In today’s episode the guys are covering the largest college cheating scandal ever. 33 wealthy parents, 9 coaches and 2 exam administrators colluded to admit a group of wealthy parents' kids into some of the nations top colleges. These kids were low performers academically and otherwise wouldn't have had a chance getting into these colleges. Matt and Tony examine the ethics behind what these parents did and the potential jail time that the parties involved are facing.


  • [02:48] – The Kushner Way
  • [07:55] – The Side Door
  • [09:34] – Posing as athletes
  • [12:55] – The celebrities that paid for their kids to get into college
  • [16:47] – Operation Varsity Blues
  • [22:32] – Honest Fraud Services
  • [31:12] – Kids for cash

The Takeaway – Don’t try to buy your way into high society








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