Meditation is water not Pepsi

In the world of meditation, TM (Transcendental Meditation) is Coca Cola and Mindfulness is Pepsi. These two ubiquitous brands are everywhere meditation is taught. They both use famous personalities to sell their product and to surreptitiously emphasise that theirs is the ‘real thing’. >>>
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00:00:00you're welcome. We want you to know that you are taking the time to listen to these classes to offer you at Davis gratitude and respect presenting these classes to you
00:00:43there's a mystery recipe free and available to all. Mysterious all requiring ritual water is the foundation of everything
00:01:07put into words in prison feelings of love this is what we have done what we going to do
00:01:45is the transmission and realize that a belly dancing will destroy the ultimate experience as being present in a concentrated music music meditation baywater apologetic adrada present with one point transition the doing in every atom
00:02:48real water because it's Brian whatever I'm doing I can present and farthest distance yourself continuously
00:03:46everything I do you should really be a bad thing
00:03:50recognizing it when you doing become an active love this is basically saying every moment please try and find something that you do Austin doing the prime minister
00:04:39what is the 1st 2nd and reply back to 9
00:04:44defragment a sound
00:04:52in my mind's eye
00:05:07and I'm only asking if you were doing
00:05:29Zendaya and Wanda
00:05:39connecting volume on imagine that you are connecting to God and it's allowing that you're doing

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