Author of Small Business Big Pressure. Endorsed by 2 NY Times bestselling authors (Dave Ramsey & Dan Miller), an NBA Hall of Famer, and 16 successful business owners. His business is considered one of the best places to work in San Antonio and one of the fastest growing companies in the city (SA Business Journal).

He has been a contributor for the Good Men Project and the San Antonio Express News. Darryl was recognized as one of the top 40 business people under 40 and the mayor of San Antonio named a park, the Darryl W Lyons Park, after his work helping to redevelop part of the city.


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00:00:01how do you honorably served your country are you ready to take your unique talents skills and abilities into the marketplace welcome to leave like a marine podcast the show that features that are into I've been there and done that now here's your host Frank Gustafson
00:00:20I am thrilled today always say I'm excited about her guess what I'm going to use a different where I am thrilled today to have Daryl Lions on the show with us Daryl is an author he wrote a great book called a small I say it's a great book because I trust that it's a great book I've read a lot of the reviews of it I just purchase it this morning and full disclosure so I haven't read it yet but it's called small business big pressure I look forward to reading this book and Anna doing a an episode on the leaders bookshelf podcast for that book
00:00:53the book is endorsed by to New York Time Best Selling Authors to guys that I have a lot of respect for Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller I've met in person I love that guy and they're all I know you know damn very well as well you have a lot of respect for him as well. Also an NBA Hall of Famer and 16 successful business owners have endorses book his business Daryl's business it's is considered one of the best places to work in San Antonio and one of the fastest-growing companies in the city according to the to the San Antonio Business Journal he has been a contributor to the good men project the San Antonio Express-News and Daryl was recognized as one of the top 40 business people under 40 and the mayor of San Antonio check this out how many how many listening to my voice today have got a park named after the Lions Lions Park in San Antonio was was named as such by the mayor for Daryl's help in helping redevelop part of the city
00:01:53welcome to the podcast brother I'm glad to have you on thank you for having me I'm excited I've been enjoying your podcast and learning a lot from the guess that you had on there there's some amazing Stories brother I appreciate that you know Daryl in the in 57 56 57 58 episodes we have had three non-veterans on the show
00:02:17and your number 3 Q thank you for having me I hope to bring value to the people that serve our country because of your ear your vast experience
00:02:32little bit the whole so the whole gist of this podcast is really to help our brothers and sisters that are coming off of active duty 2
00:02:41not necessarily assimilate I don't use the word assimilate into the civilian World kind of take their ground in the civilian world and it help them transition into whether they want to come out and go to school whatever they want to come out and get a job or whether they want to get out and become much prayers and start their own businesses so I would love to just really dig in Jeep to some of the issues with regard to the admits that you've experienced in your life you know being there in San Antonio that's a huge huge military Community down there and I know you got a lot of experience on our service garage if you want what we can do this we can we can kind of get there but if it but let's talk about your experience and yeah I'd love to share that and give some
00:03:41Brown and then give some specific examples that I've had in my life of those that have made the transition from active duty to the civilian World San Antonio represents our Department of Defense really I'm going to say this out on a limb one of the better cities that represents the Air Force specifically but also have a large medical presents the Brooks Army Medical base here in town which is really become a joint venture between the Army and the Air Force and so are representation of the military is steep and even my family Roots Run Deep Inside most family here in San Antonio they can trace their Origins to San Antonio from somebody station here at Lackland or Randolph or the old Kelly field Brooks Army Medical base and several of the other bases here in town in mind was my my grandfather fought in Iwo Jima at 16
00:04:41and that's right and he man is quite a story and heard several of them but I tell you he didn't come back to the same man and we didn't know about PTSD then and he came back quite differently and it was a challenge on my mother growing up and so my mother when I went to go sign up to be active duty was made it clear that that's not what she wanted in my life and I love my mom so I respected that decision and I believe it was God's will the time yet another plan for me but she was concerned about that for my life and I but I've been able to serve our country through other ways and serve our military and other ways and in one of the ways that I was able to serve both our community and those that were active duty and are active duty is by being elected to Chairman of the Brooks Development Authority our responsibility there I was appointed by the mayor about 10 years ago because of my financial Acumen in my
00:05:41background and I was appointed to that board to help redevelop a part of the city that was being brat the base realignment and closure and so what we had to do was we had to successfully transition this part of the community to the private sector and this part of the community is very dense in San Antonio so there's a large population of very little Economic Development so if the military did leave and this footprint was mostly R&D research and development with Aerospace and some Aviation but a lot of Aerospace medicine is but if these people leave these good paying jobs that were purchasing things around the community if they left it would it would leave a big hole and so I was appointed to help successfully transition the military as they went to Wright-Patterson enter other bases in San Antonio and bring it private sector industry to that base to make sure that there's a successful transition and we pulled that off
00:06:41there's a great team led by Don jakeway out of Ohio and many other people that were much smarter than me helping with this transition but we did pull that off and now it's a thriving part of the community and that's when the mayor name to park after me for helping make that transition and in that was really an exciting part of my life to be able to serve the military community and serve our community having a father-in-law who's retired Colonel here in San Antonio it was nice to be able to have conversations about his experience at the different bases in and then my experience working with military as well so that was a fun transition in my life got to meet a lot of people in the various uniforms being able to make transitions out of the the military into the private sector and some of it was a byproduct of of of retiring or just kind of being forced to retire you know they were still active duty but if their mission was going somewhere else they wanted they didn't want to uproot their family so they made the the transition here in San Antonio
00:07:40that was a great experience lot of great stories lot of conversations and something I'm really proud of it works and you know just some of the idiosyncrasies of being in the service it really it hasn't and you know that experience has helped me really understand the challenges that those that are active duty they faced in the transition we have a another organization called operation Homefront that I've helped participate with that here in town along with Wounded Warriors that helps make transitions for those that are that are hurting but they know there's a kind of a broad brush when we say military but they're all different kinds of people on Samsung those that are hurting physically some that are hurting mentally some that have been officers and then just so that there's a lot of different needs and a lot of different ways to do it so I can't really say that I
00:08:40a silver bullet for everyone but but I do have unique experiences in making that transition
00:08:47yeah yeah yeah I like that you know I want to I want to talk about
00:08:54the transitioning peace with regard to
00:09:01show me the first let me say this the one thing that I did not mention was the subtitle of your book which is a faith-based approach to to guide the ambitious entrepreneur and I think that me personally I believe that 100% I think that Satan is a part of everything that you do everything that I do at least I hope I'm on a good day
00:09:25so I think that it's it's hard to separate those kind of things that those two things kind of your faith from your ambition in your face from the things that you do in life maybe maybe
00:09:37how to talk a little bit about that walk us through how how to say so let me let me read one of the reviews from your book one of The the folks that gave you a what-do-you-call-it in the front of your book and endorsement this is from from leak apple and he says that a culture that comes in a culture that compartmentalizes are career our personal integrity and our faith Daryl's Journey proves that the integration of these elements yields true success and I think that that's true in in the in the military you know a lot of things are compartmentalised and maybe not so much as they are in the civilian world so I think that's going to be a little bit of a shock his folks come out out here things are almost extremely compartmentalised you know business peace and I'm coming out of the service and
00:10:37give me some some insight and some wisdom on that you got it and also give you the Genesis behind the book and that'll put it in context as well so what did happen we were being recognized as a business is one of the best places to work in our community and so we would get phone calls from not just here in San Antonio but all across the country and so I started to feel these questions about operations or marketing or sales or leadership or hiring and I started to feel many of the same questions and so I said you know I really need to teach a class on this I taught a class to the community and it filled up I then said I've got to keep doing this I kept teaching the classes and then I looked at the content of my classes and I recognize man I've got a book here
00:11:26so the research in the development of the curriculum for the courses in the questions that I have been asked led to the book in the book was a framework for an entrepreneur just it it could be a startup entrepreneur or somebody who's been doing it for a long time Play Book of how to really do it the right way now initially didn't have the faith component so I gave it to a good friend of mine he reviewed it and said this is not you you have dribbled God in there but I know who you are and how you live out your faith and you really need to hit that home so I in an active vulnerability I decided to weave into this Playbook of for small business my face and the story of how because it really is about it as story and all of us how I've come to integrate my faith into my small business and so at this point my life it is impossible for me to separate my face for my business I don't just simply believe God and Sunday and then
00:12:26Hyundai execute like a vigilante leaving God is a consultant only when I need him and I'm afraid that too many small business owners do that and in our transition of life and from a active duty or any career for that matter I think that transition is one of the most critical times that we don't disengage God from our business because they're worry and stress and confusion are at an all-time high does that make sense yeah that makes a ton of sense a ton of sense I think of one of the things that you talk about is every single a terrible experience that kind of that extreme worrying that pressure that confusion and in and out of inside of ourselves dealing with that with that stuff there's got to be a solution and it can often times it just leads to disaster when we try to internalize it a try to deal with it our own selves in our own human capacity right absolutely my my experience for dealing with stress came actually interesting enough I didn't think about this until
00:13:26right now I really was up my framework for dealing with stress came from high school football in my high school football coach was a former Marine and he was insane he was awesome guy love him to death but he would scream and foam at the mouth and he he was Chi was just he was just ready to get in in there in a battle everyday and I love him because the way he treated me like a man and I wanted to be treated like a man and so if he grabbed my face back I was I was fired up and ready to go and so one of the things he taught me and it became it was man to man or man the boy at the time and he look me in the eye and he said mental toughness extra effort in txc and so I bought into that not see what that was his attitude I was going to be my attitude so as I blow through life in a seventeen-year-old pushing in the college and pushing into corporate career anything that I wanted to do it was with mental toughness and
00:14:26extra effort so as I hit walls forget about it I'm going to push through the Saints and I was getting accolades an awards left and right I was on a track to make millions of dollars I do anything I wanted it was quite a blessing some of the gifts that God has given me even to this day I'm surprised but the reality was is that as I was executing with Excellence I was creating an exorbitant amount of pressure worry and confusion when I came home and I was worried I was constantly in fear and I was afraid of letting somebody down I was afraid of failing in a lot of that drove me and although to degree it is healthy that fear of failing it was a burden on my life and I and I noticed that it was something that I couldn't relinquish without replacing it with something else and then I also noticed that I wasn't the only one dealing with this be a realize that many many many entrepreneurs weather successful or not place this burden of Excellence on their shoulders and that's one of the things that made them
00:15:26great but it was also one of the things that cause them to divorce their wife or for their kids to disconnect or for them to steal for them to cheat or for them to to do things that violate the fabric of integrity and so I recognize that mtxe and check list from all the books that I read to be a better person word futile and Anne and I observed it's not just in my life but everyone else is that I could talk to you that was successful and I and I hunted for a silver bullet as an entrepreneur in as a leader and the only one I found was deeply rooted in my face and so I certainly don't mind dressing with that a little bit more but I kind of give you a lot to chew on so I'll stop for a second yeah I kind of my MTX see it in my life after being married for 25 years and having reached the half-century mark my ntxe is
00:16:22kind of my sounding board is my wife and she is constantly bringing me back when I when I get when I get all in TX eat out right okay if that's what if we can use that if if I if you with your permission I'll use it when I get all in TX eat out my wife kind of drives me back and says what is the bigger picture here what's the plan what is why don't you get out of the way and let God take care of some of this stuff and quit stressing out and worrying about it and dealing with it in your own limited capacity as a human being and give it over that's that's a good woman to do that and that is that is a valuable valuable thing you have Frank and and I know a lot of people have that and some people don't but that's a gift well I think that you know it is definitely a gift and I think that what you know what you had kind of talked about
00:17:22if you if you stay in that world if you stay in that it's all about me and it's all up to me and I have to deal with everything then the the things that really matter in life and the things that at one point in time where Paramount to you like you know your spouse your kids your integrity in the Marine Corps we have 14 Corps leadership traits and I believe that that 13 of those sit on the foundation of Integrity but you've got these things that meant so much to you and your life the world has a tendency to chip away at you and beat you down to the point where you start to lose focus on what so important in and I think that
00:18:04ghetto many times over the years I've I've kind of pushed back at my wife and said you know what I got this don't worry about this and let me take care of this and she continues to push forward and I'm glad that I personally have never made the decision to take her and set her on the shelf and say I've got this on my own so yeah it is very critical relationships I think are so very important whether it's a spouse whether it's a pitcher that you've got while you're in the service or if it's somebody that you can develop a mentorship relationship with after you come out you know you talked about the fact that you sat down with somebody that helps you kind of work through these things I really think that that is a critical piece yeah thanks so so again I'm I'm mental toughness extra effort this is about 5 years ago I'm pushing through life but life is starting to get a little tiring in in I'm aging just a little bit I'm still very much a young guy but I'm not able
00:19:04play basketball or football like I used to not a big deal really but I decided to take up Golf and I was horrible at golf I didn't just embarrass me embarrass the other so I couldn't do go off and I decided to take out jogging which I still do today but this particular jog I took was in San Diego and it was at I was before a conference so I got up bright and early went for a jog got lost and ran like 12 miles my intent wasn't to run that far was late for the conference little frustrating but but again just something you can deal with or I could deal with get back from the conference and I get a phone call from a client and I had made an error button on his account and I manage people's money and and I had lost him $10,000 and he had a gun and a beard and he was not happy and end in so again just a little things not a big deal but I'm starting to get a little frustrated with life just cuz I'm making some stupid mistakes in my feels like
00:20:04is changing on me a little bit but I decide to one weekend take my two-year-old daughter to the grocery store and at this time I have my wife and my son stay at the house my wife pregnant with her third child at the time and she's not feeling that good so she stays with my son and they just hang out while I take my daughter right up the road to in San Antonio is called H-E-B that's the grocery store and we roll down the windows so beautiful February day I would consider it sunglasses and leather jacket kind of day and we're singing and all the sudden she kicks the up button the electronic up button on the window in the back seat and she puts her finger between the window and the frame and it gets stuck
00:20:50so I have to pull off the side of the road and I thought I was going to have to punch the window but she released her foot the window came down but her finger was severed
00:21:01there's blood all over her princess dress
00:21:04so I decided to race over to North Central Baptist Hospital just a few miles away I didn't quite articulate my name or my date of birth welts at the receptionist desk but we were able to get my daughter in there dr. Chris Phelps successfully reattached her finger that evening not without paying or anxiety and that night my wife lost the baby
00:21:34and so this season of life I can't mtxe out of my identity as a husband as a father has a business person as an athlete as a man I just couldn't in txt I couldn't find it at a book to you how to figure this thing out so I called a friend of mine who has some gray hair and he did read the Bible little bit more than I did so I called them up and his name is Bill Loveless and I said bill can I buy you a breakfast taco and that's what we do in San Antonio so I bought him a breakfast taco in a cup of coffee and I and I explained the situation and I said I have no idea what's going on here and I don't remember what Bill said at the time but it was as though God spoke through him and he said are you done yet
00:22:24are you done living the life I never intended for you to live are you done carrying the burdens in the worries of life that's not the Abundant Life I called you live in at that moment I recognize that that there was a scripture that that I really started by what Jesus was selling in the scripture says apart from me you can do nothing and so what I mean is I can certainly do things like right I can I can write a paper write a book but to experience peace love and joy and patience and kindness and generosity and self-control those things I can't do independent of Christ so is it at that moment I bought was Jesus's finally selling and I decided to abide in him moment-by-moment so in other words I wasn't going to just say on Sunday I'm going to go to church and then pray before I go to bed it was moment-by-moment dependent upon him in every aspect of my business and that attitude change has
00:23:24created peace in my household in my life and my business in a fruit that is we've been a pretty awesome place to work and one of the best places to work in San Antonio because we're being led Now by leader is not living in fear who's now living in peace and that's it that's a good place to be mad I'd love that I think that that that the thing you talked about there was having that piece and that centeredness in your own personal life
00:23:53how that emanates out to the rest of the the people and the process is in the things and whatever it is that you get involved that but everything that you touch it emanates out to that and and I and I love that and I respect that so let's take let's take that
00:24:09and transition that into
00:24:13a veteran you might want to start a business and one of the things that that you talk about is how to build a mission and vision statement and I think that there's there's more Incorporated in a mission and vision statement than just you know where a business that that is going to do this or that does that or this is our corporate value yada yada yada there's there's got to be more to it than that it's got to be more 360° got to be more well-rounded than that so maybe from that perspective I know that there are folks that are coming out of the military understand Mission they understand what the commander's intent as they understand what division is for what it is it they're trying to get done when they come out that changes a little bit so so from a perspective of maybe where they've come from and where they're going if they if they choose to to venture into this entrepreneurial Journey
00:25:12talk about little bit maybe about that that mission in that Vision correct and so the the beautiful thing for those that were active duty for 20 years and make some of it that are classes they have the luxury of a retire pay although it's not as much as soon as it's usually needed and it depends on how well if planning that's been done so that's a leg up on other entrepreneurs that don't have that base income again not everyone has that it gives a little flexibility in in life but that doesn't mean that we can't hustle and we we need to hustle as we make this transition because
00:25:51we have to get Revenue going in and I talked about this in the book and revenue minus expenses equals net income I know that's a price of some of you guys are saying well that's a no-brainer but I need to make sure you understand Revenue minus expenses equals net income you got to remember that end in so a lot of the vision is simply to get that revenue and and I think that's fair is just we just want to get a revenue up to to support our family and that's that's that's sustainable in fact that needs to be crystallized because if you don't have the revenue and you don't ultimately have the net income whatever Mission or Vision you're on is ultimately going to fail so that plan needs to be crystallized but it really the mission and vision component of it takes that idea of I just need more money to another level and at that point it get you up early and it gets people to participate in the Crusade that you're on so in other words if I have a miss
00:26:51and I said okay here is not good where I'm at is not good I want to be over there wherever over there is and and and it's simply a function of my household income is not good and I want to be over there that's okay but if you were to say I am disturbed about the service in this area of the marketplace and I want to based on my unique skill sets enhance the service of the marketplace that's a greater Vision in example of that is my friend Andy who retired army he recognize that those in the Housing Community work being served with excellent so he decided that he was going to transition his skill sets to the real estate industry and so he takes his unique skill sets he was given and he's on a mission to serve with excellence and change the way that people think about purchasing a home see that attitude gets him up in the morning not only that it gets his wife fired up because now there sir
00:27:51bring a community it's less about him now that the revenue will come eventually but it's not about him anymore his wife buys into this and the people that are attracted to him by In This mission and vision so the clients are purchasing from him because they want to be a part of this crusade to they want to be a part of something special so I think it's important for the entrepreneur to get a mission and vision it's clearly crystallized but it's not about you it's not about making more money it's about doing something different taking the unique skill sets that you were given over your life placing that in the marketplace that you're uniquely put out by the grace of God and serving your community with Excellence does that make sense you know that makes a lot of sense and I think that's kind of dry that home is that most of the folks that have served in the United States military didn't do it for the necessary for the money some of them may have done it for the GI bill but you can't ultimately sustain the things that are folks have to go through
00:28:51day today as as members of the military are not sustainable by just the GI bill or just the paycheck there's something there something bigger than self involved in that and one of the things that I read from your website is that and it's and it's a statement that I believe in 1,000% if that's possible is in that is it small business is what makes our country great so I think that if you take what are folks have done in service for their country
00:29:19a couple that with the fact that small business is what makes our country great then you've got you've almost got the double-whammy there and I think and I think that's why
00:29:30entrepreneurship is so hand and glove with our veterans I really I believe that 100% yeah and you should there's it's it's absolutely true it's that the Delta between making that happen is the communication between the private sector and those that were active duty and how can you articulate this in a way that the private sector buys into as well and so that communication gap is something that will need to be massaged overtime and there's some great people like you Frank that can lead people in this area but obviously you know that there's different language right even in the accounting there's different Accounting Standards but there's also a different leadership language remember I was listen to one of your podcast and it was one of your guests said that they are they were giving a if I sue an employee and they told them good job and the lady came crying you remember that story it's so it's you know it's that's that's a tricky thing because
00:30:30obviously the private sector has a a different way that they Embrace words you're my father-in-law's retired Colonel and and when we communicate it certainly different than that when I communicate with those that are not active duty and have not served our country so I think the skill sets are there then there's the fact that there's an altruistic nearly a hundred percent altruistic desire to serve it's there it's bridging that with communication to the private sector I agree I agree with that and I think that potentially this is a good Segway into your book and I think that your book can probably help translate some of that stuff as well talk about it as we kind of as we kind of bring this in for a landing maybe talk a little bit about you know the gist of your book and how your book could come alongside somebody that's coming out of the military that wants to be an entrepreneur what is it what what is your book bring to the table for those folks
00:31:28great so it's going to we're going to have an area where we design the mission and vision statement in the book and it's easy I mean I am an entrepreneur I want to I need to move on I've got things to do so I don't want to get it overly complicated site allow the reader to quickly build a mission and vision statement and I saw some formulas in there I allow the entrepreneur an easy framework to set goals and within reason to keep balance within life so the goal setting process should take that long if anyone wants to ask you that in the book but we will set goals that are that are business but also family as well so if you have young daughters like I do it needs to include taking them out on dates and I think those are important parts of the entrepreneurial experience having that balance the other sections once we crystallize and Indian created an idea of where we're going
00:32:24never really need to spend some time wrestling with the math making sure that the business that we're going in to make sense financially and how long it will be till break even and so I'll get some very basic understanding of financial ratios but I have an accounting degree and I promise I don't go deep here but I give very high-level stuff on accounting but very critical and we can't go into that situation where we have an altruistic mindset we have we see a problem in the community but we can't get the money to work so we got to crystallize the money as well and then and then this is as we grow will it will hire people and we need a hiring process we need to be intentional
00:33:09about the culture and identity is simply okay who we are as a person and expressing that this is one of the most beautiful things about being an entrepreneur is we get to take who we are and if we're active duty but the RF weed for tired but we get to take who we are and express that through our employees through our customers and in turn the express that to their children and so if you think about the values that are important to me I get to articulate that to a team of 18 people everyday and then they get to take that home that's a unique gift and so I want to make sure that they understand those that are transitioning to an entrepreneurial career they understand that they need to establish that framework through principles and day 1 so that way it doesn't change as they grow and sell teach them how to do that as well
00:33:57well I love that and I think that that's another reason why this is so perfect for our veterans is because they are they are they live in and breathe you know leadership traits and Leadership principles every day of their lives and that just that translate so well I believe welder let you know I appreciate you brother I appreciate you being on and let's just kind of let's just kind of land this ship now how can somebody reach out to you how can somebody get a hold of you how can somebody get more familiar with what it is that you're doing where can I get your book
00:34:30yep so you can go to my website small business big pressure and I didn't tell you this Frank I forgot to tell you but there's a segment on there that says 30 small business mistakes and it's on my website small business big pressure and I I set up a code and the code is called bold if you type in that code for your listeners I'll make sure they get that for free but it's 30 small business mistakes it's a good piece of well-researched I'm so pick that up for your listeners I want to make sure they get that for free and then I'm my book is available on Amazon but it's likely going to be down because I got a new publisher so if it's not up I'll be patient come back in 30 days and I'll come back up and you can get it on Amazon excellent excellent well hopefully my copies going to show up I just bought it this morning I haven't gotten anything from from Amazon that said it's not coming so hopefully that's coming man I know I really appreciate you being on I'm going to put all the links to the things that you talked about here in the show notes and you don't need any parting wisdom that you got and will shut it down now
00:35:30first of all thank you to your list nurse for serving our country and I really am encouraged by those that take the step of being an entrepreneur it is the most fulfilling experience apart from serving our country and to just have an amazing life into a life worth living I think it would be awesome to say I served my country and I started a business how cool is that amen I love that great great place to to shut er down thanks man I appreciate your time I'll have my pleasure Frankie bed
00:36:03thank you for tuning in to leave like a marine we hope you found today's episode helpful. Com from there you'll find the show notes and links to other episodes on iTunes and stitches on the show and until next time when you see a veteran no matter where her hand and thank them for their service to our great country download re-book and read like a Marine podcast.com

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