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00:00:00notes in Spanish instead of picking his 30s espanolas yes so today we're going to be talking or about Spanish time tables and how weird it was for me to adopt them when I first talked to Spain but before we get on to that of course I would have to review from the last podcast is always so we can look at three phrases as usual I'm going to say a phrase in English I'm going to give you a few seconds to try and remember the Spanish in your head out loud whatever you like and the marina is going to come in with her perfect Russian and see if it matches yours we should be fantastic so very first of all remember we were talking about shopping and clothes shopping and so on at the first race would be in English I'd like to try these trousers please so how would you say in Spanish I'd like to try
00:01:00these trousers please
00:01:06kittea provider me estas pantalones por favor
00:01:11did you get bats Katie aprobada me estas pantalones ProFlowers okay the next one we were talking about money and well obviously you're working around a foreign country Spain or Argentina or whatever it might be and you want to get some money out so you want to look for an ATM or as we call in Ukiah CashPoint so how would you say in Spanish is there a CashPoint around here is there an ATM around here
00:01:47are you afraid of Huarache
00:01:50that's right it all the way of saying what a con you know you see a price in the shop and it's usually inflated and you just think that that just trying to be nice, you basically with the price that you're saying is a two-word phrase that starts with k what spot to how do you say that in Spanish how do you say water corn
00:02:23get Emo can you say you are very formal well I experienced when I came to Spain 10 years ago now and how I found it a pretty way to begin with specially because of the time tables here in fact that everyone was eating and having supper ridiculously like to add to what I was used to so today once again we're going to be giving you a very notes in Spanish intermediate Style real Spanish food because our greatest out of business soon as possible you listening to all intermediate podcast maybe you already fantastic
00:03:23before you know it so we're going to look at some of the vocab you're going to need in order to understand our conversation some of the phrases what if we go first first thing I asked you in the audio is what was it what did surprise you more when you arrive to spend and you would say it like this much discipline do when the USPS Ponyo
00:03:52okay so long phrase that the first pick cast looking Mass discipline deal was surprised you most cuando llega stay when you arrived ispanya okay so I start giving my fiance's side to Marina and one of the things I say is well one of the strangest things to me was the fact that Sickle me out of stuff remember one of you have in the third person singular and you put it in front of it it's why I'm talking about how things are done in general what eats a lot stores in general people eat at to say como estas I hear you you say say Camila stores if you use for example people eat at to La Gente Camilla stores then you wouldn't use say
00:04:52they call me Alistair stipulated to say como estas in general people eat it too we know that we took him out people that we don't actually use another example would be in Espana say baby mucho Vino wine lots of wine is drunk I think would love to listen to previous podcast okay so I took about that but you know about what time you go have dinner then I have to have dinner what's next Marina used to have lunch at 1 or even 1230. Into Spanish would be estaba acostumbrado Alana I was used to eating at one that's the repetition of that so people can practice their pronunciation because we've got to be used to doing something to be accustomed to
00:05:52something so I kind of phrase was again I was used to eating at 1 at Marina if you said that twice in Spanish and that's usually leave a space after it's for people to piss the pronunciation off to you
00:06:12estaba acostumbrado a comer a loner
00:06:22okay great and what I discovered that when I used to eat that one guy that will try to eat one. End up in the restaurant on my own there was no one there how do you say that in Spanish how do you say that twice and was Eva pools for repetition
00:06:42Navia Nadia
00:06:46in case you missed the first that it's no idea HIPAA nobody was there was so you'll hear me say it a lot of fun exact the exact reason I say that is from larrison. Say these refers to when Ben asks me about a if I knew why people have different time tables in Spain the rest of Europe and that's what I doing the ideal but I am not country percent sure that is the real one
00:07:46natural as possible and what we've done that way if we pulled out these really useful words and phrases to go through them with you now before you get to hear it so that's another great phrase and of useful phrase I'm really you say that before the sun goes down you don't really feel like eating this could be why people eat side light because while it's still so hot and sunny you don't want to eat so how would you say in Spanish you don't really feel like having dinner until the sun is going down Sucka see how you go to Seoul
00:08:25sounds pretty complicated this break it down not participating us to feel like so no you don't feel like having dinner until I say I either also the sun has gone literally no ma'am I don't feel like doing it you want to go to the cinema no I asked you in the Audi as well how long did you take to adapt to this new timetable and that would be cuanto Tiempo por cuanto Tiempo how long take Crosstour sounds weird cuz it sounds like how long did it cost you to ask yourself
00:09:25how long did it take I put car starts cuz that would be translated as how hard was it while they might say do you find it easy to use the subjunctive in Spanish and well imagine you finally a bit tricky you might say make Westing mucho yeah I think it's related to S4 Thor 2 at Fort Custer is 4 so but we all meet the espresso. I'm sure the subjunctive in the case if it is don't worry because we were covered some point for you and make it very easy but anything that you find a bit tricky you can just say make West time with you so he's not related to morning this case that what I mean is related to 1/4
00:10:24Oki is another great phrase now it says how long will it take you a long time to get used to the time tables and staying and I said what I say is I didn't have any other choice it didn't take long cuz I didn't have any other choice how do you say that in Spanish how do you say that in Maria it's the heat is it started cooking the boarding okay my brother just got back with us three. How do you say I didn't have any other choice in Spanish if you say it twice and then we'll leave it was for people to repeat
00:11:02no me quedo otra Familia
00:11:06no me quedo otra Familia
00:11:13great, kiddo I was left with author remedial any other option yeah they serve somebody says to you why did you stay at work so late last night you could say well I had such a lot of work to do that no make it or I didn't have any other choice finally Marine is going to be talking about things that she finds different in England and release that weeds idea but the good thing about that is it gives you time to to digest digest your mail and the last thing was the when it gets dark it's a great verb yes i n o c h e c e r
00:12:13means yeah when the Night Comes The Coming of night
00:12:20okay so hopefully that's giving you a good I could lead in to some of the vocabulary and phrases were going to be using in the in the Spanish conversation that you're about to head remember this is right intermediate styled cuz I free by now I would episode 30 and we really hope that you're ready for intermediate audios remember there is a full transcript of this available and a full translation into English on our worksheets so if it's tricky just got out of the worksheets and and run it through again and hopefully that will help okay let's go
00:12:58Ben guess looking Master print do Spaniel
00:13:05cuando llega a Espana I said the funniest looking mess mess up when do Fort Lauderdale, porque hockey Madrid sikome last dose this a custom Bridal Commerce
00:13:34equine though you're free restaurantes de Madrid
00:13:47tambien Lo mismo contact Tina Tina Tina delahunty, Afeni and are in Madrid
00:14:04La razon xactanalysis Electro they came there are no hace mucho calor philosophy cuarto para una Lista Julio after muchisimo collage is Los Banos Cinema
00:14:50cuanto Tiempo te gusta La Espanola animal call Casa Tres Hermanas 4K Ultra Ultra remedial Alaska tacos tacos tumbras
00:15:34alarm louder this solis-cohen Amigos on sabado Por La Noche in English para la Gente by status Alaska better 100
00:16:06Marina cuando vas conmigo inglaterra at The Palace Theater Hatty Alachua Madea humidity in Palm Bay dollar, special tirado is a little vacay Las gomitas so mostly hit us ellesse tennis match for this
00:16:53see as babies can Espana they acted in object super temprano in invierno in English
00:17:11well I hope you enjoyed today so do we are going to have a look now at cool phrase what do we have to be something we mentioned earlier which was that in the past in the present I don't have any other choice now does a musk normal normal way of saying that to make it out there today I'm going to have the choice to make it out cuz it's before it was no McKayla or throat remedy
00:18:10but it's funny because when people say the short version I said no Michaela Ultra
00:18:15I wouldn't be able to say that we got from beat from which is feminine but I do twice from you and then a pause for for you guys to repeat
00:18:59no me queda otra
00:19:03okay and well just one more bit of Spanish. I've been using a lot recently which is a theme colors can I stay one color
00:19:16it's unbelievably hard I feel like you could use it with cold as well asking for your getting more this don't know I prefer being cold but I'm shooting the winter I prefer to be called I'm like what have you got for us okay you can come into our four rooms into the Spanish section of the four rooms or directly
00:20:16you can try to us in the notes into Spanish blow up and tell us about a when you travel to wants to a different country or you stay with the family doing a course in a foreign country what did you find different from your from your own way of life what was difficult to add up to yeah okay great now this is the last of the current little chunk who inspired beginners podcast will be back soon with more great podcasts to find out exactly when exactly what format are going to take the best thing that you can do is to sign up to our newsletter which you'll find a little form on the right hand side of our homepage and nuts in Spanish. Com sign up if you haven't already know I need you guys super-fantastic free report on how to really kick start your Spanish and great ways of learning but also why we regularly send out
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