For our season finale, listeners called in and dished all their thoughts on sauce. For instance, what exactly makes a sauce different than a dip? Where do condiments fall on the sauce continuum? Is there a more Midwestern export than ranch-dipped pizza?
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00:00:00you reach leave a message after the tone a podcast about voicemails and the everyday moods they capture this month listeners rang and shared all their thoughts on sauce for instance what exactly makes a sauce different than a dip where do condiments fall in the sauce Matrix and what's it like to navigate a cafeteria when you have a deep-seated fear of mayonnaise let us know what you think after the beep
00:00:22I'm here to tell you about all the stuff that's in my fridge spicy brown mustard Dijon mustard if you can pour it I just saw is a note to its liquid nature if you can get it it's a dick it's not then it's my fault if it is your fault because that's the way I made a certain like a butternut squash soup and I finally realized if you just put it on top of rage and that's what pepper is a sauce or if you like Slither. Toast it's a schmear so like what the fuck is the sauce see there's a lot I don't like old man is one of the things I will be understanding life it's confusing
00:01:22sitting in on sandwiches just no one has ever been able to provide an explanation as to why that is
00:01:32when I was a child I developed a pathological fear of condiments ketchup salad dressing and mayonnaise which was the worst offender I would start crying throw a fit upon the sheer thought of man is unable to conquer most of my fears of condiments ever a guest on the Maury shows face your fears episode I think I'd be able to successfully eat a spoon full of ketchup on Happily but I'll be able to do it when you get to the middle of it kind of like where the flag is randomly smells like ranch dressing like it's reeks of ranch my partner is aware that if we get married I've requested a ranch Fountain which exists I have Googled it is going to be the Fountain of ranch fried cheese and Pizza Hut he thinks it's repulsive
00:02:32like to talk about the dip Theory and the Dead series States any food that is not already a dip is better dipped I'll say it again any food not already a dip is better I love sauces I love dip and I think that if we can spread the diphtheria diphtheria we can make the world a better place
00:02:53I mean like that's her buffalo sauce that's a wild one
00:02:57thanks for listening to leave a message after the tone and a very big thanks to everyone who called in this podcast was Coke created by Zoe style and me Melanie Corvallis our website was made by Isaac meckler and this month's music is from Paddington Bear for more information about us and our next season check out leave a message after the tone. Com
00:03:21with a dab of ranch with a dab of ranch we can make it happen next with dab Ranch

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