the confrontation with the police so say the nightclub
00:46:13where did you see him
00:46:16you see what that and he was like six foot Two Beards blah blah blah I think that is to show a contrast between when the police are trying to intimidate him and when they see him as the superhero there's pretty much nothing they can do about it they are just yet cover less by there like a complete lack of understanding of the situation and what's happening there just Frozen in the club where is justice
00:47:01exotic even and Brutus knew I had him that one yeah anything where he doesn't even attempt to can of hate
00:47:19yeah as it's not so but this is the way to get the Black Lightning yeah like the king of the stock from the face or anything like that or you don't like it for like partial this is recognized as I was the I guess the other side so here's another way of looking at that as CF there was a superhero showed up and it was you and it was you waiting a flimsy little mask I wouldn't automatically think I like there's PC I would think he really looks like crazy cuz I just know how many comprehension that you could even be doing that
00:48:19if it's us for the thing they just think the principal doesn't like
00:48:29liquor a clock can fit it was going to slip into understand why and I said even when he has the question one as well but I do think the address it and it was delivering the first episode of the second send it when the tried to steer in space that we couldn't yeah they do this weird lightning affect yeah but show about like what the flash does a TV show with a similar thing to the flash it's actually better than the Flash's voice thing because he's got deeper voice in general I just sounds amazing I was a little bit concerned about the cuz I see picture of the Retro suit like the woman to have the the camera footage in you seen them in the store beat the two guys at Wesley Long Term I would just be up at 6
00:49:28is the like the actual whitening symbols that he's gone going down the side of his chest looks like somebody have a stroke or something that was in the butt did you know black panthers made more money in 4 days than Justice League made it 3 months now and I have someone else that I reacted very badly to with younger one was
00:50:11one was and of course cuz these people want to go and see this film again and again cuz they have this genda so who did you mean these people either means liberals or e means black people either way
00:50:26the other thing I seen was well for us there was a film called white panther and you have a Scandinavian guy in the lead what you mean Thor or Superman or Batman or Bruce or asking too much to have people just over the Internet which the internet is a place where people can be incredibly Prejudice knowing that even if they're not going to be cold up to the face sunshades which is a dangerous thing
00:51:20yeah it was one of the things I was going to mention as well as the skill this is just me yeah there's a lot of screaming and what is it was going to change one because I guess he's trying to do the same thing and see Sports Vines do will you build a community by having a shared vision and shared goals and shared actions will do the same thing and that's building the sense of community so it spelled again the way that you would an American football team Mario baseball team has a different way to building in Phineas and slightly more RAM
00:52:12I think sport is a Bestway think about you yeah is the the basis of the community and support each other in the can of Coke States the backlight in Hearts when they do the king of Kutz the news reports when it comes to other people from them in the black community and safe and the police captain because of the police captain is going Dental I know if he's a bunch of why he can't just do what he wants by the same time I kind of have to use them sometime
00:52:49as it's a different Dynamic to Commissioner Gordon in Batman is reluctant but there's a point where black lightning spells but it's just for this one section or Black Lightning hands of police captain mobile phone there's like just call me when you get to that until it's the black phone
00:53:21what have you been interested in cic your sense of humor is still the same it's like you don't want me to play
00:53:30contact messages in movie please leave a message after the tone
00:53:40I just got the vacation it cuz it was one of those things where it was just the blue ends and it is everything this deal with Amanda start off by saying was being like that and what was a hundred twenty five shootings in one weekend and this time because the time is right way switches do not saying jokes characters are being funny yeah but they're not saying jokes they're saying things that those characters would say but they happen to be funny so it's not so sweet and style I'm just making it yeah
00:54:20what might one criticism
00:54:23well I've disposable more than one but the first Avengers found everyone says the same and everyone sounds exactly like Joss Whedon everyone's got the same sense of humor everyone's making those questions everyone you know everyone's one how much it is but yeah there's a lot of relationship building taking yeah I'm trying to show you I love you bye
00:55:06and yeah I'm going back to the point was that I was going to tell you before I got distracted by the black phone on the boat the society and community and everything else even for the lake local mobster that he's kind of like making ties with to try and make the stew beef replacement making sure that ideas off limits to them is the fact that regardless of everything that's going on and the fact that you can serve gwent rallies in March because they know that what's been done isn't enough to and help the sizes as and it takes for his family to get dragged into things
00:55:53for him to eventually and receipt reawakens and I don't think that's what makes it stay with them know cuz he still has this fear of it has Quail of conversations about his ex-wife about that hoe where she's initially reluctant from to come step back into that world and has point is kind of penal have to istana birthday candles this point is to find a roll the dice and she actually comes to the point where she actually has an understanding of that I better character quiz often female characters in superhero shows can get into this kind of well I'm just here morning you and see if she wants to she still worried about him and worried about what happened to their girls and the episode where she wants to do the door off a man sexually quite heartbreaking but you can totally see it from her first
00:56:53because she's being so nice of her to that makes the scene what club are they just take the children I think most of the issues that I had in the opening episode working of the rights to me I think it was a sophisticated enough gloss over some of his flaws yeah this is where is this where Netflix ago now is a DC Shoes
00:57:34no I mean I was quite surprised when I seen it so I think I've always been better at this weird can have communication even side of things anyway a man wears Marvel of them being more about hours and the events DC it be much more about the humanity of the superheroes I guess it's one of the ones that's captured the best out of
00:58:12Carolina fan recently I would say Legend which I guess would be Legends of tomorrow in Justice League The Flash Auto Belton phone I think it's called stronger core if you know I mean speak I love Constantine
00:58:49give us a season 2 come on I know it's less than cuz it's almost like I was going to that show we will move on I will go back to our game that has no name but it's not the game with no name so that means you're gematrix I want to stay here because I'm genuinely do not know the answer this question so I'm going to be heading to stop at the dark here give me the options again, devalue for Charlie Sheen
00:59:40unsurprisingly it is not Charlie Sheen is also know which is it going to be a short list of the between Nick Nolte and Steven Seagal me he would be the most sensible Choice ago when I found out I was like there is no way I cannot bring that to your attention exercises demon I both thank you I'm just really disgusted by that news these are the Kitty car bows I'm in between back at you as well thanks for that so that was our
01:00:32the first return back to the free and lightning in them education for the carnival at Jimmy's at some point but so for next week I have some steam Bennett podcast is fake news
01:01:08#PC sucks podcast game has no name I guess so for next time we're going to have her main subject is going to cover the anime show me to ask you to watch is going to be Psychopaths nice before I can have a weird over the side of the heavy influence is it spelled I've watched it before but I remember absolutely nothing I meant to be fair like I can show him cry love me. So that's got a lot to do today
01:02:08Army General talking points because I'm going to throw a few strange when's the next just because why not real social justice are we are so we will be addressing those points on the subjects for next time

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