Hollywood Undead is here!  Most bands have one lead singer, Hollywood Undead has FIVE!  How does that dynamic affect their writing style, their decision making and how they get along?  Danny and J-Dog take a time out from the studio to jump on the line with Shane to discuss that, the arrival of Danny at a critical time in the bands history, their often controversial lyrics, emo rap, turning 18, threesomes, and of course - weed.  

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00:01:50switch yes I am living in modern times again not just playing my any S. SNES classic anyways I'm bi and all the stuff and I'm still saying happy new year so happy new year to everybody welcome to my podcast my name is Shane this is called lead singer
00:02:07syndrome I speak to other lead singers about what it's like to be the front man or front woman of a band and today we have an excellent shall I speak to not one but two front man of the band with a lot of front man Hollywood undead ladies
00:02:25and gentlemen this is a band this is a rap band is a rock band this is not easy to define which I love because I said this from the beginning I don't care what genre of music you play I've said it a million times I grew up on
00:02:42punk rock that's my **** late nineties punk rock and that's and that's what I love that's what got me into this however that's not what the show is necessarily about and sure we'll have gas some of my favorites like that make NO factually cable Lagwagon Dennis from eighty
00:02:58eight fingers Louie however I love hearing bands from all walks of life all different genres and all different environments how often do you hear about a band that has literally five lead singers in the band very very unique they're all writing lyrics they're all coming up with ideas
00:03:20and you want to talk about lead singer syndrome as a thing you gotta figure that some of the members of Hollywood undead it must have it so I had to talk to them I want to thank Danny for hit me up about this and having him and the
00:03:35J. dog sharell on the podcast today before we get to that I want to say thank you again for being here with me on this lovely Wednesday morning I am back on tour with my band Silverstein tonight we are in Quebec City beautiful well not this time of
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00:07:55me or something whatever read a review but if you don't I want to hear you on the hay line to hit me up on there six five seven six six six H. A. T. T. anyways here's my conversation with Danny NJ dog of Hollywood undead with do you
00:08:48have %HESITATION yeah in my he just grab in the water has your day government it's going good men %HESITATION %HESITATION just %HESITATION I was at home and then real good friend of mine hit me up and he has some free time we've both been real busy so you
00:09:17want to hang and I brought up to the studio you know us we so %HESITATION we just finished tracking from us yeah we're just %HESITATION checking everything out second sorry just second all our get into the truck we've been in the orange then there's a lot of truck
00:09:45yeah well so much trouble how's that sound is that all right yeah I can hear you great right on do you finished recording drums well that's exciting yeah we had a call and came in yen church smashed on the skin set came out really cool it definitely brought
00:10:07it to life you know yeah I also know I saw that on Instagram I think it was Matt good %HESITATION who's a you know a friend of the show former guests the show your producer of your new album I saw him post a picture with Luke and I
00:10:18was like aw that's amazing there's always a fear though right when you bring in a guy like that who's known for like being flashy like was there fear he's gonna over play or was that we wanted to do over playing that he did actually fit perfect because others
00:10:37do so talented so he was doing **** that I feel like a lot of other drummers wouldn't think of the do so as a lot of %HESITATION flavor to the song yeah I was kind of worried like to what you just said chain how yeah I was I
00:10:51was I wasn't worried that he was going to be a little too flashy but I thought there was going to be times where some of the stuff he was doing was just gonna be a waste because we're probably just gonna keep the beat more straight forward but I
00:11:04but the stuff that he did do was so tasty it's just like %HESITATION yeah that definitely that definitely made this part of the song better and that's going to stay in it didn't even like get in the way of anything it's just like you know just brought the
00:11:18song to another level yeah I told him and matter like if they should do well then beat the **** out of gold you nerds so so how does it work he did you send him like demos of stuff that like I guess was just programmed drums and you're
00:11:33like you know like can you add some flavor to this what do you think of this like how much creative you know input did you give him or with you like or you guys like literally starting from scratch on tunes not a map was there I mean yeah
00:11:49all the drums are made out of the ground as well as real as it was because it sounded so real but totally enough that he had a map of the US embellished on it but %HESITATION you definitely added a lot like you someone like that like you just
00:12:01can't duplicate that **** what the **** and keyboard or anything like that like no dude on a whole new level so it's like even even play the same beat that your new program and %HESITATION you thought it sounded good before he really brought it to life absolutely man
00:12:16so recording a new record right now with Matt good why the choice to go with the producer like that I mean where you're at with your career the records you've made not to say Matt is unproven he's my friend he's made amazing sounding records recently but you think
00:12:32you guys could go with some like huge name producer that's done you know huge mainstream stuff what was the decision there most mainstream they have %HESITATION they have all their engineers like doing their **** anyways more like automated talk **** on anybody but they're more like flotsam successes
00:12:54it's just my showcase and we've gone in with big do the four ways that a ton of money yeah and nothing came out of it when it scrapping stuff and wasting a **** ton of money and time and grabbing for the five song as it is a month
00:13:06to do it all over last album was produced by us inside the band so we know how to do this ourselves and Matt is just on a whole nother level and he knows every genre music so that's why the intellectual why well you can do rock metal epoxy
00:13:22live everything a lot of these guys are one trick ponies yeah they're very good at that one trick Matt literally can do everything yeah and then you know just some of the stuff that he's done in the past we heard it and and also %HESITATION just knowing Matt
00:13:36personally over the years he's a good friend of the band and so we just knew that it would be like a cool easy organic thing where we're not trying to like get to know the producer or yeah I mean like yeah not first day working we're like all
00:13:52like already flyin like we we started working so quickly and we were getting a song done in like a day like every day from scratch starting a song get a riff start working on it beef it out and then just finish a song by the like before dinner
00:14:08and **** we're flying yeah that's I guess that's my next question is is really how does it work with your band in terms of writing process because got a lot of cooks in the kitchen yeah now you you have a lot of lead singers that there isn't like
00:14:24and and then a guy that kind of puts vocals over something or you know everybody sort of a is there is so do you guys typically does everyone have a say in everything like is everyone there all the time is like a few people working on a couple
00:14:39tracks older people are are doing other things like like how does that work because your band is very very unique yeah it's it's always a process and and this process on this album that we're working on we %HESITATION we were all there every day and we would just
00:14:58start whoever had an idea would start you know start the idea then we would just brush it out and get the skeleton there and then we kind of collectively just all start throwing in ideas and we all we always kind of know where the songs going in who's
00:15:12probably going to be on it you know I mean okay yeah like we can already tell like okay and this is going to be like %HESITATION a Johnny three NJ dog song or this is like more of a hip hop track it's probably gonna be Charlie scene in
00:15:26funny man it's more of a %HESITATION party type tracker with yeah it's always a weird process but it kind of does work itself out by the end and %HESITATION but chance your question I guess collectively everybody has %HESITATION ideas and we usually just all start bringing to the
00:15:44table when it's time to get a record going and %HESITATION and then by the end of it will have like a **** ton of songs and we'll just try to pick the best around at a nice records yeah must be so tough I mean I guess everybody's got
00:15:57a check their **** ego at the door when you walk in right like I just imagine that you all have to think of what's going to be best for the song best for the album you know if if someone like does anyone ever get better to shape if
00:16:11they're not going to be on a track and then what happens when you pick a single are people fighting for their own songs you know like how does that work is that that dynamic is probably just get talked about a lot but it's the real thing yeah hundred
00:16:26percent up and then like you know we never try to hide that like you know the one before we used to literally almost and physical fights and actually broken up when we're picking the record because everyone feels like what they did you know is unique and special because
00:16:39%HESITATION because you know it's their song and all yeah yeah no normally problem again young with all the **** this is the first time that we let it produced kind of like a deranged but all right what do you think is best and steer us in a direction
00:16:55like normally like or producer ourselves normally we do a lot we fight a lot like this the first time that Matt did was able to like actually get all of us on the same page which is **** crazy to me is so that's another reason this is been
00:17:09the smoothest wrecker ever done like literally or probably done in three weeks for you to take a few years like this because I think that is that fast and that good at getting up on the same writing like that yeah I've never seen well the producer the choice
00:17:23of producer means even more do you guys which is which is crazy to just even just managing personalities you know that's a that's something that the role of person of a producer you know doesn't always get talked about so that's super super super eye opening stuff wow yeah
00:17:42I mean people don't realize I know like %HESITATION there is flat out %HESITATION your job to make sure everyone happy along with the music if you're not like %HESITATION honing in on people's emotions while you're making a record you're not doing your job producer it's not just like
00:17:58oh I made his beat and I'm gonna record the guitar I'm pretty sure they know your job is to manage the whole situation which is very hard to do our band because we'll have egos per se I mean there's obviously there's some to some degree but we're just
00:18:10like war all so different from each other and all the stuff like strong personalities that we really do but head and if this is the first time that like this was smooth well some of my come with just being older you know more experience being more more comfortable
00:18:26in your own skin you know it's it's a lot different than you know you were ten years ago when you make in a record and you didn't know %HESITATION you know in you know to know what you're doing so that's gonna be side project to I developers back
00:18:39a smoke some younger **** I they are just turned eighteen the other day and purchase condoms %HESITATION talking about indeed now you got a steal the condom so you don't have to go through the embarrassment of buying the drugs or not you look on the other count everybody
00:18:55knows that yes %HESITATION we'll see at the metro we turn to funny and and a little unserious I want to talk about your turn in the band to more serious dark subject matter with your new E. P. psalms which earlier this year up is is that a conscious
00:19:17decision to take it that direction is that something that we're going to see a lot of on this record or are we still going to have the party tracks you know the aggressive songs in nature or you guys taking a more serious turn %HESITATION I wouldn't necessarily say
00:19:37here if this is the most rock record I say we've ever had you know it's like as we're we're sharing I mean I did just turned eighteen whatever maturing it's like %HESITATION %HESITATION we're just so you know it's like you know things change the world changes I would
00:19:53say this is the kind of your heaviest record today is like the funny thing is we still party your face is off but I like that we want to talk about it twenty four seven I think I think with with all yeah what would solve it was just
00:20:07like some songs that we had and we definitely didn't want them to just you know a lot of times will write a record and there's all these great songs that don't see the light of day and we just had a few that were is that we really liked
00:20:20and we wanted to give the fans something extra yeah so we threw that threw that out there and and it seems to be well liked by a lot of the fans and so that that was cool and I'm glad you know give them something to listen to while
00:20:35we're getting this new record together absolutely and I think that that's you know we don't need to talk about the music industry in the climb it you know I find that conversations a little bit boring at this point but it is you know true that you gotta keep
00:20:49things out there because the shelf life of records of singles and everything it seems like they come and go so fast you know what I mean so so that is a nice thing to do you know to keep some out there that's fresh yeah I guess that's just
00:21:03the way it is these dance with what a lot of a lot of people they seem to be I guess Eckel or whatever the word is very they kind of just want you know of somebody could be like a really hot and they're yesterday's news apple minds because
00:21:17somebody else came out with the a new record you now but %HESITATION somehow some way we've been really lucky with our hands and we have a really great %HESITATION fan base and we're really fortunate really blessed to have yeah killed in streams %HESITATION I saw that man that
00:21:34was a massive number that Spotify and we didn't even released a record we had any any but like wasn't or no promotion behind it you know we just kind of dropped out of no where so yeah we're the **** basically so it would be a so I like
00:21:50this dynamic I love that I'll be able to talk to people because usually these are these are kind of one on one but I really like this too because I'm talking %HESITATION J. dog original member of the band %HESITATION so I don't want to call you like the
00:22:02band leader but you know in some ways I think you kinda are you know with with the way that you you know your guitar player and bass player and all that stuff %HESITATION and then Danny who is you know obviously not a new member of the band but
00:22:14not the original clean vocalist so I like this vibe because I can ask you guys questions and get different perspectives on kind of what it was like you know %HESITATION yeah I mean to have a little bit is that a little bit have a little bit out world
00:22:31so different from each other I mean yeah so yeah definitely interesting they have like more than one of us you know I know resolve that look a look you up on the internet there's plenty has videos audio even if you just want audio on a wide want that
00:22:46but available when ever did let's do it right now we start this will get real **** weird if you wanted to I can turn off the music light candles this record is is the easiest record I don't know how the **** it happened but three weeks ago we
00:23:10started from scratch and here we are fourteen songs deep and insane and worst editing drums and %HESITATION okay crazy man is it's my favorite record that we've ever done like by far I know okay god gone gone I know people always say that but I truly feel that
00:23:34so it's just a good feeling yet the this one okay people by surprise for sure it is heavier than normal so I really think people be like oh **** like you know all the other day and they're like oh to miss the old Hollywood undead I really think
00:23:47you're going to get that flavor that they were missing absolutely absolutely NO one I want to ask you the question is going to ask you but but since we're on the subject you know I'm kind of like it's kind of crazy to think you can write fourteen songs
00:24:00in all this time because I would say the lyrics are the most important part of Hollywood undead how do you write lyrics so fast you guys have are you guys constantly like writing you know do you guys have a kind of your notebooks for your writing down ideas
00:24:16like all the time and now it's like okay I got these kinda rhymes with these verses or whatever and I'm gonna put them to a beat or is it like no no no air right now all now in the last three weeks like just everything is coming out
00:24:31we generally don't right %HESITATION previously we always right on the spot throws things you know like we're just artists like anybody and I'm sure you know there's like anybody that in a band or artist like your head is constantly full of **** and swimming with thoughts and yeah
00:24:47you know not always good ones so it's like when you're like that it's not hard to write because you just there's always ships coming around in your head you just have to like sit there and only then so I think all of us are like that you know
00:24:59a lot of people are like that then you know a lot of people right now %HESITATION %HESITATION books but I've never done that never been like a poetry kind of guy like we just all right spot that's crazy that's that's that's impressive man for sure because for me
00:25:12I sit on the **** couch from my TV and I'm like a lucky I go through if I get like you know %HESITATION verse in a night like I'm really really slow at writing you know and like I just tried it out I mean I guess that's your
00:25:25specialty cell yeah I mean summer so that they can be like a week I sometimes you just get that writer's block but %HESITATION everyone's different you my right slower but right better it's like as part of their own style of the thing you know absolutely and in your
00:25:41band who is like who comes up the fat with the fastest who's the slow on what is a very you know somebody just asked me that the other day when we were %HESITATION J. dog and Johnny three were writing some lyrics and %HESITATION you can hit a ball
00:25:55have headphones on it like this this like meeting table are management's offices big long table and get her I'm kind of whispering I other writing their their verses but I don't know it yet Johnny definitely right fastest but yeah a lot growing up %HESITATION very literate I was
00:26:14too busy again **** to put the ease of it back writer yeah Johnny passed any rights like more than even need it and then he puts it all together and makes it one he's super fast yeah he's always got his nose in a book you well Hey whatever
00:26:30works I guess right yeah it's a smart **** is six three curtain thirty gallon so someone asked the question before and we got a little sidetracked but you know Danny for you coming into this band I know it's been a long time now but for some reason some
00:26:46of your fans can't seem to let it go and well it must have been difficult for you coming into a band that already had so much success you're coming from a different band that had a minor amount of success you know you know coming into this band filling
00:27:02those shoes %HESITATION and then having so much success out of the gate was a feeling lake and also for J. dog to was there a fear there that that Danny was the right guy %HESITATION you know I can ask you this now I would have asked this you
00:27:17this you know seven or eight years ago the book but we'll tell you talk to me about the dynamic from both your perspectives when not when Danny came into this %HESITATION from my perspective as a J. dog but %HESITATION the other side of the fear like **** man
00:27:31this is cool I'm enjoying one billion traveling the world we're getting paid %HESITATION but living you know what I thought was my best life and I thought that %HESITATION you know you get scared a lot of work but the Segui met Daniel I just heard him saying on
00:27:47the first day we are out like this do cool Buckley loading readers felt like you know on the guy forever along with them right that so like the fear and we went away and we were **** faced kind of blended everything yeah so you kind of like now
00:28:01I'm your pain I don't even know honestly the way that Jay just said that right now just flip that but from my new guy in the in the fish out of water perspective it was the same ship for me like I can you know I I knew some
00:28:15of them from just like playing shows throughout the years in southern California and %HESITATION but we weren't like real tight nothing like that but when I came out to fill then because at first that's what the plan was was just I'm just fell in and helping out leading
00:28:30helping them finish out a tour that they're already agreed to finish and %HESITATION you know just within a couple of days we're all having fun and everybody wishes bus each other's balls having a lot of fun together we just knew something was special there you in on a
00:28:45mailing you can't you just kind of compelling all right everybody's dealt and we all get along and others I really fell in love with all the dudes real quick and we all just headed off man so it it it wasn't what there was never any weird like %HESITATION
00:29:00%HESITATION like this isn't working out there have been banned meetings about maybe we need a different guys yeah floater it really flowed smoothly so yeah but %HESITATION and I was an over reach you worried I guess because I was just having fun man I I went from playing
00:29:17you know four hundred capacity rooms %HESITATION **** four thousand so like %HESITATION it was just a lot of fun for me yeah funny it ninety showed a little behind the scenes like do you drink like nine not really about two in the afternoon or like you want to
00:29:35be here so yeah grab it is double that like two seconds I grab another one or like well like you know on occasion it right in any order like these baggy pants or get out the US are almost always wore baggy pants and he wore like bad your
00:29:49pants and he confessed later like yeah you know I don't wear pants like you guys do actually I what I wear girls jeans now I thought those baggy pants still like to get my stage gear ready or what how how they dress insurance that's funny it there's never
00:30:08talk about that like like I know like image is important to certain bands but for the most part any bands I've been around like no one really discusses that like it's just you just wear what you where you know I seen you guys are the same I mean
00:30:23all maybe not with you with you guys %HESITATION have masks and **** so maybe a little different you know we don't really wear the mask much of people probably think just because that probably the image of the band reflects that so much but yeah %HESITATION we've actually been
00:30:37considering just drop and the whole thing we feel like sometimes it maybe scares people away more than that tracks we did in the beginning just to kind of set our our image apart from most bands that you see in every magazine or whatever on the internet yeah I
00:30:56I think from my perspective which is relatively an outside perspective in a no no you guys a long time we toured together in the U. K. was it don't right when the first record was dropping and I always thought like them masks made it gimmicky and and it
00:31:10lump you in with other mask bands that you don't really have any I like your not aligned with yeah yeah it's always been a problem with this app we have a conversation like constantly you know like once a month like that ever alpha back you know people see
00:31:27photos like auto like metal they do or not metal or like %HESITATION I don't like **** and whatnot we're not only yes or whatever that you were the people listen to us or like the other a lot better than I thought I was like what do you think
00:31:39I got it I don't know I don't know what I thought I didn't think you got to be good some like **** yeah I mean I get it by solid one %HESITATION the rap and they were masked I'll be like that's so **** stupid yeah well Silverstein we
00:31:52did dress up like you guys for Halloween once and if you didn't have masks we would have been able to do that so you have that one of you guys dead Yalla can I think it was like two thousand and nine we did yeah yeah do you %HESITATION
00:32:06of the icon PS drummer hunk yes drummer %HESITATION he asked me the least hunky %HESITATION guy nobody's we did I met we yeah %HESITATION yeah he's he's he's a so you know yeah we get the same more or less the same guys there only one member change but
00:32:27%HESITATION but no I mean I like I love you guys back in like %HESITATION you know you guys really sweet and and you guys were kinda new I don't think you done much touring yet and it was funny because I messed with all you guys except for deuce
00:32:40I didn't talk to him once I only ever saw him on stage and I felt like that might be not going to work out itself and there's there's my inside he was a real douche bag you know what I mean and then you go there you go little
00:32:55zing I thank you that jail right now yeah I think he is a friend of ours sent like a picture of his %HESITATION like jail picture you doubt Guinness damn well maybe some tighter pants I don't know yeah bass also wearing baggy pants get pulled over too much
00:33:18well with with you do you like coming into this band I mean the lorry driver was was very different musically did you have any experience with this like what was it like you're from your perspective being like okay I'm kind of joining this rap rock project is this
00:33:34is this like was it we're we're concerned it was gonna be right for you yeah I wasn't sure how everything was going to go obviously you know just coming from like a straight forward rock band into this type of thing but I've always really found it challenging and
00:33:50a lot of fun to try to adapt and I've always been able to adapt musically to anything you know I used to do like song writing for pop artist and **** like that man I like doing that for me it's a lot of fun so and it just
00:34:06went smoothly and %HESITATION together all of us always right cool **** so yeah I guess so it wasn't it wasn't too hard there was never any like difficult time where I'm coming my head against the wall like how is this going to work I come from this email
00:34:23band what email it years people used the like trying thought should to us and be like you guys like that email rap that female rap people always say like %HESITATION Fargo and other email rap now he will wrap is the fastest growing genre in the world disagree speaking
00:34:42right you know like though expects that extend like little people better team or a yeah you know %HESITATION we just %HESITATION collaborated to do call that your station already do the Hollywood undead and you're like oh **** man I like I totally with inspired right yes are making
00:34:57music total twenty at so many people would call it the more apt now everyone's like raising it yeah you know straight now with right funny that you know I or yeah those funny but I mean you guys do have a background in in punk rock I mean at
00:35:14least some of you I know you guys all calm kind of come from different sort of backgrounds musically which is what I think makes you know makes you guys work but you know coming from that especially you Danny you know there's a certain level of of %HESITATION social
00:35:31consciousness that goes into punk rock but then with the rap you know there isn't really like it you people get away with saying things in rap songs that they couldn't get away with saying in punk songs or whatever hardcore somewhere you wanna call it it is this something
00:35:48that you is that something you guys have to wrestle with because people are going to hate on you guys for saying something that they have no problem if a rapper said because that's like a different genre of music even though they're saying essentially the same thing yeah we
00:36:04don't say things like you're ignorant because like it just would all that's not as well I like it yet they were like %HESITATION just sounds silly like you're a rapper said that I'd be cool but not us but you know they would all kind of make some in
00:36:15the song together into one song you know geared towards more like something political or being consciously aware of something and some songs from other get messed up parting but that's the way like most people are not I don't understand why you know people put everything into a box
00:36:31like you guys can talk about parting on one song and then like being politically aware I want my why like I follow politics and I go get what is wrong with that everybody you know what what can I talk about it you know so that's what I don't
00:36:44understand it if that's people but they do the same thing they just all talk about it so that's what blows my mind no totally totally I mean you know one thing that like I noticed about you guys really early on you know your first track you drop down
00:36:58dead you know your use of the the F. word you know the homophobic slur in that first verse of the record I'm like oh damn like this is this is aggressive you know and that's like a very polarizing word or I mean a word that a lot of
00:37:13people are going to be upset that you use and I know it in your last you know a little while you haven't been saying that but I wonder if you have any like take on on that or that word or or your your your responsibility as like people
00:37:28looking up to you as role models you know I like I don't know what your take is there or if if it's you know it's not about that yeah but it's one of those things where you know you're being chastised for something that the way you grew up
00:37:41in your culture because I'm not agreeing with that word whatsoever but you know you're growing up in the nineties that's how everybody talks you know what I mean so it's like it didn't mean anything towards gay people I Hollywood and I was in west all calls to my
00:37:57whole apartment building aid use and you know I got a lot of them just fine it's like I know a lot of gay people were up more than any two people judging how much I've come from like living in a gated community and you're telling me what I
00:38:10can say about gay people like they don't give a **** you know what I mean yeah it's not it's not a good thing to say but it's like it wasn't meant that way and I'm sorry that like people get offended but I think we're talking about it was
00:38:21talking about like industry people and that lyric but yeah anyway that that damn %HESITATION word of Kerr stuff for years now we don't get monster energy for free and will you know if things go in and like you know I I'm trying you know I'm I'm agreeing with
00:38:39you guys and I'm not seem time but the the thing is is like it's changed in ten years like you know ten years ago I'm not saying like you could throw it around but it definitely wasn't frowned upon like it has in the last decade it's that that
00:38:55that use the use of that word is really changed yeah totally but rappers will use it constantly and I'm songs even and that's doesn't get any bigger than that yeah I'm like odd future like a younger generation they had always been in the group and like they use
00:39:11the F. word in like it's just like I feel like we got the brunt of it more than most people dead and I don't know because we're not like yeah cultural rappers I guess rapper my well that's exactly that's exactly what I see this whole conversation started with
00:39:30was me saying because you guys came from this punk rock scene because you guys are a rock band you're playing rock festivals in Germany and **** like that it's not okay for you to say that but a rapper it's okay you know so that I'm just I don't
00:39:44know if it's a I don't know there's there's no answer I don't have a have the solution here or anything it's just a conversation that I think isn't you know sort important bring up you know and I mean yeah must be difficult for you guys sometimes to know
00:39:57what you can and can't say it you know in in just in general yeah well in today's world everyone obviously overly sensitive and it's got a got a like take it with a grain of salt I personally don't give a **** what people think about me and I
00:40:12should try to live by because some of those eight you somewhere like you to contact you what you do as long as like you know I'm I don't use that word anymore because I don't think I think it does send the wrong message job when your kid you
00:40:24don't realize that so but you know it's like I'm not going to apologize for something I did ten years ago and at the time you know like wasn't wrong you mean like so that's just my opinion on the matter you know I got my miss red sweater at
00:40:37each number nine I mean I'm I'm I'm under the exactly exactly and I and I bet you how you'll have no problem naming three misfits albums to no problem I can't even remember every time I see him %HESITATION wasted but I was going to on on %HESITATION speaking
00:41:00of features we're talking about that a second ago I think I heard somebody say that but we got a bunch of really cool people on this new album nice yeah on our email guys you got that the king of email yeah Benji Madden said Charlie yeah and %HESITATION
00:41:17we got Kellin Quinn nice he hopped on and then %HESITATION actual station yeah station like a younger rapper duty really cool names %HESITATION Nolan that's awesome no I know I know you guys work with the Madden brothers %HESITATION you know on like them is is that the label
00:41:33side of the management side or both %HESITATION death now are %HESITATION label BMG %HESITATION there's matters on I got a jump option %HESITATION I times this year we're about to do some %HESITATION stubble I've been a fan of the cultivator for a while now so I got to
00:41:49get this thing off with them we got some of these you can and then we added are you in Toronto area I I'm actually over in Windsor now read by Detroit's read by the border all right a comedy troupe planet Siver still in %HESITATION March I believe %HESITATION
00:42:05yeah I see that man I'm going to well I'll definitely be there all non tour so I'll come hang yeah blaze brother I'm sorry even blaze of course it's my right is a Canadian what what let's get weird I'm a lightly when I get where it will do
00:42:26a three some it's gonna be great yeah hello yeah Shane a due to %HESITATION it was great talking in and keep it up and I'm super stoked for your podcast manage **** awesome thanks so much %HESITATION yeah Amanda appreciate you guys taking the time all right I can
00:42:45and take care rather than taking so there is my conversation with J. dog and Danny of Hollywood undead thank you so much to those guys for joining us taking time out of their studio time also there high times interview that's pretty sweet and just their transparency and honesty
00:43:09that came through in this interview I hope %HESITATION I hope you enjoyed it definitely didn't quite get to everything but I did want to mention that they are doing a tour with the legendary Cypress Hill a co headline tour which I believe starts in February to check that
00:43:26Alice I'll be at the Detroit show next week we will be back again with an all new episode of the show make sure you're subscribed and of course if you want to get in touch hit me up lead singer syndrome at **** dot com now it is time
00:43:45to play some Hollywood undead Jeez I don't know which song to play I'm going to go with day of the dead check it out on lead singer syndrome peace love we'll see you next time on better run from

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