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John Cochrane PhD, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of “Asset Pricing”
Brian Westbrook - Tech Expert
Antoinette Hatfield, widow of Senator Mark Hatfield, on the passing of her friend Barbara Bush
Dr. Sebastian Gorka - National Security Strategist for Fox News
Thomas Sowell pHD, Senior Fellow at Hoover Institute
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00:00:00hey there it's Lars thanks for checking out the Lars Larson podcasting experience and have a fantastic day
00:00:07welcome back to the Lars Larson show it is a pleasure to be coming to you from the broadcast Studios at the Hoover institution in Palo Alto California actually we're not technically in Palo Alto because Stanford University is its own City Stanford California great pleasure to be with you glad to take your phone calls and all we've got some great gas and some great topics tonight if you want to join the best conversation and talk journalism TZ to do 866 hey Lars that's 866-439-5277 emails go to talk at Lars Larson., you can follow me at Lars Larson show on Twitter are Twitter poll question today would you find a couple of places on Twitter where I mention and also on the website Lars Larson. Com are Christians and conservatives racist as a new public school textbook alleges and I find this ridiculous I'm going to tell you my answer right away is no but I'll give it to yesterday's go to pull here in just a second here's the background a new
00:01:07AP u.s. history textbook slated for distribution next year reportedly contains anti-trump bias and says that Christians and conservatives let's see that's the majority of the people in the United States of America are racist and xenophobes I don't like that description and I don't think it's accurate even if it were accurate I don't think it's right the textbook feature sections on the black lives matter movement the 2016 presidential elections in which author New York University Professor James Frazier portrays Christians conservatives and president Donald Trump as bigots who fear non-white ethnicities quote there are specific Parts where it goes off the rails from a historical textbook toward an op-ed that's an opposing editorial the old term for newspapers that's what Minnesota Rosemont High School student Tara Snyder told Fox News it was really really surprising to me I really believed that learning should be objective and that students can make their
00:02:07decision based on what they're able to learn in a classroom if the facts are skewed and students aren't able to make well-rounded decisions on how they believe or what they believe so the Twitter poll are Christians and conservatives racist as a brand-new public school textbook set to be distributed to American public schools next year as it alleges I would say no to that now and yesterday's portable this should we lower the voting age to 16 boy did that produce a surprising result normally I expect you know 5 to 8% naysayers who will disagree with almost anything I agree with you in this case 97% of you join me and saying no we should not lower the voting age to 16 only 3% which is about half the usual level of liberals and progressives and or Lars naysayers that we get 3% of you said yes we should lower the voting age to 16 I guess that's bad news for David Hogg he's just going to have to figure another gig because that
00:03:07he's headed right now anyway the Twitter pull is brought to you by a Max the association of mature American citizens it represents the conservative values like the ones I believe in just go to AMAC us or call 888-262-2006 to join a Mac is better better for you and better for America now if you like military challenge coins check out the Lars Larson show challenge going you'll find that on our website at large larson.com I wanted to give you a couple of thoughts on something that's in the news and I'm going to pick a couple of stories you may have heard one of them I can almost guarantee you have not heard the other one let me contrast to Educators who made statements this week that many considered outrageous one has been forced to resign from his job while the other one Bragg's did she cannot be fired for any reason she is Professor Randa jarrar of Fresno State who tweeted on comments yesterday after we learned of the passing of former lead of
00:04:07lady Barbara Bush comments that are so profane that I cannot read them word for word on the radio without violating Federal Communications regulations she said Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and Amazing Racist go along with her husband raised a war criminal F out of here with your nice words I've abbreviated one of those words to satisfy the FCC Professor Gerard who identifies as the executive director of something called the radius of Arab American Writers goes on to say either you against these pieces of blank and their genocide always are you're part of the problem that's actually how simple this is I'm happy The Witch Is Dead can't wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million araki's have by a lot of bees on the end of by this so-called educator at a state-supported institution in Fresno goes on to brag that she can
00:05:07and will not be fired from her taxpayer-funded jobs can trash that with the deputy superintendent of the Beaverton Oregon Public Schools who retweeted a comment that illegal aliens are to blame for more murders in America than those who've used semi automatic guns that are in accurately described as assault rifles well the deputy superintendent boss immediately issued this statement he denounced the Tweet our staff work hard everyday to support are wonderfully diverse students and families and we are committed to learning from our mistakes and continuing this work the statement was issued in English and Spanish parents have asked that the deputy superintendent turned in his resignation while he did exactly that he was pressured to resign but was Stevens Steven Phillips tweet true that's the deputy superintendent if he said something that was inaccurate and hurtful I can understand maybe he's got to quit his job but what if what he said was actually true and on point
00:06:07well we know from the FBI and doj that the number of homicides using all rifles including both semi-automatic and single shot is about 250 per year in the United States I looked at number up again today that's the actual number only five states in America actually count the number of murders committed by illegal aliens Texas is one of them and they're the average number of homicides by illegal aliens number 70 per year let me quote the hill which is a respected journalistic organization in Washington DC that is not exactly a right-leaning publication quote according to the FBI 67,000 murders were committed in the US from 05 to 08 of the current century 115000 from 03 to 09 that's a 6 year. The general Accounting Office documents that criminal immigrants committed 25064 of those murders so do the math even a high school guy like me can't I
00:07:076 years 25,000 murders that is more than 4,000 murders per year by illegal aliens while all rifles involved are less than 8% of that number so the powers-that-be that forced the resignation of that school superintendent Steve Phillips for a comment that was accurate and it concerned a matter of great public concern while I'm reasonably sure the folks at Fresno State will not do a thing about the obscene and outrageous comments of that liberal Professor gerar I hope I get a naysayer tonight who can come in on this crazy double standard glad to have you with me and glad to take your calls as well by the way FEMA figures that most Americans have no plans at all for an emergency with FEMA admitting recently they cannot help everyone who is unprepared here's the fact you have to take matters into your own hands the best time to do so before the hurricane before the Wildfire before especially something like an earthquake today is the anniversary of the 19 6 San Fran
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00:09:04welcome back to the Lars Larson show pleasure to be with you and I'm glad to get your phone calls and emails were alive of the Hoover institution on the Stanford campus using their broadcast facilities all this week it's great to be with you it is also wonderful the welcome back to the program are good friend of Mark decent fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in an op-ed columnist of the Washington Post Mark how are you tonight I'm doing great the discussion you're having and being the great environs of the of the of the Hoover institution I talked to Thomas old today who is a notoriously hard yet because he's a little on the shy side but he was he was fantastic you're a sports fan did you know Thomas all wanted to become a Brooklyn Dodgers
00:09:53I know you tried out and and he said he told me today while I asked him about it cuz I done a little research and he said yeah you know and if you had made it with the world would have been denied a great Economist so before we get to the Syria strike can I ask you about this the Republicans a bunch of Republicans came out with this slew of you know criminal referrals that have been referred for prosecution of a number of I think people who richly deserve prosecution they've included the Clinton Comey Lynch McCabe I guess I just wonder why did why are we seeing this now instead of about a year ago do you have any even know it happened but I will assist is that kind of just you know focus on doing its job referrals
00:10:53Capitol Hill are done right as soon as somebody investigated ins take their own track that's if it's it's a it's a waste of time and it's see it looks directly relating to copy example if the person lied to Congress I can see if this is this is just so frustrated these days
00:11:53is it right now and it seems to most people like we're trying to deflect attention away from the trip of the investigation I may just come just needs to do its job when the American people have faith in their government many things going to happen when the American people feel as though the Crips and government are never going to have anything touch them that the people lose faith in their government and and then yet then the government has a tough time getting anything done is that fair
00:12:32that's part of the problem no doubt no doubt but that the NFC easy easy partisanship in contempt on Capitol Hill for each other is is also a big problem and I think we need to start another day if I did it, that's the other day because didn't get a lot of attention but she just came together and do something really really big they passed a bill of shutting down the website Backpage and allowing people are victims of sex trafficking to to sue the websites that basically it's usually important thing we need more stuff like that we don't get things done together anymore but we need to start do we need to start working together and stop you know stuff like that each other it's just it's just
00:13:32the entire segment to that particular development about Backpage because Backpage rich and then we heard a bunch of hard left you saying while you're getting in the way of sex what is it they called now the sex industry borders can't make a living I thought you know if if you get to have sex industry workers make a living requires that we provide a venue where children are also sold that I guess sex industry workers going to find a new job because I can't talk I just think that's an awful so let's talk about a couple of things quickly while we got time. Did it not just send a message to boss her all aside but also send a message to the rest of the world
00:14:08yeah it was this message of weeks you know the weakness absolutely look this is this was the most limited strike the option that was on the table we didn't touch his hair feel we didn't touch his artillery we didn't touch his chemical weapons delivery vehicle we didn't touch a lot of theirs chemical storage unit 3 carefully chosen targets that were chosen because this was the least do to promote the least impact from Russia it was incredibly weak striked I was incredibly disappointed but I'm glad he did give him credit for two things one right then. And forth and red line at all and two unlike Obama he was able to get allies to help them so try to fill out as well but the stripes so weak and you know I talk to a general Jack Keane who was saying you know which ones he crosses the red line once and from smacked him and it was supposed to be a deterrent to take outs chemical weapons capability
00:15:08your wee-wee reverie military facilities at the sod has the kids are older these weapons is a legitimate Target and get your people out because where I can do after 24 hours were not responsible for the Russian the Russian base of the entire strike was designed to not forget the Russian response what message does that send to Kim Jong on the only way that this summer is going to work in the only way that Kim is going to T nuclearized is if he believes that the threat of force is true that Donald Trump is different from previous president that he's not intimidated he's going to that he is willing to launch a strike to take out his entire nuclear and ballistic missile program if he doesn't special it and we decided that he just saw we were afraid we are too afraid of the Russians to hit us there a Syrian Airbase we're never going to take us to the threat of still have forces mix please because it's it's h usually it's a huge setback both to Syria Angela Robertson
00:16:07well I may not agree with you entirely about I get the point but maybe if we think of it in terms of the Continuum of force it local police agencies use at you you work your way up the using the the old light which is saying you had two warnings now the third one that you're not it is you will wake up and I'll place will be a blazed but but but this president has done what as you point out with the previous president did not let's talk about pump it's better than nothing but it's not much better not a very high bar to reach I'm glad to hear you say that going to be Secretary of State of the Democrats go I guess go along with it he's going to have on the upcoming talk between President Trump and and Kim
00:17:04boat spray the first of all it's free food from pea went to North Korea it's great that it was Health secrets and you normally what happens with these kind of 58 Summits between leaders is the culmination of months if not years of diplomacy at the sub cabinet in the cabinet level and hear what happened is with we announced this would hang had actually no official contest at North Korea for over a decade so there's a lot of State work that has to be done on the ground to get it at to get a summer prepared so it's good to buy Pompeo is doing that and I'll tell you what shameful is that just as my Pompeii was playing the central role in the ferry in for probably the most high-stakes negotiation the Senate Foreign Relations is Brooke committee is preparing to send out his nomination with a negative recommendation for the first time in the history of the Republic Day secretary of state has ever been recorded out without a positive recommendation from set up our relationship because because Rand Paul and and a bunch of Democrats have decided
00:18:04they're going to stay where they're going to express their displeasure at the existence of Donald Trump by taking it on one of those qualified people ever put the 4th action takes Enterprise into thanks Mark for the University campus maybe you've heard me talk about the amazing Sleep Number 360 smart bed stairs so smart they respond to your every movement in automatically adjust you I love them so much I've been sleeping in one day this November will be 20 years the teen and I've enjoyed the Sleep Number bed and a great news is they're introducing even more of these Innovative beds their latest smart beds or even more comfortably price I love my Sleep Number bed my sleep number setting is 65 Tina usually 35 or 40 but that's the beauty of it you can adjust it so many couples disagree on mattress firmness and you would have to count the Lars Larson household as one of those soft
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00:20:04are we start to putting some money away for a rainy or day that we're not doing we are not doing that huge deficits yes and why because the government has no discipline free state while Most states manage to run on a balanced budget every single year they're required to do their the dough so by their constitution but the federal government will be what 800 billion + deficit this year alone about the states of his own visit pension fund hole in many states Albers Albers is upside down my studios in Oregon they're only 50 billion in the red but they're smaller State it's it's outrageous now it's so where does that put us because you point out when think times are good most individual say I'm getting a little extra pay now maybe we'll pay off that credit card will get our debt levels down the federal government seems to go to the app
00:21:04directions yeah we're cutting taxes and we're spending more the real problem actually isn't that that that's that's a small problem the real problem is the looming entitlements crisis because we made promises about social security Medicare pensions Medicaid and those are just going to keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger this could be a temporary thing which we then pay off in 5 or 10 years except for that and then and then that's the big one is that 100 trillion or greater you know this is radio so we'll say a gazillion estimates that the today's value of the unfunded promises are between 70 trillion and 230 trillion digit numbers are just so huge they messed up because they're so huge what the federal government's budget this year is about 4 trillion around numbers and we owe 100 trillion so if we suddenly had no bills at the federal government for 25 years we could pay off the amount
00:22:04or close to the amount that we owe in all the promises we made sure all those programs the federal government takes in about 17 to 20% of year the Gap right now is about 5% of GDP and that's going to rise to about 10% of GDP as we as we if we pay out to Social Security pensions and health what were promising to do so another 5% of GDP or another quarter of federal revenues needs to be found somewhere or we could perform the programs and not spend so much money on them so we just raise the taxes by 25% in the United States well I guess you can tell from my tone of voice I don't think that's the right answer it's a possible answer or we could pay for our benefits with European level taxes so if you think 50% income tax 40% payroll tax 20% VA tea and will keep going that that is a way to pay for what we have promised and then we crush the economy and yes that was the economy
00:23:04not a good solution and you can't just text the rich Europeans have much less Progressive taxes and we do they have middle-class taxes for middle-class benefits as possible I would rather to reform the programs we don't have to have drastic Cuts we just need to fix the rates of growth make sure that people really need the help get that can help make sure that people who makes your people feel the incentive to get off the program a lot of people are stuck they'd like to get off but if they work a little more they lose their health insurance so that kind of stuck on the progress I think reforming the programs is the way to go that'll solve the debt problem and that'll also help people live better life but when you say reform the program you mean we have to start kicking people off of some of these programs of welfare food stamps TANF subsidized housing in the like the first of all the problem is not a right now problem the big problems all these other gazillions we were talking about there that's how things evolve in in 10 to 20 years so kicking people
00:24:04sounds awfully heartless and that's not really where we have to go sit say you take 65 year olds and you say if you keep working we won't make you pay social security taxes 13% in in a raise right that's right the employer's as well or just that person that works and is not on so Center of millennial doesn't get a job at plenty of jobs around them that that that's yesterday's problem right now the problem is employers can't find Qualified people who can pass the drug test right and who have adult attitudes about showing up on time exactly 65 is the new 45 so that's an example I don't want to call that kicking people off the program giving them an incentive to stay on work and they giving people on food stamps and incentive to get off to it to just start working to get part of the economy and and fixing the rate of growth that kind of thing you can do without
00:25:04this program off the bus sorry true things you corrected me on one thing it's it's an old Trope I guess to say the United States has never default on its debt because default or bankruptcy is actually something you pointed been used by Orange County by the city of Detroit spy some big entities but none as big as the federal government but you said I said well we've never failed to pay our bills and you pointed out that I was wrong about that that's right in the 1930s is a US federal debt said you can get paid and gold and the government when they went off the gold standard said no you can't and that was a form of the Fall. That's kind of a fun but it was tested and they don't have to pay you the way they promised Supreme Court said we think this is awful we think this is terrible but constitutional I don't think a formal the fault of our debt is is likely we can inflate away the death so I would email is fiscal crisis I would worry about inflation but in fact even inflating away or defaulting to that doesn't solve the problem our problem is all the stuff we
00:26:04say we're going to pay people in the future and you can have deflated inflate away all the card debts you have still promised Social Security recipients that you're going to pay them all the stuff so Professor Cochran I guess the clearest way to do at the easiest way we need means-tested but if you do that then you're admitting that Social Security always was a welfare program and not a pension program for well that's nice but it is yes it does support the incomes of of lower-income Americans they get to get more out of it than then now hiring come people there any way to incentivize people off that say the upper income to say don't take your Social Security and you get something else that's an example of Reform rather than cut a most young people now you ask them they say no I'm not getting anything out of Social Security this thing this thing of blow up long before I get there so if it's rather than having to cut and cause people huge paying you say to people who are 30 years old old now you know what
00:27:04morenet 401K cuz this ain't going to be here for you then they don't get to retirement expecting the federal government to pay all their bills and then you don't have a real crisis if if if you all of a sudden have to cut his latest book is called a side pricing Professor Cochran thank you very much I appreciate the time always a pleasure that is professor John Cochran a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute will be back in just a moment you're listening to Lars Larson show
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00:29:44and should be investigated only if and when an investigation occurs and Comey and his cohorts are held to answer can the American people begin to have faith in the FBI again sign Chris sweet and I'll tell you something I know that Mark Eason rejected the idea when he was on just a short while ago on the program right now republicans in Congress have done a referral they have said we want the following people investigating possibly prosecuted Loretta Lynch should be prosecuted James Comey investigated and prosecuted Hillary Clinton investigated and prosecuted I'm all for that and when I hear Mark give excuses and say well you know first of all there are no longer in government does that mean that every time somebody is president or Secretary of State or you're in the Senate you're not going to get prosecuted while you're in the institution and once you leave everyone says well you know what let's let bygones be bygones that's the way we've always done it and what it means is that no one is ever really called to account
00:30:44I don't think we can accept that anymore when you do the crime you should do the cross the time and that applies to people like Hillary Rodham Clinton as well let's go to our first naysayer though and if you want to join the conversation it's 866-439-5277 send your emails to talk at Lars Larson. Com Tina welcome to the program what are you and I disagree about tonight
00:31:15the money out of there would be just fine
00:31:19if I pay that back everything was because you know I can just ride my body working when I went and filed for disability they said it's you know that congress makes you can just work for it without a year
00:31:34Without a paycheck and I asked if I could come back to you tomorrow morning I've been turned down for the one city worker that destroyed my body picking up the slack for all this mud and I can't get disability but she wanted a time let me do them one at a time are you capable of working any job right now
00:32:06are you going to have started my own business because we're going to we're going to waste a lot of time tonight just answer this question can you work a job so no job at all there is no job you can do
00:32:28started a new business right
00:32:30I am doing cuz I cuz I can work for 5 minutes and then I can go take a break I can't do that other job so you can only work for 5 minutes out of every hour
00:32:42you may actually fit disability disabilities definition in federal law is you can't do any job you can't talk on the phone you can't answer phones for a company that most of the jobs maybe jobs you say I don't want that job I want a job with a better paycheck but the definition of disability is if you can't work any job at all you can't take care of children you can't run a cash register you can't answer phones you cannot do any job whatsoever so that's number one number two when you say and this is just what Professor dr. Cochran was saying when people say I paid into Social Security my whole life but you didn't pay into anything at all I'm paying Social Security right now okay and is an employer I pay in half of what my employees pay in six and a quarter percent but that's not being paid into something like a lockbox that Al Gore used to talk about it's paying for the people currently on social security so when you were paying 10 or 20 years ago your money was immediately going to those people who are already colored
00:33:42they built a system that was if you did this in the private sector would be called a Ponzi scheme where you pay current the people you're currently paying or being paid with the new investors you bring it and if you ask well how is that person going to get paid they'll get paid by investors in the future it's a bad system if you did this privately you'd be breaking lawn you go to prison but that was the system to The gottman Institute when you say the government stole it the government did borrow it and they left treasury notes in its place where can I tell you the flooring that you say if they only just paid the money back they are paying the money back right now Social Security is being paid for number one by the money that's coming out of my paycheck right now and everybody else who's listening to this is drawing a paycheck is paying in that about 5 years ago stop being enough even to pay the people who are currently retired right so the federal that the United States Congress is having to subsidize Social Security things around a hundred billion a year right now that's having to be at
00:34:42did you all the money that every worker in America is paying just to pay the check for paying right now you say well but pay it back here's the problem how old are you if you don't mind my asking 60 years old
00:34:57it's okay and when they created Social Security the average life expectancy with 60 and they have never changed the mortality tables which means they assume that right now you wouldn't be collecting Social Security because you would be dead and if you say well why didn't they adjust the mortality tables the answer is because they would have had to tell everybody was planning on retiring at 60 or 62 or 65 I'm sorry the new retirement age when you can collect is 70 or since they said it originally at the average age of mortality that they would have they would have to tell you the average American woman lives 278 they would say you can start collecting it about 75 and you might collect for a year or two but you're at work you're expected to die they never change that and as a result they made promises now to pay a dozen or more years of Social Security to people who aren't even supposed to be there I know it was a bad set of assumption or alive and Stanford
00:35:57the Lars Larson show
00:36:01welcome back to the Lars Larson show yesterday we heard the terrible news of the passing of former first lady Barbara Bush tonight we get the opportunity to hear from one of her friends about the impact the first lady had on for life when you call someone you expect to hear the phone ringing but one company may have been faking that sound when their customers call wasn't even being connected so they could leave their customers to believe that they have better connection service then they really do and I'll tell you how the IRS failed so badly I actually had to extend tax day and it happened just this week take a moment to cast a vote in my Twitter poll you'll find that online at Lars Larson. Com and at Lars Larson show on Twitter are Christians and conservatives racist as a new school text look for public schools in America alleges I would say no to that but some of you might say yes and yesterday's Twitter poll last you should we lower the voting age to 16 three whole percent of the vote
00:37:01Matt said yes we should lower the voting age 97% of you agreed with me and said no we should not wear line from the broadcast Studios of the Hoover institution on the Stanford University campus by the way I would like to mention that the Hoover institution is named for President Hoover who actually funded the creation of this institution it's great to be with you and it's great to take your phone calls in your emails we have so much to talk about tonight and I want to invite you to the conversation 866 hey Lars that's 866-439-5277 females go to talk at Lars Larson. Come follow on Twitter at Lars Larson show on Facebook at the Lars Larson show and of course you can always podcast from iHeartRadio iTunes and Sun Cloud so why does the Koch Foundation want to keep dreamers in the United States this is going to be one of those little Mysteries the Koch Foundation is in fact one of those institutions that I tend to agree with most of the time but not on these issues
00:38:01political Report with the factions in Congress and the Trump Administration unable to reach a deal to protect immigrants who came to the US illegally as children the Koch brothers network is launching a seven-figure ad campaign urging the legislative branch to act the Libre initiative and freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce two components of a network led by billionaire Brothers Charles and David Koch are launching ads across National broadcast Cable in digital calling on Republicans and Democrats to find a permanent fix for the so-called dreamers the add what are we waiting for will begin airing nationally on Sunday it features addresses by former president Barack Obama Bill Clinton and George W bush promoting immigration and security the fact is I cannot agree with this I understand big business likes the illegal aliens in this country as long as they are you legal as long as they number in the millions they will hold down wages and wages are a big deal for
00:39:01big business but I cannot agree with this kind of initiative I do want to see the Congress solve this problem but do you know the most direct way to solve our so-called immigration crisis enforce the laws enforce them without favor to one group or another don't do it based on politics don't do it based on whether or not you think there's a racial message or not simply enforce the immigration laws Americans immigration laws are for the most part color blind and that will take care of itself if you just enforce the law by the way Google is looking into findings of a new study that says thousands of the most popular free kids apps and it's Google Play Store maybe illegally tracking their young users and doing it without getting parents permission researchers at the University of California's International Computer Science Institute vandalized almost 6,000 of those child aimed apps and they conclude the most of them are potentially in violation of the children's online privacy protection act
00:40:01is copper a federal law that makes it illegal to collect personally identifiable data on children under the age of 13 heck I take that up to 18 if you ask me an additional half of that sample did not follow standard security measures for sending sensitive data online potentially in violation of data security measures required by copper and should the EPA are the Coast Guard be in charge of what ships do with their water we're talking about ballast water we're talking about Wastewater Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky filed for a bill to vote on a bill to reauthorize Coast Guard programs yesterday and Senator John thune of South Dakota he's the chairman of the committee said they hopefully will vote on this week to build includes a version of The Vessel incident discharge act Vida it would exempt ships ballast water from the Clean Water Act over side under the EPA it would stop most eight attempts to regulate ballast water and I understand
00:41:01why does the new shoe a big ship can pull into a port or Harbor and if they have ballast water from the other side of the world that they took on at the time to make the ship more handleable in big see you when they arrive in the Port of Seattle or Puget Sound when they arrive in La Harbor and a dump some of that ballast water sometimes it carries diseases sometimes it carries other marine life and it's a big issue however should the EPA be in charge of that or should state agencies do it state by state by state just ask yourself that question is he which answer makes the most sense oh and by the way yesterday we told you that the filing deadline for your 2017 taxes have been extended to today if you fail to make the midnight deadline the government the government is the one that created this problem you're in luck the extra day thanks to some federal government complete lack of foresight millions of Americans were logging on Touhy fail
00:42:01Horry filed their 1040es now the IRS website built apparently without regard to its actual purpose and without the capacity to handle a totally expected flood of users trying to file a head of the April 15th deadline yesterday it melted down it was unavailable for most of the day according to NBC News is daily wire the site did not come back online until when else the close of business of course the computers going to come back after the close of business at 5:05 p.m. Eastern Standard Time tax filers could still manage to send their IRS paperwork but the IRS was not expecting or accepting the most important thing in that was the payment and after all the government cares about you filing your taxes that is deformed the information all that but you know what they really care about they care about whether or not you paid your bill now if people were unable to file and pay their
00:43:01she's on time because the government's computer system failed you tell me who should be held accountable for that as far as I'm concerned if the government failed to provide the kind of computer software and the website to take the payments in this day and age then it's the government's problem and they should extend and forgive any Americans who didn't manage to pay their taxes on time I know we all could have filed it a week or two ahead of time that's not the point the point is when the government designs a website and they are so bad at it and they're so bad at technology if their website fails that's on the Garmin not on the average taxpayer you know by now that the Equifax breach was one of the worst breaches of financial information in American history sadly it seems I was just the beginning we have to face the reality that we pretty much have to endure one breach a week welcome to the new normal and the Facebook solution first they said 50 million people and then 87 million people have lost their day
00:44:01oh my goodness even Panera Bread and Delta recently-announced breaches if you use social media credit cards online or in stores Then You're vulnerable I wonder how many other breaches are that we don't even know about yet you can't wait around and see what happened you have to protect yourself right now I refuse to leave my personal infant Angela information vulnerable so I'm covered by the company that offers the Best in Class identity protection that's my ID care and you should too for less than 10 bucks a month my ID care coverage you for nine different types of identity theft and they provide a 100% identity recovery guarantee if you fall victim or your money back and you can't find this level of protection anywhere else learn more and get 15% off at my ID care.com Lars promo code Lawrence that's my ID care.com Lars promo code Lars back in the moment from the Stanford campus on the Lars Larson
00:44:58welcome back to the Lars Larson show it's a pleasure to be with you and glad to get your phone calls and your emails at 866 hey Lars that's 664-395-2770 Nails go to talk at a large larson.com I wanted to tell you there there's kind of an interesting little situation today April 18th I know it's actually the new deadline for getting your taxes paid but it's actually the anniversary of a number of other fairly important things number one Paul Revere's ride to warn that the British were coming happened on this day the mission by Doolittle's Raiders to hit Tokyo and hit them hard at the very beginning of World War II in the Pacific that also took place on this day and one other Mission and I wanted to mention this because I've had a number of people emailed me about it I actually did have a long piece about this man Rex Barber Rex Barber carried out he was one of the Flyers
00:45:58a flying a P-38 Lightning in World War II a mission that left its base at Henderson field on this day a 75 years ago today and here's what they were aiming at doing they were going off to a place about five to six hundred miles distant they knew that they had to fly to this location they had to locate an airplane it was due to arrive there at exactly the time they plan to arrive after a 600-mile flight at 50 to a hundred feet above the water so they could count the shark fins in the ocean and they knew they had just enough fuel to fly five to six hundred miles orbit around or loiter in the area for 15 to 20 minutes identify Admiral Yamamoto is playing Isoroku Yamamoto the architect of the Japanese Navy the man who had put together Japan's War plans for its Naval Force
00:46:58shoot him down and then fly back and get back to their home field or at least dry land before they ran out of gas because if they ran out of fuel they were going to end up in the water with the sharks and that was not going to go well I've always been Amazed by this I did a piece on Rex Barber who's now passed away about the 17 years ago but he's the man with credited credited with shooting down Admiral Yamamoto splank obviously thanks go to all of the military members of that Squadron and everyone else who was involved in planning the mission the was a major the major John Mitchell who authorized the mission who planned the mission he indicated that he even considered it a 1000 to 1 chance of success but the importance of Admiral Yamamoto to the Japanese cannot be overstated I don't think there's a single person in the military today in America that we could point to in say without that man or without that woman do you know
00:47:58did States Army wouldn't exist or the United States Navy wouldn't be able to do its job or the Marine Corps would be incapable we all respect the people who are the commanding officers of all those forces but to the Japanese people Yamamoto was the key to their success in World War II in the United States understood if they could remove Yamamoto then they could change the course of the war there were two problems Yamamoto was very much I buy the book by the schedule guy so if they could figure out where he was traveling to in the Pacific Ocean which island he was going to be visiting on which day at what time they might be able to shoot his plane down and remove him from the picture but that's the problem will they broke the code and they were able to identify the Yamamoto had planned a trip to a particular island in the Pacific and they began to form this plane in this one of my email is put to it because he's familiar with it as well normal rights the aerial assassin
00:48:58of Admiral Yamamoto was a fine piece of precision navigation it worked largely in part because of the fanatical Japanese adherence to the timetable the 16 Lockheed lightning Seas of the P-38 Son Of The Intercept mission to destroy the to Betty Bombers had found yamamoto's airplane within 1 mile of its calculated position after a 600-mile intercept course at wave top level eight off Hitler invaded numerous assassination attempts by arriving late by leaving early to numerous event nobody dared to change Admiral Yamamoto schedule not even buy one minute if he was scheduled to leave Bougainville at noon that man wheels of his aircraft left the strip at 12 not 11:59 not 12:01 if his retinue had adopted him or 8 off attitude toward his itinerary you likely would have survived it gets worse somebody major that
00:49:58maybe that Major Tom Len fear who tried to take credit for the shoot down broke radio Silence with a non coded message of something like got that job bastard the words of the day on the return to Guadalcanal it gets even worse reporters hunted down some of the lightning Pilots involved in the mission on a golf course in Australia they've been sent for some R&R which I think they richly deserved and they got lots of brag on the subject the pilot should have replied with oh yeah I heard something about that or better yet I have no clue Admiral who I flew a routine Paw Patrol all about then we didn't see anything somebody gave you a bum steer fortunately the Japanese were so confident about the absolute Unbreak ability of their codes that they ignored all the obvious signs that their codes have been broken you get what he sang the only reason we got to Admiral Yamamoto on that mission 75 years ago today is because we broke their coat the minute Yamamoto is she
00:50:58shut down the people who were running their Code system should have said they've obviously broken that that's the only way they could have known that the Admiral was going to be there the Army flew repeat missions through the exact area for a week in order to hopefully convince Japanese intelligent that Admiral Yamamoto interception was due to a routine Patrol for whatever reason the Japanese did not change their code sign or don't thank you very much for that I'm a big admirer of Rex Barber he is no longer with us however his family is still with us his son wrecked Barbara junior is still with us and I'm so glad that we had strong confident brave people who are willing to take on a life-threatening mission to be able to change the course of World War II and that particular Mitch Mission happened 75 years ago today go to Jacob in Alabama hey Jacob welcome to the Lars Larson show what's on your mind tonight
00:51:52Royal Arms II called I could have talked to you today I have wanted you to hear that rather than all the bad news in the media so you know large there's a illness breaking out there and in the month of March to March 8th there was one of those citizens Africa that should have sick at the hospital they're in Virginia so we need to keep an eye on these people out of our country being sick and have you found Jesus a thing as well as crime need to keep an eye on that and at least medically screen them if you have somebody's found a way to
00:52:45to satisfy all the demands of applying for American citizenship or applying for permanent status green card that sort of thing I think we welcome people that way for a long long time I'm not saying the numbers are right maybe we should have fewer people coming in and we should certainly medically screen them to make sure that we don't have those kinds of threats to our population thank you very much I appreciate the call are you paying more in interest that you need to on your credit card to refinance your debt with a credit card consolidation loan from lightstream lightstream rewards consumers who have good credit with a great interest rate credit card consolidation loans from 5.49% APR with auto pay a no fees application a hundred percent online simple and painless money deposited directly to your account so you're in control applying today and get an additional interest rate discount on top of light strings already low rates the only way for my listeners with good credit to get this special interest rate discount is go to lightstream.com Lars
00:53:45that's lightstream.com Lars that's lightstream lightstream.com large subject credit approval rate includes a half percentage Point Auto Pay discount available only when you select auto pay prior to loan funding terms and conditions apply officers are subject to change without notice visit lightstream.com for important information on limits on lightstream loans and same day funding Larson show
00:54:14welcome back to Lars Larson show it's a pleasure to be with you and I'm glad to get your phone calls and emails but we are join now buyer Great Tech expert Brian Westbrook Ryan were broadcasting tonight from the Hoover institution Studios on the campus at Stanford University great to have you back on the program how are you I like that I'm your great guy that's awesome thank you we turn to you and I don't always have to agree with you but but I always turn to you when we have these kind of thorny issues that involve technology and I have a feeling this is only going to get worse and I get better because things get more complicated all the time but tell me this T-Mobile is being forced to pay 40 million dollar find of the FCC because apparently they were running a little game on their customers everybody likes to brag about how good their service is so if you're out in an area and you try to make a call I can't remember the last time I got that funny beep beep beep thing that came back we'll do it effectively says your
00:55:14out of the service area instead T-Mobile is accused of making the phones sound like they were ringing through when in fact the system new the T-Mobile system knew that the calls are not going through it all but they wanted to make it sound like your calls going through and nobody was answering it do I understand this right few seconds of two minutes to connect a call in during that time you can hear silent you can use your phone with T-Mobile was doing with sending down the line effectively fake ringtone sound like the other end of your phone was dialing or other issues when in reality the phone on the other end never rang at all that is what the problem was discovered back in 2014 it was made illegal you please don't do this
00:56:14T-Mobile say okay great we stopped at practice I get it no problem it sounded like a good idea at the time maybe we should do that now the challenge stop the practice test and kept doing it and consumers were still being confused and so now they're having to pay the piper by paying this fine that they didn't actually stop at these fake ringtones to little bit confusing for the end-user when you hear those ringtones I don't think it's the biggest issue that we deal with but certainly something that's annoying and if they're told stop they should probably stop well actually I think it's more than just annoying because I think the form of fraud remember if if what I'm being promised is Communications and they don't say you'll have spotless Communications always we actually happen to be in the studio where the cell communication so cell connections a little on the spotty site we understand that but if a company says we're going to provide you with Communications and then they provide you with the illusion of communications
00:57:14cover up the fact that they're not providing an actual connection because it isn't there knowing how big an issue it is nice look at all the all the advertising is there a cell phone ad today that does not mention with the biggest Dustin such Network or you no fewer dropped calls and all these other promises they're defrauding you about what they're actually supplying I think in the form of fraud can you agree
00:57:41absolutely I can definitely see your perspective here as for me I'm not sure it says I wouldn't go that far I don't think it's that big of an issue but I can see where someone would think that all my calls are going through there for I have better quality better coverage than you do your neighbor with a different carrier whatever maybe not true when you just simply don't have to respect if I can see where they brought seat because I'm going to tell you something tell me if you think I'm right when I say this one of the most common reasons for people to jump from one carrier to another one of the most common not the only reason is because of a perception that you have bad service from your current carrier and you're going to jump to a new carrier because the new carrier has arguably better service that's one of the main reasons people change providers isn't it
00:58:41service we could include things like the latest and greatest phone but you may be forced to change the lighter cuz it's really just no other choice or you can wait a couple years without getting phone calls hoping that they put a tower in I think most of us about the quality of their should be like walking into a restaurant that says we're all organic and they display a bunch of signs and say all of our stuff is organic and then you take a peek in the kitchen and you find out it's not organic at all they're using just the regular stuff that everybody else uses and they're lying that's fraud so let's move on from that one though Amazon settle letter to shareholders today and in it we learned the scope of prime for the first time what what is the scope of Prine I have I'm an Amazon Prime member cuz I like the free shipping primarily
00:59:36yeah we speculated that there something like 90 million Prime users around the world and now he knows there are a hundred million significant chunk of Amazon business a pillar if you will of their business model for hearing new information about how they may be partnering with Whole Foods to make prime the de-facto customer loyalty program for the Whole Foods grocery store and this is the first time Amazon has come out and said what is been sensitive business information and today they're announcing a hundred million users of Prime Shine a month or $99 a year large can do the math that's a pretty decent thinking about Amazon first order in your items on Amazon before potentially even going to the store and I want to mention real quick or is this just came in Best Buy and Amazon are said to be partnering on tell
01:00:36the Amazon Prime Amazon Fire stick new software built right into Best Buy TVs this kind of goes and see if you can't beat them join them I will be selling some of their TVs on Amazon for the first time and partnering to deliver Amazon products continuing to deliver Amazon products in this case in the form of smart TVs for the first time again if you can't be that idea by the way one question I've got about prime primary suggest you're getting better level of service then everyone else but if you got a hundred million people getting it I guess would be since you fly a lot and I have to fly home on Saturday if I walked on and they said all the entire plane is first is first class effectively every single rose for his class I'd say if everybody's first class then what is first class it's it's it's a mess I likes to say if everyone first class no one first class if everyone special no one special. It's sort of like the PreCheck problem
01:01:36which note is this on the way down here to Stanford on Sunday Carlin I walk up and we got TSA PreCheck cuz I paid 4 for my producer so we can both travel faster we walk up and the pre-check line is almost as big as the regular line and so what's the difference what happens when everybody is in the pre-check line this new mobile passport control speaking of Technology you can check in with your smartphone and clear all the custom questions I came back from Germany a couple of days ago there was no one in that Q 10 20 30 people in the global entry to that I paid for it so I just downloaded this moment with the young lady a lady that I know young lady who I knew Barbara Bush well we're going to get to that in the moment but in the last 45 seconds or so they're not robots they can do sometime I'm actually proud
01:02:36assemble Ikea furniture it is I may not be the fastest guy but I get it done and I don't have a lot of leftover Parts at the end there now robots to do it well the good news is I'm sending all of my Ikea furniture assembly to your house to assemble no problem that's still robots that can actually assemble Ikea furniture before you get excited and ship all your furniture to these robots there are a lot of instructions that they have to have first and frankly by the time you programming instructions at least for now you could probably have figured it out yourself or driven your flat-pack furniture over to Laura's house more quickly than me but it's a sign of things to come in as a promising new Advanced robots at the carpet cleaner and bring it home to assemble your Ikea furniture that's Brian Westbrook our Tech expert finding it Brian Westbrook. Com
01:03:33welcome back to the Lars Larson show live of the Hoover institution at Stanford University and yesterday we got the word a bit late in the day that first lady former first lady Barbara Bush had passed away and it was amazing to read the story about how she had decided to know to spend the last couple of days and hours of her life she was sipping bourbon and calling friends on the phone and she was holding the hand of her husband her husband of more than 70 years and I thought it would be appropriate to talk to somebody who knew her well and she is a friend of mine I'll admit that I have a personal bias in this case because she is the Widow of the longtime United States senator in one of the most powerful members of the United States Senate Mark o Hatfield and she is an internet Hatfield his widow Antoinette is a pleasure to have you on my program I know how much you despise the media so I appreciate especially today you're being willing to come on in and talk on the radio today
01:04:33well that's only if you promise to behave Lars I will I will do my best to behave and I and I wanted to let you know you do famous late you know you're kind of skeptical of those of us in the media business and and I wonder your friend of Barbara Bush the late Barbara Bush do you think she felt the same way about the media giving all the nasty things that the media did to her husband and and some of her sons never tell
01:04:59so tell us about Barbara Bush wonderful faithful friend I texted her after learning about the about her piss condition and the next morning there was a text from her I'm letting people down by not dying I love you bar
01:05:21now over the years did you have a chance on a number of occasions while you were in Washington DC with Senator Hatfield to you know to spend some time with Barbara Bush call ourselves the ladies of the club while her husband to come into the 90th Congress at the same time and there were 10 of them in the house and I was the one in the Senate and then when Jim McClure decided to come over to the Senate and there were two of us in the Senate and not have them in the house and we would get letters from her after they left 6 the Congress telling us about their daily news and she kept wonderful records in and did a diary and winter book came out we all said I only read this before even riding or book to us
01:06:09that's amazing so what was she like in person because in in public she was always so classy no matter what kind of slings and arrows she face
01:06:23and since she been in over there has been through a lot of of some some interesting assignments both at the CIA and then in the government and then is President and and then is the mother of of of a president that's right she's only want to do two mothers that were mad president are two presidents think she may be the only one who's had two Governors who has cracked she has something know she was a very classy lady very warm and very real
01:06:55and very funny Joey's kept a sense of humor
01:07:04well the state of mind you can either be have humor or you can build you know crabby she was why would she be crabby with what she had she had a Man Who Loved Her during Lee
01:07:17she had children who are wonderful and and and did wonderful things for other people I know I wanted to ask you about this she I read a story this morning that I had not seen before about the about the first lady Barbara Bush who passed away yesterday it was from 1957 it was quoted by a friend of mine Jim Garrity rights for National Review and he said that in 57 this story was told not by Barbara Bush go buy some people who work for the family as caretakers and nannies and that sort of thing and they were making a long trip the trip from Texas up to to the family home in Kennebunkport and all along the way she would walk into the hotel with your plan to spend the night in the hotel would say well you can stay here and your husband can stay here and your children can stay here but but the family help they can't stay in this hotel because they're black they have to stay in some other hotel and the the people who are telling the story were the employees of the bush
01:08:17who were black and they would talk about how she would go in and she would currently in a very genteel way but raise a fuss and say look you're going to let us stay in the hotel and you're going to let these people who are with us stay in the hotel as well and if she couldn't get that done then they all stayed in the hotel somewhere else and that was in 1957 when it grabs wasn't all that common for people to stand up for the you know for the civil rights of others that's probably true I would die was guess if that's what you did
01:08:47do you think there were any substantial state in the white house at Christmas time so that all the hell could be at home with their families and then the next day they would leave for Florida to a resort and they all the family went the day after Christmas I'm at that's not exactly the way other presidents who followed have done is it well I don't know exactly what every one of them that's correct. You're right I was just I was thinking of Barack and Michelle a few weeks and go to Hawaii and kind of put a little extra strain on the Secret Service and all did she ever chafe at all the security that had to surround her and her family
01:09:35and so sure yet she simply accepted that you think she ever tried to to talk either her husband or her son's from pursuing future or further up political involvement I didn't know really what's family conversations took place I just knew that the ladies of the club had a wonderful time and she would take us on a tour of the White House and of the garden right after they were elected that she took us up to Camp David so we got to see that you know she was just a friend that I might have commented on and chill with y'all think about an azalea bush I can't remember exactly so she looked at me well the next year when we went to Camp David and came back the butler's was Danny behind white tablecloths with a plant for each one of us to take home
01:10:32so she made sure that you had part of an azalea bush from the White House
01:10:38I think it was in there I can't remember now what exactly it since I've been gave it to the damn Club what do you think of diplomatic I I wish you were less diplomatic as you tell me so I bet I know I'm sitting in the studio about 50 feet from the plaque that that is a memorial to Mark Hoover Institution
01:11:17so every time I wore them when I walk out of here at night at walk right past that plaque everything is a great he was a great fan of Hoover thank you and Enda if I have any report if I get to the funeral I'll have something to report to you as Larson show
01:11:47welcome back to the Lars Larson show it's a pleasure to be with you on a Wednesday we're lying from the broadcast Studios at the Hoover institution at Stanford University glad to take your phone calls and your emails but there's a lot that we have to talk about today and we need some expertise here so we called dr. Sebastian Gorka former advisor to president Trump New York Times bestselling author of defeating Jihad and National Security strategist for Fox News dr. Gorka it's good to have you back on the program thanks
01:12:17well my mom graduated from this University so maybe they'll let me back in as a legacy what we've been invited down here every year for a few years and we could access to some very smart people including a secretary Schultz and that we just talked to the doctor Thomas Soul so we're getting some some great expertise and that we have you on the phone I want to ask you about Mike Pompeo strip 2 to visit with that Kim of North Korea yes what would you like to talk about I want to know obviously there are a lot of people on the left to think will this is outrageous at the head of the CIA would go there he's not been confirmed yet as the Secretary of State I don't agree with them I actually think it was right to have that kind of Preparatory meeting is it possible that said because he had that meeting that Donald Trump is going to get this one right and then we're going to see some real change out of North Korea
01:13:09I think look let's do what Reagan said trust but 35 that's why the president sent the directions Central Intelligence of Mike Pompeo is a national security expert you said it's on the hill first across the West Point he's been running the CIA for almost a year-and-a-half now that's exactly the kind of person you want testing the waters I make you sure that everything is on track for a meeting later this month which could potentially bring peace to a peninsula is Spain a frozen conflict to 65 years because remember the Korean war did not end of the peace treaty that ended in August so it's basically been frozen for The Last 5 Years
01:13:58do you see the chance that when the Kim suggests that he's willing to talk about denuclearizing the entire Peninsula. That's something we could realistically shoot for that if if we say well then to South South Koreans will not end up with nukes and you'll give up your nuclear program on the North and and maybe we can we can make things really work for the South and North Korean people
01:14:22remember this is a dictatorship so I give it I give it to him on that it will actually happen but in China want to see some kind of normalcy on the peninsula of China gets involved then anything is possible anything
01:14:43and by that you mean that is trying to gets involved in and is willing to assist in persuading North Korea that this is the right direction to go but if they see it in their best interest to keep North Korea as a problem for the rest of the world in the United States in particular then it doesn't happen at all
01:15:09Best Thing hospital with Chucky on the logic of North Korea as a buffer State what it was the China the logic of Apophis States no longer holds the fuel pump estate is constantly launching ballistic missiles is a legally designating you clear test what has actually causing more instability then would otherwise be the case so right now it's a question of what what is beijing's internal calculus
01:15:43well let me ask you this can we read some of that would Kim have even offered or agreed to some meeting before June if he didn't have the Chinese pushing him to do it do you think that meeting at the promise of the meeting is more because of Kim's decision or because he's being told by his Chinese friends that he needs to do it or combination of the two
01:16:06I don't think Kim would have agreed to any kind of summit if amazing what we're telling him you better do this or you're in trouble remember between 85 and 90% of all the regular Goods that North Korea needs to survive come from China so that it is it is clear that China is exerting a significant amount of pressure on the receiving Johnny I or we get to Syria and Assad one last thing is there anything in particular that you could imagine that we could do that would enhance the chances of success in this meeting the president's going to have with Kim nothing Beyond
01:16:56expect the president to do that the president can can move mountains with his personal style and with with the seriousness was with the deals for counterparts around the world so you know it's it's the old phrase let Trump be Trump and this is anybody can close the deal it's the person who wrote The Art of the deal alright so let me be optimistic dr. Gorka and let's look down the line and say let's suppose something really good even if it's small but still good comes out of this meeting when the president comes back should that take the form of a treaty of some kind if Kim says I'll denuclearize I'll shut my program down you just promise not to arm South Korea with nukes and will denuclearized Olde Peninsula if it were something that good or even a small piece of that should president Trump bring that back and let it take the form of a treaty which then requires a vote of the US Senate and
01:17:56and that kind of case can we catch enough Senators both Republican and Democrat to back that kind of agreement unlike the way that Obama did deals with the Iranians
01:18:08given the insanity in the body politic Charlie and given the fact that we just before midterms given the fact that we have crazy people I'm actually Water Street sing for impeachment everyday I don't think we raise it to the level of a treaty let's let's take things gradually a doctor you're breaking up a little bit on the phone but I want to ask you about Syria and Assad and the air strikes on Syria this past this past weekend so I don't want to ask you whether or not we got the right message across to buy sherali side and to the rest of the world about use chemical weapons
01:18:45it was a perfect operation we hit the research facility the fetus material store
01:18:53the manufacturing facility so it's it's all aspects it's a full circle mechanical capabilities the message was sent but also to rush through it wrong to try and leave a note 3 yet what happens next. Values right now holy depended upon us that have to send the very clear signal that he has received the message loud and clear so so right now it's a waiting game laws friends to decide whether or not to endorse that message coming back that is he waiting for instructions from his master's
01:19:36well that's very interesting question because I think
01:19:40Russia Russia looks very very weak now small client State like Syria and was unable to do anything oldies. Even take down one of them is Saul's really is fastest time to go back over KGB Colonel gladimir fruits and stuff how much acid listen to Moscow he's probably going to listen to them less than he would have before last Friday
01:20:13and that's good news for us as well dr. Gorka it's always a pleasure thank you very much I appreciate your time dr. Sebastian Gorka National Security strategist at Fox News a contributor to the hill and former advisor to president Trump as well as writing defeating Jihad will be back in just a moment you're listening to the Lars Larson show
01:20:39welcome back to the Lars Larson show it's a pleasure to be with you from the broadcast Studios at the Hoover institution at Stanford University and I can't tell you how big a pleasure it is to Welcome to the program a man I've admired for many years and I know that a lot of you have as well because you send me e-mail saying why don't you get dr. Thomas Soul on the show while you're at the Hoover Institute and institution and I said well we be glad to dr. Scholl's time is is in very high demand so it is a great pleasure to Welcome to the program Economist and political philosopher and former United States Marine as well as the most most recently the author of discrimination and disparities dr. Thomas Soul doctor thank you for taking the time today do you mind if I start with a couple of things that are not necessarily directly related to economics I understand you you once tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers didn't make it
01:21:33yeah which well if you had made it doctor the world would have been cheated out of a top-notch economist so maybe we should be glad for that at the time I was but it didn't work out that way the other thing I found doctor that I was kind of surprised at one point you you admit you were a full-on Marx's oh yes for a decade
01:22:00at night I think if it's one of those weaknesses of the American educational system defends brother does inadequate on the subway and I'd go through all these luxurious neighborhoods and what not and is a long Viaduct about 10 blocks long and when you come up at Viaduct on 135th Street in Manhattan you're into the tenements which is where where where I live and you know it hit me like a ton of bricks and it was no other explanation around and walks often to do an explanation you know they say in politics it takes a candidate to be two candidates today and when I think one of the great blacks in American higher education is they do not teach the Federalists which which Mike might be subtitles
01:23:00Constitution for dummies
01:23:03because it explains why the Constitution was written with the way it was what did they fear what are they trying to avoid what are they trying to achieve you get some idea why the society's constituted as it is and why you get some of the results you get listen talk about discrimination and disparities because you I think you've done a fantastic job of busting myths about discrimination and disparity which is still a gigantic issue in American politics in American Life Today namely that various groups would be equally or at least, probably represented in various kinds of working at various kinds of levels and other activities if it were not for discrimination or or among other people when I put your neck differences
01:23:58and it struck me that neither of those assumptions really squares with the real world and so I look at it both theoretically and and Independence actually reading Lee
01:24:12if you have some Endeavor in which there are multiple prerequisites for getting the outcome if you want chances are you will not find those outcome spread out in the bell curve I won't go into the details of that but more more more factual basis differences in countries around the world made a couple of
01:24:40circumnavigation of the world doing it at the Hoover institution expense and nowhere have I found this even though that is assumed to be the norm a deviation from which shoulder something is going wrong or in the society suggesting that when people say we want equal outcomes not just equal opportunity but equal outcomes for all that that may be an assumption that's not based on on something that can be your pet we can be achieved the median age of Japanese-Americans is 50 the median age of mexican-americans is 26 now if everybody was and how do you exactly the same incomes of the same age it would still be huge economic differences between these two groups there be differences and how many were a representative things like
01:25:40which requires the strength and vitality of Youth Hispanic Americans are greatly over-represented among the star players in baseball single Japanese-American who is ever played Major League Baseball their number of stars who are Japanese ancestry all of them from Japan they are not Japanese-Americans a whole list of things that would be absolutely unrealistic because of age difference is alone and age difference is only one of the differences
01:26:17to expect other this equal outcomes they take as a as a normal in statistics will be compared discrimination and asparagus the other thing I found interesting about the book was that you you make a comparison when you say the private sector was much better at that working out racial disparities then the government and you give I mean I I don't think there's a single American who doesn't know the name Rosa Parks and the controversy over buses and where you had to ride on the bus but you point out the book private Transit companies that already work this out because it was good for business to treat all customers like it was the government must systems that fail these laws of segregation in public transit came in at that towards the end of the 19th century
01:27:10and they were fought by the privately owned Transit companies they flooded in the legislature and lost before the courts and lost and then certified initially just ignore the laws and people continue to sit wherever they felt like and then the government Beyond cracking down and threatening to Jail the members of the other companies that weren't complying as that's why they had no choice but to comply but the incentives the private Market effective is a competitive market rate cost of people who try to get to discriminate various policies make it easier to discriminate
01:27:55absolutely dr. Scholl's so is a former Marxist and now I assume you're more of a capitalist these days based on your writings do you think that America is headed for a future where we're going to end up as a socialist country because a lot of us were capital is look at a lot of the structures that are being erected by government and we see it we're being driven in a direction away from capitalism in towards something it's more government operated enough watch me nothing is but inevitable but the trend is not good and I think that that that what what needs to be done first of all it's for people to understand what the reality and the media are a major obstacle to that because the media filters out of what what goes against the invasion of the world fortunately there are alternative media and they're fighting the good fight and one can never tell how it's going to come out
01:28:50dr. Scholl's you're very generous of your time and we have so much appreciated we appreciate being here at Hoover where you been you came here in what 1980 or so 1980
01:29:001980 you've been here almost four decades now dr. sole congratulations on discrimination to disparities and thank you so very much for your time today thank you it is a pleasure to have you as his dr. Thomas all the author of that brand new book on discrimination in disparities in take to heart what he had to say about the media of the media will sometimes filter out all the examples that might run powder to the you know the dominant to meme that's going on and say really going to show you the places where the disparities happen and they're not going to identify perhaps the people who are the primary offenders which is government where the private sector says it's good to treat all people alike and not to treat people based on their race or Creed or color back in just a moment of her line of the Hoover institution you're listening to the Lars Larson show
01:29:51welcome back to Warner's Larson show it to pleasure to be with you were live at the Hoover institution broadcast Studios at Stanford University and we come here I say I've been people say why are you going to Stanford I say because my mom wants cool here but that has really nothing to do with it Hoover start inviting us a long time ago I come here because I get access to some of the smartest people around and one of them is sitting right in front of me and that's Terry Anderson senior fellow. Who run the author of one of the founders of free market environmentalism the author most recently of unlocking the wealth of Indian nations at mr. Anderson's a pleasure to be in your place great to be with you and the great to be here where it's not snowing I live in Montana most of the time so you can appreciate all the public land issues you right about then up far better than than academics down south right my land around my house borders the national forest and I'm only waiting until the fire sweeps through and we have to
01:30:51evacuate and that's Forest it ought to be managed much better could be we managed are 17 Acres but the several hundreds of thousands behind us aren't manager Terry my audience already knows because they hear from here for me all the time but I think all of those government lands would be much better manage if they were in the hands not have States or counties although that might be a an intermediate step but a private companies in private individuals and they get very mad at me when I suggest that because they said we going to cut off our hunting and fishing and Recreation I said no we can make all of that happen but I want to get your take on it because I think you and I are kind of on the same page on that one absolutely I would say it first that it's kind of a political non-starter or at least a place where if you push it pull it o'clock you're likely to find yourself losing votes not gaining even in places like Montana in eastern Oregon but it's it's it should be done I mean that the the
01:31:51on how the private lands are managed compared to the force Lance is just so start to show what could be done not just for the fiscal issues which are hugely important but also for management just one quick example we did a study at that my home institution in Montana perk comparing the management of the Flathead reservation lands with the neighboring Lolo forestlands the Flathead lands earn $2.10 for every dollar spent the national forest turned just over a dollar for every dollar spent and that's a good for the national Forester of break-even proposition bets not usually that one happens to be a really good one most of them take in about $0.60 but the Flathead reservation Forest at better better Timber better wildlife habitat better water better you name it they had it and it just is an example not just a private but it this is where tribes unlocking the wealthy
01:32:51Indian nations they are to be given control of their own lands now I would expect that politically you'd expect Republicans would say stop treating them like children and and give them their do let them run their own Affairs and the might be the Democrats but I have to guess that since we've been through various administration's that it can't be just the Democrats fighting against in the Republicans fighting for it what it is is the bureaucrats fighting to keep control of the trust lands they like having that Groupon on the Native Americans and furthermore most of the Bia is now staffed by Native Americans you might think will they would not want to be calling their colleagues are there their fellow of Native Americans in Compton but they hold the purse strings they hold the power and I don't care what your skin color is what your religion is if you're a bureaucrat and you hold those so those that power you don't like giving it up and that's the opposition that's that's faced so what is the secret
01:33:51take me to Breaking Bad in and saying I guess the decision-makers the Congress you you can't let these bureaucrats keep power over individuals and Sovereign governments that are capable of doing it on there I think the first step is to make people aware of what this is all about just like the public lands making people aware that your public lands are losing money and they're not well managed and the case of tried but I think finding examples like the Flathead example I just mentioned the Fort Berthold reservation in the middle of the Bakken had no benefits whatever from the the fracking Revolution that took place until a senator from North Dakota change the laws reduce the number of regulations that the tribe had to go through from 49 regulations in different agencies to four and all of a sudden they just exploded with fracking on the reservation done in the right way and earning the millions and millions of dollars so first we need to make those cases and then we have
01:34:51Define tribal Leaders with the backbone to stand up and say this is what we want candidates doing it better and I met recently with the chairman of the Crow tribe but I love is named chairman AJ not afraid he's not afraid he wants to he wants to make changes on the crow reservation it'll take leadership like that at the Native American level in the protest the Standing Rock protest against one little linking pipeline that completed the pipeline that they were trying to do that at the same time I was told they were neighboring reservations that it for 5000 miles of pipe on them and that they reservation and its members were all benefiting from it absolutely that they no pipelines on reservations are just not uncommon the case of the Dakota access pipeline was one of the tribe saying they wanted some jurisdiction and they had none in the only if you don't have jurisdiction if you don't have a way to to to enter The Fray You have to protest I just listen to an interview
01:35:51First Nations leader in Canada and they're negotiating with a pipeline company and I love the line he the pipeline executive said well what do you want and he said we want you to keep your damn oil in your pipe and the guy said that's what we want to and then the leader said good let's make it happen I'm talking to Terry Anderson who's a senior fellow here at the Hoover institution so Terry tell me this what can Americans do outside of the tribes to get our lands better manage or preferably to have them put back into private hands which I knows that you and I are both fans are for both of us got through it and runs and Keith but even in their positions they they when I've had them on their not necessarily saying oh let's let's privatize a lot of this and put this back in private hands I think that's where it's going to be best managed exactly the reasons you just outline how do we get there
01:36:42oh that's a that's the $64 question first it to you know Ryan synquis position I think he personally would would side with you and me but he understands the politically for himself for the president for the administration that's a non-starter the Republican congressman and the Republican senator from Montana are both being taken to task in the papers every day on the grounds that they want to privatize the federal and neither of them have said that but they're being beat with it's being said that they they believe that and I honestly believe knowing both of them they well believe it but they know it's a political non-starter even in a place like Montana what it takes is is again I think first a Grassroots movement to say we want Orleans better manage not just to to rape and pillage for oil and gas and coal and Timber but but for all the resources that are out there Recreation included
01:37:42as it is now recreationist get one of the biggest subsidies off these public lands and that's why they want them locked up and I've written in the Wall Street Journal that there's this rock climbing industrial complex led by Patagonia is it loves public lands where they get it for free they don't want to pay for their Trails they don't want to pay for maintenance of parking lot like having the federal government do it but I think as as more and more environmentalists recognize the the poor management by the federal government that's where a lot of the power will come from to push at least in the direction of of putting Market forces at work we could talk about that with national parks I think you just raise the fee for national parks by a whopping $5 from 30 I'm in this is just a ridiculous debate but being a we should be paying $100 a day per person not per car per week that's the kind of Market
01:38:42interjection I think we could bring to the public land debate that would really help move us in the direction that you and I would like Terry it's a pleasure to have you on the program thanks so very much my pleasure thanks for institution will be back in just a moment you're listening to Lars Larson show
01:39:08welcome back to the Lars Larson show it's a pleasure to be with you and I'm glad to get your phone calls and your emails at 869-5277 emails go to talk at Lars Larson. Com we're glad to have you follow us on Facebook the Lars Larson show and on Twitter at Lars Larson show it is also a pleasure to Welcome to the program marcoot Marcos Coon a lot that is who is the doctor of a PhD and a research fellow here at the Hoover institution where were using their broadcast Studios presidential appointed member of the J William Fulbright foreign scholarship board and the author most recently Reflections on 1989 to 1992 Dr kuna locked us thank you very much for taking the time today
01:39:51it's a pleasure to be with you Lars be right now with all the excitement going on elsewhere both in the middle ear on North Korea China Russia and everything else and turkey is a bit faded from our view I think that's right you know it you're really right about everyone leaving to pay attention to what's going on in turkey and in fact today they're just rude his Reno announced that they're going to be seeking snap elections in in early June mid-june so things are moving rapidly in this country and they're moving in a direction that is detrimental to the interests and the values of the United States of America and in fact to all of the Western World what you're seeing is this consolidation of an authoritarian government run by there prime minister tire pressure on and he
01:40:51Century ruled either as prime minister or president for the last 15 years and he's effectively taken over every aspect of power within that country so you have to look at the internal structure how they're forming and becoming a more authoritarian by the Dave secondarily you have to look at the policies that they're pursuing which are in many cases anti-native NATO anti-western and finally were concerned because we're actually battling in a space that is contested and crowded in Syria and turkey is a part of that equation along with Iran and Russia
01:41:32all right before we talked about how they fit into Syria can you please explain what snap elections are for Americans who don't have Snapple like that's right you know it is a teacher for other electrical systems where you can actually not have the election on a date when they are scheduled this happens in Europe all the time when there's a no-confidence vote for a government and the Parliament desire dissolves and you have an election in this case a leader of the opposition group of of a much more nationalist stupid even air21 someone to the right of him actually called for it it's not clear if they coordinated on this or what what they're doing is speeding up elections more than a year ahead of time so they would have been November 2019 instead it looks like they're going to be June 2018 and when that happens all of the changes that have been going on domestically where
01:42:32everyone has been trying to consolidate this power change the Constitution make it much more of a presidential leadership oriented government will all take effect if the results as we expect go in his favor
01:42:51now Dr kuna latkes explain this to please where is he taking that country with regard to say Islam and where is he taking that country with regard to be coming either more Western more like Western Europe in the United States or less Western
01:43:07this is the irony because really early in his career political career he was someone who is really oriented towards the West right we were looking at a turkey that was trying to become a part of the European Union it was doing things like abolishing the death penalty it was trying to change the way the role of the military which had a constitutional role in protecting the Democracy so he had a role in trying to move it away from a military guaranteed democracy to one that was a civilian LED democracy along the way our got to his head or maybe all along this was his plan because many of those same things that he was doing to move turkey towards the West are now being leveraged to actually clamp down on his domestic reality so I'll give you some examples of how he's moving away from the West again back in the early
01:44:07and I'm talking about the beginning of the 21st century turkey and Israel were highly aligned they were really working together on a number of military projects and sharing intelligence of doing any number of things today as you suggest he is much more oriented towards an islamist future in fact he's even suggested that he be the caliph of the future caliphate that would have turkey and uncle Russ at its Center and at its base
01:44:38dr. Marcos kuna latkes with me who's a research Gallagher at the Hoover Institute show I guess that's the thing I have a tough time wrapping my head around your the academic on the and I'm the late guy but in a world that seems to be becoming more and more modern all the time I mean southeast Asia is more modern than it's ever been before you know South Korea is a different country than was 30 years ago China is now coming into its not a first guy well I guess there's her the combination of a little bit of first world and some second world but you know the whole world seems to be going in One Direction and everyone wants to take it in the opposite direction and then take it back to a caliphate to a 14 Century style of government and and maybe even the religious leanings of sharia why go that direction or was it as you say was that his plan all along
01:45:28so I don't know if you know it's hard to get into his head in and figure out what what his plans were but I'll tell you one thing that's the two things that you're pointing out a really critical which is on the one hand modernisation and on the other hand a type of nationalism or you know in certain instances of a return to religious focusrite and so will we see and this is something that's shown in the academy is well what we see is that sometimes a push towards modern Barnard modernization can actually elicit a reaction from a population and from a political leadership the best example of that that we have was a rapidly modernizing Iran and then 1979 hits and you got exactly what you just described a return to something that was the farthest thing from this modern Progressive developing economically vibrant Iran so
01:46:28so is it could go either way but modernization does not guarantee democracy it does not guarantee you no liberalisation and it does not guarantee pluralism in fact sometimes it can elicit the opposite dr. That makes it pretty clear they are in effect the cab drivers to the newly-arrived Uber and Lyft right as yes I mean that that makes sense that's one way of looking at it yes for the perspective my pleasure that's one of the senior fellows here at the Hoover institution will be back in just a moment you're listening to the Lars Larson show

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